The Best Track Saws and How to Find Them

Best Track Saws

The quality of the equipment you keep in your workshop increases your ability to process workpieces professionally. Inexpensive track saws, for instance, often lack important features which can potentially endanger your safety or produce underwhelming results.

That is why investing in a powerful track saw that can make long straight or plunge cuts effortlessly is a much better choice for seasoned woodworkers.

There are hundreds of track saw models on the market, but finding the one that meets all your needs can be a bit difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So, in this guide, we’re going to take you through our selection of best track saws and we’ll show you how to find them.

What’s a Track Saw Used For?

Cutting a piece of wood is a relatively easy task unless that workpiece is incredibly long, since keeping a saw perfectly straight is extremely difficult for a prolonged period of time.

Track saws offer an easy solution to this problem as they are equipped with a track guidance system that keeps the blade straight while cutting a piece of wood.

Skilled woodworkers choose to include track saws in their tool kit because it grants them versatility and allows them to use just one saw on a project instead of using several different tools to process wood.

Moreover, the rails feature a flexible strip that is designed to offer additional support for the workpiece and reduce the chipping created by the track saw during the cutting process.

The guide rail can be angled in virtually any direction, enabling you to cut larger pieces of wood without any limitations. The vast majority of track saws have several speeds which makes them a perfect choice for cutting through both thick and thin workpieces.

That’s why track saws can be utilized to perform fine cuts that don’t require additional sanding on plywood, lumber or moldings among numerous other materials. In case you would also like to add a miter saw to your collection of woodworking tools you should check out our guide through miter saws.

Best Track Saws

Why Pick a Track Saw Over a Table or a Circular Saw?

Despite the fact that the circular saw looks almost identical to track saws these two woodworking tools are quite different. Circular saws are much cheaper than track saws, but they also lack the versatility and precision provided by track saws.

The dust and debris produced by a circular saw can create a plethora of problems that reduce your ability to perform a straight cut. What’s more, circular saws can’t be used for plunge cuts, and your cuts must start from one of the edges of the material, which limits your options significantly.

The guide rails are yet another reason why track saws are a much more reliable choice than circular saws, as the latter doesn’t rely on guiding systems to ensure precision.

The rails also keep the workpiece firmly in place, eliminating the possibility of making a mistake caused by the unwanted movement of the material. The blade of a track saw is safely positioned within the saw, which makes them much safer to work with than circular saws.

The size and portability of table saws are probably the main reasons why woodworkers prefer track saws. However, table saws can cut both metal and plastic, while track saws are simply not powerful enough to cut anything else other than wood. If you are thinking about buying a table saw, you can read the full review of the Rigid R4512 model here.

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What are the Advantages of Using a Track Saw?

There are several major benefits of using a track saw to cut wood. The first and possibly the most important reason for choosing a track saw is its ability to perform smooth long cuts.

Woodworkers who cut large sheets of plywood and other materials can benefit from acquiring a track saw, as it enables them to cut a piece of wood with a great deal of precision. Moreover, the workpiece will require little to no finishing after the cut since track saws are known for their capacity to make clean cuts.

Dust that is being produced during the process of cutting wood can be difficult to collect and it can cause a range of health problems. Track saws are equipped with dust ports that are compatible with nearly all dust collection systems that make your work environment healthier and safer.

The guide rails that come bundled with the most track saw models serve a dual purpose as they ensure that cut you’re making it perfectly straight while keeping the workpiece in place. In this manner, the guide rails drastically reduce the possibility of accidents that can potentially endanger the lives of woodworkers.

Portability is a major facet of all track saws because these woodworking tools don’t necessarily have to be used in a workshop. In fact, the only thing you need to start cutting a piece of wood is a power source and a work surface that is stable enough to support the workpiece.

Track Saw Advantages

A Couple of Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Track Saw

Buying a random piece of equipment and hoping for the best is not the best approach you can take towards setting up a woodworking workshop. Instead, you should try to get as much information about a track saw or any other tool you’d like to acquire.

Read on if you would like to find out which aspects you should consider before buying a new track saw or follow this link if you would like to take a look at some of our tool reviews.

  • How powerful is the track saw’s motor: Checking the motor’s power is somewhat intuitive because you must make sure that the track saw is powerful enough to enable you to cut through different types of wood. Keep in mind that track saws that have motors more powerful than 9-amp are also more expensive.
  • The length of the guide rails: The longer the cuts you’d like to make, the longer the length of the track should be. Purchasing guide rails that are longer than the cuts you’re planning to make, is usually a good idea since it gives you more versatility.
  • Corded VS cordless track saws: The length of a cord can create unnecessary troubles, so it is better to choose a track saw that has a 14-foot cord instead of a track saw with an 8-foot cord. Cordless track saws are a neat solution if you often work in environments where you don’t have easy access to power, but you must make sure that the battery is charged every time you start working on a new workpiece.
  • Revolutions per minute: The speed at which a track saw cuts determines if it can cut through thick materials. Hence, most standard models that have the maximum speed of 2000RPM are only a good option if you don’t plan to cut thick pieces of wood, otherwise, you should choose a track saw that has the maximum speed of 6000FPM or even more.
  • Bevel ability: The vast majority of track saws can either make straight cuts or cuts at a 90-degree angle. Purchasing a track saw that features a bevel adjuster will enable you to set an angle at which you want to cut, and provide you with more versatility.

The Best Track Saws of 2020

Finding the right track saw can be a painstakingly long process if you don’t know where to look. We’ve compiled a collection of best track saws for you that will make choosing the one that meets all your needs both faster and easier. So, let’s get started.

Bosch GKT 55 GCE

Bosch GKT 55 GCE

Woodworkers in need of a track saw capable of performing even the most intricate plunge cuts with stunning precision should look no further. The Bosch’s GKT 55 GCE features a 1400 Watt motor that can operate at 3600FPM or 6250FPM. In addition, the specialized precision blade has a maximum saw the depth of 90-degrees and a diameter of 165mm.

This otherwise powerful and efficient tool ships with a 1600 FSN guide rail and it is also compatible with both Festool and Maxell guide rail systems that can be purchased separately. The track saw’s durability and affordability make it an excellent addition to any woodworking workshop.


  • Electronic regulation of the blade speed
  • 1,400 Watt motor
  • 165mm blade diameter
  • Integral dust extraction bag
  • Operates at 3600 and 6250FPM
  • 2.5 m/s2 vibration emission value
  • Chip outlet that ensures cleaner working conditions
  • Load and torque are reduced during startup

Pros and Cons



Excellent saw depth

Relatively heavy


The dust extractor can be a bit stiff

Superb dust extraction features


Easily changeable blades



Customer opinions of Bosch GKT 55 GCE

  • It’s absolutely brilliant
  • Cuts are extra clean
  • Adjustments are easy to make
  • The clamps for the track are expensive
  • The saw blade is excellent
  • Much better than a standard circular saw

Bosch GKT 55 GCE can handle cuts as long as 10-feet with utmost precision. In addition, this track saw can cut through a broad spectrum of materials which makes it a perfect option for all home-based workshops. It is undoubtedly one of the best track saws in its price range.

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

Festool 575389 Track Saw A quick glance at this model’s list of specifications will reveal why this Festool 575389 model is so highly praised by professionals and hobbyists alike. The 13AMP motor that lets you cut at speeds that range from 1,350 to 3,550RPM ensures that you can cut even through thicker workpieces.

The track saw has a 45-degree bevel capacity, which enables you to make perfectly angled cuts. The maximum cut length isn’t set as it depends on the track you’re using, which means that you can use the Festool 575389 for both short and long cuts. This sturdy track saw ships with an easily changeable blade designed to help you make even and splinter-free cuts that can be longer than 100-inches.


  • A 120 volt, 13AMP motor
  • 36 tooth wood blade
  • Speeds vary from 1,350 to 3,550RPM
  • Splinter Guard
  • Maximum cut length varies from 18 to 183-inches depending on the guide rail
  • 0-45-degrees bevel capacity
  • Slip clutch that reduces the kickback risk
  • T-Loc Systainer 5

Pros and Cons



3-year warranty


Compatible with different guide rails

Relatively limited use

Ergonomic design


Lightweight and portable


Customer opinions of Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

  • Smooth cuts, no tear-out and the ability to maintain a perfect edge
  • This track saw is amazing and worth every penny
  • The cord could be a little longer
  • Price is too high
  • A great addition to any workshop
  • The quality and precision are superb

The fact that Festool 575389 exceeds the expectations of the most demanding users is an indication of its quality. The hefty price tag is more than justified by the advanced cutting capabilities provided by this track saw. However, this is a highly specialized tool that performs well on a limited range of materials.

Our Choice Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

The Festool 575389 track saw is ideal for amateur as well as more experienced woodworkers. It's a powerful tool providing accuracy and versatility by allowing users to easily switch speeds and make long straight cuts. The Festool 575389 will allow you to replace the world's most advanced cabinet saws, miter saws, and panel saws...

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DEWALT DWS520K TrackSaw Kit

Making long, short or plunge cuts with Dewalt’s DWS520K model is a breeze, as you can adjust all the parameters quickly. The continuous anti-kickback system protects you from potential accidents, while the low profile blade guard enables you to make cuts in areas that difficult to reach. The Dewalt’s track saw is powered by a 12 AMP motor that can generate speeds in the range from 1,750 to 4000RPM.

The DWS520K model has a 47-degree bevel capacity and it can be used with dual-edged tracks that guarantee straight cuts in both directions. What’s more, this track saw is equipped with a depth scale that enables you to know the depth of a cut at all times. Dewalt DWS520K offers more than the previous two track saw models we reviewed at a reasonable price.


  • 47-degree bevel capability
  • 2-1/8-inch maximum cut depth at 90-degrees
  • 1-5/8-inch maximum cut depth at 45-degrees
  • A depth scale for added accuracy
  • 12AMP motor
  • Continuous anti-kickback system
  • 4000FMP maximum speed
  • 1-1/4-inch dust port

Pros and Cons



Zero Clearance TrackSaw system

Some kits ship without the track

Capable of making precise long cuts

The design has its faults

Weighs just 11.5 lbs


Can be used with dual-edged tracks


Customer opinions of DEWALT DWS520K

  • Incredibly precise cuts
  • Useful for sheet goods and door bottoms
  • Poor case design
  • Excellent for breaking down materials
  • Requires special blades that are expensive
  • The motor causes blade vibration

If the customer opinions suggest the track saw’s quality, then DEWALT DWS520K is unquestionably one of the best options on the market. It is capable of making accurate long cuts through thick materials and it can replace the need for circular and table saws enabling you to use just one tool instead of several on most projects.

Triton TTS1400

Triton TTS1400

Aside from the 12AMP, 1400 Watt motor, there is very little about this track saw that makes it noteworthy. The speed that ranges from 2,000 to 5, 350 RPM is arguably the Triton TTS1400’s greatest advantage over the other models we featured in this guide. The Triton’s track saw features a knob that lets you switch between scoring, blade changing and the plunge action cutting modes.

The model has the maximum 48-degrees bevel capacity, which enables you to make angled cuts. The Triton TTS1400 has an anti-kickback mechanism that ensures your safety while performing a cut using a track. However, you will have to purchase the guide rail separately.

Despite being a durable track saw that is designed for prolonged use, Triton TSS1400 is still not a better option than any of the track saws we included in this article.


  • Handles that provide comfort while cutting
  • A powerful 12AMP motor
  • A 48TCG saw blade
  • 2,000 – 5,350 RPM speeds
  • Universal dust outlet adaptor
  • Plunge lock
  • A knob that lets you switch between modes effortlessly
  • 95db sound level

Pros and Cons



Changing the blades doesn’t require much effort

1-year warranty

The motor provides a decent amount of power

The kit doesn’t feature guide rails

Clean and precise cuts

Relatively loud

Outstanding bevel capacity


Customer opinions of Triton TTS1400

  • Poorly designed
  • Not the worst, but not the best either
  • Produces a high level of vibration
  • Capable of making straight cuts
  • The markings are useless
  • Good high-quality product

With a $303 price tag, Triton TTS1400 is a great choice for inexperienced woodworkers in need of a tool that will enable them to make straight cuts quickly.

On the other hand, this Triton’s track saw isn’t reliable enough for professional use, as it requires additional accessories in order to deliver just a decent performance.

Shop Fox W1835

Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

This may not be the best track saw for professional use, but it is a perfect choice for woodworking hobbyists in need of a tool that enables them to make straight, cross or plunge cuts.

The Shop Fox W1835 has a 9AMP motor that allows for the maximum speed of 5,500 RPM. Moreover, the blade’s diameter is 6.25-inches or 160mm while its arbor is 0.7-inches or 20mm wide which enables the Shop Fox W1835 to cut through thicker materials.

The track saw’s bevel capacity is 45-degrees, meaning that you can use it to make both 90-degree and 45-degree cuts with ease. The best part is that the Shop Fox W1835 can make cuts just 5/8-inches from the wall.


  • The maximum cut depth at 90-degrees is 2-5/32-inches
  • The maximum cut depth at 45-degrees is 1-5/8-inches
  • 9AMP, 120V motor
  • The maximum speed is 5,500 RPM
  • 1-1/2-inch dust port
  • Kickback protection
  • 9070 feet per minute rim blade speed
  •  A 6-feet long electrical power cord

Pros and Cons



Well-built and nicely designed

The guide rail must be purchased separately

Great value at an affordable price

Lacks the power to cut through thick materials

The powerful dust collection system

Blade wobbling can be an issue

Makes accurate cuts


Customer opinions of Shop Fox W1835

  • A joy to use
  • Better than circular saws for cutting plywood
  • The motor is undersized and the blade is poor
  • Works great
  • Awkward saw to get used to
  • Time saver

Cutting plywood or flooring with Shop Fox W1835 is a quick and simple process. Don’t expect too much from this track saw, though, because it wasn’t designed to perform complex cuts on thick pieces of wood. Shop Fox W1835 is a great tool for DIY home-decorators who have no intention of using it professionally.

Grizzly T10687 Track Saw
The T10687 is sold as the saw only. This track saw redefines the circular saw, making traditional circular saws obsolete! Its plunge-cutting action eliminates flip-up blade guards and its riving knife reduces the risk of pinching,
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Grizzly T10687

Grizzly T10687 Track Saw

If you already have one of the Grizzly’s products, then you already know that this brand name guarantees quality. Grizzly T10687 cannot be compared with more professional track saws we covered in this guide, but it is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to make simple cuts with it. The 9AMP motor can’t provide enough power to cut through thick materials, despite a 5500 RPM speed it can generate.

The built-in riving knife provides protection against kickbacks while the track saw’s 1-1/2-inch dust port keeps the work area clean. Grizzly T10687 can make cuts at both 90 and 45-degrees and the maximum cutting depth depends on the angle at which you’re cutting a workpiece as well as whether you’re using a rail or not.


  • 1.1kW, 9AMP motor
  • 48 tooth blade that rotates at the maximum speed of 5500RPM
  • Riving knife that prevents kickbacks
  • A cutting depth limiter
  • The minimum distance between the blade and the wall is 5/8-inches
  • 1-1/2-inch dust port
  • Maximum cutting depth at 90-degrees is 2-5/32-inches without the rail
  • Weighs 11lbs

Pros and Cons



Affordable and reliable

Insufficient motor power

Lightweight and suitable for on-site projects

Kickback can be an issue

Excels at plunge cutting

Lacks accuracy

Quick and simple maintenance

Rail guides must be purchased separately

Customer opinions of Grizzly T10687

  • Great starter track saw
  • Lacks the power to cut through almost anything
  • Far from a perfect tool
  • Requires modifications to be truly functional
  • Riving knife hits the side of the wood
  • Provides the necessary accuracy to cut plywood

This track saw is only a good option for the newcomers to the world of woodworking, as it lacks the power and accuracy for even slightly complicated cuts. Even though the Grizzly T10687 can be purchased for less than $200 you’ll need additional equipment in order to use it effectively.

Bosch Tools Track Saw GKT 13-225L

Bosch Tools Track Saw GKT 13-225L

Unlike the last few track saws on this list, this tool is everything a professional woodworker can ask for. This kit comes with a 6-1/2-inch blade and 6-1/4-inch 48 tooth blade that can be used for straight and plunge cuts equally effectively.

The GKT 13-225L has -1 to 47-degree bevel capacity, while its 13AMP motor maintains the constant speed even while under a heavy load. The guide rails must be purchased separately, but this model is compatible with a number of Bosch’s tracks and finding the one that meets your demands shouldn’t be too difficult.

This track saw has a lot of power and is designed to make accurate cuts that require a minimum amount of finishing afterward.


  • Plunge mechanism for highly accurate plunge cuts
  • 13AMP, 120V motor
  • 3,600 to 6,250 RPM speed
  • Simple blade change system
  • 12.5-foot electric power cord
  • A single bevel point
  • Overload protection system
  • A dust collection port

Pros and Cons



The kit includes multiple blades

The tracks must be purchased separately

Delivers a high level of accuracy

Low portability due to weight

Overload protection system that prevents the motor from overheating


Changing speeds is easy


Customer opinions of Bosch Tools Track Saw GKT 13-225L

  • Better than expected
  • Excellent dust collection
  • Powerful and precise
  • Requires a lot of accessories for optimum performance
  • A track saw for professionals

Bosch’s GKT 13-225L is one of the best track saws on the market at the moment because it provides versatility and accuracy to skilled woodworkers.

Its price is a bit steep, especially when you consider that it doesn’t ship with guide rails, but purchasing this track saw is an investment that will pay off in time.

Our Verdict

Each of the track saws we included in this guide is designed to enable its users to make long or plunge cuts effortlessly. In case you are looking for a track saw that can cut plywood and similar materials, then choosing a less expensive model like Grizzly T10687 or Shop Fox W1835 is a much better option.

You’ll only have to spend a fraction of what you’d have to invest into a professional track saw, and you’ll get a reliable tool that is built to last.

Experienced woodworkers who need a powerful tool that enables them to switch speeds easily or make long straight cuts can hardly go wrong if they opt for Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw or Bosch Tools Track Saw GKT 13-225L models. You’ll also have to consider purchasing additional equipment that will make the process of cutting wood even easier.

Our Choice Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

The Festool 575389 track saw is ideal for amateur as well as more experienced woodworkers. It's a powerful tool providing accuracy and versatility by allowing users to easily switch speeds and make long straight cuts. The Festool 575389 will allow you to replace the world's most advanced cabinet saws, miter saws, and panel saws...

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FAQs About Track Saws

What does a track saw do?

Track saws are excellent devices for ripping boards and cutting them, and these devices also provide cutting them in pieces without splinters. With track saws, you don’t have to worry about ending up with uneven parts because they can be adjusted to a precise depth.

Can you use a track saw without the track?

Unfortunately no. Unlike circular saws which can be used without track, track saws must be used with it.

How much does a track saw costs?

There are plenty of different track saws on the market, and while some may be cheaper, it’s always best to invest into a more expensive device that will be able to last longer and that you will be able to use it on frequent basis.


The tools you use to cut wood can extend the scope of things you’re able to do, but you should also keep in mind that some saws offer only limited capabilities. A high-quality track saw that can replace a number of tools in your tool kit is always a great addition to a woodworking workshop. Which track saw are you planning on buying in 2019? Leave a comment and let us know.

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