Powermatic PM1000 Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Powermatic PM1000 Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Completing a deck project or redecorating your attic becomes much easier if you don’t have to slice up timber with a handsaw. In fact, this Powermatic PM1000 review is going to help you determine if this cabinet saw is reliable enough to be used on your DIY or professional projects.

The manufacturer lets you choose between models with a 50-inch and 30-inch fence that have slightly different features. The size and weight of either of these cabinet saws make them a poor choice if you need an easily portable saw to take with you to different job sites.

This Powermatic’s model can be a great addition to any workshop as it doesn’t consume a lot of power and it enables its user to cut lumber with a great deal of accuracy. Our Powermatic PM1000 review will take you through all of the tool’s features and help you decide if you should invest in this cabinet saw.

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Evolution represents a process that is never fully complete. For a woodworker, inspirations evolve as life experiences shape our creativity. Skills evolve as we share tips and techniques with friends and mentors. And our workshops evolve as we refine our skills.

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Key specifications of the Powermatic PM1000

Rip capacity, more powerful motors, or the ability to perform well in a broad range of contexts are some of the reasons to choose a cabinet saw instead of a table saw.

Hence, Powermatic’s PM1000 model will provide you with more power and greater accuracy than table saws like Bosch 4100-09 or Hitachi C10RJ. The best part is that you can simply plug this cabinet saw into any power outlet in your home and start cutting lumber of varying sizes.

Let’s take a closer looks at the Powermatic PM1000’s specifications:

Motor 15 Amps, 1-3/4 HP
Blade speed 4200 rpm
Blade diameter 10-inch
Table size without extensions 20×27 inches
Power source Corded electric
Dimensions 42.00 x 33.00 x 53.00 inches
Weight 393.8 lbs
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Core features of the Powermatic PM1000

Operating a cabinet saw demands an enviable level of woodworking skills, as a brief lapse in focus can result in injury. However, the Powermatic PM1000 has a number of safety systems in place that enable you to process lumber safely and efficiently.

The model’s impressive ripping capacity and its depth of the cut allow you to work with both large and thick pieces of lumber. In addition, the miter gauge can rotate for up to 60-degrees which enables you to perform a broad range of cuts.

Let’s go through some of the Powermatic PM1000’s core features.

Powermatic PM1000


Judging solely by the cabinet saw’s appearance it may seem like an industrial-grade saw as the tool is made from durable materials that can withstand heavy usage.

Besides the iron-cast expandable table, the model also features sturdy base anchors that keep it firmly in place during operation.

All of the controls are easily accessible so that you can set the blade’s height, make bevel adjustments, or cutting angle quickly before you start working by simply rotating 7-inch wheels.

The power button is located at the knee-level so that you don’t have to use your hands to switch the cabinet saw on or off. However, assembling this tool may be a time-consuming process, especially if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience.


Unlike the motors of similar cabinet saws, the Powermatic PM1000’s 1-3/4HP motor requires just 115V to function normally.

Once you’ve assembled the tool you can simply connect it to a power outlet in your workshop without having to make any modifications, as this Powermatic’s model provides the same power output as 220V models.

Moreover, the unit’s arbor speed is 4200 rpm, which enables you to cut through almost anything in just a few seconds. You can adjust the blade’s speed to each task you want to perform, while the poly v-belt decreases the vibrations the motor makes and boosts its efficiency.

This 15 Amp motor can remain operational for hours while maintaining a low temperature which enables you to work on complex projects without having to switch the cabinet saw off to cool it off.

Overall functionality

Adjusting the parameters such as the bevel angle or the cutting angle won’t take too much effort or time, as the Powermatic PM1000 allows you to specify these values quickly.

The tool’s maximum depth of a cut at 90-degrees is set to 3-1/8-inches or 2-1/8-inches at 45-degrees, while the maximum width of dado can’t exceed 13/16-inch. These features enable you to cut relatively thick lumber at different angles.

Also, the unit’s accu-fence system ensures that all your cuts are accurate, which makes it suitable for jobs on which every fraction of an inch matters. The miter gauge is omnidirectional and you can rotate it within a 60-degree radius.

The Powermatic PM1000 work surface has a built-in bevel angle adjustment mechanism so that you can find the angle at which you want to make a cut effortlessly.

Unlocking the arbor lock that keeps the blade in place requires the minimum use of tools, and it is so easy that you can change the blade with one hand. Powermatic PM1000 is a highly functional tool that is user-friendly, and you can perform a broad range of cuts even if you never used this cabinet saw before.

Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw | Zoro

Evolution represents a process that is never fully complete. For a woodworker, inspirations evolve as life experiences shape our creativity. Skills evolve as we share tips and techniques with friends and mentors. And our workshops evolve as we refine our skills.

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Safety features

Operating any saw can be dangerous as kickback or vibration can cause you to lose control of the material. This Powermatic’s model offers a variety of safety features that ensure you have an unobstructed view of the blade and the material you are cutting at all times.

Besides the motor’s poly v-belt that eliminates vibrations and the accu-fence system that ensures the lumber is always in the correct position, this model also has a blade guard that keeps your fingers at a safe distance from the blade.

Moreover, this cabinet saw comes with an anti-kickback feature which prevents the unwanted movement of the material you are cutting. The tool has voltage protection that shuts its motor down if the voltage exceeds the preset level.

As useful as this feature may be, it can switch off the cabinet saw while you are using it. However, you can increase the maximum voltage level if you want the Powermatic PM1000 to handle heavy usage.

Powermatic PM1000 Features

Sawdust collection capabilities

If not handled properly, sawdust can make the process of slicing up lumber needlessly complicated. Besides making a lot of mess in your workshop, sawdust can also obstruct your view of the piece you’re cutting and potentially endanger your safety.

The Powermatic PM1000’s sawdust collection system is one of its most noteworthy features as it collects more than 90% of the sawdust you produce. The dust goes through a funneled shroud that covers the lower part of the blade and enters a hose that takes it into the 4’’ dust port.

Emptying the dust port is an intuitive and simple process, but you should keep in mind that some sawdust can end up in the cabinet if the dust port is full. However, you just have to remove the motor cover in order to clean the excess dust.

Blade and ripping potential

Although compatible with 10-inch blades, this tool doesn’t ship with a built-in blade, so you have to purchase this item before you start using the cabinet saw.

As we already noted, the blade can rotate at the maximum speed of 4200 rpm while you can also adjust the blade speed to your current needs.

The tool’s arbor diameter is 5/8-inches while its maximum diameter of the dado is 8 inches. You must purchase a dado insert for 10’’ deluxe HACTA saw in order to perform dado cuts.

Powermatic PM1000 has a cast iron table that has dimensions of 20 X 27 inches when folded. You can extend your workspace to either 40 x 27 inches or 57 x 27 inches using the available extensions.

This provides you with a maximum of 30-inch ripping capacity on the right side of the blade and 12-inch ripping capacity on the left of the blade.


With the dimensions of 42.00 x 33.00 x 53.00 inches and the weight of 393.8 lbs, the Powermatic PM1000 can hardly be considered portable. This tool isn’t designed to be moved around often or to be used at remote worksites.

That’s why, this Powermatic’s model is a great fit for a woodworking workshop, as it is equipped with base anchors that prevent it from moving while keeping it perfectly leveled and balanced.

A table or circular saw could be a better choice if you need an easily portable tool that enables you to make precise cuts.

powermatic pm1000 pros cons

Pros of the Powermatic PM1000

  • Relatively low power consumption – This tool needs only 115V to power its 1.75 HP engine and achieve the blade speed of 4200 rpm. Hence, you won’t need to update the electric installations in your household to support 220V devices if you want to use this cabinet saw in your home-based workshop.
  • Excellent sawdust collection system – Besides keeping your workspace clean, the tool’s sawdust collection system ensures that you have an unobstructed view of the blade and the material you are cutting.
  • Easily accessible controls – Changing the miter gauge angle, altering the blade’s height, or changing the blade on the Powermatic PM1000 is easy. The tool’s Power button is located at the knee level so that you can switch the machine off without using your hands.
  • Efficient safety features – The anti-kickback system, a blade guard, or low motor vibration make this Powermatic’s model safe to use. This tool also has an accu-fence system that ensures that the lumber is always positioned correctly.
  • Spacious work area – The worktable can be extended up to 57 x 27 inches providing you with enough room to handle large pieces of lumber. The PM1000 also offers 30-inch and 12-inch ripping capacity on either side of the blade.

Cons of the Powermatic PM1000

  • Expensive – You have to spend almost $2.500 on Powermatic pm1000 with a 50-inch fence or a bit over $2.200 for a 30-inch fence model. Such a steep price makes this cabinet saw more expensive than some of its competitors.
  • Complex assembly process – Putting together all the components that come with this tool is going to take a lot of time. Even though the instructions in the user manual are clear, it will still take a while before you can start using this saw.
  • No built-in blade – It is only fair to expect that an expensive tool like Powermatic PM1000 should come with a built-in blade. However, that is not the case and you must buy a 10’’ blade that is compatible with this model in order to start cutting lumber.

The best alternatives to the Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic’s cabinet saws are widely accepted as some of the best on the market due to their durability and versatility. Even so, manufacturers like DeWalt or JET offer a variety of models that can be used for a broad range of woodworking tasks.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best alternatives to Powermatic PM1000, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL

Despite having a 3HP, 14A motor, Grizzly Industrial G1023RL’s maximum blade speed is only 3450 rpm. Even so, this cabinet saw can cut through lumber that is 3-inch thick at a 90-degree angle while it also offers 32-inch ripping capacity on the left side of the blade.

The unit is equipped with a Poly-V serpentine belt drive that boosts the motor’s performance while keeping the vibrations at a low level. This cabinet saw features handwheels that make it easy to move the arbor.

You can extend the saw’s work surface to 40 x27 inches, while a pair of T-slots keep the miter gauge from falling off while the table is folded. The unit’s 4’’ dust collection port ensures that the work surface remains clear even when you are performing demanding cuts.

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL features a standard magnetic safety switch that enables you to switch it off quickly in case of an emergency.

SawStop PCS175

SawStop PCS175

Like the Powermatic’s cabinet saw, SawStop PCS175 has a 1.75HP engine that operates on a 110V system. However, its maximum blade speed is somewhat lower as the unit can’t rotate the blade at speeds larger than 4000 rpm.

This tool is compatible with 10-inch blades or 8-inch dado blades which enables you to cut lumber for a wide range of purposes. SawStop PCS175 comes with a 36-inch T-Glide steel fence that improves your accuracy and safety.

Moreover, this cabinet saw has a safety system that stops the blade as soon as it makes contact with the skin, regardless of the speed at which it is rotating. This feature makes this SawStop’s model safer than most cabinet saws in its price range.

Moreover, the tool has an incredibly efficient dust collection system that collects 99% of the debris produced during the cutting process. Read our full Sawstop vs Powermatic comparison.

Better Rip Capacity
SawStop PCS175 Cabinet Saw | Zoro

This Cabinet Saw with 52" Professional T-Glide Fence System of SawStop offers versatility and safety. It delivers the performance you need with the peace of mind only SawStop patented safety system can provide.

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JET 708675PK

JET 708675PK

The miter gauge that has a crosscutting capacity and the motor that is equipped with three V-belts are some of the reasons why JET 708675PK is one of the best professional cabinet saws you can get for your workshop.

The tool is compatible with 10-inch blades and it uses a 3HP motor that can develop the maximum blade speed of 4300 rpm. This cabinet saw comes with a 50-inch rip fence and it features chrome-plated handwheels that let you adjust all parameters with utmost precision.

This Jet’s model provides a 50-inch ripping capacity on the right side of the blade and a 13-inch ripping capacity on the blade’s left side. Once extended, the cabinet saw’s table offers a 29 x 42-inch work surface which gives you plenty of room to cut lumber of different shapes and sizes.

However, other than the safety guard, this tool offers almost no safety features.

JET 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw | Amazon

Featuring a quick-release riving knife and integrated arbor lock for safe, efficient operation, this powerful machine is one of the most accurate, most versatile, and smoothest-running cabinet saws currently on the market. It includes an enclosed cabinet with a built-in sealed storage drawer.

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Frequently asked questions about Powermatic PM1000

Which materials can I cut with Powermatic PM1000?

Hard maple, poplar, or plywood are some of the materials Powermatic PM1000 can easily cut through. However, you must make sure that the polyvinyl drive-belt is properly tightened if you want to cut through thick pieces of lumber.

Does Powermatic PM1000 come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. You will get a 5-year warranty if you opt for this Powermatic’s cabinet saw.

How accurate is the Powermatic PM1000?

This cabinet saw is highly accurate, as the motor doesn’t produce a lot of vibrations, while its miter gauge and bevel angle adjustment enable you to make a cut exactly where you want the cut to be.

Is Powermatic PM1000 difficult to assemble?

Yes, it is. You must put most of the cabinet saw’s components together on your own. The tool doesn’t ship with a built-in blade, so you must purchase a 10-inch blade and install it by yourself.

Final thoughts – Is Powermatic PM1000 a reliable table saw

A cabinet saw like Powermatic PM1000 makes any woodworking workshop more efficient because it can be used to cut through different types of lumber.

Both 50-inch and 30-inch fence versions of this cabinet saw provide sufficient workspace so that you can process large or small pieces of wood with the same level of precision. The tool also has excellent safety features, as the blade guard and the anti-kickback system prevent serious injury.

Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw | Zoro

Evolution represents a process that is never fully complete. For a woodworker, inspirations evolve as life experiences shape our creativity. Skills evolve as we share tips and techniques with friends and mentors. And our workshops evolve as we refine our skills.

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Investing in this Powermatic’s model is a great decision for anyone who wants to process wood on a daily basis since it offers all the features that are necessary for making an accurate cut.

Was this Powermatic PM1000 review useful? Leave a comment and let us know or continue reading about different woodworking tools.


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