Wen Track Saw Review: Do We Recommend?

Wen Track Saw Review: Do We Recommend?

Wen is one of the popular manufacturers of power tools which include track saws. Track saws are designed to make straight cuts. Track saws look like circular saws in multiple ways. For instance, like circular saws, they cut through materials using the integrated spinning blade. You can either hold it with one hand or both hands while cutting your wood.

Unlike circular saws, the blades of track saws are shielded within the body. With this, you can position your blade at any point in your project before you activate it to begin cutting. Another peculiar design element in track saws is a saw guide. This ensures you constantly get straighter cuts and saves you from the worry of material wastage. 

When matched with circular saws, track saws are best for accuracy and precision, and this is why you will find multiple brands and models in the market. Hence, searching the market for a suitable one might prove somewhat tedious.

We have provided a detailed review of one of the best models of Wen track saw, The WEN CT1065, to help you easily judge if it is suitable for your needs. We also provided an overview of other Wen track saw alternatives to help you decide on the best option.

Who Benefits From Using A Track Saw?

The Track Saw is good for everyone taking on any development, DIY projects, or tasks related to general woodworking. If you are a beginner, it is also ideal for you and can help you with cutting sheets precisely to use in carpentry projects or furniture.

Track Saws Vs Other Power Saws

A: Track Saw Vs Circular Saw

When comparing a track saw with a circular saw, it has the following advantages;

  • Easier set up– You can just align and cut after marking your project;
  • Cleaner cuts– The edges of your projects will have less chipping;
  • Straighter cuts– You won’t have a drift when using the guide.

The circular saw advantages here include;

  • Tight spaces– It doesn’t need a room for the guide like a track saw;
  • Uneven surfaces– The guide would relax comfortably on unsupported sheets or rough surfaces;
  • Small cuts– The best circular saws cut woods quickly and more accurately.

B: Track Saw Vs Table Saw

When comparing a track saw with a table saw, it has the following advantages;

  • Portability– You can easily move the track saw about;
  • Easier to cut sheets– The saw fits on top of the material, not the material on top of the saw;
  • Cuts on material that cannot move– This comprises wall apparatus or heavy objects.

However, a table saw surpasses in;

  • Repeatability– A table saw fence will let you make cuts repeatedly and quickly;
  • Milling cuts– A table saw can make Dado and Rabbet cuts, but a track saw can’t.

Best WEN Track Saw Reviews: The WEN CT1065

To help you find a good and quality track saw, you can use to handle your tasks, we have picked out the best track saw in the market that will satisfy your needs in all aspects. It is the WEN CT1065 and was designed for the DIY homeowner or casual woodworker especially beginners as it is quite affordable and cuts wood at a reasonable speed.

It is very efficient and sports an RPM of about 5,500 as it doesn’t have a high motor power. This model comes with the track though you wouldn’t find it on the CT9502 model.

Just like the table or panel saw, the WEN Track Saw comes in a compact and portable package and handles tasks nicely. To begin working, lay the track along your chosen surface and achieve a clean and smooth cut in ripping plywood, trimming doors, building furniture and any other tasks where you will have to make long, accurate, and stable cuts.

Our Top Pick
Wen CT1065 Circular Track Saw | Amazon

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can get yourself a great track saw. This Wen track saw is one of such high-quality ensured saw that offers high performance but comes at a very affordable price.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/14/2023 04:28 pm GMT

A Quick overview of WEN CT1065 Track Saw

The WEN CT1065 is a stable and precise track saw for those with a tight budget. This means that you won’t have to spend a fortune when purchasing it. Also, it comes with additional features like the track you wouldn’t find in all track saws and the port for dust collection.

Every track saw needs an effective anti-kickback mechanism so that you can handle your jobs safely. When a track saw jumps back, the effect could be very dangerous and cause harm to you or your task.

Fortunately, the CT1065 features this mechanism along with a 12 x 6-⅝ inch base that is large enough to give you the exact stability you desire.

Durability is another area this track saw champions over its peers. It has a steel build which makes it very durable and last long and can handle tough tasks without damaging.

With the CT1065, you are sure of a long-lasting era of woodworking without experiencing faults.

On the other hand, the saw is not perfect as it has some drawbacks. One of these is the plastic knobs and grooves that cause the machine to vibrate more than the normal saw.

Also, it does not have a rubber coating or textured design on the handle to give it a good grip.

A bare grip makes it uncomfortable to hold. Finally and just like other high-end track saws, the CT1065 has no riving knife, but aside these, it is a great saw you can use very widely without problems.


  • Weight: 13.55 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 14.06 x 11.61 x 10.63 inches
  • Model: CT1065
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

Performance and Features

  • Rip boards up to 2-1/3 inches thick with spotless, splinter-free cuts
  • Create 45-degree bevel cuts in boards up to 1-5/8 inches thick
  • Ideal for ripping boards or for performing internal plunge cuts

Main Features and Performance

The CT1065 has great features that you won’t see in the average track saw. These include;


If your track saw has a powerful motor, then you would carry out your projects easily. The WEN CT1065 has a speed of 5500 RPM and a power of 10 amp which makes it capable of cutting into any wood easily.


It has a great blade measuring up to 6.5 inches blade that makes it possible for it to cut through 2-⅓ inches of wood thickness. This is the right requirement for jobs that involve cutting like the making of doors, window panes, plywood, etc.

Additionally, the blade is made from steel and has 24 teeth fitted with carbide edges. The use of carbide, which is a mixture of carbon and metal in work tools is to improve the durability and resilience of the blade.

With this kind of blade, you can use the CT1065 to make clear and concise cuts as the accuracy is surprising at such an affordable track saw. It is also possible for you to adjust the settings of the blade before carrying out any projects.


If a track saw does not incorporate a feature that lets you adjust the bevel, then it is not suitable for woodwork. The CT1065 is very nice when making curved cuts as you can regulate the angle of the bevel from 0 to 45 degrees.


The CT1065 comes with a solid two-year limited warranty which assures you of its durability and quality.

Handling the WEN CT1065 Track Saw

When using the CT1065, you can use the powerful 10-amp motor which rotates the 6-1/2 inch blade up to 5500 times per minute to cut through even the toughest woods.

To form angled cuts in a board with a thickness of about1-5/8 inches, simply bevel the saw 45 degrees to the left, then set the depth gauge to any depth between 0 to 2-1/3 inches to manage the cutting depth of the saw.

When working, you do not have to bother since the 12 x 6-5/8 inch base has precision grooves that allow the saw to slide along the track slickly.

If you do not wish to use the track that comes along with it, you can as well use another track from a different manufacturer as it can fit them too.

On the other hand, you can singly use the saw as a plunge saw, as it has a flat base that gives you the utmost firmness and accuracy.

To use a different blade setting when working, you can easily switch between three different blade settings: one for scoring cuts that go 1/8-inch deep, one for full plunge cuts, and one to simplify blade changes.

The non-slip base cams decrease pinching and reduce kickback. You will also be free from duct disturbances as you can simply mount the dust port and connect it to your dust collection system to control sawdust and limit cleanup.

It is very easy to use this tool though you might have to put in smartness and tweak a thing or two for it to give you the best of its function. An example is the anti-kickback mechanism if which might put up some resistance for you as a pro but for a beginner who cannot predict a kickback easily, it won’t be much of an issue.

Aside from using it with the original equipment that came along it the pack, you can as well use it with the WEN CT9502 100-Inch Track and the WEN CT992F Track Saw Clamps as it is also compatible with them.

Our Top Pick
Wen CT1065 Circular Track Saw | Amazon

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can get yourself a great track saw. This Wen track saw is one of such high-quality ensured saw that offers high performance but comes at a very affordable price.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/14/2023 04:28 pm GMT

How Much Is The WEN CT1065 Sidewinder Circular Track Saw?

On the track saw market, the WEN CT1065 is one of the cheapest you can find as it costs just about some dollars that don’t amount up to two hundred. Despite the low price, it can handle tasks that some more expensive track saw can’t and perform better than most.


  • It has a low price point and is very suitable for those who are just entering the woodworking journey for the first time.
  • It has a 6 5/8 inch base which is very supportive when cutting material.
  • It has groves at the base that helps it in running smoothly on a saw track so that you can have clean cuts and avoid splintering the end of your projects


  • The power which is about 10 amps is within range of most plunge-cut saws and is quite small for this model.
  • It has levers and knobs that are made from a lower plastic grade and these can break during usage and will require constant replacement.

Aside from the WEN CT1065, you can try out other models by the same manufacturer like the following:

WEN CT105 Alternatives

1. WEN 3620 5-Amp 3-1/2-Inch Plunge Cut Compact Circular Saw with Laser, Carrying Case, and Three Blades

The WEN 3620 5-amp is a great saw for flooring, tile, drywall, sheet metal, carpet, ceramic, PVC, wood, and pipes. It can also cut additional materials.

The retractable spring-loaded plunge shoe helps you to achieve a simple and safe plunge cuts up to 1-1/8 inches deep.

It also comes with an integrated laser light that illuminates your line of cut and boosts accuracy with the integrated laser. The 5A motor swivels the 3-1/2-inch blade round 4500 times in a single minute.

The WEN saw also features an HSS metal-cutting blade, a diamond-coated tile-cutting blade, a carbide-tipped wood cutting blade, a carrying case, a dust extraction tube, a rip-guide fence, and a two-year warranty.

Wen 3620 Circular Saw | Amazon

Perfect for flooring, tile, drywall, sheet metal, carpet, ceramic, PVC, wood, pipes and more. Illuminate your line of cut and maximize accuracy with the included laser.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/14/2023 11:58 pm GMT

2. WEN 3625 5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Beveling Compact Circular Saw with Laser and Carrying Case 

The WEN 3625 5-AMP saw is a great option for wood, tile, drywall, sheet metal, ceramic, PVC, pipes, and more.

It allows you to produce beveled cuts in workpiece ranging from 0 to 45 degrees.

The integrated laser lights up your line of cut and enhances accuracy while the 5A motor helps in the rotation of the 4-1/2-inch blade 3500 times per minute to make cuts up to 1-11/16 inches deep.

Wen 3625 Compact Circular Saw | Amazon

The Wen 3625 looks the same as the 3620 with some internal changes. It has the same 5A motor but with 3500rpm. That means the 24 tooth carbide-tipped 4-1/2inches blade can be rotated 3500 times per minute by the motor.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/14/2023 06:19 pm GMT

It equally comes with a 24-tooth carbide-tipped wood cutting blade, a carrying case, a dust removal tube, and a two-year warranty.

3. WEN 3614 12 Amp Sidewinder

The Wen 3614 Track Saw is great for bevel cuts anywhere from 0 to 45 degrees.

It comes with an easily adjustable 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade, a dependable rip-cutting guide, an adjustable Depth Stop, and 12-Amp Side-Mounted Motor.

You equally get a Hex Wrench with this saw and a convenient self-retracting blade-guard.

It features a sidewinder design which reduces its weight to 7.6 pounds as it provides up to 5,500 RPM. Rip boards up to 2-7/16 Inch deep at 90 degrees or 1-13/16 at 45 degrees.

The regulating depth stop inhibits the saw from cutting deeper than you want to. Above all, you also get a convenient easily adjustable, and reliable 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade with this saw.

Wen 3614 12 Sidewinder Circular Saw | Amazon

The circular saw is well protected inside a body to prevent any accident. Adding the cherry on top, there is also a blade guard to protect the user from unwanted cuttings. It has four different knobs to adjust the blade however you expect it to function.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

4. WEN 36704 4.2-Amp 3-3/8-Inch Plunge Cut Compact Circular Saw with Laser, Carrying Case, and Three Blades

The WEN 36704 can also be used for flooring, tile, drywall, sheet metal, carpet, ceramic, PVC, pipes, and woodwork.

The unit’s 4.2A motor rotates the 3-3/8 inch blade a maximum of 4500 times every minute.

You can alter the depth stop to make cuts in boards up to one inch in thickness.

The tool integrates an HSS metal-cutting blade, a diamond-coated tile-cutting blade, a carbide-tipped wood cutting blade, a carrying case, an 80-inch dust removal pipe.

You equally get a rip-guide barrier and a two-year warranty with this saw.

Wen 36704 Circular Saw | Amazon

This versatile saw will provide you comfort and convenience while using this handy saw. Merely 3.5 pounds, a Wen saw can cut drywall, tile, wood, metals, carpet, and more. The compact size will reduce fatigue during the process.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/14/2023 11:49 am GMT

5. WEN 36725 12A 7-1/4-Inch Sidewinder Circular Saw with 2-1/2-Inch Cutting Depth, Black

The Wen 36725 Saw is multifunctional and can help you to perform multiple projects using its 12A 7-1/4-Inch Sidewinder Circular Saw.

The sidewinder structure of the blade features a motor that is installed directly close to the blade. This offers it an optimal torque at a lightweight.

It can cut boards of a maximum thickness of 2-1/2 inches using the integrated 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade.

You can use the blade for bevel cuts that range between 0 to 45 degrees for accurate angled cuts.

Alter, the depth stop to your intended cutting depth to get a perfect plunge cut in even the hardest of woods.

It also features a blade shield that makes automatic retraction during operation to ensure optimal safety in-between cuts.

This blade is a great option for cutting lengthy boards and making internal plunge cuts.

Wen 36725 Circular Saw | Amazon

Sidewinder design minimizes the unit's weight to 8.7 pounds while providing up to 4,500 RPM. An adjustable depth stop prevents the saw from cutting deeper than intended.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Are There Downsides To Using Track Saw?

Despite the capability of the track saw, there are still a few downsides to using the power tool. One of these is the thickness of the material it is working on. If you are using it to cut a thick material of about two inches or more, then you might damage the saw.

Furthermore, the material should not be too thin from 1/8-inch and below or else, the saw cannot cut it effectively and it will damage the wood.

The saw makes use of a clamping mechanism or anti-slip surface to keep the guide in position and this can move and misalign the guide. You should also use the saw to make long cuts which it can handle very well but for cross cuts, it won’t be suitable.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wen Track Saw

Before you go into the market of track saws, there are some features you should watch out for and these equally apply if you are searching for a Suitable model of Wen track saw. 

These features include;

1. Blade Size

The blade size of a track saw is one of the most important things to search for while buying one. When a saw or even a knife has a large blade, it will be able to cut into larger woods and it is the same with the track saw.

This comes in handy when you want to handle carpentry tasks that require large and thicker wooden planks. You can simply use your track saw and get a smooth, accurate, and nice cut without much stress.

The various tracks saws always have the size of their blades written on the pack and are measured in inches. The blade sizes normally include 6 ½ or 7 ¼ inches and of course, the 7 ¼ inch blade can perform better on larger and thicker woods than the former.

2. Blade Teeth

In addition to the size of the blade, you should as well check out the number of teeth on the blade and the material used in making them. Most of the track saws have teeth numbering between 24 and 48. With the blade having 48 teeth, you will be able to make smoother and neater cuts as you wouldn’t with the 24 teeth blade.

Based on the material, there are track saws that have been made from steel and others from carbide. With a carbide-tipped blade, you can make cuts for years without having to replace it since it is resilient and reliable.

3. Motor Power

Track saws are electric and use motors to run their blades when cutting wood. If the power of the track saw is high, then it will cut at superb speed and bog down rarely so when looking for one, ensure it has a motor of power of about 9 amps.

Aside from the 9 amps track saws, there are also other track saws that sports motors with powers reading up to 12 amps,13 amps, and also 15 amps. However, you should note that when the power is higher and the blades cut faster, then it would consume more electricity.

4. Motor Speed (RPM)

Just like the motor power, the motor speed of the track saw refers to the spinning speed of the motor or the blade while working. The speed is measured in RPM (rounds per minute) and there are various track saws having RPMs ranging up to 3000 RPM, 4000 RPM, or even 5000 RPM.

When a track saw has a higher RPM, it will produce more power and give it higher versatility when working. You will be able to cut wood quicker, neater, and more accurately so when choosing one, ensure it has a higher maximum motor speed in RPM.

Additionally, most of the track saws in the market let you change the motor if you are not comfortable with the speed at some point.

5. Depth settings

The settings of the track saw should be one that you can modify before or while carrying out any project. This will let you make great and accurate depths as long as it has a good functioning working locking mechanism.

6. Track Length

Just like the name, the track of the saw is the place you can lay your wooden material when working. This will help you make more stable and guided cuts and it is one advantage that makes it surpass the circular saw. However, if the track length is longer, then you can handle longer woods and if it is shorter, it will handle shorter woods but not longer ones.

Hence, you should ensure that you get one with a longer track length as you might have to cut a longer wood piece at a particular point of your woodwork journey and you will not have to go find a replacement. The track lengths are normally 55-inches or 80-inches of track length.

7. Bevel Level

The Bevel Level of a track saw is the ability to position a track saw blade at any angle you want when cutting.

This is a very useful feature that ranges from 0 to 45 degrees and helps you make beautiful cuts. It is normally used in tasks that involve shaping and curvy furniture that you do not wish to keep changing positions when trying to cut the wood pieces into shape sizes.

8. Durability and Reliability

Being durable and lasting long is a feature that all tools especially fairly cheap ones should have. If a tool needs constant replacement, then it is not fit for work and would cost you quite a lot. A track saw should be reliable and durable so that you can use it for a long time without experiencing any mechanical faults.

To do this, you should simply check the duration and availability of the warranty. Most manufacturers offer you guarantees that could last up to a year, three years, or even more.

9. Safety features

It is necessary to apply safety when handling tools especially cutting tools as the track saw. Some track saws come with electric brakes that make the blade stop quickly, riving knives to avoid kickback, a mechanism for duct collection, and even safety buttons that you can use for various purposes. Hence, you should look for one with most if not all of these safety features.


What is a track saw good for?

A track saw is useful for cutting, trimming, and ripping boards especially when you want the cuts to be free from splinters. You can as well use it for plunging since it will give you a deep and precise cut when you set it to a certain depth.

Can a track saw replace a table saw?

If you are speaking on technical terms, then you can use a track saw in place of a table saw depending on the kind of job you want to use it for. There are various jobs that if you use the track saw for them, you will accomplish the task perfectly and there are those that the track saw can’t handle and you will have to employ a table saw. One of the tasks that you can use a table saw instead of a track saw is when making rip cuts.

Should I buy a table saw or a circular saw?

The cost of a circular saw is only a fraction of the cost of a table saw so if you do not have enough money or on a low budget, then the circular saw should be right for you. Additionally, if you are looking for a saw you can conveniently take about to do your jobs at various locations, then the circular saw is more portable and easy to carry about.


To handle various kinds of cutting jobs, you need a saw, and the best saw that can give you the best functionality is the track saw.

Whether you are using it at your house or a job site or any location at all, the track saw is ideal.

In this article, we have explained the ways you can know a good track saw which you can use to carry out your projects without worries.

Also, we have given you a comprehensive highlight on the WEN CT1065 which is the topmost in the market.

However, if you feel that it does not match your expectation or project, you can simply go through the section on how to find the right track saw and get the one that would be right for you.

Still, ensure you maintain safety when using these saws so that you do not cause damage to yourself or your woodwork. Enjoy your woodwork journey as you make the best of your best with the best tools.


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