The Best Worm Drive Saw: How To Find The Right One

The Best Worm Drive Saw

The worm drive saw is a compact handheld circular saw in an ergonomic design with more power than the regular saw. The additional power it has is due to its compact worm drive gear structure which gives it the capacity to reduce speed in a greater proportion. 

The reduced speed boosts the system’s torque and greatly empowers the worm drive saw with sufficient power to do heavy-duty jobs. For instance, a worm drive power saw can cut a four by 4 inches wood and equally larger sizes of lumber despite its small size.

The inside gear and the rear position of the worm drives saw motor instead of the regular side position makes it possible for the motor to offer an extra direct torque to the blade of the saw. However, the only problem with worm drive saw is that they cost more than the regular circular saw and equally come in a heavier weight. This makes it less convenient for DIYers.

Although most woodworkers feel confident in the reliability of their regular circular saw, some veterans vouch for the additional power and the balance that comes with the worm drive saws.

There are many brands and models of worm drive saws in the market, and this makes it tasking to select the worm drive saws for your woodwork projects.

We have sifted through the market and come up with some popular and reliable best worm drive saws. The criteria we used for the selection include verified users reviews, performance, cost, and the value they for the cost. 

As we mentioned earlier, these saws are a bit costlier than the standard circular saw. However, if you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to improve your selection of power tools, the best worm drive saws can be an excellent investment.

Before we make our recommendation of the best worm drive saws, we will consider the factors you should look out for in the best worm drive saws. Eager to know which of these numerous tools in the market makes a great choice, don’t go away. Let’s quickly begin:

Worm Drive Circular Saws vs Hypoid Gear Circular Saws

The standard circular saw comes with a direct motor-blade design and without a gear structure. It features blades which come with an equivalent amount of toque and motor. This regular saw cannot manage heavy-duty jobs. Such jobs would overpower the motor. 

Worm Drive vs Hypoid Gear Saw

The worm drive saw, on the other hand, can manage heavy-duty tasks because of its powerful motors. The combination of the motor of the unit with high-speed motor and its gear reduction capacity gives it additional torque required for heavy-duty tasks.  

Besides coming with a lot more power, they can attain lower blade speeds. Therefore, you can easily use the worm drive saw to cut rough sappy woods or sundried logs.


How Does a Worm Drive Gearbox Differ From a Hypoid Gearbox?

If you’re using a worm drive saw, you need to service the worm drive gearbox to maintain proper functioning regularly. On the other hand, the gearbox of a hypoid gearbox is made airtight and rapped during the process of the production. Thus, circular saws with hypoid gearbox do not require regular servicing.

Why Would People Go For Regular Circular Saws Instead of Worm Drive Saws?

Despite the bower boost and extra balance that comes with the worm drive saws, the regular standard saws are most common. 

The following are the reasons why people would go for standard circular saws in place of the more powerful and efficient worm drive saws: A typical circular saw costs:

  • Costs less
  • Weighs less, comes handier and is more user-friendly
  • It comes in cordless design. The excess power and torque that a worm drive saw generate make it difficult to operate it on battery power.

Other Features of Worm Drive Saws That Make Them Appealing to Woodworkers

Another great feature of a worm drive saw is that you can easily view what you are cutting while the blade is positioned towards the left for left-handed people and towards the right for right-handed folks.

The worm drive saws as well offer users a better reach because the blade is positioned many inches ahead of the motor and grip of the machine compared to the standard circular saw with the motor located sideways. Because of the side, motor location on the worm drive saw, they are more popular for sheet cutting than the typical circular saws. 

In addition to that, one more reason, woodworkers choose the regular circular saw over the worm drive saws is the extra boost of power that these tools boast. Besides, they can manage materials that can’t be handled by the circular saws. So, instead of going for a table saw, folks prefer to use them for tasks that the3 regular circular saw cannot handle. 

One more reason to go for a worm drive saw instead of the regular circular saw is the amazing torque they offer. If you are only accustomed to the operation of a typical circular saw, you’ll be surprisingly amazed at the great punch this unit offers. They come with some real kickbacks.

Having mentioned these, other major factors to consider when in the market to purchase the best worm drive saws is their practicality, functionality, and ease of use. Our top picks among the best worm drive saws are all user-friendly, but as you’d expect with any new tool, you’ll feel more comfortable handling these tools over time.

Hyopid Saw Blade Types

Worm Drive vs Hypoid Circular Saws and Choice of Blades

The majority of worm drives circular saws, and hypoid circular saws come with saw blades that are suitable for rip cutting and cross-cutting. Although it is great to have these multi-functional blades, they often don’t yield equivalent quality of cuts with the ones you’d get with blades that are specifically designed for cross-cutting and rip cutting. 

This is why it is equally important to get the right type of saw blade as much as the saw itself. There are different types of saw blades available in the market for varieties of woodwork projects. These include blades for the following type of works:

Types of saw blades

1. Blades for fine-tooth finishing

These blades come with extra teeth which makes them the right blade choice of when you need to clean cuts for the finishing part of your projects.

2. Panel blades

You’ll need a panel blade when you need to deal with light measuring materials such as sheets of plywood, pieces of veneer, laminating, and rubber materials.

3. Nail Cutting blade

A cutting nail blade makes it easy for you to cut pieces of wood with nail insert or other impurities.

4. Rip blade

A rip blade is a blade that makes it easy for you to cut along the grain.

5. Crosscut blade

You will require a crosscut blade anytime you need to cut across the grain. A cross-cut blade would not be suitable for ripping tasks. It can readily overwork the saw.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Worm Drive Saw

There are a few essential features to consider when you want to buy a worm Drive Saw. These include the following:

1. The Motor capacity of the worm drive saw

Worm drive saws frequently come with the back located motor design. The motors commonly align in a straight line and parallel to the saw blade. The structure and position of the motor relative to the blade makes the transfer of power on to the blade faster. 

This way, they can easily minimize the speed of the blade to be able to generate additional torque. 

Many worm drive saws feature a 15-amperes motor with the capacity of generating roughly four thousand rotations every minute (RPM). The rate of rotation they generate per minute is sufficient for DIY jobs and more professional-oriented tasks. 

Worm Drive Saw Ergonomic Handling

2. Ergonomic design for convenient handling and operation

Because worm drive saws are high-powered tools, they need to come in ergonomic design to give the user complete control over the tool for safety purposes. So, you want to check that the worm drive saw that you want to purchase has both sufficient power and an ergonomic design for ease of use. This is essential so that you remain in full control when you operate the tools. 

3. Cordless Vvs Corded worm drive saws considerations

If you need a bit more flexibility with your workbench location, the best option for you is to go for the cordless worm drive saws. They won’t come with a sufficient amount of power like the corded type, but they will give you the freedom to change the location of your workbench. 

You will rarely miss the extra power of the corded type of best worm drive saw except you constantly cut through 6 by 6 inches. On the other hand, if you’re looking to purchase worm drive saw to be utilized for more tasking jobs, your best choice would be the corded best worm drive saws. Such tasks need additional power. 

For example, if you need to cut through uncured lumbers, and large blocks of woods, the power of the cordless type will be insufficient to manage the task at hand. In this case and similar projects, you need to use the corded models which promise more power and extra torque. 

4. The quality of Blade

One of the factors you need to consider when looking for the best worm drive saws is the quality of blades. High-quality blades sell higher, but they last more because they are commonly designed with top quality steel cut through the laser cutting procedure or similar methods.

Cheaply made blades don’t last as much. They generate rough cuttings and easily get dulled, especially when they are put into heavy usage. 

How To Find Best Worm Drive Saws

5. Number of teeth and teeth angles

Blades that feature a greater number of teeth for a given diameter are better for producing clean cuts. However, these blades cost more than the other types of the worm saw blade that feature fewer teeth. Conversely, a blade with smaller numbers of teeth costs less. It doesn’t block easily since it tears out a larger piece of wood and creates larger cuts.

Just as the number of teeth in a blade affects its cut quality, the angle of alignment of the teeth in a blade determine whether the cut would be of good or poor quality. To get straight cuts, the best angle of alignment of the teeth is the neutral and negative angles. 

However, if you need a quick job, these angles of alignment would work as much. For faster cutting, you need teeth blades that are robustly attached. However, they have a downside. These types of teeth blade result in additional tear outs.

6. Blades Expansion Slits

The blade expansion slot is essential to avoid warping or bending of blades. So, get laser-cut blade or saw that comes with integrated slits to account for expansion. This ensures your tool continues to produce good quality cuts even when you have used the saw for a long period.

7. Blade shield 

There are a few types of blades that come with some kind of shields or coats which inhibit the accumulation of gum, minimize frictional resistance which causes wear and tear and rusting of the tool. 

If you’re looking for a tool you can use for a long period, you need to invest in blades with shields. Although they sell at a higher price, they offer you a good value for the cost. 

Best Worm Drive Saws: Our Seven Picks

1. Hitachi C7WDM 7 1/4 inches 15-Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw

The Hitachi C7WDM comes with a potent 15 amp motor which generates 5,000 no-load Rotation Per Minute (RPM). The power generated by the motor is so forceful that it speedily, sufficiently and conveniently handles even the toughest cutting tasks.

Besides, it comes in an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use. Despite its lightweight, it comes in a sturdy build and ensures you get professional outcomes over a long period.

Hitachi C7WDM Drive Circular Saw

The unit boasts of steel bevel and fine-tuning depth levers that allow you to raise its strength for real-world applications. These levers are rugged enough to withstand any abuse thrown on them, unlike models that feature cheaply made plastic levers.

Another practical and desirable feature of this worm drive saw is the three-position rafter hook that ensures you’re safe during rafter set up. It also makes it easy to put the tool away after use.       

You don’t need first to use the C7WDM to realize that it spells out quality. It comes in a very solid build, and the depth adjusts levers are structured with durable steel which makes the tool resilient for any hardest industrial tasks.

You can rely on the tool thanks to its worm drive gears which gives the machine the dramatic torque that allows it to cut through tough lumbers easily.

The cutting capacity of C7WDM is 1 3/4 inches depth when the blades are held at angle 45 degrees and 2 3/8 inches depth when the blades are held at angle 90 degrees. 

While this tool is slightly heavy, it is well worth it due to the value the durable materials used for the construction of the saw.

Its improved rafter hook gives you three different storage positions with this tool. You also get double seven 1/4-inch first-class quality VPR framed blades. To further enhance your confidence in the worm drive saw, the manufacturer gives you a generous five years warranty with this tool.       

It equally comes with a soft-clutch comfortable and non-slip grip which minimizes vibrations. While this tool is slightly heavy, it is well worth it due to the value the durable materials used for the construction of the saw.

Overall, this Hitachi worm drive saw is meant for folks who love to use reliable and good quality tools. Despite, the somewhat high price, if you can afford it, this machine is another great tool to add to your tools collections.

Hitachi C7WDM Worm Drive Circular Saw | Amazon

This worm gear driven Circular saw designed for power and longevity. The powerful 15 amp motor makes tough cutting jobs Quick and easy. Its soft grip handle provides comfort and vibration reduction. The C7WDM is designed for heavy duty construction to produce professional results.

Buy at
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  • Highly sturdy with its essential steel components
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • It is lightweight, and this reduces work-handling fatigue. 
  • Even and fast action
  • Produces amazing fine cuts
  • Great for tight cuts
  • Two free blades included in the pack
  • Very solid and robust steel bevel and depth adjustment levers
  • Comfortable non-slip grip for minimal vibration 
  • Optimal balance for easy handling
  • Sufficient power punch with the 5,000 RPM motor rating
  • 5-year warranty to re-assure you if you have any manufacturing flaw and operational issue.


  • A little heavy due to the durable construction materials used
  • Cut visibility unsuitable for left-handed users
  • It is a bit costly but provides sufficient value for the cost.

2. Makita 5477NB 7 1/4

This machine comes with hypoid gears as opposed to the standard worm drive gears. These gears come with extra benefits which include a bigger boost of power and improved surface interaction compared to that of standard worm drive gears. 

Hypoid gears are much easy to maintain. With the tool, you can be sure of a great sawing experience with minimal or no maintenance. Besides, the hypoid gears also boost the speed of blade and torque performance. The machines potent 15 Amps motor enhance its productivity.

The Makita 5477NB 7 1/4 equally comes with oil bathing technology with shielded gear covering for minimal repairs.

Makita 5477NB

Zero degrees to 51.5-degree bevel capacity with positive stops at 45 degrees and 51.5 degrees is ideal for truss and rafter cut-outs. The gears are heat-treated to ensure high quality and durability. 

The Makita 5477NB offers users enormous value, with its 15 amps motor and ball bearing design with regular lubrication. It is sturdy enough for multiple functionalities. However, it is perfect for when you need to build frames, do construction works, engage in furniture making, cut plywoods like OSB, LVL, and PSL.

This unit comes with a seven 1/4-inch framing blade with the tip of the blade made of carbide that gives the extraordinary capacity to cut through boards with nails easily. It is easy to overheat this type of blade. Hence, the heat vents that come with this unit helps to dissipate heat and improve performance. 

The Makita 5477NB worm drive saw comes with an optimal no-load speed of 4,500 rotations per minute. This RPM rating is sufficient to cover you in almost all situations. It comes with the cut capacity of 2 3/8 inches when the blades are inclined at angle 90 degrees.

And at an inclination angle of 50 degrees, the blade cutting capacity is 1 9/16 inches whereas the cutting capacity at angle 45 degrees is 1 3/4 inches. With a weight of roughly more than 14 lbs, this saw is easy to handle, especially with the integrated comfortable ergonomic rubber grip. 

Its ease-of-use is further enhanced with the fast access spindle locking system. Also, the wrench buttons of the saw blade make it easier for you to change blades. 



  • Suitable for a wide range of woodworking applications
  • Hypoid gearbox makes it easier to maintain
  • The oversized rubberized grip makes it easy to wield and maneuver
  • It is easy to switch the saw blade do to the convenient location of the switch 


  • The saw is a bit heavy. If you need some learning curve, dexterity, and skill to use the tool. 
  • Lack of essential gears for replacing blades 

3. DEWALT Worm Drive Circular Saw (DWS535B)

DeWalt is a popular power tool producer in North America. The company has built its reputation through its numerous lines of impressive and trustworthy tools. This Dewalt DWS535’s of its trusted line of products. This saw is very sturdy and popular as industrial grade worm saw. 

It comes with a solid build due to its magnesium and aluminum structure. These materials make the tool very tough and durable whilst at the same time, they make the machine lighter.

Another significant desirable feature of this machine is the presence of an electrically powered brake which readily halts the movement of the blade as soon as you discharge the trigger. The electric brake is a great safety feature. Besides, it additionally saves you valuable time when you cease to cut.

DEWALT Worm Drive Circular Saw

With a powerful 15 amp motor, it boasts of 4,800 RPM which gives you a good amount of cutting depth capacity. It produces a bevel cut at a maximum cutting angle of 53 degrees which is one of the best values you’ll find among related brands. 

With regards to toughness and the capacity to withstand hard usage abuse, the DeWalt DWS535 worm drives topmost among its peers. This unit is the most popularly used in a lot of professional workshops.

It comes in a weight of 13.8 pounds which is roughly the same as that of Makita. However, it delivers a lot more power at an optimal value of 4,800 RPM. This Dewalt is a bit heavier, and it doesn’t come with as much ease-of-use as the SKILSAW. Thus, you may need some learning curve to use this saw if you don’t have a previous worm drive circular saw skill and experience. 

As soon as you get the hang of it, handling the tool will no longer be a hassle, and you may never want to utilize your regular sidewinder anymore. 

One major issue with this worm drive saw is its weight. Although Dewalt did their best to keep the weight as minimal as possible, at 13.8lbs, many folks may struggle to handle the weight of the machine properly. 

Another concern with the tool is its lack of an inbuilt wrench holder. You’d be required to take a separate box of wrench set. However, it is a negligible flaw you can easily deal withOverall, this Dewalt best worm drive saws is a true representation of the epic quality of Dewalt lines of tools.

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw | HardwareWorld

This 7-1/4" Worm Drive Circular Saw has a 15 Amp motor that delivers 4,800 rpm and features 53° bevel capacity for advanced applications. Lightweight and durable magnesium construction for optimum user handling, comfort, and strength and includes electric brake which stops the blade after the trigger is released.

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  • Comes with a very powerful performance 
  • The unit is backed by 3-year solid warranty from Dewalt
  • It has sufficient thrust to cut through sapped lumber and concrete alike
  • It comes in high-quality magnesium and aluminum structure which makes it resilient without compromising the weight
  • The machine blade immediately stops as soon as the user releases the trigger, thanks to the electric brake feature. 
  • It has an increased bevel angle cut capacity at a maximum angle of 53 degrees.
  • The unit features a powerful motor that delivers at the rate of 4,800 Rotations every single minute
  • Realistic pricing with equivalent value for the cost


  • This Dewalt worm drive cost a little more than the SKILSAW
  • It weighs more and is not as handy to use. 
  • Not easy to operate without a learning curve. 
  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt wrench holder. Although it is a minor flaw, you need a separate box or pack or wrench set to use this tool.

4. Skillsaw SPT77WML-01 7 1/4 Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

The SKILSAW 77 is an equivalent standard of best worm drive saws with Dewalt, Makita and related circular saw brands. Similar to Makita, the SKILSAW feature a 15 amps motor. It comes in a magnesium frame structure, and this makes it the most lightweight option among its competitors. 

It equally comes with the best ease-of-use and well-built structure. The ultralightweight of this saw makes it more convenient and minimizes the work stress fatigue. This means you’ll have minimal downtime and more work-time.

Skillsaw SPT77WML-01 Drive Circular Saw

The machine features a cut-ready depth structure that makes it easy for you to get fast and precise depth cut gauges. It offers up to 53 degrees of bevel cut angle, which allows you to use the tool for a broader range of cut angles.

With the 15 amp powerful double-feed motor, cutting through untreated lumber is very easy with this machine and tool within a little space of time.   

This SKILLSAW equally features an anti-snag subordinate shield feature which makes the saw to operate more smoothly even when cutting off smaller pieces. The lightweight design of this saw makes it easier to hand and provides the tool with better maneuverability and stable grip. 

If you’re a looking for a lightweight Worm drive saw, this Skillsaw SPT77WML-01 with a weight of 11 lbs is hard to beat.

At, 5, 300 RPM no no-load speed of the blade, this machine performs at a faster rate compared with many of its competitors. The motor is sturdy enough to take a hard beating, so it still performs well even with some form of abuse. 

Best Worm Drive Saw

Besides its lightweight and ergonomic design, the SPT77WML-01 equally comes with inbuilt depth regulation feature that makes it easy for you to select your cut depths. You can select 1/4 ply cuts, 1/2 ply cuttings, 3/4 ply cuttings or 2x ply cuttings which comes handy when you cut through thing materials to eliminate snags. 

The unit has a good balance. It comes with a comfortable and soft rubberized handle which greatly enhances ergonomics and make the tool easy to use. Also, the 53-degree bevel angle cut capacity of the worm drive saw makes it easier for you to get broader ranges of cuts. This feature makes the saw a good multifunctional tool. 

However, this Skilsaw is a perfect tool to grab for your framing needs. It equally works when you’re working on decking projects. You can equally use it for ceiling works and siding projects. When you want to cut different types of lumber, including soft and hardwood, this saw also does a good job. 

You can equally use it for cutting engineered wood. Because the machine is mostly made up of magnesium material, it weighs only 11.6 lbs and ranks as one of the most lightweight saws among equivalent brands. It’s, thus, highly portable, comfortable, and user-friendly.

Another positive point about the machine is its maximum bevel cut angle of 53°, which is higher than that of competitors. It integrates a 15amp double-field motor which makes it operate much cooler that related saws. This prevents overheating. It equally comes with snag prevention lower guard to make it operate more for smoothly. 

One problem with this unit, however, is that it has a little short and inflexible cord which limits its mobility. Again, because the unit has a lighter structure and not as durable as the rest metals, it would not withstand abuse like similar brands that have more durable structures. 

Besides these few issues, this SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 drive saw will do well wide varieties of woodwork projects. The cost is comparatively more affordable and suitable for any individual who wants a cost-effective and quality worm drive saw. The saw is equally the most user-friendly among the list. 

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw | Zoro

The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Legendary SKILSAW worm drive technology meets our best-in-class Dual-Field motor, invented specifically for saws.

Check Price Buy at
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  • One of the lightest Worm Drive Saw you can find at 11. pounds
  • It can cut as deep as 2″ depth
  • It features magnesium for lighter weight and minimizes work fatigue
  • Fifty-three degrees bevel angle cut more than most related brands
  • It is properly balanced and feature an easy to utilize ergonomic design
  • Double-field motor structured to reduce overheating during operation
  • Anti-snag lower guard to the smooth operation of the machine
  • Its lightweight and ergonomically designed for optimum handling
  • Large maximum power at 5,300 RPM
  • User-friendly depth adjust feature.


  • It is not as cheap as the price of Makita
  • It used to be produced in the US, but the recent versions are made in China
  • Magnesium construction although lightweight is less durable 
  • The short and inflexible cable minimizes mobility
  • Pushing the on/off button is a bit awkward with working gloves
  • The magnesium footplate is liable to warping and makes cutting or adjusting the bevel a bit tasking.

5. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw 

This Skilsaw drive saw is in many ways related in feature to the Skilsaw 77 above; however; this model is larger and boasts of more power.

This version comes with a ten ¼ inches blade and cuts up to four times depth in one pass. This does your work faster, especially when handling larger tasks. At 90 degrees, the optimal depth of cut is below 3.7 inches.

SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Magnesium

The SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 incorporates a lot of fantastic features of the smaller model like the anti-snag lower, which makes the machine to operate more smoothly. The 15 amperes double-field motor offers more power but operates cooler and prevents overheating. 

It can equally cut up to a bevel angle of roughly fifty-one degrees. Although the bevel angle capacity is smaller than the Skilsaw 77, it is a lot more than most related brands of worm Drive saws. 

It equally features a magnesium structure which makes it lightweight but which makes it less sturdy and capable of handling rough abuses. And unlike the small brother, this unit is larger and bulkier. Some folks may struggle with the weight of this unit.

The main downside of this model is the cost. It is a bit costly, but this is expected since it is larger and comes with extra power. Overall, if you want the best worm drive saw for larger cutting capacity, this machine is a good choice since you can cut as many as four times with this machine.

Best Worm Drive
SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Circular Saw | Zoro

If you cut 4x, there's nothing like cutting it in 1 pass with this 10-1/4 Inches SKILSAW worm drive saw. No matter what the material, this worm drive saw is built to be relentless with it's 15 Amp dual field motor designed specifically for saws. It keeps the motor cooler, providing increased power and durability for the life of the saw. Only SKILSAW has it.

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  • It is intended to cut four times in a single pass which is great when you need larger cut depth
  • Magnesium structure for minimal weight 
  • A bevel cut angle of roughly 51 degrees
  • 15 amp double-field motor for higher punch and cooler operation
  • Anti-snag lower guard to operate more smoothly


  • It is weighty and large notwithstanding the magnesium structure
  • It’s a little costly; however, this is expected given its power and value

6. Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

This Bosch best worm drive saw comes with a very powerful motor with a 5,300 Rotation Per Minute and a lot of cut capacity. And the saw can cut a bevel of roughly 53 degrees for every angle.

Many extra desirable features come with this tool. You get high-visibility scales for easy adjustment and inbuilt multipurpose tool which eliminates the need to carry extra wrench set with you.

A few more nice features of this machine are the anti-snag lower guard feature and the soft handle for ease of use. It equally comes with an enhanced oil lubricating system.

Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw

The greater portion of the body of the machine is structured with magnesium material to make the unit lightweight and easier to carry. Although it weighs slightly lower than some of the related best worm drive saw, at 13.2 pounds, it still gathers some weight. And this may make it heavy for some folks who want lightweight worm drive saws.

Individuals who are used to the quality build of power tools from Bosch in the past may discover that this unit comes in a lesser degree of workmanship compared to what it used to be in the past. The main reason for this is because the company outsourced the manufacturing process. 

However, it is only a minor defect and has no bearing on the general value the unit provides and its overall quality. All things considered, this is another cost-effective best worm drive saw for you to consider. It features a large gear ratio and a potent 15-amp motor. 

The machine features no-load speeds of 5,300 Rotation Per Minute rate. The Bosch CSW41 tough cutting best work drive saw with reliable functionality. The unit features a well-made motor casing with die-cast magnesium to boost its sturdiness and makes it last a bit more. 

The machine comes with a clear line of vision for right-handed people since the blade is located towards the left side of this tool. It comes in an impressively compact size despite its bigger gear ratio. 

The 15-amp motor offers a lot of torque which makes the unit less wobbly and more stable. It equally boosts cleaner and straighter cuts. With the structure of the unit composed of practically magnesium material, the machine enjoys the lighter weight and doesn’t suffer from overheat during operation. 

The worm drive saw come in a five ball bearings structure which give it a good amount of balance, a stability boost while at the same time maintaining a lightweight structure. 

The CSW41 doesn’t require a lot of skill and learning curve to operate. The integrated wrench makes it easier for you to change blades, brushes, lubricating oil, and equally the lozenge knockout. You can perform a variety of cuts with the CSW41 thanks to its 53-degree bevel capacity.

The worm drive design of the machine gives it a better degree of correctness and precision. 

Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw | Amazon

Operating at 15-Amps and weighing just 13.2 pounds, the CSW41 Worm Drive Construction Saw is a lightweight saw that doesn't compromise durability and power. This model features sturdy magnesium housing and a die-cast magnesium footplate for true strength and a lifetime of reliable use.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 05:14 pm GMT


  • Clear cut line with the left-hand position of the blade.
  • It provides sufficient torque for a lot of applications.
  • Onboard multiple function wrench set for convenience
  • Comfortable soft handle reduces handling fatigue
  • Quality build and lightweight with reinforced magnesium 
  • Great build quality using lightweight magnesium materials
  • High-torque motor-power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight at 13 lbs
  • Powerful 15 amp motor which generates 5,300 Rotation per minute 
  • The maximum level of 53 degrees which one of the best offer you can find. 
  • High-visibility scales for easy adjustment


  • It is heavy despite the integration of magnesium for lighter weight
  • A bit reduced workmanship than it used to me, although not a major issue.
  • Although it comes with a quality build the unit motor isn’t as durable and tough as the advert shows. It gets affected by hard tasks

7. Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Circular Saw

Despite this saw functions as a worm drive saw, Makita advertises it as a hypoid saw since it comes with heat-treated hypoid steel gears compared to the bronze-alloy gears of other types of worm drive saws.

The unit’s hypoid gears, in addition to the oil gear coating of the gear, it boosts the durability of the saw. This equally makes the machine to require less to zero maintenance. 

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Circular Saw

The high powerful motor uses 15 amperes current and produces a maximum of 4,500 rotations per minute. This gives the machine more than the standard adequate power for harder professional and contractor related tasks. 

The unit features lighter magnesium materials for reduced weight and weighs roughly 13 lbs. It has a lot of balance and provides a tougher worksite compared to most regular Makita hypoid. However, this is more costly, but the lightweight makes it easier to handle by apprentices compared to regular worm drive saws.

One of the most desirable features of this saw is its lever system. It comes with a bulky, highly essential, and convenient properly located rubber lever system. This makes adjusting the machine while working very fast and easy. 

The unit comes with a compacted winding to reduce the size of the machine. Despite the compact, it comes with a durable work site. The retractable hook makes the tool always near without blocking your way. The hypoid steel-made gear is treated with heat to improve its quality and make it last longer than the regular gears of worm drive saws made of alloys of bronze. 

The lighter weight of 5377MG makes it easier to maneuver than similar tools in the market. The tough material and quality build, the machine can easily cut nails, rough wood, and lumber uncured using its blade made of carbide tip. 

Amazingly, the wrench comes with a carbide tip to make it more durable. The saw come with a bevel cut capacity of 2 3/8 inches at ninety degrees point. On the other hand, when the bevel angle is forty-five degrees, it can cut as far as 1 3/4 inches. The depth and bevel markings enhance the ease of controlling the saw while performing more challenging tasks.

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw | Zoro

The Makita 7-1/4-Inch Magnesium Hypoid Saw features highly durable magnesium components and a powerful 15 AMP Makita-built industrial motor and hypoid gearing system for maximum power output. The 5377MG seamlessly balances weight, power, durability, and ease of use, making it the most refined circular saw on the market.

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  • Very reliable hypoid gear
  • The oil bath system of the gear minimizes maintenance issues and costs
  • Large-sized and handy lever-adjusting system
  • Very quiet operation compared to related brands of worm drive saws
  • Large-sized handle placed remotely from the blade provides sufficient area for a good grip
  • Magnesium quality minimizes the weight of the unit
  • Sturdier carbide-tipped blade for cutting through nails and harder surfaces. 
  • Cons 
  • The tool pack lacks a carrying case or storage bag.
  • The machine comes without a port for dust-collection port
  • A bit high start-off torque
  • Lack of brake system
  • Shipping issues resulting in a few damaged units on arrival

Best of All Worm Drive Saw: What is The Best Overall Worm Drive Saw for Your Needs?

If you’re looking for the best worm drive saw with the most value and optimal functionality, we suggest you go for the Hitachi C7WDM Worm Drive Circular Saw.

Featuring a good quality build, a high-torque motor and outputting at 5,000 Rotations Per minute, with sturdy construction, the unit is not only built to last, but it also boasts of power you need to perform even the hardest cutting task. Although it is a bit weighty, you’d love the stability that it has. 

Besides, within a pack, you get two extra blades which none of all the other options offer which means you don’t need to purchase replacement blade with this unit as much as you will do with other options in the list. 

What is the best worm drive saw

In terms of versatility, the best worm drive circular saw among the list is the Makita 7 ¼” Magnesium. Although it is lightweight like the SKILSAW, it comes in an excellent design and solid structure, comes with a great punch and performs quieter than others in the list.

Thus, for its excellent performance, minimal weight, powerful saw that is suitable for different types of professional tasks, the best choice is the seven ¼” Makita Magnesium. Besides, it is easy to use and comfortable on the hand. 

Our top best worm drive saw in the list for providing balance, comfortable handling, and ease-of-use is the 15-amp SKILSAW 7 ¼” 77. It is cost-effective given the value that it offers. The saw doesn’t disappoint just as other SKILSAW reputed brands of power tools. The SKILSAW 77 worm drive saw version is equally dubbed the most lightweight among related tool brands in the market.

And for the most rugged, tough and contractor grade model you’ll find in the market, we’ll recommend the DeWalt DWS535 7 ¼ inches worm drive saws. It’s more costly than the Makita model, but it is your next choice of professional-grade worm drive saw with a durable and solid build quality

Besides, this model from Dewalt comes with a powerful motor which delivers at the maximum rate of 4,800 Rotations Per Minute.

How do worm drive saws differ from sidewinders?

The main difference is in the torque they offer. Worm drive saws feature larger gear teeth which can carry more loads than the regular sidewinders. This makes them more durable and improves their power. The machine can thus manage larger impact loads. Also, it is robust enough to cut through tougher and harder tasks.

What is the benefit of a worm drive circular saw?

The worm drive saws come with motors positioned parallel to the blade to deliver sufficient torque required to cut through a wet log of wood or concrete. Thus, the worm drive saw is convenient for carrying out renovation tasks or for making frames. The rear position of the grip gives you more chance to have a better kickback resistance.

What is the key difference between hypoid saws and worm drive saws?

The primary difference between hypoid gears and worm-drive gears is the way they transmit their power. The worm-drive performs similar to the car steering gears whereas the hypoid gears look more like the back gears of a car. The two types of gears can be utilized together, particularly when the work situation requires more precise cuts.

What is a worm drive motor?

The term worm drive is used to represent a gear system where a gear that looks like a screw known as a worm is merged with a mesh of a worm gear that looks like a spur gear.

The main issue with worm drive gears is that they transmit motion in ninety degrees. The worm drive circular saws feature their motor at the back of the machine while their gears are placed in angle forty-five degrees. They come with a reduced blade speed with increased torque.

What is the cutting depth of a circular saw?

The capacity of the blade that comes with the circular is what regulates the cutting depth of the saw. Bigger blades have bigger cut depths. The standard diameter of a circular blade is 7 1/4 inches. Circular saws that come with blades of 6 inches and more at an angle of forty-five degrees can cut a depth of 2 inches through a block of wood in one pass.


If you’re in the market for the best worm drive saw, you have a lot of great options out there. However, if you want a versatile and practical best worm drive tools and finding it difficult to decide, any of our top picks in this review can make a good choice. 

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