Delta Band Saw Review: Is This Band Saw Worth Investing In?

Delta Band Saw Review: Is This Band Saw Worth Investing In?

Distinguishing between bands saws can be challenging even for an experienced woodworker, as most models have similar features. This Delta Band Saw review should help you realize what sets this tool apart from similar models.

The Delta 28-400 Band Saw is packed with features that make the process of cutting through different materials much quicker. This is a powerful tool that is highly praised by DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers for its design and performance capabilities.

In addition to cutting thick pieces of wood, this band saw can be used to cut through metal, plastic, or lumber. Our review will provide you with an overview of the 28-400 model’s features and grant you an insight into its performance capabilities.

Key Specifications of the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

Band saws like the Delta 28-400 have a number of similarities with scroll saws, but their powerful motor enables them to handle heavy gauge materials. In addition, a thin and sturdy blade is one of the features jigsaw saws have in common with tools like the Delta 28-400.

Band saws are categorized based on their wheel diameter, and this Delta’s model has a 14-inch wheel diameter, but the manufacturer also offers 8,9,10, and 16-inch band saws.

Either of these models enables you to perform a wide range of woodworking tasks, but they also have a number of downsides that are commonly associated with band saws. Let’s take a look at the key specifications of the Delta 28-400 Band Saw.

Motor  1HP TEFC motor
Speed 1620 fpm or 3340 fpm
Blade length 93-1/2 inches
Blade width ¾-inch
Table size 15.75 x 18.75 inches
Table tilt range 3 degrees left, 45 degrees right
Dimensions 45 x 18 x 21 inches
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Core features of the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

Choosing a band saw is often a slow and time-consuming process as you have to go through the features each model offers before deciding which band saw you are going to opt for.

A tool like the Delta 28-400 is not easily portable, and it requires you to have sufficient storage space for it since it is neither small nor lightweight. Nonetheless, this band saw extends the scope of materials you can work with by enabling you to process non-ferrous metals, lumber, and other materials.

However, it is necessary to take extra safety measures as even a small lapse of concentration while using this machine can result in a serious injury. Let’s take a look at some of the Delta 28-400’s most important features.


A quick glance at this tool will reveal its sturdy construction. The steel frame ensures that the Delta 28-400 maintains stability while performing demanding tasks. This model comes with a stand and you don’t have to search for a surface on which you can place it.

The band saw’s cast iron table has dimensions of 15.75 x 18.75 inches which provides you with plenty of room to work with large pieces of lumber or metal.

Besides, you can rotate the table 45-degrees to the right or 3-degrees to the left and adjust it to the demands of the project you are working on. Although the tool features standard miter slots, you must purchase a miter gauge separately, as it is not included in the accessories that come with the tool.

The Delta 28-400 weighs 165 pounds which contributes to its stability, but it also makes it difficult to move the machine on your own.

Overall functionality

A band saw like the Delta 28-400 will add versatility to your workshop because it will broaden the scope of materials you can process. Moreover, tilting the table will enable you to perform angled cuts, while its blade guides allow you to keep the blade steady while using the tool.

Although, adjusting the 9 ball-bearing blade guide system at the top is a straightforward process that requires you to tighten a single screw, adjusting the bottom blade guide is more difficult since it is not easy to reach.

The Delta 28-400 offers a great level of precision when used for woodworking tasks, but the machine’s efficiency decreases once you attempt cutting other materials with it, even if you install an appropriate blade.

Tracking the blade during the cutting process is not difficult, as the tool ensures that you have an unobstructed view of the blade and the material you are processing at all times.

The motor and speed regulation

The Delta 28-400’s motor is a large part of the reason why this band saw can handle demanding cutting tasks with ease. This model is equipped with a 1HP, 1-Phase motor that also features a V-belt and you can use it at voltages of 115V and 230V.

Operating this band saw at a higher voltage will provide you with additional power you may need while cutting through thick materials. In addition, the Delta’s 28-400 can run at two different speeds so that you can easily switch between 1620 fpm and 3340 fpm.

It is recommended to use this tool at a higher speed while cutting metal and similar materials, while the speed of 1620 fpm is sufficient to cut through most lumber pieces. The Delta 28-400 enables you to use blades that are up to 93-1/2 inches long and have a width between 1/8 and ¾ inches.

Height adjustments

Like all 14-inch band saws, the Delta 28-400 allows its users to cut materials that have a maximum thickness of six inches. Installing a riser block will enable you to extend the tool’s width cutting range to 12 inches, but by doing so you will make the band saw less stable.

Nonetheless, the tool’s blade guides are made of aluminum and they contain rubber components that ensure that the blade doesn’t wiggle during the cutting process.

This band saw enables you to perform cuts with utmost precision, but it limits the thickness of the materials you can cut to a maximum of 12 inches.

Adjusting the height of the band saw within this range is an effortless process that can be completed within seconds. It is worth noting that altering the height while the tool is running may result in injury. Hence, it is advisable to switch off the Delta 28-400 while adjusting the height.

The ventilation system

Saw and metal dust generated during the cutting process can make it difficult to operate a band saw. For that reason, Delta has equipped its 28-400 model with a 4-inch dust port located on the table that collects more than 90% of the dust produced while cutting different materials.

The efficient dust collection system ensures that you can always keep your eyes on the blade and the piece you are processing without having to worry about the debris.

In addition, cleaning your workshop will be much easier as the band saw’s dust collection system prevents metal or wood particles from making a mess.

Additional accessories

Other than the stand, this Delta’s model doesn’t come with any additional accessories. Consequently, you will have to purchase a saw blade you want to use with this tool or install the miter gauge that will improve your safety.

Installing a rip fence like the Kreg KM7200 will further improve the band saw’s safety features and increase your cutting accuracy. Some woodworkers also opt for band saw welders that enable them to weld their own blades.

These add-ons allow you to create custom blades that can cut through a specific material you want to process with Delta 28-400.

The cost and warranty period

Affordability is one of the greatest advantages of the Delta 28-400 band saw. You can purchase this tool for less than $700, which makes it a great investment especially if you are planning on using it regularly.

What’s more, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty for this model, so even if one of its components breaks down you won’t have to cover the repair costs.

Unlike similar models, this band saw produces a minimal amount of noise which adds to its value, but the lack of safety features makes this tool ill-suited for inexperienced woodworkers.

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The pros of the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

  • Powerful motor – Only a handful of 14-inch band saws on the market are equipped with a 1HP motor that has a dual-voltage capacity. As a result, the Delta 28-400 can cut through a broad range of materials effortlessly.
  • Adjustable speed – The tool allows you to adjust its speed to the material you are cutting, so if you want to cut a non-ferrous metal you can increase its speed to 3340 fpm or decrease the speed to 1620 fpm while working with lumber.
  • Sturdy construction – The band saw’s steel frame ensures that it can withstand heavy-duty usage. The steel construction also contributes to the tool’s stability as it increases its weight and eliminates vibrations.
  • Efficient dust collection system – The 4-inch integral dust port collects the majority of the debris from the work surface and ensures that the view of the blade and piece you are cutting remains unobstructed. Tool’s dust collection system also reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning after you stop using it.
  • Low maintenance requirements – Keeping the Delta 28-400 in perfect condition won’t take too much of your time. This band saw comes with a 5-year warranty that covers all defects of the tool.

However, the manufacturer won’t cover the damages that occurred as a result of the heavy usage of the machine and the warranty is only available for Delta 28-400 band saws that were purchased in the USA or Canada.

The cons of the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

  • Limited cutting range – The maximum cutting capacity of this tool is limited as you cannot cut pieces that are thicker than 6 inches or wider than 13-5/8 inches. Installing a riser block can extend the band saw’s cutting width capacity to 12 inches, but doing so may decrease its stability
  • Lack of safety features – A rip fence and a miter gauge are not included in the package that ships with the Delta 28-400. Using this band saw without these accessories can be dangerous, since there is nothing protecting you from the blade.

That’s why this tool isn’t a great choice for people who never used a band saw before.

The best alternatives to the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

The band saw market is saturated with models that are designed for industrial or private use. If a DIY band saw like Delta 28-400 exceeds or fails to meet your expectations, you should consider some of its alternatives.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best band saws that can be used to cut and process a wide range of materials, so let’s take a closer look at their features.

Grizzly GO457 Deluxe Band Saw

Despite having a more powerful motor than the Delta 28-400, the Grizzly GO457 Deluxe cannot develop speeds higher than 3000 fps. Its 2HP engine doesn’t allow you to change the blade speed, while its blade width range is the same as on the Delta’s model.

Nonetheless, the Grizzly’s 14-inch band saw enables you to process pieces that are up to 13.5 inches wide and 10 inches high. The tool utilizes 106-inch blades and it has a 6-inch resaw fence.

The Grizzly GO457 features an efficient 4-inch dust collection port that eliminates debris from the work surface quickly. This band saw is equipped with a table that can be rotated up to 8 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.

It is worth noting that the Grizzly GO457 is significantly more expensive than the Delta’s band saw.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

In case you are just starting a workshop or if you just don’t want to spend too much on your first band saw, then WEN 3962 may be the right choice for you. Besides the 14-inch model, the manufacturer also offers 9 and 10-inch band saws within the same series.

This tool can operate at two blade speeds which enables you to choose the speed that best fits the material you are processing. WEN 3962 has a 9.5 Amp motor that isn’t powerful enough to support cutting materials like plastic or metal.

The two-speed band saw utilizes 100-3/4-inch blades and it features a blade tension gauge that allows you to adjust the blade’s tension precisely. Unlike the Delta 28-400, this WEN’s model comes with a miter gauge and a rip fence.

Although the WEN 3962 has a 3-in-1 dust collection system its dust collection capabilities are not as good as those provided by the Delta 28-400.

Powermatic PM1500

There are very few power tools that can compete with the performance capabilities offered by the Powermatic PM1500. This 502 band saw has a 15-inch wheel diameter and a 14-inch resaw capacity.

This tool uses 153-inch blades that are within the 1/8 inch to 1-inch width radius. The PM1500 is equipped with 3HP, 1-Phase motor that can produce the maximum blade speed of 3100fpm. It is worth pointing out that this model doesn’t have a dual-voltage capacity and it can only operate at 230V.

The work surface provided by the band saw’s table has the dimensions of 21-1/2 x 16 inches and you can tilt the table for 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. The band saw’s miter gauge provides positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees.

The Powermatic PM1500 is an expensive piece of equipment that is aimed primarily at professional users.

Frequently asked questions about the Delta 28-400 Band Saw

Which materials can I cut with the Delta 28-400 band saw?

This band saw can be used to cut through lumber, plastic, or non-ferrous metals, but you can only do so with appropriate blades.

Can the Delta 28-400 be used for professional applications?

The Delta 28-400 is not an industrial band saw and it lacks the power to process robust materials, which makes it only suitable for home-based DIY projects.

Is the Delta 28-400 a portable band saw?

With a weight of 165 pounds, the Delta 28-400 can hardly be called portable, but it is still lighter than models like the Powermatic PM1500 or Grizzly GO457 Deluxe.

Does the Delta 28-400 require assembly before it can be used?

Yes, it does. The assembly process is straightforward, and the manual contains detailed instructions regarding each step of this process.

Final thoughts – Is the Delta 28-400 Band Saw a good addition to your workshop?

A band saw like the Delta 28-400 can make any workshop more versatile, as it has the capacity to cut through several types of materials. This tool is a perfect choice for a furniture workshop as it can process high gauge lumber effortlessly.

The 14-inch band saw is more affordable than most of its alternatives, as you have to spend more on tools like the WEN 3962 or Grizzly GO457 Deluxe that have similar performance capabilities.

However, the lack of safety features makes this Delta band saw a poor fit for an inexperienced woodworker. We hope that our Delta band saw review has helped you decide if this 14-inch band saw it the right choice for you.

Leave a comment and let us know or check out our Rikon 10-326 review if you want to find out more about this band saw.

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