BuildDirect Review: The Best Online Store for Heavyweight Home Improvement Products?

BuildDirect Review: Is This the Best Online Store for Heavyweight Home Improvement Products?

Ensuring that the materials you get for your kitchen renovation project or deck building idea meet the highest quality standards is paramount for the long-term success of those projects. This BuildDirect review will help you determine if this online store is a reliable source of home improvement products.

The store offers a variety of building materials, as well as bathroom fixtures and outdoor furniture options so that you can get the products you need to make your ideas come to life. Moreover, the company delivers all orders to your home address anywhere within the United States.

Although purchasing heavyweight home improvement products online solves a lot of logistical issues, it is difficult to know if this web-based retailer offers high-qua

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Best Fence Paint Options: All You Need to Know!

Best Fence Paint Options

One of the most crucial features for your home is your fence.  It secures you and gives you a great deal of privacy. And when you care for your fence properly, it improves the curb appeal and gives your house a good look. As soon as you install your fence, plan on proper maintenance of the finish to ensure longevity. Insects normally infest on the walls of your home and very slowly, it will begin to decompose, but you can prevent this damage by giving it plenty of care. Your garden will not have a perfect look despite all the beautiful plants there and the neat outline as long as your fence is discolored and shabby. However, with painting, your fence can look good again and give you that look you desire. There are many types of paint currently on the market. They equally come in multiple colors, so you can either go for a single color or a blend of colors. Blending colors make your fence appear more enticing and bigger. Continue Reading Best Fence Paint Options: All You Need to Know!

The Best Sump Pump Check Valve Options on the Market!

Best Sump Pump Check Valve Options

One of the equipment you must have in your house as long as you own a basement is a sump pump. It helps to keep the basement dry by absorbing the water found in the lowest points and pumping it into your septic or out into the yard. In a sump pump, water flows in just one direction, thus making water exit without a backflow. It is as well suitable for draining out the water in your pools when you are carrying out general maintenance of the pool. The water in your pool is relatively large and so for you to let the water flow out without flowing back; you need a good sump pump valve. The aim of this valve is to prevent the water from flowing back and despite their small sizes, they are astonishingly powerful. However, a sump pump valve with a low quality could reduce the pump’s performance, hence you will need a very durable one depending on the task you want to perform. There are various manufacturers that produce suc

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Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams – Ultimate Paint Brand Battle!

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are two of the best paint brands in the US. They both produce some of the best paints for exterior and interior house decorations. The two brands produce high-quality products and are rated high by professional painters around the globe. If you’re about to purchase paints for your home and is wondering which of the two brands produce the best quality, this article is for you. I’ve used each of these two brands of paints many times, so I’ve got a good deal of experience to share.  Nonetheless, I tend to use more of Sherwin Williams products because of its quality performance, convenience, and proximity to the shop. With my first-hand experience of using products from these two brands, I wouldn’t say neither of the brands wins over the other in terms of quality. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products come in higher grades and lower grades of paint. These are designed different levels of performance and budget. So, which bra

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Shoe Molding vs Quarter Round – Everything You Need to Know

Shoe molding and quarter round are very similar, almost identical some would say. You can even interchange one with the other, in some cases. Still, they come with their own specific uses. Both of them are popular molding types. Both these practices offer architectural “curve appeal” to any room or interior space. They help you avoid abrupt transitions that can occur between floors and walls or countertops and their adjoining surfaces. With either shoe molding or quarter round, you will create a smooth transition, one that looks highly professional.

Main Differences between Shoe Molding vs Quarter Round

The main differences between Shoe Molding vs Quarter Round are:
  • Shoe molding has a less-pronounced curve, whereas quarter round molding features a more prominent curve;
  • Shoe molding features a more squat profile, whereas quarter round molding displays a perfect quarter radius;
  • Shoe moldi

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Wood Filler vs Wood Putty – Which One Do You Need?

Something I’ve learned during my time on this planet is that people make mistakes. Fortunately, there is usually a way to fix the problem, which is why pencils come with erasers, right? The same is true when it comes to home improvement and woodworking projects. Doing projects at home require a lot of patience and some skill, but what happens when you make a mistake? What if you make a hole bigger than it’s supposed to be? Unfortunately, that means you might have to scrap the whole thing, right? However, there are ways to correct these mistakes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Wood filler and wood putty are a couple of common items you can use to fix defects or repair mistakes. It’s important to know the differences between the two so you know which one to use. Let’s take a closer look at wood filler and wood putty, along with how they can be used to address mistakes or imperfections in your project. Before we get too far along though, let’s take a second and

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The Best Types of Wood Flooring on the Market!

Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful statement in your home, and with so many options to choose from, the statement you make is entirely up to you. While it’s easy to maintain, it can be hard to install, and you’re faced with the most significant decision right upfront. Which style are you going to choose? Here are some helpful tips about hardwood flooring and the best type for you.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Some hardwood flooring isn’t solid wood at all, but it’s engineered to look identical. There are many benefits to all kinds of hardwood flooring, but it’s important to consider which will work best in your home.

Engineered hardwood

These planks aren’t made of solid wood, so they’re a bit cheaper. The base is often made of plywood with a thin veneer on the top. They are typically made to look like Hickory, maple, or Oak. You can sand and refinish them, just like solid wood, but they won’t last as long. The way these planks are manufactu

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