Dewalt DCF887 Impact Driver Review: Is It Worth the Money?


Even the simplest bathroom improvement ideas or deck projects involve driving a large number of fasteners. Our DeWalt DCF887 impact driver review will help you decide if this tool is the right choice for your home renovation projects.

The DeWalt DCF887D2 is one the best DeWalt impact drivers because of its compact and lightweight design and impressive power output, but you should keep in mind that its performance capabilities are slightly different from the DeWalt DCF887B.

This cordless power tool can drive or remove fasteners of different sizes within seconds. Also, you won’t have much trouble removing screws from unapproachable spots, as the DeWalt DCF887 is small enough to fit most tight spaces.

So, in this DeWalt DCF887 impact driver review we’re going to take a closer look at the tool’s performance capabilities, and supply you with information that will help you decide if you should get this DeWalt’s model.



Key Specifications of the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver

Over the course of the last several years, DeWalt released several variations of the DCF887 impact driver that have slightly different features. So for instance, the IPM values or the accessories that come with the DCF887D2 and DCF887B models are not the same.

However, both of these tools feature the same brushless motor, and they can operate at the same maximum speed. This indicates that their performance capabilities are nearly identical, so in this article, we’ll focus on the properties of the DeWalt DCF887D2 kit.

Here’s a quick overview of the impact driver key specifications.

Motor 20V brushless motor
Maximum torque 1825 in/lbs
Maximum No Load Speed 3250RPM
Impacts per minute 3600IPM
Chuck type Quick-release
Anvil type ¼-inch hex
Dimensions 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches
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Core features of the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver

Impact driver’s maximum torque output or speed is surely the specs that attract the most attention, but they are not the only features that can suggest how well an impact driver can perform in different contexts.

DEWALT DCF887 Review

The materials from which the tool’s housing was made, grip’s design, or the weight are often overlooked, even though they reveal the impact driver’s durability and the level of comfort. So, let’s take a look at the set of features the DeWalt DCF887 offers.


When compared to its predecessors DCF885BR and DFC886, the DeWalt DCF887 doesn’t look much different, since each of these impact drivers has similar dimensions.

The aluminum front housing makes the DCF887 both lightweight and durable, but it also helps to disperse the heat efficiently and prevents it from damaging the motor.

The ergonomically designed handle has a rubberized coating that enables you to keep a firm grip on the tool even during the most demanding applications. It also dampens the vibrations the tool produces while operational, which reduces fatigue.

One of DeWalt’s DCF887’s greatest advantages is its weight since this impact driver weighs just 2lbs without the battery. Besides, the power tool’s length is 5.3 inches, which makes it smaller than most impact drivers produced by competing brands.

Hence, driving fasteners in confined spaces with the DeWalt DCF887 shouldn’t be an issue and you’ll always be able to find space for it in your tool bag.

Overall functionality

Driving or removing screws with this DeWalt’s model, doesn’t require you to be an experienced impact driver user. The quick-release chuck has an easy-grip sleeve that enables you to change bits with one hand and improve your efficiency.

The DeWalt DCF887 has a ¼-inch hex anvil that lets you use 1-inch bits and it is compatible with bits produced by different manufacturers. This means that you can use this impact driver to drive a broad range of fasteners and adjust quickly to the demands of different projects.

The tool also features three LED lights that create a halo ring and rotate around the hex drive. These LED lights illuminate the work area so that you can have a clear overview of the fastener even in low light conditions.

The DeWalt DCF887 impact driver is a highly functional tool that is easy to operate, which makes it suitable for use in both private and professional settings.

Motor and power output

For a tool that weighs 2lbs and is just 5.3 inches long, the DeWalt DCF887 offers an impressive power output. Its 20V brushless motor is powered by DCB203 20V Max batteries and you can choose between options that have 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah and 5.0Ah.

Even though the brushless motor optimizes the tool’s power consumption, the battery life isn’t impressive, as you will have to recharge it after a few hours of continuous use. Luckily, the DeWalt DCF887D2 kit comes with two batteries.

This DeWalt’s impact driver can generate the maximum of 1825 in/lbs of torque and rotate bits at 3250RPM. It also has the capacity to deliver up to 3600 impacts per minute.

These specs make the DCF887 one of the most powerful impact drivers on the market, as only a handful of models manufactured by competing brands can offer more torque or rotate bits at higher speeds.

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Plenty of torque and even a precision drive speed for specialized tasks round out the DCF887D2’s offerings, earning it a spot on our best-of-DeWalt list. At 5.3 inches long, the size is also one of the impact driver’s best traits.

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Speed adjustments

Unlike other models from DeWalt’s DCF series, the DCF887 impact driver enables you to choose the output torque and speed.

The three-speed button is located at the base of the tool, which enables you to change its operating speed quickly. You can choose between 0-1000RPM and 0-240in/lbs, 0-2800RPM and 0-1500in/lbs and 0-3200RPM and 0-1825in/lbs.

When operated at the lowest speed, the tool engages the Precision Drive™ that improves its accuracy and grants you more control over the fastening process. The DeWalt DCF887 enables you to adjust to the task you’d like to perform and it prevents you from damaging fasteners by applying too much force.

However, you should keep in mind that the tool’s maximum speed under load is lower than its no-load speed and that this impact driver provides you with enough power to drive timber, lag, and similar types of screws. However, you’ll need an impact wrench if you want to drive large fasteners.

Check out our impact driver vs impact wrench comparison if you’re unsure which of these power tools you need.

Noise and vibration levels

Impact drivers are not quiet tools, and the DeWalt DCF887 is not an exception. The tool will make around 104dB of noise under load at ear level, which makes it as loud as most other impact drivers on the market.

The reason for this is that the manufacturers don’t use motor mufflers, and your best option is to wear protective equipment when using this impact driver. However, impact drivers produced by Makita or Milwaukee generate less noise than DeWalt’s models.

On the other hand, the tool’s vibration level is relatively low so you won’t experience hand fatigue while driving fasteners over long stretches of time.

Additional features and accessories

DEWALT Accessories

The manufacturer lets you choose if you want to purchase the bare tool or a kit that includees accessories, you’re going to need to use the DCF887 impact driver. The DCF887D2 kit includes the impact driver, a pair of batteries, a charger, a belt clip, and a kit box.

Check out our guide to finding the best tool belts if you’re planning on using this DeWalt’s impact driver at construction sites. The bits for the impact driver are not included in this kit and you have to purchase them separately.

You should consider getting a bit set like the DeWalt DW2169 if you’re frequently working with different types of fasteners.

DEWALT DW2169 Impact Driver Bit Set | Amazon

The DEWALT® 38-Piece IMPACT READY® Accessory Set lets you drive screws for virtually any project. The impact driver bit set's five black oxide bits are resistant to rust and corrosion. This set includes a magnetic holder for your bits, which allows for fast changes.

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Cost and warranty

As a bare tool, the DeWalt DCF887 can be purchased for less than $150, while the DCF887D2 kit will cost you more than $200. Even though it is one of the most expensive impact drivers on the market, this DeWalt model is a great investment for professionals and DIYers.

You will get a three-year warranty if you purchase the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver as well as an entire year of free service. Also, the manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the impact driver’s performance after using it for a few months.

The Pros of the DeWalt DCF887

A sturdy aluminum front housing

The aluminum housing makes this impact driver both sturdy and lightweight. It also helps disperse the heat the tool generates while driving fasteners and protects the motor from damage.

Impressive power output

The DeWalt’s brushless motor can supply you with a maximum of 1825in/lbs of torque, which is more than enough to remove stubborn screws or drive fasteners through hardwood. In addition, brushless motors don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Variable bit rotation speed

The DeWalt DCF887 impact driver can operate in three different speed ranges, and switching between different speeds takes just a few seconds. The tool also features a Precision Drive™ mode that is designed to provide you with more accuracy.

Simple bit changing process

The quick-release ¼-inch chuck enables you to change bits within seconds so that you can work with different types of fasteners without having to spend a lot of time on changing bits.

Ergonomic grip

Handling the DeWalt DCF887 is easy because it features an ergonomic rubber grip that dampens vibrations. So, it is unlikely that you’ll experience fatigue if you use this impact driver continually for a few hours.

The Cons of the DeWalt DCF887

Short battery life

Under normal conditions, the batteries of the DeWalt DCF887 will run out after four hours, but in cold weather conditions, the battery may drain faster.

High price tag

The DeWalt DCF887 is not the most budget-friendly impact driver you can get, as the bare tool costs more than a hundred dollars. The accessories you will need to use this tool add to its cost.

The best alternatives to the DeWalt DCF887

Brands like Bosch, Kobalt, or Makita manufacture impact drivers that can perform at the same or higher level as DeWalt’s model.

It won’t be difficult to find a less expensive or more powerful impact driver than the DeWalt DCF887. We’ve shortlisted some of the best alternatives to the DeWalt DCF887, so let’s take a look at their features.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel

The POWERSTATE brushless motor the Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact driver uses can operate at the maximum speed of 3300RPM, while the constant power output enables it to complete fastening jobs quickly.

The Milwaukee’s impact driver maximum torque output is relatively low since the tool can’t generate more than 1300in/lbs of torque.

The 4-mode drive control lets you choose the speed at which you want to drive a fastener and the REDLINK Plus™ technology prevents you from overloading or overheating the battery. The M12 Fuel impact driver runs on Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM M12 batteries.

The ¼-inch hex anvil is compatible with a broad range of bits so that you can drive different types of fasteners with ease. This impact driver weighs just 1.76lbs without a battery and is 5.1-inches tall.

Go through our guide to the best Milwaukee impact drivers to learn more about other models this brand offers.

Sizeable Alternative
Milwaukee Electric Tools MLW2553-20 | Amazon

The M12 is no doubt one of the best Milwaukee impact driver models and its constant power allows you to complete fastening jobs efficiently.

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Bosch GDX18V – 1800CN

Bosch GDX18V – 1800CN

Dual functionality makes the Bosch GDX18V-1800CN an attractive option for anyone in need of a tool that can be used as an impact driver and an impact wrench. This Bosch’s tool functions as a ¼-inch impact driver and a ½-inch socket impact wrench.

Its battery-powered EC brushless motor can deliver up to 4200 impacts per minute and 1800in/lbs of torque, which enables you to perform even the most challenging fastening jobs using the anvil and hammer system.

The Bosch GDX18V – 1800CN has an electronic cell and motor protection that prevents you from overloading the battery or the tool. Adjusting the speed of this impact driver is only possible via the variable speed trigger, as it doesn’t feature different modes of operation.

This Bosch’s model features an LED work light that enables the user to work in the dark, while the Connectivity Tool Module allows users to customize settings through the Smartphone app.

Bosch GDX18V-1800CN 18V Brushless Impact Baretool | Amazon

The impact driver’s efficient, powerful EC Brushless cordless motor produces up to 1,800 In.-Lbs. of torque, while the Bosch hammer-and-anvil system provide maximum impact energy and up to 0-4,200 impacts per minute. 

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Craftsman CMCF820

Craftsman CMCF820

Driving large fasteners into hard surfaces with the Craftsman CMCF820 is easy since this cordless impact driver features a powerful brushless motor that runs on 20V Max 2.0 Ah batteries.

The impact driver’s maximum torque output is 1700in/lbs, and the variable speed function enables you to set its speed to the preferred level. However, the tool can’t develop a speed larger than 2900RPM or 3800 impacts per minute.

The ¼-inch hex chuck enables you to switch between bits effortlessly, while the tool’s 3-point work light improves visibility in poorly lit areas. You will get two batteries and a charger if you purchase the Craftsman CMCF820 impact driver as well as a carrying case.

Also, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for all its power tool models, but you won’t get a 90-day money-back guarantee provided by DeWalt. Even though its power output is limited, the Craftsman CMCF820 is a great choice for most DIYers.


V20 Cordless Brushless 1/4-in. Impact Driver features a brushless motor for more runtime. With 1700 in-lbs of torque, this product drives large fasteners with ease. (Tool only, battery not included).

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Frequently asked questions about the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver

Question: Can I use the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver to drill holes?

Answer: You can use this impact driver to make holes in light gauge materials if you have the right hex-shank bit, but the tool isn’t powerful enough to drill through hardwood.

Question: Do I need more than one battery for the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver?

Answer: You will need more than one battery for the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver if you want to use it for several hours every day. Also, you should check if the DCF887 model you want to get comes with batteries and a charger.

Question: Can I drive all types of fasteners with the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver?

Answer: You won’t have much difficulty driving wood, machine, or lag screws, but you will need a more powerful tool if you want to drive large screws.

Question: Does the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver require a lot of maintenance?

Answer: It doesn’t take much effort to keep the DeWaltDCF887 impact driver in good condition. There’s no need to replace the motor’s brushes since the tool utilizes a brushless motor, so you just have to remove the dirt that accumulates on the tool during everyday use.

Final thoughts: Is the DeWalt DCF887 worth its cost?

An impact driver is a versatile tool that can be very helpful on nearly all home renovation projects because it enables you to drive or remove fasteners quickly. These tools can also be used to drill holes in light-gauge materials even though this isn’t their primary function.

The DeWalt DCF887D2 kit is an excellent choice for both home renovation enthusiasts and people who deal with a broad range of fasteners in their professional lives. This DeWalt’s impact driver has a compact and lightweight design that enables you to reach unapproachable areas of the work surface.

Its strong power output makes it suitable for challenging driving tasks, while its Precision Drive™ feature provides you with additional accuracy when you need it.

We hope that this DeWalt DCF887 impact driver review has helped you decide if this power tool fits the requirements of the project you’re working on. Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best Makita impact drivers if the DeWalt DCF887 failed to meet your expectations.

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Dewalt DCF887D2 Impact Driver Kit | Amazon

Plenty of torque and even a precision drive speed for specialized tasks round out the DCF887D2’s offerings, earning it a spot on our best-of-DeWalt list. At 5.3 inches long, the size is also one of the impact driver’s best traits.

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Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver | Amazon

The Dewalt DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-ion Brushless 1/4" 3-Speed Impact Driver Bare tool features a Dewalt-built brushless motor. This impact driver has 3-speed settings for optimized application versatility, along with precision drive in speed 1 for precision applications and added control.

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