12 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas and Inspiration To Match Your Style

Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

With our list of the best ceiling tray ideas and inspiration, you can really add a classical and stylish look to your home. You perhaps don’t see ceiling trays as often as you used to. However, they can really work to increase the overall aesthetic of a room and many modern homes now have them to add a visual feature.

We’re going to have a look at ceiling trays and why they are a good look, things to consider with a ceiling tray, and also show you the best ceiling tray ideas out there. First, let’s dive into how a ceiling tray can have a positive impact on your home.

Why Have a Ceiling Tray?

tray ceiling ideas

Ceiling trays are an ideal feature to have if you don’t particularly like the look of a flat ceiling. You can have a ceiling tray in pretty much any room at home although they tend to be popular in bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens. In fact, master bedrooms are often where they are most common.

They offer a very vintage and almost classical aesthetic. Even though some people say they can look a bit outdated, for many they have a timeless design. In fact, in many homes, they are becoming more popular again.

Modern designed ceiling trays not only add a nice design feature but they can also make the room appear bigger and higher too. This can be very useful if you have quite low ceilings or even just a small room that you want to make it look larger than it is.

Things to Consider With Ceiling Trays

You’re here because you need some ceiling tray inspiration. However, there are some things to take into consideration before you embark on this type of project.


Not so much the actual location of the ceiling tray – obviously it is a feature of the ceiling! – but rather what room or rooms you want to add this feature in. As we mentioned above, bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens tend to be the most popular areas of the home to add in a ceiling tray. That being said, really any room can have one to boost its appearance.

In small rooms, they will work well to open up space however in larger areas they can work to create a focal point.


A great side effect of having a ceiling tray is that you can add in various types of lights. This is perfect for rooms that don’t benefit from having a lot of nature so they appear darker and smaller as a result. With a well-designed ceiling tray, you have the choice of various light options such as rope lighting, pendant lights, and even chandeliers if you wish.


Ceiling trays are often defined by their trim – this is the part that runs around the tray itself. It opens up a whole load of possibilities. You can simply add painted trim or you can even wallpaper it. In fact, as you’ll find out in our top ceiling tray inspiration below, the trim is an important feature to have a think about.

It is the bit that separates the wall from the ceiling and getting it wrong can spoil the whole look of your room.


A ceiling tray allows you to have several different colors incorporated in one space.

If you want a seamless design you can always paint it the same color as your other ceilings, the trim, and also perhaps any inbuilt furniture you have. You can also get creative with a ceiling tray and paint it a different color to the walls and even the trim. This will create a very high contrast look that might fit in with the style of your home.

Ceiling trays can be very versatile especially when it comes to color so it is definitely something to take into consideration.

12 Best Ceiling Tray Ideas and Inspiration

#1 Wooden Bedroom Ceiling Tray Ideas

This bedroom ceiling tray has a lovely contrasting wood effect that really makes it stand out in the room.

Wooden Bedroom Ceiling Tray

The trim is blended into the walls and the rest of the room really well. This allows the wooden tray to stand out and it is something you notice as soon as you look at this bedroom.

We like the low hanging light that kind of joins the high tray to the rest of the room and this is perfect in a modern set up. Overall this a great ceiling tray that is thinking a bit out of the box to create a stylish design.

#2 Ceiling tray blended with feature wall

If you have a feature painted wall in the room you are thinking of adding in a ceiling tray, then this design is for you.

Ceiling tray ideas

It is painted the same color as the feature wall which brings it into the rest of the design but still allows it to stand out. The inbuilt lights on the tray create a very minimalist and uncluttered design while still provided good light.

This type of ceiling tray idea would fit in with both a modern design home and also one that is going for a more classical look. Very versatile and somewhat understated but also extremely effective from an aesthetic point of view.

#3 Dining ceiling tray

Moving on to dining spaces, and this ceiling tray is definitely a way to make it stand out in a room.

Dining ceiling tray ideas

It is painted a different color to the rest of the dining area and it is one of the first things that you notice. Even though it is painted quite a dark color, the trim and the walls have a much lighter shade which helps to brighten up this space.

The low hanging lighting is a fantastic feature and really adds to the whole design of this dining room while also providing a great light source.

#4 Living Room with Ceiling Tray

This living room ceiling tray helps to open up an already naturally bright room. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of the design and the large lighting creates even more light.

Living Room with Ceiling Tray

The trim stands out too and creates a soothing and natural effect. Compared to some other designs it does seem a bit basic however it is mightily effective in what it sets out to do.

This ceiling tray opens the space up, allows for more height and incorporates a great lighting feature that contributes to an overall fantastic design.

#5 Bedroom ceiling tray with fan

Moving back into the bedroom, and the central feature of a ceiling tray doesn’t have to be the lighting.

Bedroom ceiling tray with fan

If you already have good natural light coming into the room, this ceiling tray with a fan can add something different.

The bedroom already has several windows and light sources so instead of going overkill with another large light, they have added in a fan as a central feature.

This is something a bit diverse and it is a large and deep ceiling tray design with a slight difference.

#6 Timber Ceiling Tray Ideas

This rustic-inspired timber ceiling tray would look at home in a country lodge or even in a modern designed house.

Timber Ceiling Tray

Even though it uses quite dark wood and colors, it doesn’t feel claustrophobic and still works to open up space in this dining area. The low-level lighting with additional built-in lighting in the tray itself helps to create a well-lit area.

The timber used on the ceiling tray matches the table too which allows for consistency in the overall design. This idea is great if you want something a bit out of the norm and away from a standard painted ceiling tray.

#7 Rustic inspired ceiling tray

If you are going for a rural style in your home, a rustic inspired ceiling tray can help you to create this look.

Rustic inspired ceiling tray

The painted ceiling try and trim blends in very well with the rest of the room. It has a country-inspired color scheme and works great with wooden furniture.

A pretty basic ceiling tray overall but one that has a refined and rustic appeal to it. It opens up the space and the addition of the low hanging light over the table is a nice addition.

#8 Ceiling Tray with Wooden Beams

We really like this ceiling tray design with wooden beams in the bedroom. It creates something a little bit different with the tray.

Ceiling Tray with Wooden Beams

The beams cut across the tray and even though the impact of the additional height in the ceiling is somewhat reduced, it doesn’t impact the overall aesthetic.

This is a lovely design if you have a wooden floor in your bedroom but it can also be utilized in pretty much any room in your home.

With some well placed low hanging lighting, this ceiling tray uses the beams effectively and works to create a classic look.

#9 Bright Ceiling Tray

If you have a darker design in your room, this bright ceiling tray will help to keep things fresh and light.

Bright Ceiling Tray

The dark color of the walls, furniture, and flooring in this design is lifted by the bright nature of the ceiling tray. It has good lighting with both inbuilt and low hanging which helps with additional brightness in the room.

For anyone that does have a darker color scheme, using a white ceiling tray and brighten up the room and balance the contrast in shades.

#10 Grey Ceiling Tray Ideas

Grey has become an incredibly fashionable color in recent years and this grey ceiling tray design is a testament to that.

Grey Ceiling Tray

While there is always a danger of going completely monochrome with your style, this ceiling tray with wood-like grey planks, is perfect for a modern style. Combined with the lighting it creates a bright atmosphere.

Make sure you combine this type of ceiling tray ideal with some brighter colors in the room. This will help to provide focal points and get away from having a completely grey and white design.

#11 Ceiling tray within a ceiling tray

This ceiling tray idea will be great for a contemporary design. Inside the larger tray, there is an additional tray area where the main light feature is situated.

Ceiling tray within a ceiling tray

It can seem a bit ‘blocky’ but it creates a central focal point to the ceiling and also the room overall.

By blending into the rest of the ceiling and matching up with some of the furniture, the darker contrasts of the room stand out more. All in all a nicely designed ceiling tray that isn’t particularly outlandish but is effective from a design point of view.

#12 Dark Modern Ceiling Tray Ideas

Our final piece of ceiling tray inspiration is this dark but modern ceiling tray design.

Dark Modern Ceiling Tray

While the rest of the walls are lightly colored, this ceiling tree uses a very dark shade. However, the abundance of lighting ensures that the area is well lit.

This kind of design is probably only suitable for large spaces. In smaller rooms, the darker nature will make it feel quite claustrophobic and stifling.

However, in a larger space, this dark modern ceiling tray adds an interesting feature.


Question: Can a ceiling tray make a room look bigger?

Answer: Yes. Because you are essentially hollowing out the ceiling and opening it up, it can have the effect of creating additional space in a room. This is ideal if you have a small space without much natural light and want the room to appear a bit bigger.

Question: What type of lighting suits a ceiling tray?

Answer: Any kind! The great thing about ceiling trays is that you can incorporate different lights from inbuilt built lighting, low hanging lights, and even chandeliers. You can be pretty diverse with the lighting you use with a ceiling tray.

Question: Can I build a ceiling tray myself?

Answer: If you are experienced with DIY then, yes. As long as you know the process, have the correct tools and safety equipment then you can build a ceiling tray. If you aren’t too sure about what to do, it is better to get an experienced professional to help.

Question: Can I use different materials for a ceiling tray?

Answer: In terms of the actual design and look, you can incorporate different materials in your ceiling tray. Many people use wood and timber to create a rustic effect or you can simply paint it a feature color to make it stand out.

Question: Are ceiling trays outdated?

Answer: No. While some people think they are a thing of the past or just something you would find in an old home, ceiling trays are very fashionable. Many people use a modern design for their ceiling tray that fits in with the rest of their home.


Adding a ceiling tray to your room can be a big DIY project but the end results will add a great deal of aesthetic and style.

Ceiling trays can have both a classic or a contemporary look. Many modern homes are utilizing ceiling trays to bring in quirky design elements or even just to open up space and make rooms feel bigger than they are.

Whether you are after a rustic style, classic ceiling tray or something more modern to liven a room, there is a ceiling tray idea that will give you the inspiration you need.


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