Table Saw vs Circular Saw: Which Do You Need?

Every woodworking project requires the use of power tools which also come in handy for DIY purposes. You can have a wide range of power tools in your workshop but power saws are certainly a must-have. Picking the right saw can be tricky and many woodworkers don’t know whether they should opt for a table saw or purchase a circular saw. If you want only one of these two types of power saws and you don’t want to invest in both of them, you should keep reading because, in today’s article, I have covered a comparative review that will help you decide which saw suits your projects the most.

Main Differences between Table Saws vs Circular Saws

The main differences between Table Saws vs Circular Saws are:
  • Table saws are placed on a flat surface, whereas circular saws are hand-held tools;
  • Table saws are more expensive, whereas circular saws are more affordable;
  • Table saws make accurate cuts, whereas circular saws make less cuts;
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Wen Track Saw Review: Do We Recommend?

Wen Track Saw Review

Wen is one of the popular manufacturers of power tools which include track saws. Track saws are designed to make straight cuts. Track saws look like circular saws in multiple ways. For instance, like circular saws, they cut through materials using the integrated spinning blade. You can either hold it with one hand or both hands while cutting your wood. Unlike circular saws, the blades of track saws are shielded within the body. With this, you can position your blade at any point in your project before you activate it to begin cutting. Another peculiar design element in track saws is a saw guide. This ensures you constantly get straighter cuts and saves you from the worry of material wastage.  Whe

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How to Find the Best Saw Horses

Sawhorses are one of the best tools constructing homes, scaffolding, and other home improvements--and finding the best ones can make a big difference.

August 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone, but especially those living in Northern California. A global pandemic, uncertainty about the economy, and unrest is more than enough to point to rising rates of depression-- but now Californians have devastating fires to cope with as well.

Kurt Balaseck survived the previous CampFire--only to find himself forced to flee for yet another fire. For Mr. Balaseck, the loss and challenges are great--meaning that a tool like a sawhorse becomes something more than a handy device for home improvement and an essential for rebuilding what’s b

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How to Find the Best Cordless Miter Saw

Most construction workers or persons who enjoy doing woodwork normally prefer battery-powered tools. This is so convenient since you can use them anywhere and at any time without having to search for a power outlet as their batteries last longer. If you are a consistent woodworker, then you should have a miter saw which is a very powerful tool. It should also be a model that is battery-powered and cordless. There are various kinds of miter saws in the market and you might find it difficult to select the right one for you. So, in this article, we will discuss cordless miter saws, why you need one, and factors you should bear in mind when choosing one. We’ll equally show you our top picks across the market based on the factors which we will discuss towards the end of the article.

What Are the use of Cordless Miter Saws?

The miter saw is the right tool to use if you want to make several cross cuts or miter cuts into wood boards or trim. Sometimes, they are referred to as c

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LeafFilter Review – Your Gutter Cleaning Solution?

LeafFilter Review

Cleaning gutters can be tasking, particularly because you have to go up the ladder to remove dead insects, dirt, or leaves. Gutter cleaning uses up the precious time you’d have put into other uses. How does it feel if you got a tool that would do the task for you automatically so you’re no more concerned about cleaning your gutters? We frequently engage in these mechanical chores manually not knowing there are better alternative ways to get this done.  The modern day’s technology has made it possible for us to get relief from some of our regular chores. Some of these modern-day gadgets include automatic dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. Just like these technological gadgets, a leafFilter has been developed to filter the rainwater and eliminate the build ups of leaves and debris in your gutter. A LeafFilter ensures you constantly ha

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The Best Kreg Jig Alternatives On the Market!

Best Kreg Jig Alternatives

The pocket hole jig is one of the most popular tools for joining pieces of materials and ensuring you create high-quality furniture. While some pocket hole jigs come in all-metal construction for durability, you’ll get cheaper ones with plastic bodies and one or multiple metal inserts for connecting to the wood pieces. It’s a stationary and portable tool. You insert the drill bit through the hole to produce joining points. Some of the best uses of a pocket hole jig include assembling picture frames, repairing table legs and furniture works. However, it can be utilized for edge joining especially for intricate tasks that require a lot of patience and accuracy. It is very practical and convenient when you’re working in very tight situations and spaces where it’s very difficult to apply regular woodworking techniques. Rather than use the standard mortising and worrying about doing the arit

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The Best Circular Saw Blades – Our Top 10 Picks!

A suitable circular saw ensures successful completion of your tasks whether you’re a woodworker or metalworker. They’re particularly important for tasks that require accurate precisions and clean cuts. Circular saws are high-powered tools designed to cut through diverse types of materials. They work with rounded blades and can be used to cut metal or different types of woods, including lumber, plywood, softwood, hardwood, panels, and laminates. Therefore, you don’t only need to get the right saw; but also a compatible sharp blade to go with it. Circular blades come in multiple sizes and also feature different types of materials for different uses. While these saws have versatile applications, it depends on the type of task you want to perform. If you frequently work with your circular saw, the blade can eventually get blunt. Although you can sharpen the blade, it’s better to get a new one to ensur

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Cutech Jointer Review: Is it Right for You?

There is something exciting and exhilarating about woodworking that is tough to describe. Part of it is seeing the object take shape as you go through the steps of creating something out of wood. Another part of it is the enjoyment of getting your hands dirty. Of using your tools to make something useful for yourself or someone you care about. It’s the thought that you’re putting a part of yourself into the project no matter how monumental or insignificant the object may seem. This is true for both novice and experienced woodworkers. So, whether you’re just getting started into the world of woodworking or you’re already familiar with the craft, you may need to consider adding a jointer to your lineup of tools. Fortunately, there are plenty of jointers on the markets and reviews for each of them. But we’re guessing you may not have time to read all of them. However, we’ve done the work for you in the shape of this review. Our review focuses on the Cutech Jointer.

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