Best Home Depot Alternatives

Best Home Depot Alternatives

Many of us, as soon as we hear the expression “home improvement” or anything that’s related to those two words, instantly think about Home Depot. That happens for a good reason: Home Depot is a popular American company that keeps its clients satisfied with its product quality and variety.

You will definitely find all the things you need in this store, in one single trip. So, the fact that Home Depot successfully managed to go to the next level by expanding the business to both Canada and Mexico comes as no surprise. There are over 2,200 Home Depot stores as well as around 400,000 employees.

Even on their online shopping platform, you will find over one million different products available for you to purchase and save gas money by actually going to the store. They have numerous items, from furniture and tools to electrical appliances and plumbing.

But, are there any alternatives to Home Depot worth mentioning? Yes, there are! Below, I have created a list of some of the best Home Depot alternatives you should consider if you feel you need a little versatility.

Top 10 Best Home Depot Alternatives to Consider

The following brands were listed in no particular order.

1. Target


Target is one of the most popular retailers in the United States. It’s more than just a store with home improvement products. It has everything you could think of, from garments to food and toys. Target stores offer a wide range of items in myriad categories.

Most importantly, their products are good-quality ones and you can always find many of those items at discounted prices. Target’s home product category alone features nearly a million different items. Therefore, it’s impossible not to find something you like.

I, for one, like the store’s home products due to their pastel colors, trendy styles, and elegant furnishings. The company’s goods are all fair-priced and every store has attractive merchandise arrangements. Another major advantage is given by the brand’s exceptional customer service.

2. Walmart


Walmart is a well-known multinational retail corporation. This American business is familiar to many people all over the globe despite the fact that it doesn’t have stores in all the world’s countries. Its main competitor is Target and, much like Target, Walmart sells numerous types of products.

In some people’s opinion, Walmart resembles Amazon but in the brick-and-mortar retail store version. Customers go to this store to do their monthly grocery shopping. Others have a sudden need to refill their stock on one of their basic necessities.

If I was involved in a home improvement or a DIY project, I would definitely check Walmart’s stores to find the items I need. All their products are highly versatile. Moreover, the company does a great job at adapting and upgrading its merchandise to the market’s changing trends.

3. Amazon

Amazon is an exclusive e-commerce business. It’s the largest online retailer on the market but this company has had quite humble beginnings. Initially, they were only selling books, TV series, and movies on their platform. Nowadays, there’s nothing you cannot find on Amazon.

Cheap or expensive, essential or unimportant, basic or luxurious – all these can be delivered by this retailer. There are certain perks to which the company owes its high level of popularity:

  • They offer a wide range of products;
  • Their products are very diverse and versatile;
  • It’s easy to make a purchase on Amazon;
  • The delivery process is quick and effective;
  • The platform has a very useful customer review section;
  • If you don’t like what you get, you can always exchange or return what you’ve purchased.

If you want, you can restyle or furnish an entire house with products bought on Amazon without even leaving your home.



When we think about retailers in the furniture industry, most of us will definitely include IKEA as one of the most popular brands. They host an enormous collection of items so, if you want to check them all out, you must dedicate hours spent in one of their stores. They have it all: bedroom furniture, storage closets and accessories, sofas, TV units, kitchenware, and more.

The majority of their items are inspired by the Scandinavian design which features minimalism and more simplistic yet practical styles. IKEA works with artisans from several countries and locations such as Thailand, Jordan, India, and Italy. They make sure their handicrafts are meticulously produced.

I’ve spoken with many of my friends and acquaintances and they all admit IKEA is their go-to furniture company. Although they have this huge mass popularity, they’ve managed to keep their prices pretty affordable. However, some of you might consider certain IKEA items quite expensive.

Besides their goods, the company also offers other important services such as home delivery, 90-day returns, and free assembly.

5. Lowe’s


Lowe’s was founded in 1946 so it has a long history of being on the market, in the home improvement industry. In its 70 years of being on the market, this company opened more than 2,300 stores and it’s still growing. Meanwhile, they have also achieved a large and loyal consumer base.

Most of their products are dedicated to homeowners, architects, interior designers, and style enthusiasts. Lowe’s spends a lot of time and resources to train every single member of their staff, from workers and craftsmen to managers and even the company’s CEO.

So, any of their employees are ready to assist you when you’re shopping at one of their stores. Also, they can easily offer you plenty of helpful home improvement tips and recommendations. Another advantage that Lowe’s provides is represented by their installation services.

6. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

We all need essential items in our homes such as beds, tables, sofas, chairs, and more. They are practical and important goods that serve two main purposes: to be functional and help us with our basic needs and to look nice in order to embellish our home.

At Bed, Bath & Beyond you will find exactly those types of products that are original and unique. There are plenty of options to choose from; so many, that you might not know what to opt for because you like more than one style or item.

The store markets home décor goods that are simple yet sophisticated. All their products are made with high-quality materials. If you ask me, the first thing that comes to mind when looking at these furniture pieces is their air of aristocracy. Even the most basic or common items have that “je ne sais quoi.”

With a trip to one of the company’s stores, you can decorate a room or your entire house to look similar to those luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing Instagram posts. This provider also features online services, but to enjoy the full experience you must visit their stores.

7. Kohl’s


Kohl’s is known as a store that markets mainly accessories and apparel. Most of their ads focus on those two product categories. However, this company has other sections worth considering that might sometimes get overlooked.

If you were patient enough to walk through one of their stores or even their online shop, you know what treasure chest Kohl’s is. Its home items are versatile and feature a minimalistic design. Homeowners and interior designers alike can find here a wide range of products.

Kohl’s goods will certainly make your living area much more comfortable and full of functional yet unique pieces. I am sure you will find what you’re looking for at these stores, regardless of your style and preferences.

8. JC Penney

JC Penny

JC Penney is a popular US-based departmental store that provides a broad array of products. You will find all that you need here, from clothing items and accessories to furniture and apparel. The company also markets numerous independent brands that offer very stylish goods made of top-notch quality materials.

If you decide to decorate your house with furniture pieces and home décor accessories from JC Penney, I’m sure your guests will make you a lot of compliments regarding how stylish your living area is. With the elements you’ll find at these stores, you won’t want to settle or compromise anymore because you will find the exact products that you originally had in mind.

Another crucial advantage is represented by the company’s huge sales when they offer major price discounts to their customers. Even their website is easy to navigate, well-structured, and straightforward so it will be easy to find the things you want to purchase.

9. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware

Once you’ve made your house a gorgeous and inviting home full of stylish furniture, it is time to think about those essential devices that we all need and that help us improve our lives. To find those types of products, you should visit an Ace Hardware store.

This company markets a famous brand in the home improvement industry and it hosts more than 5,000 stores. But what’s truly unique and original about Ace Hardware is the way it operates and how helpful it is to all its customers. Each location is managed by an independent owner who’s the right entrepreneur for the area the store is located.

This leads to more personal interactions because every store member devotes his or her working hours to offering clients the best possible experience. Ace Hardware will provide you with all the items you need to beautify, adjust, or repair your home. In its stores, you will find grills, chainsaws, paint, smokers, outdoor storages, and more.

10. Costco


When it comes to Costco, home improvement products are definitely the company’s star category although they aren’t solely dedicated to those goods. They also provide many other products and services like clothing, cosmetics, groceries, and electronics.

However, their home section is the public’s favorite. The company’s employees are doing their best to offer you great products and the best services at pretty affordable prices. All their items are appealing, fairly-priced, and top-tier.

You can even subscribe to one of Costco’s memberships to benefit from many slashed prices and lucrative deals.

Best Home Depot Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who Is the Biggest Competitor of Home Depot?

Answer: Home Depot has a lot of competitors but the top ones are Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Amazon, Mohawk Industries, and Williams-Sonoma.

Question: What Brands Does Home Depot Carry Exclusively?

Home Depot carries the following major brands exclusively:
• Behr paints;
• Power tools from Ridgid and Ryobi;
• Carpet cleaning items from Chem-Dry;
• Power tools from Homelite;
• Outdoor furniture from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia;
• Thomasville Furniture Industries;
• American Woodmark.

Question: What Are Home Depot’s Own House Brands?

Answer: Besides brands from other suppliers, the company also sells its house brands:
• Husky tools;
• HDX;
• Glacier Bay faucets and kitchen sinks;
• Workforce tools, paintbrushes, and storage cabinets;
• Hampton Bay outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures;
• Home Decorations collection;
• Commercial Electric.

Question: Which Has Better Prices between Home Depot and Lowe’s?

Answer: Home Depot usually sells more affordable products compared to Lowe’s because they market a more generic item selection, whereas Lowe’s has more specific and classy goods. Still, both brands feature pretty similar products and the price difference isn’t that big.

Question: Is Home Depot Better than Lowe’s for Lumber?

Answer: When it comes to lumber, Home Depot has more organized merchandise that’s neatly stacked. They also carry two products that you won’t be able to find at Lowe’s: rough sawn cedar lumber and cedar fence boards.

On the other hand, Lowe’s provides its clients with a better tool selection. Even its in-house store brand, named Kobalt, has good-quality tools. Also, these items come with a great warranty.

Question: Is There Something You Shouldn’t Buy from Home Depot?

Answer: Many people know that the best types of products you can get at Home Depot are, among others, string lights and LED  bulbs, patio items such as grills, gardening supplies, paint, and tool combo kits.

After asking around, I’ve heard that not everyone is happy with certain Home Depot goods like the following ones:

• Wall art and home décor;
• Kitchen accessories;
• Cleaning supplies;
• Appliances;
• Batteries.

Best Home Depot Alternatives – Final Thoughts

There you have it: some of the best Home Depot alternatives that you should know about. Now that you know about all these possibilities, you are ready to manage any emergency that has to do with home improvement.

These stores will come in handy if you just moved into a new apartment. Or, maybe you want to revamp your house or fix a couple of loose ends that have been bugging you.

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