Easy Ways to Personalize Your Bedroom
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    Easy Ways to Personalize Your Bedroom

    While other parts of your house are for show, your bedroom is a space that can reflect the true you. Yet for many of us, a bedroom is a functional space where we think more about storage than style. But that doesn’t need to be the case. If you’re looking for inspiration to make your bedroom a truly personal space, we have some ideas for you.

    Get a Headboard

    Adding a headboard is a great way to create a point of interest in a bedroom. They can also be useful and make reading in bed much more comfortable. Here are just a few headboard ideas you can consider.


    Believe it or not, an upholstered headboard is quite simple to make, but of course, pre-made options are also available. Choose a fabric that matches your drapes and bedding, or go for contrast, the choice is yours!

    To make your own headboard, take a piece of wood, or even MDF, and add a thick layer of foam. Then cover the whole piece in the fabric of your choice. Plain or patterned fabrics are options you can choose from, and you can either leave the headboard covered, or add pins to create a quilted effect (known as tufted in the trade).

    You could choose the classic diamond arrangement or use the pins to carve out a design – you could all a little sparkle with these diamond upholstery buttons.

    Crystal Upholstery Buttons

    It comes in a pack of twenty; these upholstery buttons have a metal look. Use a waxed thread to add them to your headboard to cover the nail, screw or staples you have used to make your tufted effect.

    The fabric gives you another range of choices to personalize your headboard. Will you go vintage or modern? You could choose to use a rectangular design that the headboard frames, or a more pictorial fabric – how about tapestry?

    Go Wide

    A headboard doesn’t need to end at the side of the bed; after all, that limits you to your current bed size and location. Some people choose instead to extend their headboard so that it continues to wrap around the room. Think wood paneling from heritage properties or a luxurious velvet half wall. Sumptuous!

    Extra Storage

    Think about a console table, but instead of putting it behind your sofa, it goes behind your bed. You can pad it, if you like, or just add throw pillows so you can get comfortable if you want to sit up in bed.

    Now consider that console table as storage – you could follow the Ikea Malm route and have slide-out shelves inside it or have a flip-top lid that reveals a hidden space below.

    Revere Headboard

    If you are looking for a lot of extra space, then this Revere Headboard is a bookcase, with added drawers to help you keep your headboard looking marvelous.

    Suspended Pillows

    If you’re not that talented at DIY, then this one is a straightforward solution. All you need to do is purchase a curtain rod that is the same width as you’d like your headboard to be and then attach that to the wall at the height you’d like it.

    You can then buy regular pillows and pillow shams, add fabric loops, and hang them from the curtain pole. The beauty of this idea is that changing your look is as simple as buying the new shams.

    Curtain rods come in a range of styles, but we love the classic simplicity of this Ivilon rod. It is topped with a clear acrylic ball, and it could be used to reflect a fantasy or steampunk theme but also has a modern aesthetic that would suit many other styles.

    Ivilon Drapery Window Curtain Rod
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    05/15/2024 07:47 pm GMT


    One way to transform a plain room is to play with texture. You can do this in a variety of ways, for example using rustic wood furniture, bringing in some plants, or having silk or velvet as your primary fabric. Here are some simple ways to add texture.


    If you’ve never put up wallpaper before, don’t worry. Modern products can be self-adhesive, and there are many how-to videos available on YouTube to turn you into an instant expert.

    Yancorp Stone Wallpaper

    Give your bedroom a cottage feel using this stone pattern wallpaper. It’s ‘peel and stick’ – meaning no messy paste is needed to get it on the wall. The stone design is predominantly the soft gold of Cotswold stone, but with grey and reddish accents that allow it to blend well with many colors of furnishings.

    If you want to go for a fantasy look, then how about transforming your room into Rapunzel’s tower, or the Gryffindor common room? This grey stone wallpaper will make even the most modern bedroom look like it’s been around for hundreds of years.

    Hoakhome Distressed Brick Wallpaper

    Does a loft-style apartment fit your aesthetic but not your budget? Then this wallpaper could be just what you need to get the look you want. Pick out a feature wall, or decorate the whole room and you’ll soon have a look that you want without having to pay loft apartment prices, or waiting years for the walls to look properly distressed.

    In addition to many brick or stone designs, you can also get a wallpaper that gives the effect of wooden planks or even a log cabin. We particularly like this distressed wood wall, which would look great either in a minimalist room or as a companion to vibrantly colored soft furnishings.


    A very simple way to add texture is to put down a rug. Rugs give you the option of adding texture with their pattern, the weave, or the materials used to make them. They can be fluffy or rough, look thoroughly modern, or full of ancient mystery.

    nuLoom Vania Chevron Jute Rug (2)

    Just is a hardwearing fabric that brings a strong texture. The maker has maximized that effect here by weaving it into a chevron design. It looks great set against this minimalist backdrop, instantly drawing the eye and highlighting the feature of the table in the photograph.

    If you have wooden floors, then adding a super-soft rug like a faux sheepskin is a great way to add texture and comfort. The organic shape also helps to contrast with the hard edges of the room, creating a welcoming look.

    Unique Loom Narenj Circular Rug

    Waterproof, mold, and mildew resistant, this rug may look delicate, but it will stand up to some tough treatment. If you have a dog that likes to join you in the bedroom, this will make a perfect bed. The texture here comes from the intricate design that evokes Morocco and other exotic places.


    If you want to add a dramatic focal point to your bedroom, then think about a canopy for your bed. These can be as light as a mosquito net, or as dense as a medieval-style four-poster. There’s a range of products available that can help you quickly and easily add some interest to your bedroom.

    This light and airy canopy can be tied to four hooks put into the ceiling. You can tie up each of the separate curtains for a gathered look or let them down to create an intimate atmosphere. String fairy lights around the curtains for a truly magical and romantic atmosphere.

    Mengersi Galaxy Four Poster Canopy


    If you don’t have a four-poster bed, you can create the look with one of these canopies and a set of poles. Sleep among the stars with the curtains closed – and they’re windproof, too so if you have a draughty room you can stay cozy on even the stormiest of nights.

    This same manufacturer has a range of different patterns including cacti, native American, and super-cute pink.

    Check out the drama of this canopy! The circular design means it suspends from a single hook, but with a wide circular frame and layers of lace, it makes a huge impact. The vibrant red will add a splash of color that will contrast with white or dark rooms beautifully.


    So, you quite like the textured wallpaper, but it doesn’t have the drama that you want. The look you’re going for is something else; you want your bedroom to be a complete change of pace. Like going on vacation or escaping into a dream. If that’s how you feel, then a mural might be just what you’re looking for.

    GREAT ART Wallpaper Trees Forest

    Lie in bed and look out into the fresh greenery of a forest. This high-quality mural goes from floor to ceiling, the forest floor covered in ferns, and reaching up to the canopy above. This wallpaper mural comes in five pieces, so it would make a great feature wall.

    Take yourself to the lake, and gaze to the distant pine trees. You can almost hear the water lapping – or get your Amazon Echo or Google Home to play the right sound effects to hear them literally. This mural comes in four pieces, and it can be repositioned without leaving a sticky mess.

    Star Field in Space Mural

    If you have a love of Sci-Fi or quantum physics, then the beauty of nebulae might be just what you need as you drift off to sleep. There are six pieces to this mural, and like the others, it’s easy to reposition if you get it in the wrong spot, to begin with.


    The way that light moves around a room can really change the feel of it. Of course, there are two states that you need to think about; what will your bedroom be like during the day and perhaps more importantly, what will it be like after dark.

    For daytime, making sure that your window dressing lets in the right amount of light is important. If your bedroom gets the sun, having window treatments that minimize its glare will help keep the room cool in the summer. If you have a low-light room, then you can move the light around by the careful placement of mirrors or using reflective paint.

    When it comes to evenings, electric light is the way to go. Here are just a few ideas for unusual lighting ideas that really make an impact.


    The most dramatic of all lighting solutions, the archetypal chandelier is a dripping crystal creation that hangs from the center of ballroom or dining room ceilings. Modern chandeliers come in a whole range of styles, from the classic through art nouveau and into the future.

    Hile Lighting Chandelier

    A modern take on the classic chandelier, the dozens of crystals will refract light beautifully around the room. The light fitting is snug to the ceiling, which creates a patterned glow around it. The central feature is the ‘crystal ball’ at the center of the light which would fit with a modern or fantasy theme.

    Hile Lighting Modern Chandelier
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    Stepping into the 1920s this chandelier manages to be both classic and up to the minute. The black metal has a glittery element, which helps bounce light refracted by the glass strips. It’s a simple but elegant design that would look great in a modern or minimalist room.

    Garwarm Firework Chandelier

    Bringing design bang up to date is this firework inspired chandelier. It still has all the classic elements but arranged in a different way to create something new and exciting. This would make a great companion to a nature-inspired room and be a stand-out feature in a minimalist layout.

    Wall Lighting

    If you’re looking to create a more intimate space, then wall lighting is well worth considering. Rather than having a single, central point of light you are able to create distinct spaces that have a welcoming glow. One on either side of the bed, for example, makes for an inviting space where you can sit and read or talk over the day.

    These wall lights glow at 12W, creating a warming light that is suitable for bedrooms and studies. Made from acrylic and aluminum, they’re environmentally friendly and they look stunning.

    Pauwer Industrial Light Sconces

    These industrial-look sconces would make a great addition to a loft-style room but the Edison bulbs would also add to a steam-punk vibe. Whichever style you are going for, these lamps make a statement, and they’re easy to install, too!

    Mason Jar Sconces

    Bring the rustic romance with these mason jar lights. The jars are stuffed with fairy lights and contain fabric hydrangea flowers set against a distressed gray board. They hang from twine and operate with 2 AA batteries (not included).

    Fairy Lights

    If fitting new lights or light fittings is more DIY than you’re capable of, then you could add some strings of fairy lights and create a great sense of atmosphere. These run on batteries, so they don’t need wiring in and can be attached to the wall with push pins. Here are a few of our favorite fairy light ideas.

    300 LED Twinkle Light Curtain

    You can hang this curtain over a window, but it works equally well against a wall or even behind the bed. There are 300 separate LED lights, and the transformer allows you to choose from 8 modes from static to rapid flashing via slow waves.

    300 LED Window Bedroom Curtain
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    05/15/2024 11:56 pm GMT

    This set of lights is strung on thin, copper wire that allows you to create whatever shape or design you like as you hang them. Highlight features in the room, like a fireplace, or create a romantic heart shape on the wall. The picture above shows small photographs clipped onto the wire too if you need even more inspiration!

    Echosari White Rose Fairy Lights

    If ultimate romance is your goal, then you can’t go wrong with roses. These delicate lights add a soft glow to the room and are operated by remote control. Get cozy, choose from one of 8 modes, and relax.


    We’ve already mentioned a few themes in this article. We’ve talked about fantasy themes, where you make your bedroom look like something from King’s Landing or Hogwarts, and Steampunk where you take Victorian styling and given it an industrial twist. But whether your theme is taken from fantasy, a geographical location or just a single color, having something that pulls the room together is a way to have a real impact.

    Choosing a theme and committing to it makes design decisions easier. Let’s say you want your room to have a Moroccan theme; you can then discount any bedding or light fitting that doesn’t match that idea.

    Pinterest is your friend when it comes to themes. If you like it, the chances are that at least one other person has a board to collect ideas about the same thing. View their boards and repin any elements that you think will work well in your space.

    Statement Wall

    We’ve already looked at textured wallpaper and murals, but there are other ways to create a statement wall in your room. It might be that you paint three walls in a light color but pick a vibrant or dark shade as contrast on the fourth. Adding wallpaper to a single wall is another way to create a statement.

    Luxury Silver Foil Wallpaper

    Imagine a wall covered in a million tiny mirrors. That’s what this wallpaper gives you. You paste it up like regular wallpaper, but it really makes a statement. Position it on the wall opposite the windows to really help brighten up a darker room.

    Decals are a simple way to add a really creative statement to your wall. This decal shows a blossom tree, complete with multi-colored flowers that seem to be blown in the breeze. It’s a simple way to take even the plainest of walls and transform it into something special.

    Metallic Glitter Paint

    Whatever color you have underneath, adding a layer of this glaze will add a layer of glitter. It dries clear and can decorate your walls, furniture, ornaments and more to help pull the room together. One pint will cover up to 800 square feet of wall space.

    Temporary Styling

    Not all home improvements need to be permanent. In fact, there are some really simple and effective ways that you can make a room look totally different, without using paint, screws or any tools at all. This is really useful if you’re in a rental property, and you don’t want to make any changes that might lose you your security deposit.

    So how do you transform a space without doing anything lasting? Here are a few ideas.

    Naomi Home Mosaic Style Mirror

    A full-length mirror looks great just casually leaned up against the wall. It’s still perfectly functional, but there’s no need to install bolds to hold its weight. Position it carefully and you can reflect light, or an interesting feature of the room (or the view outside) to add interest. And it doesn’t just mirror that you can lean if you have an extra-large artwork you can do the same.

    Add a set of shelves without lifting a screwdriver! This leaning ladder shelf works well with an industrial or loft-style theme and is a great way to display your art objects or to store books and other useful bits and pieces. Easy to assemble, you can have this look in your bedroom in just a few minutes.

    VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf
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    02/15/2023 12:29 am GMT

    Vintage Look Suitcases

    Here’s a way to add style and storage all at once! This set of vintage look suitcases would look great stacked at the side of your bedroom, bringing with them a sense of nostalgia and travel. Pop your less used items inside to keep them out of sight but close at hand for times of need.


    Technically speaking, Hygge is a theme. But the Danish idea of coziness has become so popular and is so suitable for the bedroom that we decided to give this its own section.

    The word is pronounced hoo-ga, and although it doesn’t translate to a single word in English it’s best summed up as a feeling of cozy contentment. Think sitting, wrapped in a blanket, watching it rain outside while you drink hot chocolate. That’s Hygge.

    Scandinavian style has risen to prominence recently, partly driven by brands like Ikea who make this style of furniture more affordable. It’s more than that, though. Hygge is about getting back to a simpler life. It’s a not-quite minimalist but clutter-free style, one that celebrates simplicity and the beauty of nature. It’s very ‘now’.

    Here are a few ideas for how you can bring a sense of Hygge into your bedroom.

    LSHCX Macrame Wall Hanging

    Hygge contrasts natural materials with vibrant design, and that’s what you get with this macramé wall hanging. It has a folksy feel, and while it’s plain in color, the careful knotting makes it something really special.

    This quilt and pillow sham set has that balance of simple and complex that is common in the Hygge style. It’s a cozy item, fully washable, and while the colors are minimal they have a striking contrast and an eye-catching design that would perfectly set off hardwood furniture.

    Cat Wall Hanging

    Contrasting plain walls with vibrant furnishing is classic Hygge, and adding this wall hanging could even be described as meta. Here we have a Hygge wall-hanging of a cat, surrounded by all things Hygge. Hot drinks, warm slippers, cake, candles, and good books. Seriously, what more do you want from life?

    Express Yourself

    Perhaps the most important piece of advice when it comes to styling your bedroom is that this is one room where you can truly be yourself. It’s not room to show off, it’s where you go to relax at the end of the day. So, whether you dream of fairy castles, Konmari order, or Hygge snuggles just go for it. After all, if you love it, it can’t possibly be wrong.

    FAQ’s About Personalizing Bedroom

    Are bedroom wallpapers still a thing?

    Yes. Wallpapers have been used with decades to add up a more style and pop of color on the walls. Since the bedroom is a place of rest, the most commonly used colors are grey, beige, brown and white with patterns like lines, circles, and even glowy square shapes.

    Are wallpapers hard to remove?

    While in the past, removing wallpapers was a true nightmare, nowadays, they are easy to do so, with the help of water and liquid softener. If you want to remove wallpaper, just mix 1l water with 1 cap of softener and use a big brush to evenly place it on the paper. Wait for it to try and start removing it with a metal spatula.

    How to make a small bedroom more spacious?

    In order to make a small room more spacious, avoid adding too many details in it. The first start is to mix dark and light colors to add a bit of dept, hang floor to ceiling curtains and use dark curtain poles. Add small details like frames, plants and brown/black accessories to give it more style.