Best Bandsaws for Resawing: How to Find the Ultimate Resawing Bandsaw

best bandsaws for resawing

Building a perfect home for your family is a much more difficult job than it seems if you don’t have the right tools. Hand-made wooden home items can make every room of your family home look more authentic, but producing these items on your own means that you must have access to a tool that enables you to process wood effortlessly.

There are so many different bandsaws on the market that can be used to cut different types of materials, which makes the process of choosing the bandsaw for resawing an arduous task. That’s the reason why, in this article, we are going to help you find the best bandsaw for resawing that caters to all your woodworking needs.

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Understanding How Bandsaws Work

Being the jack of all trades and the master of none is not an approach that you should take when it comes to processing wood. Familiarizing yourself with all the parts of a resaw bandsaw is crucial for both your safety and your success in resawing wood.

Most vertical bandsaws have long-toothed and sharp blades that can cut through wood, plastic or metal and they are frequently used in home-based workshops, while horizontal bandsaws that are more powerful are often utilized by the industry professionals. Hence, skilled woodworkers often rely on vertical bandsaws to create perfectly curved or irregular shapes from different types of wood in small workshops, while sawmills use horizontal bandsaws to cut large logs into lumber.

Most workshops are equipped with medium-sized saws that have general-purpose blades, although on some machines a blade can be changed to fit the material you’re cutting. Moreover, the blades are stretched between two or several wheels that ensure consistent cutting through even distribution of the blade’s teeth throughout the surface of the material that is being processed.

These machines also have a motor that rotates the blade and enables the creation of irregular or curved shapes. Needless to say, using bandsaws to produce wooden home décor items requires an admirable level of skill, as making a simple drawer knob can prove to be a challenge for inexperienced woodworkers.

Why Use Bandsaw For Resawing

Why Use a Bandsaw for Resawing?

The vast majority of the machines capable of processing pieces of wood and other materials that are hard to cut are huge, which makes them a poor fit for home-based workshops. Small or medium-sized bandsaws, on the other hand, are designed to enable virtually anyone who is skilled enough to use them to resaw chunks of wood into smaller pieces from the comfort of their homes.

This can be particularly useful if you are looking for a way to process both hardwood or softwood and craft hand-made items for your home since it enables you to rely on your own resources and avoid having to use the hired-hand.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to resaw wood with a bandsaw you’re going to need additional equipment, like wood lathes, orbital sanders or sanders for deck refinishing. You can take a look at our comprehensive guides through the best sanders for deck refinishing, wood lathes or orbital sanders in case you’re still trying to figure out how to equip your home-based woodwork workshop.

Bandsaws can be paired with a broad range of blades and you must do thorough research in order to find out which types of blades that your machine supports are best suited for the type of wood you’re planning on resawing. As we already noted saws can cut either straight or curved lines, but learning how to use these machines to perform this task perfectly may take some time and practice.

What is the Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Bandsaws?

Bandsaws can be divided into two major categories based on factors like the size of the workpiece they can process or the movement of the blade. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between horizontal and vertical bandsaws.

  • Horizontal bandsaws – These machines are commonly utilized to cut larger pieces of metal, plastic or wood, which is the reason why they use more power than vertical bandsaws. They can cut a straight line through virtually any material, regardless of how hard that material is. In addition, the resaw bandsaw blade of a horizontal resaw bandsaw moves during the cutting process while the object that is being cut remains stationary. These machines are designed to be used in industrial facilities and they are not a great fit for a home-based workshop.
  • Vertical bandsaws – A vertical bandsaw can’t cut through a hard material and it utilizes much less power than a horizontal bandsaw. The machine’s blade doesn’t move during the cutting process, which means that you have to move the workpiece carefully to avoid making a mistake. The greatest difference between these two types of machines is the fact that vertical bandsaws can cut almost any shape regardless of how complex that shape is. However, you can only cut smaller pieces of wood and other materials with vertical bandsaws as their size doesn’t allow you to process large workpieces.

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Key Components You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Bandsaw for Resawing

Before you choose a new bandsaw for your workshop, you need to consider a few factors that will enable you to narrow down your selection. Here are some of the most important aspects you need to think about prior to purchasing a bandsaw.

  • Resawing capability – The reason why you’re acquiring a bandsaw is probably the best way to determine which machine you should acquire. Some of the bandsaws on the market are more powerful, which means that they cut through hardwood effortlessly, but there is not much sense in spending extra money on them if just want to process softwood.
  • Blade compatibility and adjustment potential – A resaw bandsaw blade you use to cut through a material is instrumental, so you must make sure that the bandsaw you’re acquiring offers the possibility to change blades. What’s more, the option to use riser kits and extend the maximum thickness of the materials you can process should also play a role in your choice of a bandsaw.
  • Size and Portability – Some band saws have their own stands, while other, so-called benchtop band saws can be placed on a table or any other flat surface that is stable enough to support them. In case you’re planning on moving the machine often it is best to select a portable model you can move from one place to another easily.
  • Price range – Shopping for value is probably the best approach you can take when searching for a new bandsaw since there is no reason to purchase a machine that offers more options than you need. Finding a bandsaw that fits even a tighter budget shouldn’t be too hard, as some models can be acquired for as little as a couple of hundreds of dollars.

The 6 Best Bandsaws For Resawing in 2021

Equipping your workshop with a reliable bandsaw is an investment that can potentially increase the quality of the products you’re making. We’ve combed through the Internet in search of the best bandsaws for resawing in 2021, and we’ve shortlisted the six models that are worthy of your attention. Let’s take a closer look.



There are very few bandsaws on the market that can deliver better performances than JET JWBS-14DXPRO. The machine features a two-speed poly-v belt drive system that enables its users to cut through both thick and thin materials. Moreover, this bandsaw has a 15X15 inch cast iron table that grants you versatility in terms of cuts you can make with this machine.

The blade tracking window makes it easy to have a clear view of the work area, which makes the cutting process safer. With a 12-inch resawing potential and the weight of 258lbs JET JWBS-14DXPRO is easily one of the most versatile and sturdiest bandsaws in 2021. 

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The Jet JWBS-14DXPRO offers great versatility, power, and precision. It is one of the best on the market. It has great safety features and a powerful motor boxed in a sturdy iron cast frame which ensures it will last for a long time.

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  • Iron cast frame that ensures durability
  • Superb dust collection capabilities
  • 12-inch resawing ability
  • Two-speed belt drive system
  • Ball bearings decrease friction and prolong blade life
  • 105-inch blade length
  • 1-1/4 horsepower motor
  • Durable stand with storage shelf

Pros and Cons



Powerful motor

More expensive than similar models

Excellent safety features

Aimed only at skilled woodworkers

Robust frame


Offers the possibility to cut larger workpieces


Customer opinions of JET JWBS-14DXPRO

  • Offers both quality and flexibility
  • Powerful and easy to maintain
  • Complicated setup
  • Easily adjustable
  • Works seamlessly
  • The manual could offer more information

All reports indicate that the JET JWBS-14DXPRO delivers great value to workshop owners who decided to include it in their toolkit. Only a few woodworkers suggested that the manual lacks clarity, but none of them mention that this bandsaw for resawing underperforms in any way.

Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 Bandsaw

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175

The around $1200 price tag can only seem steep until you take a look at the list of features this bandsaw offers. Everything about MBAND 1412-175 bandsaw from its 1-3/4 horsepower motor to its 12’’ resaw and 13 5/8’’ throat cutting capacity seems impressive. The bandsaw is equipped with a 115-inch long blade and a table that offers the bevel capability of 45-degrees to the right and 7-degrees to the left.

In addition, the model’s table surface is micro-polished while its steel frame construction guarantees the machine’s durability. This bandsaw ships with a rip resaw fence that vouches for your security while performing complex cuts and its illuminated on/off switch enables you to shut down the machine within seconds in case of an emergency.


  • 1-3/4 horsepower, 115V motor
  • 115-inch replaceable blades
  • A precision blade tension scale
  • 12-inch resaw ability
  • T-square aluminum rip fence
  • Cast iron table and cast iron wheels, and a steel pyramid spine
  • Easily accessible on/off switch
  • Double windows that let you monitor blade tension

Pros and Cons



Designed to endure the wear and tear of everyday use

Portability can be an issue

Easily adjustable rip fence

Requires blade change to cut through metal

Can be rewired for 230v grids


Perfect for curved cuts


Customer opinions of Laguna Tools 1412-175 Bandsaw

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Powerful motor and visually appealing design
  • The bandsaw’s weight is an issue
  • The stand is sturdy
  • Excellent precision
  • A great addition to any woodworking shop

MBAND 1412-175 is highly esteemed among the industry professionals which speaks volumes about the bandsaw’s quality. What’s more, the vast majority of the model’s users reported only minor issues that don’t have anything to do with MBAND 1412-175’s performance.

Grizzly GO555LX Deluxe Bandsaw 14’’

Grizzly GO555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

Experienced woodworkers don’t need a special introduction to Grizzly’s products because the company has been at the industry’s forefront for more than two decades. The Grizzly GO555LX Deluxe Bandsaw 14 inches is one of the best vertical bandsaws that are currently available on the market. It’s computer balanced wheels, ball bearing construction or iron cast frame is only a few reasons why this bandsaw is so widely appreciated.

The 1 horsepower motor, as well as the 93-1/2-inch blade, enable the GO555LX model to cut through most materials with ease. You can choose between 1800 and 3100FPM blade speeds that are perfectly suited for power and fine cuts. The best part is that this Grizzly’s bandsaw costs only around $780, which is practically a steal when you consider its capabilities.


  • An open frame stand
  • 1 horsepower, 110V-220V single-phase motor
  • 6-inch cutting height
  • 1800 and 3100FPM blade speed
  • Rack and Pinion guide post adjustment
  • 4-inch dust port
  • Computer-balanced wheels that have rubber tires
  • The table tilts 45-degrees to the right and 10-degrees to the left

Pros and Cons



Versatile and powerful bandsaw

Difficult to relocate


Table tilting features could be improved

Robust and durable construction

The instruction manual isn’t comprehensive enough

Easily adjustable


Customer opinions of Grizzly GO555LX

  • Highly recommended to anyone who runs a hobby workshop
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Simple setup and assembly
  • No frills
  • The riser block can be difficult to install
  • Makes solid and accurate cuts

The fact that Grizzly GO555LX can be utilized to make even the most difficult cuts clearly shows how good this bandsaw is. Moreover, this Grizzly’s bandsaw model is used equally effectively by carpenters, woodworkers, and metalworkers which means that it can cut a broad range of materials.

Delta 28-400 Bandsaw

There is very little doubt that Delta 28-400 steel frame bandsaw is a professional tool capable of performing clean and efficient cuts. However, it lacks some key elements. To make matters worse, there are no riser kits available for this model and the micrometer adjustments are not available on the blade guides. There are two blade speed options to choose from and you can cut materials at 1620 or 3340FPS.

This bandsaw is equipped with 1 horsepower TEFC motor and a spacious 15-3/4X18-7/8-inch table that can be tilted 45-degrees to the right or 3-degrees to the left. Despite providing a lot of power, Delta 28-400 model is overpriced because it offers less than you’d expect from a bandsaw at this price range.


  • Rubber coated aluminum wheels
  • 1 Horsepower, 115V-230V motor
  • 93-1/2-inch blade
  • Two-speed drive system
  • 13-5/8 wide cutting capability
  • 1620 and 3340FPS blade speeds
  • 4-inch dust port
  • 15-3/4X18-7/8-inch table

Pros and Cons



A powerful motor

Adjusting the wheels is a needlessly complicated process

Doesn’t make too much noise

No riser kit or fence

Durable steel frame


The table offers a lot of room


Customer opinions of Delta 28-400

  • Doesn’t have miter or resaw fence tools
  • The motor is more powerful than on most similar products
  • Well-designed and sturdy bandsaw
  • Awesome dust collection
  • The manual only contains basic instructions
  • Setup can be a little tricky

Despite some obvious downsides, Delta 28-400 bandsaw is still a reliable option for home-based workshops. The opinions about this bandsaw vary, but very few woodworkers reported having a negative experience while working with Delta’s 28-400 model. The vast majority of users claim that the bandsaw is quite effective when used for resawing, even though some of them are concerned about the blade’s durability.

Rikon 10-36 10’’ Deluxe Bandsaw

Rikon 10-36 Deluxe Bandsaw

Although the Rikon 10-36 Deluxe Bandsaw is much less powerful than the previous bandsaws we reviewed this machine is still a valuable addition to any workshop. The Rikon’s bandsaw has two speeds that can be used to cut through both hardwood and softwood, but the maximum width of the material this machine can cut is limited to 10 inches.

The ½ horsepower motor enables the Rikon 10-36 to process small workpieces, but it lacks the power to cut large pieces of lumber. The table can be tilted for 45-degrees to the right and 5-degrees to the left, while the length of the blade is limited to just 70-1/2 inches. 


  • ½ horsepower, 110V motor
  • 70-1/2-inch blades
  • Two blade speeds
  • A lever for the immediate release of the blade tension
  • Adjustable 13-3/4X12-1/2 table
  • Excellent Rip Fence System
  • 5-inch cutting height and 9-5/8 cutting width
  • Windows for blade tracking

Pros and Cons



5-year warranty

Not powerful ½ HP motor

Lightweight and easily portable

Complicated setup

Features a rack and pinion system

Can’t cut through hard materials

Affordable price


Customer opinions of Rikon 10-36

  • A well-built tool
  • A small professional bandsaw
  • Has enough power to cut through most materials
  • The fence can be difficult to lockdown
  • Excellent manual with concise instructions
  • Resaw capacity limited to just 5 inches

Despite a relatively small number of publicly available opinions, the Rikon 10-36’s is still regarded as a high-quality tool by hobbyists and professionals alike. However, most users suggest that this bandsaw is only suitable for resawing smaller workpieces.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Bandsaw with Stand and Worklight

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Bandsaw1

In case you were looking for an easily portable bandsaw that can make 6-inches deep and 9-3/4 wide blade cuts, then the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Bandsaw with Stand is a perfect choice for you. The 3.5 AMP motor ensures that you can process different types of wood, while the machine’s fence guarantees that the cuts you make are perfectly straight.

The work light illuminates the 14X12-1/2-inch table that can be tilted up to 45-degrees and enables you to have a complete overview of the work area. WEN 3962 utilizes 72-inch blades that can operate at 1520 or 2620 FPM so that you can make delicate or rough cuts. This powerful two-speed bandsaw can be purchased for just around $263.18


  • 72-inch blades that vary in size from 1/8 to ½ inches
  • The aluminum cast table that can bevel for 45-degrees
  • 3-in-1 dust port that is compatible with a range of dust extractor hoses
  • 13-3/4, 15-3/4, 25-1/4-inch stand
  • 3.5 AMP motor
  • 9-3/4 inch throat
  • 1520 and 2620 FPM blade speeds
  • A miter gauge

Pros and Cons



Effortless maintenance

Less powerful than most 10-inch bandsaws


Poor vibration resistance

Weighs just 73 pounds


High resaw cutting capacity


Customer opinions of WEN 3962

  • Excellent cost-to-performance ratio
  • Replacing the stock blade with a different blade can be difficult
  • The manual should provide more precise instructions
  • Fence attachments could be better
  • Doesn’t make too much noise and it runs smoothly
  • Setup is time-consuming

WEN 3962 is probably one of the best bandsaw for resawing in its price range. Surely, there are some downsides, but WEN 3962 is still a great option for all aspiring woodworkers because it enables them to perform even the most intricate cuts with ease.

Our Top Picks

Each bandsaw for resawing we featured in this article can be used to process smaller workpieces. However, which bandsaw you’re going to choose depends on your needs, so if you’re looking for versatility, power and precision then we recommend choosing models like JWBS-14DXPRO or MBAND 1412-175.

On the other hand, bandsaws like WEN 3962 or Rikon 10-36 are better suited for inexperienced woodworkers who are still learning the ropes of the trade. Ultimately, the bandsaw’s price is the key factor you will have to consider, since some models we reviewed in this article may exceed the budget you’ve set aside for your new bandsaw.

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Why Choose The Jet JWBS-14DXPRO | Zoro

The Jet JWBS-14DXPRO offers great versatility, power, and precision. It is one of the best on the market. It has great safety features and a powerful motor boxed in a sturdy iron cast frame which ensures it will last for a long time.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have multiple bandsaw blades for different cuts? 

You are certainly going to need different blades that you can use when working with a variety of different materials. For example, If you are going to be cutting metal, make sure that you have a blade that is meant to cut metal. For resawing, you should use the wide blade, if not the widest possible blade in order to ensure that.

Which is the best width bandsaw blade for Resawing?

To be able to achieve the ultimate results, use a wide 3 Teeth Per Inch (TPI) resaw blade that can produce a perfect mix of smooth and aggressive cut that you need for resawing.

What is bandsaw resaw capacity?

The resaw capacity is the maximum thickness that can be cut. For example, An 14″ bandsaw will have drive and guide wheels 14 inches in diameter. The resaw capacity varies from brand to brand.

Can I sharpen a band saw blade?

First of all, like many other things, there are also cheap and expensive bandsaw blades. Choosing the best one for your needs depends on a variety of things, like, how often are you going to be using the blades, or what materials are you going to cut with them.

If you are going for less expensive options you may want to sharpen them rather then repurchasing them and spend more money. However, keep in mind that to sharpen the bandsaw resaw blade you have you sharpen each of the teeth individually and that can be time-consuming and tiring.


Investing in the tools you intend on using in your workshop is never a bad idea, but you should spend your money wisely. Finding the bandsaw that enables you to make straight or curved cuts may take time, but hopefully, this article has helped you to narrow down your options.

Leave a comment and let us know which bandsaw you’re going to choose or share our selection of best bandsaw for resawing with your friends.


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