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Best Milwaukee Band Saw: Which of these Models Should You Choose?

Best Milwaukee Band Saw: Which of these Models Should You Choose?
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The best Milwaukee bands saws are portable and versatile tools that are powerful enough to cut through metal and most other materials. The Milwaukee Electric brand is owned by Techtronic Industries one of the largest power tools manufacturers on the market.

Woodworking tools as well as metalworking tools are the brand’s specialty, as Milwaukee Electric offers a rich selection of models that are capable of stunning performances.

Milwaukee’s band saws are famous for their reliability and durability among the giants in the band saw industry., as purchasing any of the brand’s models is usually a great investment. However, most of the portable band saws produced by Milwaukee have the same features, which makes it difficult to differentiate between them.

That’s why we selected some of the best Milwaukee band saws in order to help you find the one that fits in your workshop perfectly.

The 9 Best Milwaukee Band Saws

Best Overall: Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22 Band Saw Check latest price
Most Compact: Dual-Trigger 2829S-22 Band Saw Kit Check latest price
Best Variable Speed: Deep Cut Variable Speed 6232-20 Band Saw Check latest price
Best Corded: 6242-6 Compact Band Saw Check latest price
2629-20 Band Saw Check latest price
0729-20 M28™Band Saw Check latest price
M12™ Sub-Compact 2429-20 Band Saw Check latest price
6225 Portable Band Saw Check latest price
6238-20 Deep Cut AC/DC Band Saw Check latest price

Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22 Band Saw – The Best Dual Trigger Band saw

Dual-Trigger 2729S-22

The M18 Fuel™ technology makes the Milwaukee Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22 band saw one of the brand’s most powerful models. This portable band saw is equipped with the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor that enables the tool to cut through almost any material with ease.

The portable band saw operates at a constant speed regardless of the load, due to the Constant Power Technology and it performs cutting tasks quicker than corded models. Its design includes front and back handles that provide stability during the cutting process.

You must press both triggers on either handle to engage the tool, and the Jobsite Armor Technology will protect it from the debris. Moreover, the REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence protects the tool from overloading and it enables you to use the electronic clutch.

Shoe adjustments can be performed without the use of additional tools, which allows you to adapt to the requirements of the material you are working with quickly.


  • Compatible with M18™ batteries that have a long run time
  • 5 x 5 inches cutting capacity
  • The LED light illuminates the surface you are working on
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • This tool weighs 13.77lbs
  • All accessories must be purchased separately

Compact Dual-Trigger 2829S-22 Band Saw Kit– The Best Compact Band Saw

Milwaukee Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22

Although it is designed primarily for metalworking tasks, the Compact Dual-Trigger 2829S-22 Band Saw Kit can be used for a wide range of purposes. The 2829S-22 has almost identical features to the 2729S-22, but its cutting capacity is 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches.

Even so, this cordless band saw has a larger cutting capacity than most models produced by competing brands. This model is compatible with all M18™ batteries and you can choose between M12 and M18 chargers.

This 18V tool utilizes the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor and it is equipped with Constant Power Technology that enables it to maintain the same speed under heavy loads. Milwaukee’s model also features a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed at which you are performing a cut.

The power saw’s design prevents you from starting it until you hold it firmly with both hands, which increases your safety and eliminates the chances of engaging the tool accidentally.


  • The shoe can be adjusted with a push of a button
  • This model ships with 8/10 TPI band saw blades
  • Excellent safety features
  • Lightweight and capable of handling robust materials


  • Low cutting speed
  • This tool doesn’t have a hard case

Deep Cut Variable Speed 6232-20 Band Saw– The Best Variable Speed Band Saw

Milwaukee Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22

Like all Deep Cut models, the Milwaukee 6232-20 band saw has an impressive cutting capacity and it can handle even the most demanding jobs. This corded band saw utilizes an 11 Amp motor that is capable of maintaining the same operational speed with the help of CPT™.

Hence, you can set the tool’s speed within the radius of 0 to 380 SFPM, depending on the material you are working with.

You will need a 120V AC power outlet in order to get this band saw running, but keep in mind that the power cord isn’t too long and it may be difficult to reach the piece you want to cut.

This model features the Gear Protecting Clutch that absorbs the impact of the forces caused by the blade lock-up. Its Debris Protection System removes the debris from the work surface while the tool is still in use and keeps the pulley in good condition.


  • The simple speed adjustment process
  • Features the All Metal Direct Drive gearing system
  • Designed to enable users to have an overview of the surface they are cutting
  • Excellent cut capacity


  • Features only one handle
  • All accessories including blades have to be purchased separately

6242-6 Compact Band Saw– The Best-Corded Band Saw

6242-6 Compact Band Saw

Designed for electricians, plumbers, and all other professionals that cut metal and other materials frequently, the 6242-6 compact band saw can help you make cuts in tight spaces.

With a length of 16 inches and a weight of just 9.5lbs, this tool is easy to handle and you won’t experience fatigue while using it.

Also, the vibration level is at the minimum which further extends the tool’s cutting accuracy. Its 7 Amp motor can develop blade speeds that vary from 200 to 380 SFPM, while the built-in speed dial enables you to adjust the band saw’s speed to the material you are cutting.

The maximum cut capacity of this Milwaukee’s model is set to 3-1/4 inches, but its cutting capacity depends on the material. The blade ejection system allows you to switch between blades within a few moments, but it may take a few tries before you get the hang of the blade changing process.


  • Cast aluminum gear case can withstand heavy-duty usage
  • LED work light enables users to make cuts in low light conditions
  • Changing the blade speed is easy
  • Low vibration level


  • The power cord is just 8 feet long
  • More expensive than its competitors

2629-20 Band Saw

2629-20 Band Saw

In case you are searching for the Milwaukee band saw that can provide you with a lot of cutting power, then you should take a closer look at the 2629-20 model. This is a portable band saw that is powered by M18™ LITHIUM-ION batteries that ensure the tool has a long runtime.

The 2629-20 band saw is compatible with 35-3.8 inch blades and it operates at a constant speed of 480 SFMP. Its material shoe is particularly efficient when the tool is used to make cuts on materials that are already installed on wall and ceilings

The dual-action trigger makes it easy to engage the tool and it provides you with complete control over the band saw during the cutting process. The Blade Ejection System allows for a quick blade change so that you can easily switch between blades at a worksite.

This model weighs a little over ten pounds which makes it a perfect choice for cuts that are above your eye level.


  • M18™ LITHIUM-ION battery secures hours of operation between two charging sessions
  • Capable of cutting through almost any material
  • The intuitive blade change process
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Non-adjustable blade speed
  • High vibration level

0729-20 M28™Band Saw

0729-20 M28™Band Saw

Battery life can reduce the efficiency of a portable band saw. The Milwaukee 0729-20 band saw solves this problem by using the M28™ LITHIUM-ION battery that has a longer runtime than the batteries from the highly praised M18™ series.

This 28V band saw has 4-3/4 x 4-3/4 cutting capacity which makes it suitable for a broad range of heavy-duty tasks. You can switch between two blade speed modes, as the tool enables you to operate it within the 0 to 225 SFPM range or 0 to 350 SFPM range.

Also, the tool is equipped with the worm gear and chain drive that ensure smooth speed adjustment. Like most similar portable band saws, this model utilizes blades that have the length of 44-7/8 inches, but you must purchase the blade you want to use separately from the tool.

Despite a non-slip grip and an ergonomic design that ensures an unobstructed view of the work surface managing, this tool can be difficult due to a high vibration level.


  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Variable blade speed
  • M28™ batteries provide long runtime
  • Suitable for use in nighttime conditions


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Poor safety features

M12™ Sub-Compact 2429-20 Band Saw

M12™ Sub-Compact 2429-20 Band Saw

The perfect mixture of weight and power makes the M12™ Sub-Compact 2429-20 Band Saw a unique option for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The tool utilizes Milwaukee’s M12™ battery that can provide you with up to 150 cuts between two charging sessions, although both the battery and the charger are not included in the kit.

This 12V band saw weighs 6.75lbs and it is 11 inches long which makes it perfect for jobs that have to be completed in tight spaces that are not easy to reach. However, its cutting capacity is limited, as you can only cut materials at the depth of 1-5/8 inches.

The maximum blade speed this tool can develop is limited to just 280 SFPM, and you can’t use it to cut through thick and sturdy materials.

The Dual-Action trigger enables you to control how and when you engage the blade saw, while the adjustable blade tension system simplifies the blade change process.


  • Portable and easy to handle
  • Cuts through different materials in a few seconds
  • The M12™ battery supplies 150 cuts per charge
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


  • Low and non-adjustable blade speed
  • Limited cutting capacity

6225 Portable Band Saw

6225 Portable Band Saw

Like all Milwaukee’s band saws, the 6225 portable band saw is capable of stunning performances, even though the features it offers are not impressive at first glance.

This corded band saw can be powered from any 120V AC power outlet and a 6 Amp motor can operate at either 200 SFPM or 250 SFPM. Its maximum cutting capacity is 3-1/2 inches for rounded pieces, and 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches for square-shaped stock.

However, the ball and roller bearing construction as well as worm gear and chain drive mechanism make this tool incredibly sturdy and ensure that you can continue using it after its 5-year warranty period expires.

It also utilizes a self-lubricating system that reduces the wear and tear of its internal components. The 6225 model is 20 inches long and weighs approximately 16lbs so you can only use it if you are sure that you have enough space to make a cut safely.


  • Long warranty period
  • Sturdy internal construction
  • Compatible with standard 44-7/8 blades
  • Changing blades doesn’t take a lot of time


  • Low power output
  • No DC compatibility

6238-20 Deep Cut AC/DC Band Saw

6238-20 Deep Cut ACDC Band Saw

An 11 Amp motor, all-metal direct drive, and excellent cut visibility are some of the reasons why the 6238-20 Deep Cut AC/DC band saw is among the best power tools on the market. The AC/DC compatibility enables you to power the tool from a generator or a conventional power outlet.

Its cutting capacity is 5 x 5 inches in a single pass, while the adjustable shoe reduced the need to rotate the tool while working with materials that are thicker than 5 inches.

All adjustments of the band saw’s shoe can be made by simply pushing the button so that you can quickly adapt to the material you are cutting. Milwaukee’s model is equipped with a Debris Protection System that keeps the work surface clean and prevents the debris from damaging the pulley.

In addition, the band saw’s a unique design that includes a slim motor housing that allows you to see exactly where the blade goes.


  • Industry-leading cutting capacity
  • AD/DC capability allows the user to power the band saw from different sources
  • Features proprietary composite material and crush zone barriers
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • The length of the power cord can limit the range within which you can use this tool
  • Requires additional accessories

The factors worth considering while buying a Milwaukee band saw

milwaukee saws

The differences between Milwaukee band saws are minuscule as each model is built with efficiency in mind. So, the weight of a band saw or its blade speed can determine for which types of jobs you can use them.

All band saws we covered in this article are powerful enough to cut through metal but their cutting depth varies, and some models may struggle to cut stock that is wider than 3-1/2 inches.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important aspects you should consider while choosing a Milwaukee band saw

Check out how Milwaukee Power Tools compare to Makita in our full comparison.

Power source

You can choose between corded and cordless models. Cordless models are powered with M12, M18, or M28 batteries, and each of them provides you with a different number of cuts per charge.

The M12 is the least powerful battery as it can only last through 150 cuts before a recharge, while the M18 and M28 have a longer life but they are also more expensive.

Cutting capacity

The high-end Milwaukee band saws have a cutting capacity of 5 x 5 inches for the square stock, which is more than most competitors can offer.

However, only a handful of models are capable of cutting materials at the depth of 5 inches, and most band saws offered by this manufacturer have a cutting capacity that varies between 1 and 4 inches.


The length and width of the blade depend on the model you are interested in, but most Milwaukee band saws utilize standard 44-7/8 blades.

However, some band saws offered by this manufacturer are shorter and for that reason why you must check which blades can be used with the model, you are interested in. Also, you should check out our top circular saw blade recommendations.

Safety features

Despite being famous for its industry-leady safety options, Milwaukee doesn’t include overload protection or Job Site Armor technologies in all their band saws.

Furthermore, vibration levels can make handing these tools difficult, and you should opt for a model that has a relatively low vibration level.

Additional accessories

In most cases, you will have to buy batteries, chargers, blades, or covers separately from the tool, as only several kits Milwaukee offers to include each of these accessories.

The cost of the accessories you need to use band saws produced by Milwaukee should be factored in while you are considering different pricing options.


Question: Which materials can I cut with a Milwaukee band saw?

Answer: Although they are primarily designed to cut metal, Milwaukee band saws can be used to cut other materials. However, you must make sure that the blade you have is suitable for the material you want to cut.

Question: How durable are Milwaukee Band Saws?

Answer: The fact that the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty for most of their band saw models is perhaps the best indicator of their durability. Milwaukee band saws are built from sturdy materials that can withstand frequent, heavy-duty usage.

Question: Are dual-trigger models better than the single trigger Milwaukee band saws?

Answer: Band saws that have a dual trigger functionality, also have two handles and you can’t engage these tools unless you have both hands on them. This makes them safer to use than the single trigger band saws that can be engaged by accident.

Question: How expensive are Milwaukee band saws?

Answer: You don’t have to spend more than $300 on a Milwaukee band saw, but you should keep in mind that a charger and the better for a cordless model might not be included in the offer.

The verdict: Which is the best Milwaukee band saw?

There are only a handful of brands that offer band saws that can compete with the models produced by Milwaukee Electric. Both corded and cordless models can operate at speeds that are well above 300 SFPM and you can use them to cut through almost any material.

The Milwaukee Deep Cut Dual-Trigger 2729S-22 band saw is probably your best option if you are searching for a band saw that provides a perfect combination of power, cutting capacity, and safety options.

On the other hand, the Compact Dual-Trigger 2829S-22 Band Saw Kit comes with all accessories you need to start using the band saw right away, while its compact design enables you to make cuts even at places that are hard to reach.

Best Overall
Milwaukee 2729-22 Deep Cut Band Saw | Amazon

The M18 FUEL Band Saw cuts faster than its corded counterparts, provides the same legendary durability of a Milwaukee corded band saw and delivers up to 2X more run time than other cordless options.

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Most Compact
Milwaukee 2829-22 M18 Band Saw
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Best Variable Speed
Milwaukee 6232-20 Band Saw
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Best Corded
Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Band Saw
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Which Milwaukee band saw are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know or check out our cabinet saw vs band saw comparison.


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