LL Flooring vs Lowe’s: Which Retailer is Right For You?

ll flooring vs lowe

Costs of flooring projects can quickly balloon to thousands of dollars, especially if you need to cover several rooms in your home. Comparing LL Flooring vs. Lowe’s stores can help you cut costs on flooring materials and still get a high-quality flooring solution.

Keeping an eye on discounts and choosing the best time to buy flooring is another method you can use to reduce your expenses. Lowe’s and LL Flooring are some of the most apparent destinations to shop for flooring as each company has stores scattered throughout the United States and Canada.

Both brands offer a similar range of flooring materials and accessories, so it can be challenging to determine which retail store provides better products and service quality.

Our LL Flooring vs. Lowe’s comparison will provide you with answers to these questions and help you decide where to get flooring materials for your project.

Main Differences Between LL Flooring vs Lowe’s

The main differences between LL Flooring vs Lowe’s are:

  • LL Flooring Company entered the flooring market less than three decades ago, whereas Lowe’s Company was established a hundred years ago
  • LL Flooring company has 415 stores in the U.S. and Canada, whereas Lowe’s has 2,197 home improvement and hardware stores in the U.S and Canada
  • LL Flooring offers flooring materials exclusively, whereas Lowe’s has more than ten departments, including the Flooring department
  • LL Flooring stores don’t have carpet flooring solutions, whereas you can find a wide variety of carpets at Lowe’s
  • LL Flooring’s financing options are available for purchases over $2500, whereas Lowe’s provides financing options for all purchases higher than $299

Key specifications

  LL Flooring Lowe’s
Store locations United States, Canada United States, Canada
Smartphone app iOS iOS, Android
Product range Flooring materials and accessories All types of home improvement products
Floor installation options Yes Yes
Financing options Yes, for purchases above $2.500 Yes, for purchases above $299
Flooring accessories Yes Yes
Customer service quality Good Standard
Latest prices Check the latest prices here Check the latest prices here

Examining the features of LL Flooring vs Lowe’s stores

LL Flooring

In little over 25 years of existence, the LL Flooring company has become one of the fastest-growing flooring retailers in the United States. Known initially as Lumber Liquidators, the brand started as a lumber collection service that acquired lumber at auctions or companies filing for bankruptcy.

The brand opened its first store on January 5th, 1996, in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, and by the end of that year, it expanded into neighboring Connecticut. Currently, the brand has over 400 stores and showrooms scattered throughout more than 40 states.

Most flooring materials you can get at LL Flooring are manufactured overseas, as the company acquires the products it offers from wood processing plants based in Europe, South America, and Asia. Nearly half of the flooring materials you can find at LL Flooring stores are manufactured in China.

This enables the brand to offer lower flooring prices than most of its competitors.

Key features

  • Competitive prices of flooring materials
  • Most products are sourced from overseas
  • Offers all standard flooring types
  • The LL Flooring iOS app enables you to visualize your new floor
  • Allows customers to finance purchases over $2500
  • LL Flooring has stores in 46 states
  • Installation services are available through local contractors
  • Products are delivered in 3 to 5 workdays

Product portfolio

Whether you need tile flooring options or wood flooring, an LL Flooring store is a great place to start your search. The brand offers flooring solutions from these four categories:

Each category has several subcategories that contain hundreds of stone look vinyl planks or engineered hardwood models. In case you’d like to get hardwood flooring for your next project, you can search for a particular species.

Go through our red oak vs white oak lumber comparison to find out which material is a better flooring solution. The brand offers nearly all types of hardwood, including finished solid hardwood or bamboo, and it also features five different types of cork flooring.

Even though you can find hundreds of laminate flooring models at an LL Flooring, the color palette is relatively limited since you can choose from brown, gray, red, copper, blonde, and white colors.

Flooring installation options

The process of replacing an old floor or installing a brand new floor starts long before you purchase flooring materials. LL Flooring helps its customers to go through this process smoothly by providing them with the support they need every step of the way.

Although the company doesn’t provide installation services, it has a network of licensed local contractors that guide you through the entire process. You can schedule a visit through the LL Flooring’s website or the Project Coordination Office.

An independent contractor will be assigned to your project and assist you in measuring the area’s size that needs to be covered and estimating the material and installation costs.

It takes between three and five working days for the materials to arrive at your home address, but how soon you can install them depends on the acclimation process’s duration. Once the material is ready for installation, the contractor will set the date and layout the flooring.

Other noteworthy features

Besides enabling its customers to get in touch with reputable flooring installation professionals, LL Flooring also offers them a way to visualize the flooring solution they want to get.

The company’s website features the Picture-it section that lets you upload the room’s picture where you want to install new flooring.

Optionally, you can use templates such as the Open Living Room or Spacious Bedroom if you want to see how the flooring you’re interested in will look like after it is installed.

The LL Flooring app for iOS devices allows its users to visualize different flooring solutions, but it also enables them to keep track of the latest discounts and promotions. In addition, you can use the app to get the wood or vinyl flooring accessories you might need during installation.


Despite being on the flooring market for a relatively short time, LL Flooring is one of the most reputable flooring retailers in the U.S. The brand offers a broad range of flooring solutions that are suitable for all types of projects and budgets.

The company sources the flooring from wood processing plants based in Europe, Asia, and South America, which is the reason why some of the products you can find at an LL Flooring store are less expensive than the flooring products offered by competing brands.

You should keep in mind that the quality or durability of the flooring you buy from this retailer depends on the model. Also, you can use 12-month and 48-month financing options to cover the expenses of your flooring project.

Go through our Lumber Liquidators vs Home Depot comparison to learn more about these flooring and home improvement retailers’ differences.


No one who is born and raised in the United States needs a special introduction to Lowe’s. Over the last century, Lowe’s hardware stores became one of the nation’s largest retailers of construction materials.

There are more than 2000 Lowe’s stores in the United States, while the company has over 300,000 employees. Lowe’s is also one of the highest-grossing retailers in the United States, with annual revenue of $72.148 billion.

The majority of the brand’s suppliers are based in the United States, although the company acquires some products from suppliers based in Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, and China. Consequently, the quality of most flooring materials you can buy at Lowe’s meets the highest industry standards.

Read our engineered hardwood vs laminate comparison to find out which of these flooring materials is a better choice for your project.

Key features

  • A broad selection of flooring materials and accessories
  • Reasonably priced products
  • All flooring estimates are free
  • Employees are usually well-informed about flooring products
  • Lowe’s has a huge network of independent floor installers
  • Available in all 50 states
  • iOS and Android apps make the shopping experience smoother
  • Frequent discounts and sales promotions

Product portfolio

You can find anything from home appliances to power tools at Lowe’s, so the fact that the store’s selection of flooring materials is versatile hardly comes as a surprise. You can choose between these flooring types:

The store features all types of hardwood flooring so that you can browse through waterproof, engineered hardwood, wide plank, or solid wood flooring options.

The selection of laminates you can find at Lowe’s is equally impressive, and you can opt for models manufactured by Pergo, Mohawk, Shaw, and other reputable brands. Unlike LL Flooring, Lowe’s offers carpet flooring solutions that are suited for residential and commercial applications.

The diversity of flooring solutions Lowe’s offers vastly outmatches the flooring selection provided by the LL Flooring, which makes it a better option if you want to choose from a greater variety of options.

Read our COREtec review for more information about the vinyl flooring options this brand offers.

Flooring installation options

Scheduling an in-home appointment with one of Lowe’s independent contractors is a straightforward process that doesn’t take more than a few moments of your time.

The contractor will help you measure the area you want to cover, and the company will send you a quote based on the contractor’s estimate. You should bear in mind that the flooring materials and delivery times’ availability might delay their installation.

Also, you should consult with the contractor on how long you should leave the flooring material to acclimate. The contractor can help you move the furniture as a part of the preparation process for flooring installation, but you must request this service in advance.

All licensed independent contractors in Lowe’s network of floor installers meet the company’s rigorous standards that ensure professional and efficient floor installation. It is worth noting that a Lowe’s independent contractor’s waiting time can take anywhere between a week and few months.

Other noteworthy features

Installing Lowe’s iOS or Android app on your phone will allow you to test how different flooring solutions will look in your home. You can also use this app to get discount coupons, check the latest weekly deals, or locate the nearest Lowe’s store.

The purchases you make through the app or the website can be collected at any Lowe’s store, but you should keep in mind that the items that cost less than $1000 can only be financed over 12 months. The 18-month financing period is available for purchases over $1000.

Besides flooring materials, Lowe’s also offers all accessories for the flooring option you choose to make the installation process smoother.


The quality of all flooring types you can find at Lowe’s is at the same level as the quality of materials you can purchase at a LL Flooring store. Lowe’s features a broader spectrum of products, but LL Flooring still offers slightly lower prices.

So, for instance, a square foot of the least expensive laminate at Lowe’s costs $0.59, while the square foot of the cheapest laminate at LL Flooring costs $0.48. Either brand features high-end flooring models in their product portfolios so that you can choose from a broad range of luxury flooring options.

Lowe’s issues a one-year labor warranty for floors installed by their licensed contractors that vouches for the quality of the service the company and its associates provide.

LL Flooring vs Lowe’s – Pros and cons

LL Flooring


  • Great selection of hardwood flooring options
  • More affordable than other flooring retailers
  • Well-informed and friendly employees
  • Quick delivery times


  • Not available in all states



  • One of the largest construction retailers in the U.S.
  • Versatile product portfolio
  • Professional flooring installation services
  • Lowe’s stores are easily accessible


  • Delivery can take long
  • Not a lot of high-end hardwood flooring options

The best alternatives to LL Flooring and Lowe’s stores

Getting the supplies you need to install a new floor in your home shouldn’t be a difficult task, as there are so many stores that let you choose between different types of flooring.

Which flooring retailer you’re going to choose also depends on the state you live in since Lowe’s or LL Flooring might not be your best option if you live in California or New Jersey. We’ve selected a few of the best alternatives to LL Flooring or Lowe’s, so let’s look at what they have to offer.

Avalon Flooring

Avalon Flooring might be one of the best places to shop for hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring as a specialized flooring store. The brand has a long tradition of supplying homeowners with durable flooring solutions that resist water or impact.

Besides, you can get bathroom vanities and window treatments at Avalon Flooring, although they might not be the most budget-friendly option you can find. Hardwood or vinyl flooring offered by this retailer isn’t more expensive than the flooring you can get at Lowe’s or LL Flooring.

However, you should keep in mind that Avalon Flooring only has stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Flooring America

Each outlet of Flooring America is owned by the brand’s co-operative, who collaborates closely with flooring designers to meet the local customers’ expectations. There are more than 500 Flooring America stores throughout the country, and each of them offers slightly different products.

However, you find all flooring types in all Flooring America stores, and you’ll be able to choose from a large number of different flooring models. The company doesn’t have a network of independent contractors, although it offers a lifetime warranty for all floors purchased at Flooring America stores.

National Floors Direct

The guaranteed lowest price warranty makes the National Floors Direct one of the best places to shop for flooring since its products are 15% less expensive than the flooring solution offered by its competitors.

National Floors Direct offers all standard flooring options that can be installed in residential and commercial settings. The company offers free in-home consultations, measuring, and layout services, and it installs standard staircase flooring for free.

Also, there’s no need to go to the store, as the National Floors Direct sales representative brings the flooring samples to your home or your office.

Frequently asked questions about LL Flooring and Lowe’s stores

Question: What is the best flooring material I can get at an LL Flooring store?

Answer: Hardwood is the best flooring material you can choose for your home, and LL Flooring stores feature a wide selection of different hardwood flooring options.

Question: Does LL Flooring offer an installation warranty?

Answer: No, the floors installed by LL Flooring’s contractors aren’t covered by a warranty.

Question: How soon does Lowe’s deliver flooring?

Answer: In most cases, the products you ordered from Lowe’s will be delivered after two to five workdays, but the delivery time can take longer if the product is currently out of stock or if the company’s dealing with a large number of orders.

Question: Does Lowe’s have underfloor heating systems?

Answer: Yes, it does. There are hundreds of underfloor heating options at Lowe’s that are suitable for different types of applications.

Our verdict: Is it better to get flooring materials from Lowe’s or LL Flooring stores

Going through the process of replacing a floor in your living room or bedroom on your own can be difficult if you don’t know much about flooring. Lowe’s and LL Flooring provide their customers with the assistance they need to find the right flooring material and install it without difficulty.

We definitely recommend getting your supplies from an LL Flooring store because the prices are slightly lower than at Lowe’s, and you’ll get to choose from a wide range of hardwood, vinyl, or laminate options.

Was this LL Flooring vs Lowe’s comparison useful? Let us know in the comments which flooring retailer are you going to choose or continue reading our guide to types of flooring to get more information about different flooring materials.


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