Sherwin Williams vs Valspar Paint: Which is Better?

Sherwin Williams vs Valspar

One of the best parts of owning a home is getting to customize it according to personal taste. Picking Sherwin Williams vs Valspar paint is one of the quickest ways to make a dramatic difference in a room of choice.

Paint can take any space indoor or outdoor and transform it into something that looks completely new. The feel of a home can be revolutionized with a splash of color. As consumers, we all want paint that not only looks good but stands the test of time.

Today, I’ll be comparing Sherwin Williams vs Valspar paint. The following article covers the main differences, explores features, studies alternative options, and addresses frequently asked questions.

Main Differences Between Sherwin Williams vs Valspar Paints

The main differences between Sherwin Williams vs Valspar paints are:

  • With Sherwin Williams, only one coat is needed, whereas Valspar paint might require two coats.
  • Sherwin Williams paint is more expensive, whereas Valspar paint is a less expensive option.
  • Sherwin Williams has tested durability, whereas Valspar might not be as durable.
  • According to the Sherwin Williams website, over 1,700 colors are available, whereas Valspar has 1,800 color choices.
  • Sherwin Williams offers warranties on all of their products, whereas Valspar requires a claim submitted before refund.

Exploring Features of Sherwin Williams and Valspar Paint

Sherwin Williams and Valspar Paint

Here’s an in-depth look into how the features of both compare.


On consumer tests, Sherwin Williams consistently performs higher than other paint brands. It’s known for its superior condition and longevity in both interior and exterior paints.

Sherwin Williams paint goes on evenly and is very durable. In my own home, it’s held up to four children and a dog who loves to get my house dirty.

This paint cleans easily and looks smooth (even on textured walls). The colors of the paint are very vibrant and don’t fade to yellow over time like lower quality paints tend to do.

With stick-on paint samples available, it’s also a cinch to pick out the color that’s just right for the lighting and mood of a home.

Sherwin Williams has twelve different sheen options, making it easy to get the right paint for the right project.

All products from Sherwin Williams are backed with a satisfaction guarantee. If a consumer isn‘t happy with the paint, they can return it to the store for a full refund.

Although ratings for Valspar paint are often lower than Sherwin Williams, they are not horrible. Putting on more than one coat can often lead to similar-looking results. Although Valspar tones lack the same subtlety that makes Sherwin Williams paint classy, there are still many beautiful options.

Sherwin Williams employees also work with Valspar and can answer questions in store about its durability. Therefore, finding help to get the project done right is not difficult to do.

Valspar also has a satisfaction guarantee. However, submitting a claim is slightly more complicated than Sherwin Williams. Their service isn’t picky – paint can be returned even if one dislikes the color – but the company still wants proof of consumer concerns.



Sherwin Williams solo stores are found throughout the country. Because paint is all they do in these stores, the employees can answer any questions you might have about your project. They have been trained in all kinds of painting and are very knowledgeable.

There is also online support from Sherwin Williams experts to get the painting project just right.

The Sherwin Williams stores also sell supplies needed to get a painting project completed. Whether you’re rolling inside or spraying outside, Sherwin Williams will carry it.

Valspar paint can be found at Lowes and independent retailers. Because these retailers are also hardware stores, it’s easier to pick out the paint along with other items needed for remodeling, such as flooring, light fixtures, curtains, etc.

Having recently sold a home, I know getting all the supplies in one place can take the stress off everything that comes with a big move.

The employees at hardware stores have broader home improvement knowledge and will likely be able to help with several things at once. The downside is they might not have the in-depth knowledge needed for difficult painting jobs.

Because Valspar is less expensive than other paints, it makes it easier to get more projects done on a budget. This can be great if a change in color fills one with happiness.


Sherwin Williams carries varying hues in eight color families. Adding in sheen choices, exterior or interior paint allows a consumer to choose the right style and the best paint to hold up over time.

With guides on the most popular paint colors for this year on their website, any home can follow beautiful modern trends. These guides also provide inspiration. This is handy if ideas to start a painting project aren’t forthcoming.

There are also online tools that will allow a homeowner to visualize what the project will look like with a different color of paint. This can be very helpful for anyone unsure about pulling the trigger and committing to paint color.

Because Valspar has varying shades in eleven color families, there are more shades to choose from than Sherwin Williams. Some of these shades feel redundant. Then again, eggshell is much warmer than ivory, so that that difference can be important.

The lower price of Valspar may allow a painter to get multiple colors for one room. With tape and a little imagination, a focus wall can take a room from boring to the best place in the house.

Similar to Sherwin Williams, Valspar also has guides for picking the most popular colors to fit in with paint trends.

If the employees at a given hardware store don’t seem to understand questions about a painting project, Valspar can be contacted directly.

Pros and Cons of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams


  • Excellent quality
  • Easy Refunds
  • Field Experts


  • Price
  • Fewer hues than Valspar

Pros and Cons of Valspar



  • Easy to find
  • Budget Price
  • Lots of shades


  • Lower Quality
  • Harder to refund

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Are there Alternative Options?

Of course, Sherwin Williams and Valspar aren’t the only two paints on the planet.

Although not the main seller, Lowes does carry a branch of Sherwin Williams called HGTV Home.


This brand has the same quality of hue as other Sherwin Williams paint, although they carry fewer colors and sheens. Even though the selection isn’t as broad, many beautiful colors are carried in Lowes.

Other Lowes Brands

Valspar is Lowe’s main brand, but they also carry KILZ for exterior paints, as well as a range of wood stains.

Check out more alternatives and how they compare to Sherwin Williams or Valspar:

Other Paint Options for Home Improvement Retailers Include the Following:



Behr brand can be found at Home Depot. It has higher quality reviews than Valspar but still stands second in relation to Sherwin Williams.

It also has an excellent selection of colors, and the price is mid-range—comparable to Valspar.

Like other paints, Behr has many resources to choose the correct options on their website.

Check out our full Behr vs Valspar comparison.



Colorplace paint can be found at Walmart for a significantly discounted price. Along with the affordability, however, comes a serious downgrade in quality. The paint often goes on patchy and will peel off if placed near a shower or other humid space. I would not recommend using this paint.



Glidden is another Home Depot brand of paint one step below Behr. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst paint (That honor goes to Colorplace for me, personally), but it’s not the best either. The good thing about having several brands is a variety of choices. Colors not found in Behr can be found with Glidden.



PPG is also a Home Depot brand. It’s two steps down from Behr in both quality and price but is still a decent paint.



Backdrop is a high-quality paint comparable in both price and coverage to Sherwin-Williams. This paint can only be purchased online and comes with free shipping. Backdrop also features low-priced paint samples that adhere to walls in sticker form.

The sticker paint samples can come in handy for seeing how a color looks in the lighting of your home. Sherwin Williams and Valspar also offer this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Brand of Paint Really Matter?

Answer: In short, the answer is yes. If application, durability, and price matter, then so does the paint brand.
Some paint will go on smoothly and last many years to come. Sample sized paint cans can be purchased at retailers and applied in small swatches to test how well it applies/

If a person is into remodeling often, a more affordable paint may be a better choice if longevity isn’t as important.

These lower quality paints are also often used on rental homes where a new coat might need application between tenants.

Higher quality comes with a price tag, but it also means less painting. It might be hard to swallow how much a five-gallon bucket of paint costs, but I personally want my paint to last as long as my mortgage.

Question: How Do I Know What Brand of Paint is Right for Me?

Answer: It depends on what the project is. Interior paints and exterior should be different brands. Depending on the room, matte or gloss paint may look better. It’s important to have a vision before starting a project so the correct supplies may be purchased.

Question: Why is Sherwin Williams Paint More Expensive?

Answer: Sherwin Williams paint is primarily oil-based. This means it cannot be removed without a paint cleaner or stripper. The plus side of this is that oil is what makes it last. The oil also gives a nice smooth finish. Professionals will recommend oil-based paints because of these qualities.

Valspar is water-based. That means water will easily wash it up while it is still wet. It also means the paint is thinner, so more than one coat is needed to get the same look as Sherwin Williams paint.

Question: What Needs to Happen Before I Can Paint My Home?

Answer: If the exterior of the home needs to be painted, consider the materials on the house (brick, siding, etc.)
Weather in the area is also a consideration. Humidity, frost, and intense sun can all also affect paint. Power washing is an essential step before applying exterior paint.

As for interiors, the quality of the existing paint may need more or less fixing. Some paint is bad enough to need paint stripping. Too many layers of paint can destroy a wall. In which case, a few layers may need to be stripped and scaped before applying new paint.

If the paint underneath a current project is bold, primer is essential. Also, sanding down unwanted textures or sanding after applying putty is important before painting begins.

Fill any holes with putty before painting. Remove light switch and plug hole covers. Tape off the now open electrical boxes. Drop cloths should be used and taped in place to protect the floor.

It’s also important to have the proper tools for the job. If rolling, make sure you have plenty of paint on the roll. Dripping rolls are a no-no, but a painter shouldn’t need to press too hard to get the paint onto the wall.

Question: Where Can I Go for Painting Inspiration?

Answer: Finding out a personal home style is important before starting a painting project. I enjoy a rustic farmhouse look. For me, that means dark woods, iron light fixtures, grayscale paints, and pops of color.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk. The wonderful thing about paint is that it can be painted over again. Starting with a focal color can influence the atmosphere of a home.

Question: How Can I Stay Within Budget?

Answer: If painting an entire wall feels like too big of a commitment, these paints can also be used on furniture. Finding an old gem and painting it can elevate a home without breaking the bank.

Both Sherwin Williams stores and Lowes have an aisle of paint samples that are free to take home. I’ve tapped these samples to the wall next to each other, then moved them to different points in the room at different times of day before making a decision.

Making the correct color choice is important before pulling the trigger and aggravating extra cost.
Painting one wall instead of four is also a great idea to bring about change without stretching beyond money limits.

Question: Should I Hire Someone to Paint for Me?

Answer: That depends on your patience and the timeline of your project. When selling my last home, I had a worker help us paint difficult-to-reach places like ceilings as we needed to sell the home quickly.
It was hard for me to hire out the work because it was three times the cost of doing it on my own.

If there’s no timeline, I would suggest working through one room until it gets to the level desired. This way, money can be saved for future projects taken on. It’s harder to wait but worth it. It will get done eventually.

Question: Any Other Painting Tips I Should Know?

Answer: Doing it right the first time can save a lot of frustration. Reading this article is a great first step to making sure everything in the home project flows smoothly.

It’s important to be happy with the brand of paint you choose. Every time we face unsightly decor, our stress elevates. The home should be a place that stands as a refuge from the rest of the world.

Choosing the right quality of paint and the right color can bring a greater sense of peace and happiness.

Verdict – Sherwin Williams is Worth the Price

Even if Sherwin Williams doesn’t look budget-friendly on the surface, the pluses to choosing a higher quality paint outweigh any negatives.

Less money will be spent because there will be fewer coats of paint. The paint will last longer and look amazing. Therefore out of these two paint brands, Sherwin Williams is my paint of choice.

Continue reading and check out our comparison of Valspar Reserve vs Signature paints.


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