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Triton Router Review: Does this Dual Mode Router Table Live Up to the Hype?

Triton Router Review: Does this Dual Mode Router Table Live Up to the Hype?
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Our Triton Router review takes a closer look at one of the most highly praised woodworking tools on the market.

The Triton Company is famous for the quality of power tools it produces and its dual-mode router and plunger is yet another remarkable model in the manufacturer’s impressive assortment of home improvement tools.

The Triton TRA001 Router lets you switch between the router and plunger functionalities with a push of a button which enables you to perform cuts at varying depths. Also, this plunge router offers a broad range of features that make the process of cutting small pieces of lumber a breeze.

Triton Router

In this Triton Router review, we are going to take you through all of the most important features of the TRA001 model as well offer you several alternative solutions for your next router.

Key specifications of the Triton TRA001 Router

Finding the best wood router for your workshop requires you to know which type of cuts you want to make, as a plunge router grants you wider freedom of movement while a fixed-base router allows you to have more control over the height adjustments.

A model like Triton TRA001 combines the features of both a plunger and a router so that you can choose if you want to place the base on the face of the piece you’re processing or position it flatly on the lumber you want to cut. Let’s go through the key specifications of Triton’s TRA001 dual-mode router table.

Motor Variable speed 2400W 3-1/4 HP
Plunge range 0 – 2 3/5 inches
Speed maintenance  8000 – 21000 rpm
Collet range ½ – 0.4 inches
Spindle lock type Automatic
Dimensions 10.20 x 12.90 x 11.40 inches
Weight 14.33lbs
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Core features of the Triton TRA001 Router

This Triton’s model comes with a broad spectrum of features that make woodworking tasks you want to perform in your workshop easier. Anything from mounting this tool on the table to performing delicate decorative cuts requires only a moderate amount of effort.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a seasoned woodworker in order to handle this machine as it enables you to install or change cutting bits and adjust the cutting heights in just a few easy steps. Besides, the TRA001 router offers great safety features that minimize the chances of accidents.

Here are some of the model’s core features.


This is a sturdy and durable tool that is designed to cut through both thick and thin lumber. This model weighs just 14.33lbs, and you don’t need to have a lot of physical strength to mount it on a worktable.

In addition, the TRA001 is compact as its dimensions are 10.20 x 12.90 x 11.40 inches and you can easily find space for it if you want to carry it to a job site. The model comes with a multi-function fence and shield system that prevents you from hurting yourself accidentally.

The tool has a neon Power ON indicator and the automatic spindle lock engages only once the power button is covered. Moreover, users have quick access to brushes and they can change them quickly in case they are worn out. Changing the cutting bit on the TRA001 router requires you to have just one wrench, which enables you to switch between different cutting bits within minutes.

Overall functionality

This dual-mode router can handle a broad spectrum of wood cutting tasks with a great deal of precision. It features a 2-in-1 base that is suitable for plunging and routing jobs, as you can use the plunge base to create complex patterns on lumber.

The tool’s router with rack and pinion feature enables you to create smooth edges or surfaces and you can switch between two bases with a flip of a switch. Also, you won’t have to use a complicated fitting mechanism, as the TRA001 utilizes an intuitive table winder that fits on different work surfaces.

Once the tool is mounted, you can use its removable plunge spring to adjust the cutting bit to the demands of the task you want to perform. Moreover, installing or removing the fence that keeps your hands at a safe distance from the cutting bit requires you to just use the quick-fit pins.

The engine and speed regulation

This tool is equipped with a 2400W 3-1/4 HP motor that comes with the electronic speed maintenance feature. The cutting bit can operate at speeds that range from 8000 rpm to 21000 rpm with or without load.

Motors with variable speeds enable you to preselect the speed at which you want to perform the cut and allow you to maintain the same speed while cutting through hard and soft parts of the lumber you’re processing.

Adjusting the speed setting doesn’t require too much effort, as the TRA01 model offers the soft start feature that increases the speed gradually. Instead of starting at maximum speed, the tool gives you enough time to select the speed at which you want to perform the cut.

This feature makes the tool safer to use as it makes it easier to maintain control over it which in turn protects you from potential accidents.

Triton TRA001 Plunge Router | Amazon

The Triton comes with many safety features that allow you to adjust the settings without any complication or risk of injuring yourself. No need to accidentally have the machine tip over or slip while turned on, as it will be safely secured onto your workspace.

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01/14/2022 01:45 am GMT

Height adjustments

You don’t need years of woodworking experience to make a precise cut with this Triton’s router, as it features easily readable height markings that let you choose at which height you want to cut. The TRA001 has a 3-stage turret with easily readable scales that allow you to choose one of the pre-set cutting heights.

The tool’s plunge capacities enable you to make cuts that are within the range of 0 – 2.3/5 inches and you just have to turn the knob to determine how deep the cut is going to be. You don’t necessarily have to use the height markings and the TRA001 enables you to choose any height value within its plunge radius.

The height adjustments can be made before you start cutting or while the tool is already operational so that you can fine-tune the height at which you are cutting in accordance with the demands of the piece you’re working with.

The ventilation system

Unlike most routers, the Triton TRA001 router is equipped with a ventilation system that collects the dust as you cut through lumber. The vents are located on the sides of the tool and besides keeping the work surface relatively tidy they also ensure that you have an unobstructed view of the lumber you’re cutting.

Also, the enclosed guarding makes the dust collection process more efficient, and it works together with the ventilation system to keep the amount of dust particles that reach the motor at a minimum.

Consequently, the motor of this tool isn’t exposed to the debris that can damage it or decrease its capabilities.

Additional accessories

Besides the dual-mode router, you will also get a pair of ½-inch and 0.4-inch collects if you opt for this Triton’s model. The TRA001 also ships with a collet wrench that enables you to tighten the bit you are using and a table height winder you can use to fix the tool to a work surface.

Router track adaptor, router table module, or the dust collection bucket are some of the accessories that are compatible with this tool. Besides, the manufacturer offers a template guide kit as well as the overhead mounting kit that broaden the range of woodworking tasks you can perform with the TRA001.

The cost and warranty period

Although this router may be more expensive than similar models, its dual-mode capability, a broad plunge range, and the variable speed motor make the Triton TRA001 a great addition to any woodworking workshop.

You can purchase this tool that comes with a three-year warranty for less than $300, but you must register the product within 30-days from the purchase to become eligible for the warranty the manufacturer offers.

It is worth pointing out that the warranty doesn’t include the replacement of the worn out cutting bits or brushes or any damage to the router that happened accidentally.

The pros of the Triton TRA001 Router

  • Variable motor speed – Routers that don’t have variable motor speeds are more difficult to operate. Besides allowing the users to set the speed anywhere between 8000 and 21000 rpm, this tool also has a Soft Start feature that increases the motor’s speed gradually.
  • Dual-mode capability – The Triton TRA001 can either be used as a router or as a plunger, which enables you to use the same tool for different types of wood cutting jobs. The process of switching between two modes is quick and simple, as you just need to push the button to transition from one mode to another.
  • The side vents – The ventilation system is not a common feature on routers, and handling dust particles is one of the greatest challenges of using these tools. The Triton TRA001 features a highly efficient ventilation system that is located on its sides and you can also purchase the dust collection bucket that helps you keep the work area clean.
  • Straightforward height adjustment process – While in the plunging mode you can use the height adjustment knob to determine the height at which you are going to perform the cut. This model has three pre-set cutting heights but it also allows you to use the micro winder for more precise height adjustments.
  • Long warranty period – The manufacturer offers repairs of all parts that break down during the three-year warranty period for free. However, you must register your product within 30-days from the purchase to become eligible for the three-year warranty.

The Cons of the Triton TRA001 Router

  • The tool produces a lot of noise – The Triton TRA001 produces 100.8dB of noise while it is in operation, although the tool’s noise level depends on the motor’s speed and how much load it is handling.
  • Some parts are made from flimsy materials – Even though the TRA001 is built from high-grade steel some of its parts are plastic, and they can be damaged easily.
  • Strong vibrations at high speeds – Keeping control over this router becomes progressively more difficult as you increase the motor speed because it starts to produce strong vibrations. That’s why you have to maintain a firm grip on the tool if it is not attached to a router table.

The best alternatives to the Triton TRA001 Router

The versatility of the Triton TRA001 Router makes it one of the most attractive options for seasoned woodworkers and hobbyists alike. However, manufacturers like DeWalt, Makita, or Bosch all offer a variety of models that can tackle plunging and routing tasks with ease.

We’ve selected several alternatives to the TRA001 router to help you narrow down your choices, so let’s take a look at what these tools have to offer.

DeWalt DW618PK

Opting for a router like DeWalt DW618PK will extend the scope of lumber you can cut through.

This tool features a powerful 2-1/4HP, 12 Amp motor that can produce speeds in the range between 8000 rpm and 24000 rpm.

The tool features a Lexan sub base that improves its durability and ensures that you can keep control of the router at all times.

Adjusting the cutting height is easy as you just have to turn the depth adjustment ring that has 1/64-inch increments.

Like the Triton TRA001, this router comes with a pair of ½-inch and ¼-inch collets, while its 360-degree micro-fine adjustment ring enables you to control the depth of the cutting bit.

This tool is equipped with a dust collection system that collects up 95% of dust particles you produce while cutting through lumber and allows you to have an unobstructed view of the cutting bit.

Hitachi KM12vc

The nickel-plated housing makes the Hitachi KM12vc almost three times heavier than an average palm router.

This tool provides support for both routing and plunging jobs, while its 11 Amp, 2-1/4 HP motor allows it to cut through hard wood with ease.

In addition, this Hitachi’s model has electronic speed control which enables it to maintain the same speed while cutting through soft and hard parts of lumber.

Unlike the Triton TRA001 router that makes more than a hundred decibels of noise, Hitachi’s KM12vc model doesn’t produce more than 80dB even while handling heavy loads.

This router also produces a minimum amount of vibration, which improves its cutting accuracy.

The Hitachi KM 12vc is compatible with ½-inch and ¼-inch cutting bits, and it features a cutting height knob that allows you to set the depth of the cut precisely.

Makita RP2301FC

You can cut through virtually any type of hard wood with Makita RP2301FC, as this plunge router comes with a 15Amp 3-1/4 HP motor that is equipped with an electronic speed control feature.

The tool can produce speeds in the range between 9000 rpm and 22,000 rpm and it allows you to handle challenging cuts with ease.

You can use a variety of cutting bits that span from 1-inch to 3.5-inches depending on the hardness of the lumber you want to cut.

The Makita RP2301FC is equipped with the soft start feature that increases the motor’s speed gradually and it also has an electric brake that enables you to bring the tool to a halt within seconds.

This Makita’s model doesn’t have a dust collection system and finding replacement parts for it can be challenging.

Moreover, this router is more expensive than most tools that offer a similar set of features.

Frequently asked questions about the Triton TRA001 Router

How often do I have to sharpen the cutting bits on the Triton TRA001 router?

How soon the cutting bit on this router is going to become dull, depends on how frequently you are using the tool. In most cases, you won’t have to sharpen the cutting bits more often than once a year, but if you are using this router daily you may have to go through the sharpening process a few times per year.

Are replacement parts for the Triton TRA001 router difficult to find?

Getting a replacement part for the Triton TRA001 isn’t too difficult, but you should keep in mind that some aftermarket parts for this model can be expensive.

Is it possible to make the Triton TRA001 router quieter?

Reducing the amount of noise this router makes is not possible. Getting safety ear muffs is the best way to reduce your exposure to noise while using the Triton TRA001.

Can Triton TRA001 be used by inexperienced woodworkers?

You don’t have to be a skilled woodworker in order to use this dual-mode router, as it is easy to operate and offers excellent safety features that leave almost no room for accidents.

Final thoughts – Is the Triton TRA001 a worthy addition to the collection of your woodworking tools?

The set of features the Triton TRA001 offers makes it one of the best dual-mode routers on the market. This tool has a powerful 3-1/4 HP motor that can produce speeds in the range between 8000 rpm and 2100 rpm.

This provides you with sufficient power to cut through almost any type of lumber. Besides routing, you can use this tool for plunging purposes as it allows you to adjust the depth of the cut by simply turning a knob.

Triton TRA001 Plunge Router | Amazon

The Triton comes with many safety features that allow you to adjust the settings without any complication or risk of injuring yourself. No need to accidentally have the machine tip over or slip while turned on, as it will be safely secured onto your workspace.

Buy at
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01/14/2022 01:45 am GMT
However, this Triton’s model is very loud and it may produce vibration while operating at high speeds.
A router like Hitachi KM12vc may be a better option if you need a quieter router, while the Makita RP2301FC could be the right choice if you need a router that offers more power than the Triton TRA001.
Was our Triton router review useful? Leave a comment and let us know or learn more about the best types of wood flooring.


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