How To Find The Best Paint Sprayer

How To Find The Best Paint Sprayer

Painting can be a messy job especially if you’re using old and outdated equipment that requires a lot of physical effort on your part. Luckily, there have been a lot of improvements in the industrial and consumer-grade tool industry which makes performing regular renovation tasks or large construction projects much easier.

Painting is one of the simplest yet effective ways to remodel your home and bring in a new sense of design that wasn’t previously there before. While the painting is one of the most simple and effective ways to transform the interior of your home, it can be quite time consuming if you don’t have access to the necessary tools and equipment.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways for you to paint your home or any other area of your property that needs renovation is by using a paint sprayer.

A high-quality paint sprayer will allow you to efficiently and quickly paint virtually any surface area inside or outside of your home. Traditional painting techniques require that you use a manual roller or paintbrush in order to successfully apply paint to any surface that you’re designing.

With a paint sprayer, the entire process is automated so all you have to do is press a button and your desired paint will be applied to any surface evenly and without error.

Paint sprayers also make it easy to continuously paint a particular area without having to constantly refill the paint tray or dip the roller.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain endurance when painting a large area of your home, a paint sprayer is a perfect solution that you’ve been looking for. Paint sprayers come with many different features and design elements which make your painting tasks a lot easier.

Depending on the size and complexity of the interior design of your home, certain paint sprayers mat provides more of a benefit to you when compared to other products available on the market.

In order to ensure that you’re making the right purchase decision, you need to think about all of the features that you need in a paint sprayer before buying one so that you can make the right choice on which sprayer is best for you.

There are a lot of paint sprayers available on the market which can make finding the right one for your needs a little difficult.

What you may not know is that there are actually several different types of paint sprayers available on the market and depending on your specific intended use, you’ll need to ensure that you choose the right model type in order to get the best results from your efforts.

In this guide, we’re going to go over all of the important information that you need to know when purchasing a paint sprayer so that you can make the right purchase decision on which choice is best for you.

We’re going to cover detailed specs like the types of paint sprayers out there and how each of their designs is specially crafted to provide a particular benefit to those who are planning on or in the process of painting their home.

Make sure you read all of the information included in this article fully so that you’ll be able to choose the right paint sprayer that has all of the features and capabilities that you need.

Later in the article, we’re going to give you our top picks for paint sprayers on the market so that you can pick up the paint sprayer that suits you in no time. All of the paint sprayers and information in this article will help you slice the total time of your paint job in half.

Types of Paint Sprayers

Much in the same way that there are different types of motor vehicles, paint sprayers come in an array of designs and feature capabilities.

In this section, we’re going to go into detail about the various types of paint sprayers available on the market and how each variant can help you achieve pristine painting results in less than half the time that you’re used to with using traditional rollers or brushes.

Read each paint sprayer description in-depth to ensure that you understand all of the variables involved with each type of device.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers are fantastic pieces of equipment and if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry because we’re going to cover them in detail. Using an airless paint sprayer means you won’t be having any air mixed in with your paint or whatever other material you are using to decorate the interior or exterior of your home or business.

Apart from that obvious airless operation of these sprayers, there are several other things you should know about airless paint sprayers before using one.

Just like conventional paint sprayers, airless paint sprayers can assist you in covering large surfaces in no time and make your life much easier. At the same time, they offer all conveniences that HVLP paint sprayers do without the use of air as an added bonus to make sure that your paint job comes out perfect.

The jet of paint coming from your airless paint sprayer nozzle is adjustable so that you can customize it to your needs. Also, almost everything that gets out of that hose is going to end up on your wall.

Unless you are covering a table. With a good airless sprayer, you can paint a living room like a pro, in about ten minutes and without the mess

Conventional Paint Sprayers

Conventional paint sprayers are probably what you are most likely to find in local tool stores or on television shows. Conventional paint sprayers are known for being reliable and use compressed air to shoot out the paint in a mist of fine paint particles.

They are those arcane and loud paint sprayers that wake you up on a weekend when your neighbor is redecorating the porch.

Conventional paint sprayers are also known as the high-pressure sprayers, for obvious reasons. Highly compressed air trapped inside the container is then sent through the hose attached to conventional paint sprayer results in a broad and thick spray of paint.

While they are easy to use and reliable, they do have their drawbacks. One of the major benefits of using a conventional paint sprayer is paint control. High pressure means a lot of power, which means that the paint sticks to your walls the way that you intend.

It is estimated that more than half of the material blasted out of conventional paint sprayer nozzle gets wasted in the air. Only a portion of it lands on the surface you are trying to cover.

This means that you are losing material, power, and the ordeal is costing you more than it should. While they are cheap and efficient in painting, the noise and the spray pattern may lead you to think twice

High-Volume Low-Pressure Paint Sprayers (HVLP)

High-volume low-pressure paint sprayers are the complete opposite of conventional sprayers because they are known to give you more a broad spray when applying paint to any given surface.

The HVLP acronym stands for High Volume –Low Pressure which means that the paint sprayer uses low pressure to cover a large volume of the area on your desired wall. This means that the spray coming from the nozzle of an HVLP paint sprayer will be narrower and easier to control.

It will also make high-volume low-pressure paint sprayers ideal for smaller objects and complex surfaces. With the help of high-volume low-pressure paint sprayer, you will get maximum accuracy and control for all the intricate work that needs to be done.

Also, with the lower pressure, you get more volume thus reducing the amount of time that it takes to completely cover any given surface. This translates into more paint ending up on the surface you are trying to cover.

High-volume low-pressure paint sprayers are immensely popular among the “do it yourself” people as they are easy to use and applicable to almost any kind of housework.

The precision you get by using a high-volume low-pressure paint sprayer device allows you to carry out a professional level on all your own.

You can paint or protect the doors, individual pieces of wood, a bicycle or a table, just like a professional would. They are easy to use, so even if you are not an experienced painter you will get quality results in no time.

Key Features to Look for When Choosing A Paint Sprayer

Aside from the type of paint sprayer, there are also some key features that you want to look for in any paint sprayer that you’re interested in purchasing.

Every paint sprayer provides a set of basic elements that you want to review prior to making any final purchase decision.

In order to choose the right paint sprayer, you’ll need to take all of these factors into consideration before buying one to make sure that your selected paint sprayer comes with the operating capacity and capabilities that you need most.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the most important features your paint sprayer needs to have to ensure that you get the level of results you’re expecting.


When you hear the word “volume” in reference to a paint sprayer it basically means the GPM value or Gallons per minute which is how much paint the given device releases during painting.

GPM stands for gallons per minute, and it determines how much paint you can transfer from a bucket or a container onto a surface in a minute. Naturally, higher volume translates to more coverage and a quicker job. If you require a machine that can cover a great surface and with a thick layer of paint, then you know what kind of sprayer you need.

Horsepower or Pressure

Pressure and horsepower refer to how strong the engine or operating motor is inside of a given paint sprayer machine, you will see that the words pressure and horsepower are always in there. Horsepower determines how strong the engine is. More of it means more paint gets out of the nozzle and thicker layers of paint end up on the wall. Usually, you would go for the higher-pressure ones as they get the job done quicker.

But then again, not all jobs need to be done in that way. If you require a steady and relatively weak stream, you might go for a more debilitated sprayer. It’s all about the control and the situation.

Spraying Advice

Let’s give you some paint spraying tips so that you can avoid making rookie mistakes while painting your first surface. Painting results are affected both by the type of sprayer and the particular paint you use.

We call everything “paint,” to make it simpler, but it can refer to multiple materials with variable characteristics. Tips usually come marked with numbers that translate to measurements in inches. If you have a “.10” tip – then your tip opening is a tenth of an inch.

If, however, your tip specification says it’s a 515 then only the last two digits are the measure of the opening. The first one is the width of the spray pattern.


There are a lot of paint sprayer devices, models, and types available on the market all of which offer their own unique benefits and advantages when compared to others. Choosing the right one for yourself is, as always, a matter of debate.

There will always be more advanced level paint sprayers mashed with cheaper alternatives. When it comes to choosing the sprayer, you need to understand that the one you buy might be the one you will use for years to come.

This means that you should choose wisely. It is always advisable to go for a slightly better version and spend a few more bucks on a sprayer. A good one can mean a lot. Still, you might need to draw the line at a certain point, as the professional ones get quite expensive and you just might not need such a serious device.

Best Paint Sprayer Recommendations

Now that you know a little bit more about the various types of paint sprayer options available on the market, we’re going to give you our picks for the best paint sprayers that you can purchase today.

All of the paint sprayers mentioned below come in various model types and functional capabilities so keep that in mind when making your final decision on which paint sprayer is best for your needs.

Read each product description carefully to ensure that you’ll be able to choose a paint sprayer that provides the value and features you need most.

Graco Magnum x7 HiBoy Professional Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7 represents the finest piece of spraying technology Graco offers when it comes to medium X series. It is certainly an improvement to the X5 and X3 models. While they are of the same quality, X7 simply offers more options and features.

This is certainly a semi-professional paint sprayer that you will be leaving to your kids after you are gone. The price alone can tell you it’s not a joke but we are still to hear someone complain about it. If you need serious work done, this is the sprayer you need.

From the moment you get close to X7, you will see that every part was built to last. Only the hose is not made of metal and it is sure not to break any time soon.

Placed on a dolly with two wheels for maximum mobility, the X7 will be easy to handle. Even without the wheels, the 100 feet hose will get you covered all around any room. With the weight of only 23 pounds, it’s not even that heavy to carry on its own.

As far as the specifications go, it is similar to X5 – only better. The maximum nozzle size goes up to 0.017 inches, making it perfect for large-scale jobs. Painting walls, living rooms, and garages were never as easy.

With the three-quarters of a horsepower motor pushing the paint with 3000 PSI, there is no task too hard to handle. It can work with almost any sort of pain, including latex based ones. You will get an extensive manual and a DVD with the device, and we advise you to take a look at it for any additional information.

Another bonus of this device is the easy cleaning system. Just connect the garden hose to the cleaning valve and let the water do the job cleaning the system from within. The same goes for the spray gun.

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Graco Magnum x5 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum x5 Airless Paint Sprayer is an amazing product that can help you with just about any painting endeavor. With a built-in feature that allows easier priming, it is perfect for wall and wood painting.

It is both simple to use and a well-designed piece of equipment built to last. Graco gets the Magnum for being an amazing tool that can paint with just about any type of coating. Heavy, thick acrylic, or a latex-based paint?

Not a problem for the Graco Magnum! Solvent-based lacquer and some others might not work as well, though, so you might want to consult the user manual for details. It is still quite powerful and gets a lot of jobs done.

A great thing about the Graco brand is attention to detail and a high level of quality. It comes with a sturdy but light sprayer designed for carrying. It has a handle that allows it to be picked up with one hand. 

Highly durable metal sprayer gun dubbed SG2 also shows attention to detail and quality. It comes with a pressure-sensitive trigger for maximum control.

Combined with the .3 GPM spray – it makes one amazing accomplice when it comes to home improvement projects. 1/2 horsepower generator powers the Magnum with the active power of 1500W.

This configuration peaks at the pressure point of 3000 PSI. Combine that with a bucket of one to five gallons of paint, and you get a professional-grade tool.

You can connect your sprayer to the garden hose for quick and easy cleaning. Every Greco sprayer comes with a warrant policy lasting for twelve months.  These features might sound like a triviality, but this kind of attention to detail lets you know that what you are buying is really good.

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Wagner 0518080 Control Max HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner 0518080 Control Max HVLP Paint Sprayer, as the name implies, is a sophisticated piece of equipment everyone should have in their home. It is one of the best high-volume low-pressure sprayers out there.

And certainly, it is among the most popular ones. The reason for it might be its size. Wagner is small and light enough to be carried in one hand, and as such, it is perfect for any housework. The sprayer that is this light is also capable of reaching any place you might need it to reach.

The paint on this device is stored in a cup under the gun, with an added smaller part for extra sensitive work. So, it can be used for larger surfaces as well for the tiny corrections.

The spray can be adjusted with a simple ten-level dial. For more mobility, Wagner comes equipped with a 20 feet long hose. You can walk around the house, porch, or kitchen and only carry the handheld part of the device without having to carry the rest of the equipment.

As far as the coverage goes, Wagner will suffice for most housework. With three adjustable mods of spraying, it will serve you well in any situation. You can go anywhere from half to twelve-inch-wide jets with a simple flick of the switch.

Also, it is equipped with a two-stage turbine which will allow you to muscle through virtually through any paint, latex, or lacquer you can think of. Wagner is all around the device that every DIY person should have because it can save you a ton of time and bundles of cash.

HomeRight Finish Max C800766

The HomeRight C800766 Finish Max is an amazing, inexpensive sprayer that can dub as a semi-professional tool in your personal house projects. It is extremely easy to use, efficient, and cheap.

It’s just perfect. You can hold all of the HomeRight in your hand – there is no compressor, motor, or anything on the side. Just one device that fits in your hand. With the container you can screw under the gun to hold the paint, it’s all one part. Just fill the tank and paint away.

The nozzle has three adjustable positions allowing you to switch between horizontal and vertical painting in an instant. The trigger has a simple controlling mechanism that allows you to control your spray.

After only a few quick strokes you will be applying perfect layers of paint onto your favorite cupboard. The simple machine will surprise you with the strength and the capacity for painting. It can use almost any kind of paint, including latex, chalk, cabinet, and stain-based paint.

Lightweight, efficient, and cheap – what could be better? Well, it is also very easy to clean, and if you ever painted you know how important that is. Since it is all one part – just unscrew the container to wash and then rinse underwater.

The manufacturer even provides you with the spray shelters in the form of tents. Here, you can place your project and work without having to worry about overspray or mess you might make. Also, this way, your project will be protected from the elements. It’s just a neat little detail that makes the deal even sweeter.

As far as the inexpensive and simple DIY tools go, HomeRight C800766 is a must have and definitively makes a good bang for the buck.

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

As far as the semi-professional paint sprayers are concerned, Fuji 2202 is definitely one of the top-rated paint sprayers out on the market. It offers the quality and reliability of any professional-grade piece of equipment out there.

Also, some of the unique features it offers, like non-bleed technology, put it on the top of many other lists. The second after you take the sprayer gun in your hands you understand that what you are holding is no mere toy.

This is a semi-professional, all-around house utility that can serve you for years to come. Metal gun with high-quality parts that feel solid in your hand radiates excellence.

For some minor detailing, it comes with a smaller quarter gallon metal cup that you can mount on its bottom. For everything else, there is a long 25 feet hose. Dip it in a bucket and paint away, without worrying about running out of the hose.

Fuji 2202 is a professional-grade sprayer, and it comes with a 1.3 mm cap mounted on the nuzzle. This creates a solid, steady jet of paint that will equally cover any surface. It is an item every DIY guy needs in his garage. With a two-stage motor working on 1400W, it can power through most paint types.

With the turbines safely stored inside a metal case, there is nothing to worry about. This device can last you a lifetime. There is a two-year warranty period after every Fuji purchase. You might need to water down some of the thicker acrylic or latex-based paints, so make sure you consult the manual.

It also has two air filters that block bigger paint particles from coming through and they are completely washable. The motor unit is around 25 pounds in weight and it comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around.

Our Choice: Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Spray

The Fuji 2202 is suited for both beginner and more professional users. It's one of the top-rated semi-pro paint sprayers on the market today and for a reason. It offers great quality and reliability compared to other professional-grade sprayers as well as unique features like its non-bleed technology.

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Pros & Cons of Different Paint Sprayers

Being that there are so many different paint sprayer options out for purchase, it can be difficult finding out which one offers the exact benefits and features that you need.

The most blatant advantage to paint sprayers is that you can work with various materials and apply them quickly. Another important aspect is their ability to spray an even and smooth coating on uneven and rough surfaces.

However, using a motorized paint sprayer to paint isn’t always the best choice. Often, small jobs won’t justify the long cleaning time. Sometimes a brush or aerosol can be a better option.

There are pros and cons to using each type of paint sprayer so, in order to help you make the right purchase decision, we’re going to list some of the most common pros and cons about paint sprayers to help you avoid buying a sprayer that doesn’t suit your needs.

Paint Sprayer Pros & Cons

HVLP Paint Sprayer Pros

  • Because HVLP paint sprayers run on lower pressure, they don’t produce much overspray. This makes them ideal for use indoors. They also offer a good finish. As far as cost goes, they’re in the mid-range of products.

HVLP Paint Sprayer Cons

  • The most obvious downside to an HVLP paint sprayer unit is its inability to work with thicker materials.

Gun Cup Pros

  • Gun cup paint sprayer models tend to be quite affordable. Better units have more pressure (1,800 to 2,400 PSI) so they can work with thicker latex coatings and stains.

Gun Cup Cons

  • The main disadvantage of gun cup paint sprayers is their lack of capacity and power. The cups can’t hold a significant amount of paint, so you’ll need to refill more often. Moreover, the cheapest models (up to 1,600 PSI) tend to spit and sputter when applying thick materials.

Diaphragm Sprayer Pros

  • With a diaphragm paint sprayer, most materials won’t need thinning. You’ll be able to cover large surfaces with efficiency and speed. Finally, they’re cheaper and don’t require as much maintenance as models with piston pumps.

Diaphragm Sprayer Cons

  • Diaphragm paint sprayer models have lower transfer efficiency or overspray in simpler terms. This means that you will spend more material to cover less which makes them unsuitable for interior use.

FAQs About Paint Sprayers

Is buying a paint sprayer worth it?

Paint sprayers are excellent devices that you can use for faster painting rather than spending hours and hours trying to even out the color on the walls or other surfaces.

What kind of paint do you use in a paint sprayer?

Paint sprayers work best with latex paints which are made of new synthetic resins that are water compatible and that are wet enough to pass the gun hole.

Does spraying use more paint than rolling?

Unfortunately, yes. 40 to 50% of the paint ends up in other surface area rather than the walls, so if you are working on a budget, grab a roller instead.


Now that you’re familiar with all of the various paint sprayer machines out on the market, making your decision on which machine is right for you should be a whole lot easier.

You also don’t need to switch from roller to brush when going from open areas to corners. All you have to do is mask everything you don’t want to be sprayed and do it all with one tool.

Despite all this, you ought to be careful when you work, especially if you are a beginner. Even though speed is a distinct advantage of paint sprayers, you still have to get used to handling them.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain endurance when painting a large area of your home, a paint sprayer is a perfect solution that you’ve been looking for. Paint sprayers come with many different features and design elements which make your painting tasks a lot easier.

You can find something no matter what your needs or budget are.

Our Choice: Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Spray

The Fuji 2202 is suited for both beginner and more professional users. It's one of the top-rated semi-pro paint sprayers on the market today and for a reason. It offers great quality and reliability compared to other professional-grade sprayers as well as unique features like its non-bleed technology.

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There are Models for DIY jobs, Contractors, and Professionals

The type of paint sprayer unit you’re most likely to come across is air and airless. Air paint sprayers use compressed air to push materials out, while airless use pressure.

Tools that work with air tend to be more expensive, but offer a better finish than their airless counterparts. Depending on the size and complexity of the interior design of your home, certain paint sprayers mat provides more of a benefit to you when compared to other products available on the market.

These are just some of the main advantages of using a paint sprayer. With each category of units, you have certain pros and cons. The best way to pick a model for you is to find out what you’ll be using it for.

Affordable and basic units work with one paint type, while advanced and more expensive work with different materials. Spray paint tools come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications.

Using a spraying tool for painting saves time when compared to using a roller or brush. Even with smaller units, you will be able to cover large areas much faster than with traditional methods.

Furthermore, you won’t have to waste time trying to reach corners and small spaces. The nozzle that blasts out tiny particles of coating guarantees that every nook and cranny gets covered.

Use all of the information included in this article so that you’ll be able to avoid running into issues that many people encounter when using an automated paint sprayer.

Sit down and think about what specific needs you have in terms of surface volume and coverage area so that you can get the best results possible.

Using a paint sprayer is just an all-around better alternative to traditional painting methods and it will allow you to paint more efficiently and evenly. Make your next home improvement project your best one yet by using a high-quality paint sprayer to take care of any decorating work or ideas that you have in mind.

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