Eastwood TIG 200 Review: All You Need to Know!

Eastwood TIG 200 Review: All You Need to Know!

In this Eastwood TIG 200 review, we’ll cover all the aspects you need to consider in order to decide if this TIG welding machine is well suited for the context in which you want to use it.

Mastering the TIG welding technique without the tool that allows you to perform accurate welds is difficult since numerous TIG welding machines are only capable of modest performances.

There are three TIG 200 models and in this review, we’ll be covering the Eastwood’s 20565 AC/DC welder that enables you to weld stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, or copper of varying widths which makes this tool suitable for auto repair jobs or different DIY home projects.

Moreover, this tool supports 110V and 220V input so that you can extend its duty cycle while performing complex welding tasks. Our Eastwood TIG 200 20565 AC/DC review will take you through all of the tool’s features so that you can understand its performance capabilities better and we’ll share with you whether we think this TIG welder is worth buying.

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High-frequency start for precise arc control, square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.

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Key specifications of the Eastwood TIG 200

Going through our guide to welder types will help you determine if a TIG welder is a better choice for you than a MIG welder.

A tool like Eastwood TIG 200 is more versatile than Eastwood’s MIG 135 model for example because it covers a wider amperage range and you can use it to weld a broader spectrum of materials.

However, most industry professionals prefer MIG welding because the wire feed acts as both an electrode and filler. As a result, thicker pieces of metal can be fused without being entirely heated. Let’s take a brief look at the Eastwood TIG 200’s specifications.

Range of output amperage 10-200 amps AC/DC
Input voltage Single-Phase 110V AC or 220V AC @ 50–60Hz
TIG Welding AC Duty Cycle 120V AC – 60% at 145 amps


220V AC – 60% at 190 amps

STICK Welding Duty Cycle 120V AC – 60% at 140 amps


220V AC – 60% at 185 amps

Post Gas Flow 2 – 8 seconds
Pre Gas Flow 0.1 -1.0 seconds
Dimensions 19.1 x 9.8 x 20.0 – inches
Weight 45lbs
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Core features of the Eastwood TIG 200

Eastwood’s products are frequently mentioned in conversations about the most affordable welders on the market, and the Eastwood TIG 200 20565 AC/DC is yet another model the company offers that let you weld different types of metals with a great level of accuracy at a reasonable price.

Besides TIG welding, this tool enables you to use the shielded metal arc welding or the so-called stick welding technique if you want to weld copper alloys, iron, or nickel. Let’s take a look at more features Eastwood TIG 200 offers.

Eastwood TIG 200 Review


This tool is designed with portability in mind, as its dimensions are just 19.1 x 9.8 x 20.0 – inches while the unit weighs 45lbs. Moreover, this welder has a carrying handle at the top that allows you to put it back in its storage space after you’re done using it or carry it with you to the job site.

Also, you won’t need extra space in your car or truck if you want to use this welder on location. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a welding cart that is designed specifically for this unit, but getting one would improve the tool’s portability even more.

The control panel is positioned at the front and it contains Amperage, Clearance Effect, Pre Flow and Post Flow knobs, as well as Power and Overload lights.

The unit also features Foot Pedal/Panel Control, TIG/STICK, and DC/AC switches that allow you to choose the mode in which you are going to perform a welding task.

Overall functionality

You don’t have to be a seasoned welding professional to start using the Eastwood TIG 200, although previous experience with Stick and TIG welding techniques is going to make using this tool easier.

The unit ships with a Foot Pedal that can be used to control the current amperage, so that you can increase or decrease the amp output while the welding session is in progress.

Even though you can use this tool for both TIG and Stick welding jobs, you must purchase the Stick Weld Torch separately, as it is not included in the package that ships with this welder.

However, the Eastwood TIG 200 comes with an AC/DC adapter cord that enables you to switch between these two modes with ease.

The unit’s Amperage, Clearance Effect, Gas Pre Flow, and Gas Post Flow knobs grant you complete control over the settings so that you can adjust them to the demands of the project you’re working on.

Welding capacity

This unit supports both 110V AC and 220V AC input voltage, but its duty cycle is at 60% regardless of the input voltage. However, the duty cycle will only remain at 60% as long as the amperage doesn’t exceed the 145 amps on a 110V AC or 190 amps on 220V AC.

Exceeding this threshold will reduce the duty cycle proportionally, however in most cases, you will be able to use this tool six out of ten minutes, and then let it cool for four minutes.

Lowering the output amperage will prolong the unit’s duty cycle, but you must be extra careful to stay within the tool’s duty cycle to avoid overheating it.

The Eastwood TIG 200 operates within the 10 to 200 output amperage range and it supplies you with enough power to weld metals that are as ¼-inch thick. However, you can only weld ¼-inch thick metals from the Stick mode.

What’s more, the AC mode is best suited for welding aluminum, while you can use the DC mode to fuse sheets or tubes of stainless and mild steel. The tool’s high frequency start feature gives you better control over the arc.

EastWood Tig200 Welding capacity

Safety features

Although the unit features an Overload light, it doesn’t shut down automatically if you exceed its duty cycle and overheat its components.

So, you may easily end up damaging the tool if you don’t calculate for how long you can use it before switching it off to cool down. If you set the amperage output to 145 amps while using the 110V AC input voltage you will be able to weld for approximately six minutes.

There is nothing stopping you from overheating and damaging the unit accidentally. The welder ships with a handheld shield and a shielding gas regulator that keep you safe during welding sessions. However, all additional safety equipment must be purchased separately.

Eastwood TIG 200 | Amazon

High-frequency start for precise arc control, square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.

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Additional equipment

This Eastwood’s TIG welder ships with a bunch of accessories that make performing welding tasks easier. Besides the TIG 200 welder equipped with a NEMA6-50P plug, you will also get a ground cable with clamp and a 17 Series TIG torch that is compatible with standard cups, collet bodies, and collets.

In addition, this tool comes with a preinstalled 3/32’’ collet body and 3/32’’ collet, while the 2mm and 1/16’’ collets are also available. The Eastwood TIG 200 package includes a 3/32’’ Green Pure Tungsten and a 3/32’’ Red Thoriated Tungsten as well as a shielding gas regulator and a shielding gas hose.

This model ships with a preinstalled 5/15’’ gas nozzle, while 3/8’’ and 7/16’’ gas nozzles are also in the box. However, a Stick Weld Torch, 1/16’’ E3 Purple TIG Tungsten or Radnor RAD64001565 Silicon Bronze TIG Welding Rod are among the items that must be purchased separately.

Affordability and warranty

You can purchase this Eastwood’s model for less than $700, although without a service plan. Besides the 90-day money-back guaranty the company also offers one-year and two-year service that plans cover all costs of parts and labor in case your welder breaks down.

Like all Eastwood’s models, the 20465 TIG AC/DC welder comes with a three-year warranty that includes free lifetime technical support. Even so, you should keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t cover the consumables unless it can be proven that they are defective.

All other parts of the welder are protected by the warranty, but the company will not repair a component if the damage occurred as the result of poor maintenance of the tool.

EastWood Tig200 Review

The pros of Eastwood TIG 200

  • Allows users to use different welding techniques – Although it is primarily a TIG welder, this unit allows you to perform Stick or shielded metal arc welds that are perfectly suited for work with metals that cannot be cleaned easily. Besides, this feature makes work in outdoor conditions simpler.
  • Intuitive control panel – All settings this tool has to offer can be adjusted from the same place. The control panel is easily accessible and you fine-tune the pre and post flow of the shielding gas as well as switch between Stick and TIG modes by turning a knob of flipping a switch.
  • Effortless amperage adjustment – The tool lets you adjust the current amperage output by either turning a knob on the control panel or by stepping on the remote foot pedal, which enables you to alter the amperage during a welding session.
  • Welds thick and thin materials – The Eastwood TIG 200 can be used to weld mild and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, and other metals. The unit has the capacity to weld materials that are as thick as ¼-inch when powered by the 220V AC input.
  • More affordable than similar welding machines – The price-performance ratio this welder offers is stunning. You can spend less than $700 on a unit that allows you to work with a broad range of materials and weld with a high degree of accuracy.

The cons of Eastwood TIG 200

  • Aimed at hobbyists and novice users – This welder is not designed for professional use as its amperage range is too narrow for welding metals that are thicker than ¼-inch. Hence, the Eastwood TIG 200 is best suited for auto repairs and DIY projects.
  • No Stick Weld Torch – Even though this tool allows you to use the stick welding technique, it doesn’t include the stick weld torch. You must purchase this accessory separately if you want to use Eastwood’s TIG welder in outdoor conditions.
  • Breaks down easily – The quality of the welder’s components leaves much to be desired, as the unit isn’t as durable as the models offered by Hobart and other manufacturers of welding machines.

The best alternatives to Eastwood TIG 200

A MIG welder like Hobart Handler 140 may be a great alternative if you don’t want to use TIG or Stick welding techniques. However, if you are looking for a tool that enables you to use these welding methods, Eastwood TIG 200 isn’t your only option.

We’ve selected a few TIG welders that can help you fuse a broad range of materials, so let’s take a look at what they can offer.

AHP Alpha TIG 200X

AHP Alpha TIG 200X

In case you are searching for a tool that allows you to weld aluminum or steel at a professional level, then APH Alpha TIG 200X may be one of the best welding machines you can get.

This unit covers the 5 to 200 amps range and it can weld ¼-inch aluminum or 3/8-inch mild still with the same level of efficiency and accuracy. Like Eastwood’s model, this welder can be used for both TIG and Stick welding while its duty cycle is 60% at 150 amps.

AHP Alpha TIG 200X | Amazon

The AlphaTIG 203XI delivers pro-level features in an economically minded package that out performs major competitors' models nearest to our price. Features include fully adjustable AC frequency and AC balance settings which improve penetration, tungsten life, arc cone and etching width.

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Moreover, the tool utilizes the dual-voltage system that enables you to choose between 120V AC and 220 V AC input. This unit is also equipped with square-wave inverter technology that allows you to adjust the pulse frequency to the width of the aluminum material you’re welding.

AHP Alpha TIG 200X comes with a foot pedal that lets you adjust the amperage output while using the machine.

Longevity Tigweld 200SXLongevity Tigweld 200SX

Although Eastwood TIG 200 has the same amperage range as the Longevity Tigweld 200SX its duty cycle is significantly shorter. The Longevity’s model offers a 60% duty cycle at 200 amps which allow for welding sessions that can last more than 10 minutes at lower amperages.

The unit utilizes the High-Frequency starting mechanism that ensures a stable arc regardless of the complexity of the welding task. This dual-voltage unit also features the IGBT inverter technology that boosts its performance capabilities while welding aluminum.

Longevity Tigweld 200SX | Zoro.com

The unit features high frequency start tig and includes a foot pedal for great tig welding control and operation.

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The thermal overload protection stops you from exceeding the Longevity Tigweld 200SX’s duty cycle by shutting the machine down automatically and preventing you from switching it on again until it is properly cooled.

You can alter the current amperage output either from the unit’s control panel or by using the foot pedal that comes with this model. Also, you will get a welding mask if you opt for this TIG and Stick welder.



Welding ½-inch metal sheets or 1/8-inch stainless steel bars with PRIMEWELD TIG225X is a breeze, although you should bear in mind that you must have admirable welding skills to use this tool effectively.

The unit’s amperage range varies between 10 and 225 amps and you can use the foot pedal or the Amperage knob to control the output amperage. This welder has a 100% duty cycle at 108 amps, while its duty cycle shrinks to 40% at the maximum power rating.

Primeweld TIG225X | Amazon

Backed by our famous 3-year warranty and 7 days per week customer support, all based in the USA. This Primeweld Tig225x has been carefully made and adjusted to fit today's modern welder. 

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This PRIMEWELD’s model also allows you to control the pulse frequency and pre or post flow from the control panel which gives you complete control over the tool’s settings. The welder is equipped with a CK Worldwide 17 Series Superflex TIG torch that has a flex head and a CK Superflex hose.

The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty for this model that covers all defects of the tool’s components.

Frequently asked questions about Eastwood TIG 200

Question: How many different models are there in the Eastwood TIG 200 series?

Answer: At the moment, there are three different Eastwood TIG 200 welders, and you can choose between the Eastwood TIG 200 DC, the Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC, and the Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC models.

Question: Is the Eastwood TIG 200 welder durable?

Answer: Despite the three-year warranty the manufacturer offers, Eastwood TIG 200 welders are not considered durable, as they are not designed to endure the wear and tear of daily use.

Question: Can Eastwood TIG 200 welder be used for professional applications?

Answer: This welding machine cannot weld metals that are thicker than ¼-inch, which makes it only suitable for auto repair jobs and simple DIY projects.

Question: What type of gas can I use with the Eastwood TIG 200 welder?

Answer: You can use either helium or argon to weld metal with this Eastwood’s model.

Final thoughts – Is Eastwood TIG 200 a worthy addition to your workshop

The countless advantages of TIG and Stick welding make the Eastwood TIG 200 an excellent option for all welding enthusiasts. This tool offers a wide amperage range so that you can weld stainless steel or aluminum at different temperatures.

Moreover, adjusting the welding machine’s settings is an intuitive process as you can control the gas flow or switch between different modes quickly. This model also has a high duty cycle percentage that allows you to use the welder for up to six minutes within a ten-minute interval.


However, you should consider other available options if you are looking for a welder you can use on a daily basis because this Eastwood’s model is not designed for frequent use.

We hope that our Eastwood TIG 200 review provided you with all the information you needed to decide if this welding machine is the right choice for you. Leave a comment and let us know or check out our A to Z guide to kitchen renovations.


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