Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal

Choosing a quality paint brand is only half the battle when it comes to completing a project. Benjamin Moore is one of the best brands on the market, but deciding between Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal paint can be confusing.

This guide was created to help consumers understand the differences between these two paints to make the most informed decision.

I will compare their features and performance, look at some alternatives, address frequently asked questions, and determine which one a consumer should purchase for that next big change in their home.

Main Differences Between Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal

The main differences between Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal paint are:

  • Aura has a special color lock technology that will keep the paint looking brighter for longer, whereas Regal might fade over time.
  • Aura has an outstanding durability rating, whereas Regal’s durability rating isn’t as high.
  • Aura is an extra thick paint, whereas Regal may be thinner.
  • Aura has a seamless touch-up performance, whereas Regal does not.
  • Aura can stand up to repeated washing without losing color, whereas Regal may not handle repeated washing as well.

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Even though both brands are very popular and offer great quality, we ultimately chose Benjamin Moore to be the better brand of the two as it features greater durability, fewer coats, and it's generally easier to spread and all that at a better, lower price.

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Exploring Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal Features

Benjamin Moore Aura

Even though Benjamin Moore makes both Aura and Regal, the two paints perform differently. I’ll take a closer look at the different features of both these paints and how they compare to each other.

Number of Coats Required

Benjamin Moore is known for their quality paint that will cover in one coat, but these two paints will apply in different ways, even if they only need one coat. It’s important to understand what each paint will bring depending on the project at hand.

Some determining factors include the state and color of the wall being painted over. One paint will have better coverage than the other.

Aura is a thicker paint with deeper coverage on any surface. Even with brighter paints underneath, Aura’s extreme coverage paint and primer mix will hide even the most difficult to change colors in one coat—as long as it’s applied correctly.

Regal indeed lives up to its name, giving an elegant finish to any wall. The excellent hide and cover paint and primer mix will most likely cover what’s already on a wall, but it might not tackle the more difficult to change colors such as bright red or black.


As much as paint choice matters, making sure a paint is worth its weight in dollars is just as important. Consumers need a paint with superior elements that also won’t break the budget.

Aura can be used anywhere in the house, even in high moisture areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. It has many qualities that are superior to other paints, although it comes with a higher price tag in exchange. When talking pure performance, this paint will beat them all.

Regal has that lower price tag but fewer features. Although it’s still a very durable paint that can handle even high moisture rooms, it won’t have the same long-lasting aspects that one would find in Aura.


As a consumer who has four children and a dog, the ability to clean off scuff and marks is extremely important to me. I’ve also painted many a room and ruined carpet and/or brushes, so this is an area that is significant in my paint choice.

Benjamin Moore, in general, is an excellent choice if these aspects mean as much to a particular consumer as they do to me. The formula is a special mix of oil and water, making this paint long-lasting while still easy to clean off brushes and carpet directly after applying.

Aura is a paint designed with cleanliness in mind. To me, this is where the money for this paint makes sense. With a color lock technology added to the formula, this paint will be a dream to place on walls and maintain in the years to come.

Regal has many great features but does not have the same high level of durability that Aura carries. This paint is still great. The formula is worth the money for me personally., but if I had the choice without looking at the price tag, I would choose Aura.

Drying Time

Drying time is an important factor to consider when undertaking a project. For instance, if one needs to paint the inside of kitchen cabinets, paint that takes longer to dry won’t be the best choice.

Thankfully both of these paints have decent drying times that will allow the project to go faster. At least four hours is needed between coats, but that’s nothing compared to other brands.

Both of these paints are designed to have that flawless finish, especially Aura, with its color-match technology. If the paint looks uneven, it’s going to need a longer drying time. If it still looks uneven after twenty-four hours, apply another coat.


The final thing to consider when buying paint for a home is how long it is going to last before it needs to be touched up or completely redone. It would be a shame to spend so much money on something that lasts less than a year.

Both of these paints have proven durability, but Aura is going to outshine Regal every time. Although Regal will still look good, it doesn’t have the same color lock and anti-scuff technology that Aura carries.

Either way, the paint and primer with anti-mildew properties are going to give longevity other paints brands can only dream of.

Comparing Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal—Pricing

Benjamin Moore Regal Color

Aura is a premium paint that will run up the bill. Regal is comparable to other quality paint brands and offers similar performance.

Aura is a one-of-a-kind paint that cannot be found or bought just anywhere. Benjamin Moore only sells their paints from licensed retailers who have the training and know-how to get the best paint job possible.

The ability alone would have me going to my local hardware shop for Benjamin Moore. Being armed with knowledge on how to get the job done right is going to save money in the long run, no matter the project.

Another thing to consider is the longevity of both these paints will save money in the long run. Aura’s formula is going to keep the walls looking clean and fresh for a very long time.

Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal—Ease of Use

If one is a home renovation television junkie such as myself, then it’s common knowledge that paint is the fastest way to change the look of a room. Often in shows where the budget is low, paint is the number one thing the renovation stars will do to make a drab room fabulous.

If one has never painted, however, it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. Regal paint is great for first-timers as it is slightly thinner, which means there is more chance of applying it evenly. In most cases, Regal paint will only take one coat to finish a wall which means less work.

Aura will for sure get the job done in one coat. It’s not terribly difficult to use, especially with expert advice, but it is thicker, so a consumer should be careful how much is applied to the wall.

Even with thicker paints, it’s important not to dry-roll the paint on. A roller should be coated a few times, then painted onto a paint tray before placing it on a wall. The roller should not drip, but there shouldn’t be gaps in the paint if an even pressure is applied.

If you still have concerns about facing these paint projects, make sure to turn to the store employees for advice. Benjamin Moore employees have the most extensive training and can help a consumer make the best choices.

Pros and Cons of Aura

Benjamin Moore Aura


  • Color-lock technology to give the brightest and smoothes shades.
  • Zero VOC, giving off little smell or odor when painting
  • Waterborne paint that will stick to walls but easily clean off brushes.
  • Anti-scuff technology leaving the finish looking newer for longer.
  • Ultimate performance for fewer coats.
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Seamless touch-ups


  • It is more expensive than many other paints
  • Harder to find in-store.

Pros and Cons of Regal

Benjamin Moore Regal Color


  • Less expensive than Aura
  • Excellent coverage for a smooth finish
  • Easier application than thicker paints
  • Resistant to spatters
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Paint and primer together for fewer coats.


  • More prone to scuffs and bruises
  • Color will not be as vibrant as Aura

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even within the Benjamin Moore brand, there are more options for paint choices. I will briefly review these choices along with a few other popular paint brands.

Benjamin Moore Ben

Benjamin Moore Ben

This paint is the prime choice for beginning painters. Although it will require more coats, it offers an excellent finish for the first-time painter. It’s also less expensive than Aura or Regal. Because it is thinner, it will also work well with a sprayer. However, the sprayer will not give as nice of a finish.

I would recommend this paint to anyone who’s painting for the first time as it also has that waterborne technology that locks paint on walls but makes for easy clean-up.

Benjamin Moore Advance

Benjamin Moore Advance

This easy-to-apply sandable paint is excellent for covering household stains. With a leveling property that won’t leave the paint looking too thick on the walls, this is great for touching up or covering light neutral colors.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has been the go-to paint for homeowners and construction workers since its founding in 1866. With more than a century of experience, Sherwin Williams has perfected its latex oil-based paints to withstand even the most humid climates.

In terms of knowledge, although retailers do not have to be certified the same way Benjamin Moore employees do, Sherwin Williams has many stores across the nation that are only for their paint and painting tools.

I find this paint to be the perfect blend of easy access and quality.

Check out our comparison guide on Benjamin Moore vs. Sherwin Williams.



Backdrop is a high-quality paint comparable in both price and coverage to Sherwin-Williams. This paint can only be purchased online and comes with free shipping.

This paint carries very smooth and vivid colors that many other companies do not offer. Because of this, they began the trend of color samples that can be stuck to a wall in sticker form. Many other companies now offer the same service because of this paint.



Behr is a Homedepot brand that is easily accessible and therefore often the first choice for homeowners.

The problem with this is that many consumers are unaware of the higher quality paints out there. Although they’ve made a push with their more expensive formulas to compare to Benjamin Moore, the standard of application doesn’t compare.

Although it can be a good choice for first-time painters, it’s important to note that both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are the most highly rated paints for a reason. It’s easy for a consumer to mistake ease of access for quality when that is not always the case.

Read our comparison guide between Behr vs. Benjamin Moore.



Glidden is another Home Depot brand of paint one step below Behr. Although the cost is appealing, the quality isn’t going to match other paints. More money will be spent in the long run covering up this paint in the future. That’s not horrible if a consumer needs to paint a lot, like someone who owns a rental property, for example, but I wouldn’t purchase it for personal use.



PPG is also a Home Depot brand. It’s two steps down from Behr in both quality and price decent paint, but do not expect much from it.



Valspar is mainly found at Lowes. Valspar often scored much lower than Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr in pure rating tests. It is less expensive than other paints, but the quality and durability will not match other paint brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Aura Paint Need Primer?

Answer: No. This paint is mixed with a primer. The thick, high-quality features of this paint will keep a consumer from needing that extra bucket of primer. This can help one swallow the cost as fewer buckets of paint will need to be purchased.

Question: Does Regal Paint Need Primer?

Answer: No. This paint is also a mix of paint and primer that can be applied even directly to fresh drywall. One less step also means it’s easier to use and therefore can be applied without expert help.

Question: Is Aura Paint Washable?

Answer: Yes! That’s the beautiful thing about Benjamin Moore’s paint. Their special Waterborne technology makes this paint both durable on the wall and washable. Unless treated right away, it might not come out of fabrics, but painters can be sure their brushes will wash clean at the end of the day.

Question: Is Regal Paint Low VOC?

Answer: All Benjamin Moore paints are made with Zero VOC. This means the paint will not carry the strong smell common in less expensive paint brands.

Question: Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth it?

Answer: Yes. This paint is more expensive because of its scientifically patented formula that cannot be found anywhere else. It might be harder to find a store that sells it, but it is worth the price because of what one will get out of the paint.

Question: Are Aura and Regal Paints Made in the USA?

Answer: Yes. Benjamin Moore paint has been around since 1883. Not only is it made in the USA, but the variety in choice and color picking options online are difficult to match. Not many paint brands carry as many colors as them.

Question: Is Aura Paint Self-leveling?

Answer: You bet. This is one of the first things Benjamin Moore made sure of when creating this paint. In fact, they’ve taken it beyond self-leveling with their color-match technology.

Verdict – Choose Aura for Its Durability

You really can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore paints in general, but if you want the whole package that will lead to a truly long-lasting and beautiful home, then Aura is the way to go.

Having recently purchased a new home myself, I’m excited to use this paint in all the high-traffic areas of my house. It’s held up well for me in the past, and I wouldn’t want my new home to be without it.


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