Grizzly G0771Z Review: Do We Recommend?

Grizzly G0771Z Review: Do We Recommend?

Having the correct DIY tools for the job is important and in our Grizzly G0771Z Review we’ll dive into this table saw to show you what it is all about..

Table saws are a very handy power tool which gives you a far better option for cutting wood and other materials at home. It allows you to make straight cuts and certainly helps with the manual labor aspect. Rather than sawing away manually for half an hour, you can have a much straighter and better cut in seconds.

We’ll show you what the key features of the Grizzly G0771Z table saw are, how it performs when put to the test and we’ll also see if there are any alternatives on the market.

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw
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Key specifications of Grizzly G0771Z table saw

Before we get in-depth with the Grizzly G0771Z table saw, these are its key specifications.

Overall Dimensions W64 x D 35.5 x H 40.25 (inches)
Motor 2 HP, Single Phased
Volts 120V/240V
Arbor Speed 3450 RPM
90 Degree Cut Depth (Max) 3.25 inches
45 Degree Cut Depth (Max) 2.25 inches
Warranty 1 year
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Core features of Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw

Grizzly g0771z

Table saws offer fantastic possibilities for improving your home. Whether you need to cut materials for a kitchen renovation or even for adding decking to your property, they make life so much easier.

The Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw has several core features that we are going to show you.

2HP Motor

The great thing about the Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw is that it comes with a 2HP motor and that is powered by 120V/240V. This is fairly powerful and you’ll find it easy to cut up hardwoods and other materials will be a breeze with this table saw too. You shouldn’t come across many cuttable materials that this saw can’t handle.

It is ideal for home DIY projects and even some bigger jobs as well given how well it can cut up various materials accurately and quickly.

Solidly built

You would expect something like a table saw to be fairly durable however there are some models out there that won’t last for very long.

The good news with the Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw is that it will perform well over a period of time even with pretty heavy usage. This is down to its sturdy construction. It has a heavy-duty cast iron trunnion amongst other features which means it is solidly built.

Even if you are using the table saw on a regular basis, it should still perform very well and it is ideal for home and occasional use as it is very durable too.

Doesn’t produce a whole lot of noise

Woodworking tools are generally pretty noisy by nature. This is really just part of using them and table saws aren’t really that much different.

That being said, the Grizzly G0771Z doesn’t actually produce a whole lot of noise for what it is. OK, it isn’t completely silent but you’re not going to find a table saw that is. What it does offer is a low level of noise which isn’t going to disrupt your neighbors or other people in your household when you have it in operation.

Easy to use

Most tools whether they are handheld power tools or larger machines like a table saw, they are generally self-explanatory as in how to use them. However, some do have additional features or have a bit of a learning curve attached to them.

Luckily the Grizzly G0771Z is more or less straightforward and you won’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. There are obvious safety concerns that you need to take into consideration when using any type of power tool and safety gear is essential.

Overall though it doesn’t take that long to set up and you shouldn’t have many problems operating it.

Riving Knife and Blade Guard

grizzly industrial G0771Z knife

Just following on from being safe when using a table saw, the Grizzly G0771Z has some safety measures in place to protect yourself. This is especially useful for newer users but benefits everyone who uses it regardless of how experienced you are.

The Riving Knife is something that moves within the kerf and its function is to help reduce kickback. This is an important safety feature and improves the safe usage of the table saw. The blade guard is another good safety feature that helps protect your fingers.

It is often more of a visual cue of where not to put your fingers but can help to block your fingers from being hurt from the side and back.


The last core feature of this table saw isn’t a ‘feature’ per se, but it is something that definitely works in its favor.  Table saws can get very expensive and while as a home user you usually don’t need anything majorly fancy or that will cost a ton of money, they are one of the pricier power tools.

The Grizzly G0771Z is set at a very affordable price. There are cheaper options out there but they generally won’t perform as well. For what you get with this table saw – power, accuracy, durability amongst other benefits – its affordable price is worth the money.

How does the Grizzly G0771Z table saw perform?

One thing we will say about this table saw is that overall its performance is very good.

Whether we were using it to cut hardwoods or softer material, it cut them like a knife through butter and we were able to get straight lines and accurate cuts. The speed and power are both ideal and the actual operation of the Grizzly G0771Z is fantastic as well.

We can’t really fault this table saw to be honest when it comes to its overall performance. It just works and does exactly what you need it to with precision and speed. You will need an extra blade if you are using it for crosscutting and ripping as we found that it won’t last too one.

That being said, it’s performance as a whole is great and we really like using it.

Pros of Grizzly G0771Z table saw

We love a lot of things about the Grizzly G0771Z, here are some of the best bits from this table saw.

Good power and speed

It has a 2HP motor and is powered by 120V/240V so you are getting a pretty fast and powerful table saw. It can cut through hardwood easily and softer materials are even more straightforward. The power behind it means you can focus more on accuracy which this table saw also offers in abundance.

Noise is quite low

Like most power tools you are going to get a bit of noise with this machine. The good news is that any noise output is low. Many table saws suffer from a high decibel level which annoys the people around you. With the Grizzly G0771Z table saw you don’t need to worry and it stays as close to quiet as you’ll get.

It is a safe tool to use

You need to take safety into consideration with any kind of power tool but the Grizzly G0771Z table saw is a very safe machine. It has a riving knife and blade guard for added safety when in use and as long as you follow the instruction, use appropriate protection and implement common sense, you should be fine.

It isn’t that expensive

The table saw is a bit pricier than some other models out there but you won’t get the same performance from them that you get with the Grizzly G0771Z. It is very much an affordable table saw for many people and what it offers in functionality more than makes the price worth it.

Easy operation

Finally, this table saw is easy to operate and cut accurately through a variety of materials. You don’t need a ton (or any) experience really to operate it.

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw
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Cons of Grizzly G0771Z table saw

grizzly table saw

Even though we really like a lot of things about the Grizzly G0771Z, there are a couple of cons to this table saw that are worth knowing about.

You’ll probably need to buy an extra blade

The Grizzly G0771Z table saw comes with a blade and it performs very well. What we have noticed is that if you are going to be using this fairly regularly for crosscutting and ripping you’ll need another blade. Not a terrible part of this table saw but just a thing we should mention so you aren’t caught out.

It collects a lot of dust

Sawing is a dusty business there is no getting away from that however the Grizzly G0771Z does collect a lot of sawdust in the cabinet. This is down to the design. There are gaps in the cabinet where sawdust accumulates a great deal (the vent which is situated over a motor is one area) so another thing to bear in mind. It does have a 4” dust collector though.

Short power cable

The power cable with this table saw only measures around 6 feet which is really quite short when you think about it. Not an issue if the power supply is right beside the saw itself but a problem if it isn’t. This could impact on where you situate the saw without having to use additional power extensions.

Are there any alternatives?

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031

The Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 is one alternative to the Grizzly and it comes with a few advantages.

One of these is that it is a portable table saw so if you plan on sawing in different locations this is an ideal machine to have. It is fairly easy to transport around and the storage unit underneath is a neat feature as well.

In terms of power, it offers 5000 RPM with 4HP and 5/8-Inch arbor size. This saw packs quite a punch. You can easily use it in one location as a permanent table saw or move it and use it in different places without much hassle. All in all a great alternative and definitely one to consider if you need something a bit more portable.

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw | Amazon

Ultimate portability and mobility thanks to balanced one handed carry handle and compact design allowing you to bring this table saw along no matter the jobsite.

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DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity


Another alternative to the Grizzly table saw is the DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity. You might remember that we had a glimpse at this previously. It has a 15.0-amp motor and comes with a max speed rating of 4800 RPM. So you will be able to cut through hard and soft materials pretty easily with this.

Another good thing with the Dewalt is that you can move it around as well. It isn’t truly portable as such but it does only weigh 90lbs so if you need to shift it to another location it won’t be a big hassle.

Cost-wise it is very affordable and combined with its overall power and accuracy it is a very good table saw for home users.


Question: Can you move the Grizzly G0771Z around?

Answer: Yes, you can move the Grizzly G0771Z around, even though the Grizzly G0771Z table saw is designed to be situated in one location as standard. You can buy a table base which will allow you to move the machine around. This is a separate purchase and doesn’t come with the table saw so it will add a little extra to the cost.

Question: What materials can the Grizzly G0771Z table saw cut?

Answer: The Grizzly G0771Z can cut through a wide range of hardwoods and softer materials will be a breeze with this table saw too. There isn’t too much that it won’t cut aside from the obvious extremely hard materials that most table saws can’t handle.

Question: Do you need to assemble the Grizzly G0771Z table saw?

Answer: The majority of the Grizzly G0771Z table saw is already assembled however there are a few things you do need to do to get it fully functional. This includes installing the extension table, fence, and handwheels while the wings can be a little tricky to get on.

Question: Will the Grizzly G0771Z table saw collect dust?

Answer: Yes, the Grizzly G0771Z can collect dust. There is a 4” dust port on this machine. There are some gaps in the cabinet where sawdust will often accumulate as well so it is something to be mindful about this table saw.

Question: How much noise does the Grizzly G0771Z table saw make?

Answer: Overall, not a lot. It isn’t completely silent however it doesn’t produce a lot of noise either. There are many table saws that cost more than the Grizzly G0771Z which produce significantly more noise.

Question: Is the Grizzly G0771Z safe to use for a beginner?

Answer: Yes. It has several safety mechanisms such as the riving knife and blade guard that you should be aware of. You also need to wear the right safety equipment especially around dust and following the instructions and using common sense should see you use this correctly.

Final thoughts

The Grizzly G0771Z is a powerful and reliable table saw that effectively does what you need it to. So, how would we rate the Grizzly G0771Z table saw overall?

We’ve looked through its core features, pros, and cons – is it worth buying? If we were to keep it short then we’d say – yes, it is worth the money. And we have a few reasons for this.

One is that it cuts through hard and soft materials very well and for home use which it is predominantly designed for, it pretty much offers everything you need.

It cuts accurately and quickly, collects dust reasonably well and the big thing is that it has very little noise. Perfect if you have this set up in the garage and don’t to annoy your own household never mind the neighbors. That isn’t to say that this table saw isn’t without some drawbacks.

Dust does collect in the gaps in the cabinet but it isn’t a massive deal. It is portable but you can buy a stand which will allow you to move it around. The power cable is a bit on the short side as well – those who are proficient can fairly easily swap this with a longer one.

So, the Grizzly G0771Z table saw isn’t perfect but it does offer a very good cutting experience for enthusiast woodworkers, DIYers and really anyone who needs an affordable heavy duty table saw for home use.

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/24/2021 02:07 am GMT

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