Hercules vs DeWalt Drill – A Full Brand Comparison!

Hercules vs DeWalt Drill – A Full Brand Comparison!

If you’re going to be completing a lot of DIY projects in your home, a power drill is a must-have. Even if you’re not planning on completing any big projects any time soon, they’re handy to have around – you’ll be amazed at how many basic jobs you can complete using a power drill. Learning to use one could save you from having to call a repairman when your home requires a little maintenance.

A power drill will help you with so many tasks. From bigger jobs like making furniture down to hanging pictures on your walls, you won’t get far without one. Drills are not all the same, and some brands are better than others. You want to make sure you get the best tool for the job, especially if you’re renovating and you need to use it often.

In our Hercules vs DeWalt drill brand comparison, we’ll be checking out both brands, the types of drill they have to offer, and which company we think you should go for.

Main Differences Between Hercules vs DeWalt Drill

The Main Differences Between Hercules vs DeWalt Drill are:

  • Hercules is made in China, whereas DeWalt is made in the USA.
  • Hercules has a 90-day warranty, whereas DeWalt has 3 years.
  • Hercules is a brushed drill, whereas DeWalt is a brushless drill.

Different Types of Drill

There are a few basic types of drills. Here’s an overview of each type:

Traditional Drills

When you think of the word ‘drill,’ this is probably the type that will come to your mind. A traditional drill uses high-speed rotation to create holes where you need them or to drive in screws. It is comprised of a rotating motor with different heads, held in place by a chuck.

The size of the chuck will determine what size of drill bits you can use. You can buy attachments for traditional drills, too – this can give you the ability to drill at an angle, for example.

Nowadays, traditional drills are usually cordless, and they come with a rechargeable battery, which is sometimes interchangeable with other tools from the same brand. Some older models may still rely on a cord, however.

Hercules vs DeWalt Drill Types

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers, on the other hand, are what you need if the project you’re working on requires more power. Whereas a traditional drill works very well with wood, an impact driver is strong enough to drill through tougher materials, like metal or even bricks. This is because they have greater torque (this is the word used to describe the force that the drill uses to turn an object).

They look a little different than traditional drills – they’re a bit more compact. Instead of having a chuck with drill bits, they use something called a hex collet to keep drill bits in place.

As you can imagine, if you’re working with sturdy materials, an impact driver is pretty loud and will require some form of ear protection while you work.

Hammer Drills

Hammer drills have a different kind of movement than traditional drills or impact drivers. They combine drilling with a pounding movement, creating a strong force that allows them to bore holes into a surface. You can shut off the hammer mode if you need to, allowing you to use it as you would a normal screwdriver.

They look very similar to cordless drills, although they’re usually a little lighter. They also have a chuck that accepts different types of bits.

They’re used to create holes in concrete, stone, and very tough surfaces – so you won’t normally need to use one for everyday DIY projects or home maintenance.

However, they can complete many of the same tasks as a traditional drill if required – you just have to buy the right accessories and drill bits.

Hercules vs DeWalt Drill Bits

About Drill Bits

You can buy different drill bits depending on what you need. Broadly speaking, they’re either made from high-speed steel, like cobalt or titanium and can sometimes be tipped with carbide to make them extra tough.

They come in a variety of sizes – if you’re going to be using your drill often, you could buy a set to make sure you’ve got the most commonly used sizes covered. You can sharpen your drill bits, too, using a special tool (or you can have them professionally sharpened).

There are a lot of different types of drill bits – we won’t cover all of them here, but we’ll give you a basic overview of the main types you’ll come across:

Twist Bits

Twist bits are essential. They’re the kind that you imagine when you think of a drill bit – they have a corkscrew shape. They work with wood, plastic, and some kinds of metal (depending on what material they’re made from). It’s good to have these in a range of different sizes if possible, as you’ll probably end up using them a lot.

Brad Point Bits

These are like twist bits; only they have a W-shaped tip. They cut slightly cleaner, smoother holes than a twist bit. Again, these are handy to have around and can be used with wood, plastic, or metal.

Masonry Bits

Typically used with hammer drills, the Masonry Drill Bits allow you to drill into concrete, brick, and other very tough materials. They’re normally coated over the tip with very tough material, like bronze alloy. You can use them with traditional drills, but they’re better suited to hammer drills.

Paddle Bits

These have a flat tip (like a spade – they’re otherwise known as spade bits), with one sharp point in the middle. They’re generally used for drilling larger holes in wood.

Tile and Glass Bits

These are used to drill clean holes in tile or glass – and they are essential for working with these materials (a normal, corkscrew-type drill bit will make them shatter).

Countersink Bits

These are really great for creating neat holes – they create a hole with a dip at the surface, meaning your screws will sit smoothly in the material. They’re difficult to sharpen, however, due to their shape.

Hole Saws

Hole saws create large, neat holes in wood. They come in a variety of sizes.

Key Criteria Hercules vs DeWalt

Key Things to Look for When Buying a Drill

When you’re buying a new power tool, there are a lot of terms and features to wrap your head around. Here’s a quick guide to the basic things you need to look out for:

Safety Features

What safety features does your drill have? For example, they might have built-in technology which switches off the drill if it begins to overheat or sensors in their battery chargers that stop batteries from overcharging – both great features to help drills last longer and to keep you safe at the same time. They should have a well-designed handle that prevents your hands from slipping as you work, too.


How powerful your drill is will determine what kind of materials it can work with. Generally, 12-18 volts is pretty good, although power drills can go all the way up to 64 volts (you probably won’t need this much power, however).


Your drill will usually come with a battery and a charger in the box, although sometimes it won’t have the battery, as some types of power tool battery are interchangeable (make sure you check this before you buy). It’s handy to have a spare battery, too, so you can have one on the go and one on a charger. Some batteries have a longer life than others.

Chuck Size

The size of the chuck will determine which bits you need to buy, so this is worth paying attention to. Normally, you’ll be using a 3/8-inch chuck, which will cover most of your basic needs. However, some projects may require a ½ inch chuck – usually, these are heavier-duty tasks.


As we mentioned earlier, torque is the force that the drill uses to turn an object. Torque is measured in pounds/feet (lb/in). They’re usually somewhere between 100 in/lb to 1000 in/lb – the higher the number, the more powerful the drill.


You may come across these terms as you look for a drill. UWO stands for ‘Unit Watts Out,’ and it is another way to measure how powerful your drill is. BPM stands for ‘Beats Per Minute,’ which measures the hammering speed of your drill.


Most drills will offer variable speed. You may want a lower speed for softer materials, and a higher speed for tougher materials. Speed is measured in RPM (rotations per minute).


There is some inventive technology in the latest power drill models. For example, some feature LED lighting – this is to help guide you while you work. Others offer clever anti-theft protection.


Finally, have a look at the accessories your drill offers. The main thing to check for is whether it includes a battery, a charger, and drill bits. Some models include bags or hard cases to keep everything together.

Hercules vs DeWalt

About DeWalt

DeWalt is a trusted brand producing many tools, including impact drivers, saws, hammer drills, and more. Founded in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, it is now owned by Black & Decker. They sell hundreds of products all over the world and have a reputation for being a reliable and knowledgeable company.

What Makes DeWalt a Good Brand?

  • Expertise – with decades of experience, DeWalt know exactly what their customers need – and are constantly researching and creating new and better features for their power tools.
  • Customer service – DeWalt has a great reputation for being approachable, with many users praising their customer services.
  • Warranty – most DeWalt products come with a three-year warranty in the US and Canada (as long as you register your purchase within four weeks). This is a great bonus.

What Drills Do DeWalt Offer?

DeWalt has a lot to offer in terms of drills. They have:

  • Standard drills (corded and cordless) – DeWalt offers a variety of standard drills with different features, in both corded and cordless models.
  • Right-angle drills – DeWalt also offers right-angle drills. As the name suggests, these allow you to drill at right-angles. This is great for those tricky-to-reach areas.
  • Hammer drills – they offer a good selection of hammer drills.
  • Impact drills – they also offer a powerful range of impact drills.

Extra Features of DeWalt Drills

In terms of rechargeable batteries, DeWalt has two different power modes. FLEXVOLT is a battery that is adaptable, switching between 20V and 60V depending on the project you’re working with. You can also combine batteries – this is great if you need more power.

Alternatively, Max Batteries are standalone batteries. They attach to the bottom of your drill and come in 12V, 18V, or 20V. This is great in terms of flexibility. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find having different options a great bonus.

Tool Connect is an interesting feature, included in many DeWalt products. It allows you to connect to your tool via Bluetooth – if one goes missing, you can find where it is. You can also customize your tools using the app – and you can check how the drill performs as it works. These clever tracking tools allow you to see which settings you use the most.

They also offer Jobsite Wifi – these are essentially super-tough, extra-protected WiFi points that allow your whole worksite to access WiFi. This is great if you are a professional, but probably not that relevant to the typical home user of DeWalt products.

In terms of accessories, DeWalt has a lot to offer. Notably, they offer packs of bits in different shapes and sizes – these are a good purchase. They also sell right-angle attachments, which will convert your traditional drill into a right-angle drill.

Best DeWalt Traditional Drill – DeWalt DCD711C2

Hercules vs DeWalt Traditional Drill

If you want a powerful, reliable drill, the DeWalt DCD711C2 could be the model for you. It’s compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable to use.

In terms of power, it offers 300 UWO, which should cover most of the projects that you will come across on a regular basis. It has two-speed settings – 0-450RPM, and 1,500RPM – again, this should cover the basics with ease.

The version we looked at comes with two batteries and a battery charger, which is really useful as you can have one on charge and one on the go.

The chuck size is ½” – which covers most projects. It does not come with any bits. However – DeWalt sells these in sets separately.

While it doesn’t have some of the fancier technology as other DeWalt models – no LED lighting, for example – it’s reliable, with great reviews from users, and it’s a good all-rounder. It’s also decently priced, which makes it great for beginners. It comes with a soft case to keep everything together.

Dewalt Drill 20V DCD711C2 | Zoro

The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a 20-volt cordless, lithium-ion compact drill kit. It provides a lot of torque and speed for the money. Dewalt is well known for its tools that are integrally and structurally strong to handle almost every task.

Check price Buy at Amazon.com
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DeWalt DCD711C2 Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 0-450RPM or 1500RPM
  • Power – 300 UWO
  • Chuck size – ½.”
  • Weight – 3.64lbs

Best DeWalt Impact Driver – DeWalt DCF885C1

Best DeWalt Impact Driver

If you want an impact driver, this is a great choice. The DeWalt DCF885C1 is comfortable to use, with an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip. It’s lightweight, designed to be simple to use – a lot of contractors recommend it for this reason. The ¼-inch hex chuck is easy to use, with one-handed loading.

Like the others, it’s fairly powerful, with 0-2,800 RPM.

It benefits from a few technological extras – like the LED lighting system to help light up the area you’re working in. It also has a 20-second delay from squeezing the trigger, helping you be even more precise.

Like the other models mentioned in this article, it comes with two batteries and a charger. This is great, as the one complaint about this model is that the battery doesn’t last long enough for some longer, heavy-duty projects. It has an integrated belt hook, which makes it simple to carry around with you. It also comes with a soft bag.

Dewalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Kit | Zoro

The Dewalt 20V 1/4 inch impact driver is an ideal tool for beginner users because of its compact, lightweight build. An impact driver is a must-have tool for anyone who engages in DIY projects.

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DeWalt DCF885C1 Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 2,800RPM
  • Power – 1,400lbs in/lbs
  • Hex Chuck Size – ¼.”
  • Weight – 2.8lbs

Best DeWalt Hammer Drill – DeWalt DCD996P2

Best DeWalt Hammer Drill

In terms of a hammer drill, the DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill is one of the best. It has an electronic clutch with 11 positions – this is great for having precise control as you work. It has three speeds, and is very powerful, at 2,250RPM and 820 UWO. This should be more than enough to handle the projects you need to complete.

It’s pretty light at 4.7lbs, which is great considering how much power it has.

It also has a few cool features, too. It has the LED lighting which we mentioned earlier – helping you to work with precision – and it’s also coated so you can use it outdoors, too. This helps to protect it from the elements, as well as dust. This helps it to last longer, making it a great investment.

It comes with a soft carrying case, two batteries, and a battery charger – everything you need to get going.

Dewalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill Kit | Hardware World

The Dewalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill is an amazing buy. It works twice as much on a single charge than most tools, and it will last for many years.

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DeWalt DCD996P2 Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 2,250RPM
  • Power – 820 UWO
  • Chuck size – ½.”
  • Weight – 4.7lbs

About Hercules

Hercules is actually a line of drills made by the brand Harbor Freight Tools. Founded in 1977 by father and son Eric and Allan Smidt, they started off as a mail-order tool company, and now have many stores across the US. They also offer a range of own-brand products – including power drills.

What Makes Hercules a Good Brand?

Why can you trust the Hercules line of drills? Here are a few reasons:

  • Good reviews – so far, the Hercules line has had very good reviews, with users comparing it to DeWalt in terms of quality.
  • Competitive pricing – the Hercules line is competitively priced – this makes it a great option for beginners or those on a tight budget.
  • Good specs – in terms of speed and power, the Hercules drills are pretty good, able to handle most tasks.

What Drills Make Hercules Offer?

The Hercules line is, at the moment, not as extensive as the drills that DeWalt has to offer. Here’s an overview of what they have:

  • Impact Driver – They have an impact driver kit, which includes the impact driver, charger, carrying bag, and battery.
  • Hammer Drill – They have a hammer drill kit, too. This offers the drill, a battery, a charger, and carrying bag.
  • Traditional Cordless Drill – They offer a 12v cordless drill. They also offer a kit – this comes with the drill, charger, carrying bag, and battery.

Although they don’t have many different models (at the time of writing), this simplicity may appeal to beginners who do not want to have to choose between lots of different features and specifications.

Extra Features of the Hercules Line

In terms of extras, the Hercules line does not offer much. They do offer extra batteries and chargers, as well as sets of bits – for example, they offer a great impact driver bit set, which has 45 pieces – enough to see you through most projects.

Best Hercules Traditional Drill – Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1/2in Compact Drill Kit

Starting with their traditional drill, the Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless Drill has great reviews. It’s pretty powerful, at 2000 RPM and 576in/lb – this is great, comparable to some of the bigger brands out there – and more importantly, it will enable you to get a lot of jobs done. It has an LED lighting system with a delay after the trigger.

In terms of design, it looks quite basic, but reviewers say it has a comfortable grip. It’s got a shipping weight of 8.75lbs – but that does include the battery, charger, and case.

Although it doesn’t have any fancy extras, like compatibility with an app, it seems pretty reliable and will complete most tasks you throw at it with ease – and it’s decently priced, too.

Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 2,000 RPM
  • Power – 576bs in/lbs
  • Chuck Size – ½.”
  • Weight – 8.75lb shipping weight

Best Hercules Impact Driver – Hercules 20V Cordless 1/4in Hex Compact Impact Driver Kit

Best Hercules Impact Driver

Like the other drills in the Hercules line, the Hercules Impact Driver Kit is pretty straightforward – it comes with the drill, a battery, a charger, and a carrying bag.

Again, it’s comfortable with good user reviews and powerful enough to work with most projects – at 2,800 RPM and 1500 in/lbs, it’s comparable with the DeWalt impact driver we mentioned earlier. It also has an LED lighting system with delay after the trigger, helping you to work precisely even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 2,800RPM
  • Power – 1500 in/lbs
  • Hex Chuck Size – ¼.”
  • Weight – 8.75lb shipping weight

Best Hercules Hammer Drill – Hercules 20V Cordless 1/2in Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Best Hercules Hammer Drill

The Hercules Hammer Drill Kit comes with the drill, battery, charger, two power bits, one masonry bit, and a heavy-duty case. It’s tough – designed for job sites, it’s built to last even in outdoor conditions.

Like the others, it’s powerful – offering 0-10,200/0-34,000 BPM, and 576 in.lbs of torque – making it a pretty powerful model and again, comparable to the DeWalt version we mentioned earlier.

It has a 2-speed four-pole motor. Like the others, it also has an LED light with a delay after a trigger. You can switch between a hammer drill and drill-only modes – this makes it a very good piece of kit to own, as it is versatile.

Hercules 20V Cordless 1/2in Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit Specs

  • Voltage – 20V
  • Speed – 0-10,200/0-34,000 BPM
  • Power – 576in.lbs
  • Chuck Size – ½.”
  • Weight – 4.28lbs

FAQ’s About Hercules vs DeWalt Drill

Does Hercules battery fit DeWalt?

When it comes to the batteries of Hercules and DeWalt, you should know that unlike with some drills, these two are not compatible, and you will not be able to use them without their original batteries.

What is the difference between brushless and brushed drill?

Brushless drills use magnets to generate power, whereas brushed drills use carbon brushes who transfer power to the rotor. All in all, brushless motors are better because they provide less heat, better performance, and no friction.

Are all DeWalt 18v batteries compatible?

Yes. All DeWalt 18v batteries are compatible with all DeWalt 18v cordless products, so you can use the same battery for multiple tools of this collection without having to purchase separate ones for all.

Conclusion – Which One Is Best?

This is a pretty tough one to call! DeWalt is a well-established, reliable brand. When you buy a DeWalt drill, you know you’re getting years of expertise and knowledge. They build their tools with users in mind, and their customer service is great.

On the other hand, while Harbor Freight Tools is also a well-established company, the Hercules line is fairly new. They do not have the extensive range that DeWalt has, and they lack some of the extras, like the addition of an app and a few other features. Their line is basic – only three models to choose from, essentially.

However, when you look at the specs, Hercules is actually quite comparable to DeWalt. Take their impact driver – it actually just beats DeWalt’s model:

Specification DeWalt Hercules
Voltage 20v 20v
Speed 2,800RPM 2,800 RPM
Torque 1,400 in/lbs 1,500 in/lbs

However, the Hercules models look pretty basic, and may not be as comfortable for long-term use.

Price-wise, they’re almost exactly evenly matched. This is a shame – if the Hercules line was slightly cheaper, they would have been our top choice.

However, due to the extra features and great customer service, our choice today is DeWalt. Great for beginners and DIY-enthusiasts alike, the technology, like the built-in Bluetooth and compatibility with an app, as well as the reliability and great reviews, mean that DeWalt just about pips Hercules to the post. Hercules is a great line for beginners, and they may be your choice if you prefer simplicity without any extras. However, our choice has to be DeWalt this time.

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