Valspar vs Behr Paint: Which is Better?

Valspar vs Behr Paint

On the surface, Valspar and Behr paints seem to have a lot of common features. Lots of color varieties, product options, and similar price ranges may have you thinking you can pick either. However, Valspar and Behr differ quite a bit, with specialty application techniques and uses. In this article, I will be comparing Valspar vs Behr paints to see which one is better. I’ll be covering the main differences between the two paints, comparing their features, pricing, and more.

I’ll also answer some FAQs about Valspar and Behr to give you the complete guide to both these paints, and finally, give you my verdict as to which one I think is better.

Main Differences Between Valspar vs Behr Paint

The main differences between Behr and Valspar paints are:

  • Valspar paint products usually come with the primer mixed in, whereas Behr products need additional primer.
  • Behr paints offer better coverage and only need 1-2 coats to get a good finish, whereas Valspar paints need 3-4 coatings.
  • Behr paints have a thick consistency when compared to Valspar, whereas Behr paint takes longer to dry in comparison.
  • Valspar is more durable with its high-quality ingredients.
  • Valspar is a better choice for high-traffic rooms that get dirty more often. Their paints are low maintenance and easy to clean, whereas Behr is better for low-traffic spaces.
  • Valspar has a long-lasting finish, whereas Behr scrubs easily and fades sooner.

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Exploring Features of Valspar vs Behr Paints

Here’s an in-depth look at how the features of both paint brands compare:


Behr paints are thicker in consistency than Valspar paints. This means Behr paints are a better option for covering up damaged ceilings or walls. At the same time, paints with thicker consistency are also difficult to apply.

This means Behr paint has more chances of irregular application. If you don’t want your DIY paint job to show, then Behr might not be the best option for you. However, if you’re hiring a professional to do the paint, then there’s no problem.

With Valspar’s lighter-consistency paints, the issue of fast-drying becomes a problem. The paint dries too fast and might leave you with streaks if you’re not careful.

Ultimately, you should consider your own capabilities and choose a paint you can deal with, or simply hire a professional.

Product Range Options

Both brands provide an extensive range of products with color and all-in-one primer paint options.

Behr lists a selection of popular colors on its website as well as other color selection tools. You can find the color you’re looking for by using their Color Smart tools.

Valspar also has similar color tools that allow you to find a color from the color family or their curated collections.

behr paint


The better coverage a paint provides, the easier it is to cover up an area with that paint. With Behr, you only need 1-2 coatings to fully cover your wall. It also needs little to no touch-ups.

On the other hand, Valspar needs to be applied in 3-4 coatings minimum. If you aren’t interested in doing multiple coats of paint on your DIY project, you better go with Behr.

Drying Time

A paint’s drying time is influenced by many factors such as:

  • Consistency
  • Type of paint
  • Number of coats
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Ventilation
  • Application process

The difference between the drying time of Behr and Valspar paints is huge. Behr paints, with their thick consistency, take longer than 6-8 hours to dry completely. Whereas Valspar paints are much thinner in comparison and hence dry faster. Valspar paint will be dry to touch within an hour.

Both slow and fast-drying paints come with their separate set of problems. Slow drying paints, like Behr, need more experience in application.

Paints that dry too fast often develop cracks. This makes it harder to apply additional coats and results in an uneven finish. That’s why paints with a short drying time, like Valspar, need to be applied very quickly.


Valspar has better durability than Behr. It may be thin, but the chance of Valspar paint cracking within a few years of application is unlikely.

When it comes to Behr paints, I found the coating to crack more often in comparison. Otherwise, the brand has quality paints that do not crack or fade easily. It might become prone to cracks when exposed to high temperatures or heat.

If you don’t want to keep repainting your walls every few years, then Valspar is the option to go with.


Valspar paints are easier to clean and often only require a quick wipe. The paints are resistant to stains and won’t get as dirty in the first place. So, there’s little cleaning required on your end.

Whether it is grime or stains, Valspar is easier to clean and won’t scrub off with rough cleaning. Whereas Behr paints have been known to come off with rough rubbing or cleansing.

Behr does have paints that are low maintenance and durable. However, they’re not known to resist dirt.

No. of Coats Required

Valspar paints have a thinner consistency. So, they might give you light coverage with one coating. This means you will need multiple coatings to get the color consistency you desire. It is a much more difficult job when you have an already dark wall to cover. The coats can add up in no time.

Thinner paints may not cover any damaged parts in the ceilings or walls, so there’s that issue as well. On the other hand, Behr can cover up flooded ceiling damage and wall damage with its thick consistency without always needing a second coat.

Overall, Valspar is preferred for a DIY job if the paints’ consistency is the major issue. If you’ve got more experience painting walls, then Behr shouldn’t be a problem either.


Both Valspar and Behr paints do not have much difference in their pricing. That is only if you compare per gallon boxes.

Often you may end up using more paint for the same area. This is because thinner paints generally need 2-3 coatings for even and visible application. One gallon of Valspar may cost the same as one gallon of Behr. However, buying Valspar effectively means purchasing more gallons of paint, so the total price is higher.

Note: Make sure to check the overall price after calculating how many coatings may be required for the area to paint.


Ease of Use

Valspar is thin, so it’s the best choice for DIYers. Get any rollers, paintbrushes, and tools, and you can still do an excellent job without too much stress. Unfortunately, this also means your paint job dries faster and might need more than one person.

A fast-drying paint also means you need to be fast when applying since brushstrokes show up on dried paint and give your wall an unnatural look.

Conversely, Behr might be too thick for those without experience. Thicker consistency paints can get runny and drip, making an even application impossible. You may need to keep scrubbing off excess paint from your application tool when using Behr paints.

Note that Behr paints are not ideal for use with brushes or rollers. You will need to use a paint sprayer if applying Behr paints. The paint sprays smoothly, preventing uneven textures or runny drips on the walls. If you’re looking to invest in one, check out our buying guide for paint sprayers!

Behr paints can become a messy and time-consuming job even for those with painting experience. For ease of use, Valspar is the clear winner.

Naturally, with so many factors to keep in mind, you might be wondering how to make the application process easier. While both products have some options in primer-paint all-in-one products, Valspar wins this round again. Valspar comes with the primer mixed in. This saves you precious time and makes DIY jobs a whole lot simpler.

Another way to make the application a breeze is to select the right painting tools for the job.

Valspar vs Behr Paint Features

Pros and Cons

Valspar Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Thin/light consistency
  • Versatile; can be used with brushes, rollers, etc.

Valspar Cons

  • Dries too fast
  • 3-4 coatings required

Behr Pros

  • Thick consistency
  • Better Coverage
  • 1-2 coatings only

Behr Cons

  • It takes time to dry
  • Scrubs off easily
  • Not suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Not durable
  • It cannot be used with rollers or brushes

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Are There Any Alternatives?

Paint brands and individual products always specialize in one area or another. And we understand why your needs might be different than someone else’s.

If you’re in search of alternate paint brands, then the below-mentioned ones are worth looking at.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore is a popular paint brand loved by professionals. The company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and produces both interior and exterior paints.

Benjamin Moore offers a range of paint products at a high price. Their per gallon boxes are more expensive in comparison but also cost-effective.

The paints are easy to use, durable, and also give good coverage and a smoother finish. You can find the color varieties by color family, popular choices, or color collections.

However, Benjamin Moore paints, like Behr, are difficult to wipe clean.

We Use Benjamin Moore More Frequently | Ace Hardware

Even though both brands are very popular and offer great quality, we ultimately chose Benjamin Moore to be the better brand of the two as it features greater durability, fewer coats, and it's generally easier to spread and all that at a better, lower price.

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Sherwin Williams

sherwin williams paint

Sherwin Williams is another professional-favorite paint brand. It is popular in the category of exterior paints. The company manufactures both oil and water-based paints that are sold through their company-owned retail stores.

Sherwin Williams costs a little higher than Benjamin Moore products. However, Sherwin Williams paints do not require more than 1-2 coatings. The paint from this brand is also easier to clean with a quick wipe.

The company acquired Valspar paints in 2007. Since their paints are sold at company-owned stores, it is easier to find expert solutions at their stores.

You can also take a look at our in-depth comparison guide of Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore or check out our full Valspar vs Sherwin Williams comparison.


Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint

Glidden paints cost less than Behr, but their quality is also lower. Glidden’s top-of-the-line products are its Premium range paints.

Glidden advertises their 1000+ color options from their palette, which you can browse by color family. They also allow you to upload a photo of the room and use the Room Visualizer tool to see how the paint will look.

Glidden is available at the Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, individual hardware, and authorized specialty stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Behr a Good Quality Paint?

Answer: Behr is known for its superior coverage among paints. It has good consistency and smooth application.

Question: Where Can I Buy Behr Paint Products?

Answer: Behr paint products are sold exclusively at Home Depot. You can buy them online on the Home Depot website or in-store as well.

Question: Is Valspar Paint VOC Free?

Answer: Valspar’s Signature, Reserve, Ultra 4000, and Ultra 2000 are all zero VOC paints. These are eco-friendly paints that have a low chemical emission rate.

Question: Is Behr Paint VOC Free?

Answer: Behr’s Premium Plus line of paints are zero VOC and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions.

Behr’s Premium Plus line of eco-friendly paints are both primer and paint in one. The paints are stain-resistant, mildew resistant, scrub resistant, and highly durable. Like all other Behr products, this line too boasts of Behr’s excellent standards in coverage. Another great feature is the low odor of these paints.

Question: How Long Does Valspar Paint Last?

Answer: Valspar paint can last 8 years if properly applied.

Question: Does Valspar Paint Smell?

Answer: The ammonia odor of paint might be noticeable when applied on walls that are porous and exposed to excessive heat and sunlight. However, the smell will wear off after the paint dries.

Question: How Long Does Behr Paint Last?

Answer: Behr paint is known to fade after 6-7 years of application.

Question: What Is the Best Behr Paint on the Market?

Answer: Behr Marquee and Premium Plus paints are the most popular ones on the market.

Question: What Is the Best Valspar Paint on the Market?

Answer: Valspar Signature, Ultra, and Reserve are the most popular products on the market.

Question: How Much Space Will Valspar Paint Cover?

Answer: A gallon bucket of Valspar paint covers 400 square feet of space. However, lighter consistency means more coatings in the same space.

This means you need to measure the rooms you wish to color before buying the paint.

To do this, calculate the length and height of your walls and multiply the numbers. This will give you the square footage of that wall. Repeat the same process for every wall you wish to paint. Adding up the area of all walls should give you the total square footage you need to cover.

One gallon of paint will typically cover 400 square feet of wall.

You can also check out this guide to calculate paint requirements for different areas of the house.

Question: How Much Space Will Behr Paint Cover?

Answer: A one-gallon bucket of Behr paint will cover 400 square feet of space. Since it is thick in consistency, coatings are also minimal.

Question: Does Valspar Paint Cover in One Coat?

Answer: Valspar does not apply with one coat only. It is a thin paint that needs multiple coatings.

You might want to use Valspar Signature High Hiding paint with primer when covering walls with light paint like white.

Final Verdict – Valspar is the more versatile option

Behr is the best paint for areas where you need smooth coverage. However, it is only suitable when used with sprays.

For areas with high traffic, like the kitchen or living room, Valspar is a good choice. It will be easy to clean when your wall is a constant mess. Valspar also lasts longer. So, it’ll save you a renovation job within the next few years.

The price of Valspar paint and the number of coatings required make it the more costly option between the two brands. If you’re on a budget and don’t need long-lasting paint, then Behr is your best bet.

Between the two, I prefer using Valspar as it is the more versatile option.


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