LeafFilter Review – Your Gutter Cleaning Solution?

LeafFilter Review – Your Gutter Cleaning Solution?

Cleaning gutters can be tasking, particularly because you have to go up the ladder to remove dead insects, dirt, or leaves.

Gutter cleaning uses up the precious time you’d have put into other uses. How does it feel if you got a tool that would do the task for you automatically so you’re no more concerned about cleaning your gutters? We frequently engage in these mechanical chores manually not knowing there are better alternative ways to get this done.

 The modern day’s technology has made it possible for us to get relief from some of our regular chores. Some of these modern-day gadgets include automatic dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.

Just like these technological gadgets, a leafFilter has been developed to filter the rainwater and eliminate the build ups of leaves and debris in your gutter. A LeafFilter ensures you constantly have a clean gutter system. I have used a few of these gutter guards, but I have a special love for this gutter guard made by leafFilter which requires a professional installation. 

Product Overview

LeafFilter is a popular and one of the best gutter guards available out there. It comes in a micro-mesh design fabricated utilizing surgical grade stainless steel.

Its patented completely shielded feature makes it a winner over all other related product brands. It eliminates debris, pine needles, and leaves which otherwise would block your gutters or downspouts. It functions without any form of disturbance to your or damage to your roof. It comes with vinyl frames that boost its durability.

It’s self-installable as opposed to other related brands of products that require third-party contractors for installation. Their professional installers strengthen, readjust, and clean your gutters before the installation process of the micro-mesh guard.

This is highly essential for an efficient for your guard to work correctly. This mesh filter holds up a high volume of water just like open gutters.

The guard is fixed on the gutters so as not to have any effect on the roof warranties and not under the roof shingles like other brands of guards. With the LeafFilter, you no longer need gutter cleaners. It equally comes with a moveable lifetime warranty.


How The LeafFilter functions

The LeafFilter is manufactured with a 275-micron steel mesh. This mesh size makes it possible for it to block the smallest size of debris to avoid blockage.

It comes in a high-density material eliminate all forms of debris. However, it will make it easy for rainwater to flow through the filters without obstructions even there is a heavy downpour. The surface tension of the LeafFilter draws water behind the screen even whether the weather is harsh or not. 

It comes in an 11 angle pitch design that makes tolerate large water volumes as you’d obtain in an open gutter. The gutter guard is designed with a uPVC durable sturdy material which has life-time durability. It doesn’t deteriorate or warp, even when it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, even when you’re experiencing a desert-like cold or heat, LeafFilter strength is not affected. It continues to protect your gutters. The structural hangers added at the end of the installation of LeafFilter are non-perceptible. However, work excellently to maintain your gutter and ensure it firmly attaches to the fascia board.


  • Free cost estimate consultation
  • Durable and sturdy build material.
  • It gets rid of gutter cleaning, and you won’t have to move up your ladder to clean the gutters ever again.
  • It’s compatible with various types of available gutters. Thus, you won’t have to alter the gutters you install.
  • You can request for financed payments.
  • Easy installation in less than one day. 
  • The estimations can last for up to a year, while the pricing remains unchanged. 
  • Installs straight on the existing gutters.
  • Eliminates debris that can cause clogging.
  • It inhibits the build-up of leaves, which attracts moisture and can result in corrosion and rust.
  • It comes with a transferable lifetime warranty, and you can transfer it to another homeowner if you sell the house.


  • It needs a professional installation
  • Some of the installation teams don’t maintain the pre-determined schedules. They sometimes come earlier or later.
  • It doesn’t guarantee 100% satisfaction after the installation.
  • A bit pricey

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LeafFilter Buying guide

What you spend on installing a leafFilter in your home may differ from that of your neighbor. The cost depends on the task involved.

To get an idea about the estimated cost for your home, you can visit the company’s website, fill out a form, and make a phone call to them to speak with their customer service representatives.

One of the experts will visit your home to take the measurement of your gutters and equally examine other works they need to do to ensure efficient installation. This would help them to give you a quote. You may have as long as a year to decide whether to order or not while thy pricing remains unchanged.

If you choose to move on with the installation of the LeafFilter, the company will send an installation technician to install the shield in your gutters. When you finish installing the unit, the next thing to do is visit the company’s website to register the product you purchase so you can get your lifetime warranty.

Features of LeafFilters: Why you need a LeafFilter in your home

The LeafFilter an essential home product, you don’t exactly understand their roles till you discover how beneficial they can be.

Those who invented the product would have long suffered from clogged gutters. LeafFilters are gutter guards that assist to ensure easy elimination of dirt and debris from your gutter. In this section of the article, we will tell you why LeafFilter is high-quality and different from the rest of the related brands.

Occasionally your gutters are not properly pitched and this can cause water to build up and overflow. At other times, you may have leaky gutters as a result of wear and tear holes. Your gutters can equally warp over time and if you’re experiencing any of these situations, with your old gutters, LeafFilter is all you need to eliminate the problem.

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LeafFilter comes in small holes design that allows it to easily filter even the trickiest and the smallest type of debris. It inhibits all forms of dirt or debris from flowing into your gutters including pine needles, pollen, moss, seed pods, dirt, pests, insects, and leaves. It greatly resists corrosion and rust.

It eliminates the dirty and tedious chore of cleaning gutters forever, which gives you free time to do other things you enjoy. It doesn’t warp or deteriorate after some years, unlike most gutter guards available in the market.


It offers buyers professional installation services using their trained experts who are well aware of how the product functions. Besides, the installation of filters, these professionals check your gutters to ensure there are no weak spots that would affect the functionality of the unit you want to purchase.

If you have old and malfunctioning gutters, the technicians will install fresh gutters for you. And if the old gutter system is in the right state, they will bolster, and wash it clean to keep everything in order before installation. They would normally align your gutters and seal them with the use of silicon to make sure water doesn’t constitute any form of damage.

The professionals integrate concealed hangers to boost the strength and get them secured to the fascia board. This prevents them from pulling away from your house. Installation can last a whole day or several hours depending on the length or how complex your gutter system is. 


Leaf Filter offers a lifetime warranty to all its customers. If your unit is underperforming, you can get free repairs, or get a refund. The filter eliminates the issues of water damage caused by clogged gutters. The protective filters prevent the accumulation of debris and dirt and ensure you have regularly clean gutters.

If you decide to sell your house at any point, the product’s warranty will be transferred to the incoming homeowner. But to benefit from this transferable lifetime warranty, you have to fill out the online form and specify the installation date and 8-digit code found on the warranty instruction sheet you received.

General User Impressions

Cleaning service

LeafFilter ad shows their dedication to their customers and that their professional technicians would stand behind their customers after installation.

While some of their technicians keep to this standard, the rest of them witness some disappointments from their assigned technicians. So, customers are divided in their opinion as to whether the company maintains the after-sale service quality it pledges or not.


They have well-experienced technicians that perform very well to maintain the reputation of their company through impeccable customer service delivery.

However, other groups of technicians don’t live up to expectations. Happy customers requested that the technicians that worked with them be assigned to carry out any future repair on their gutter system. They went as far as mentioning the names of technicians who performed well and congratulated them for rendering good services.

Product quality

LeafFilter products are high-end and come in reliable qualities. This is why they back all their gutter guard with a lifetime warranty.

The only issues users complain about the product is the installation services and not about the product quality. Users who have suffered issues of leaves clogging gutter for years have testified openly how great the product is. The company leaves up to its promise about product quality.

Purchasing experience

Most people were very much pleased with the way LeafFilter professionals interacted with them to assist them and also those who visited their homes to inspect and give an estimate of the gutter guard.

Unfortunately, some customers gave negative expressions for the installation time, due to the technicians arriving too late or ahead of schedule contrary to a pre-established time. This isn’t right because some of the customers have to leave work to wait for the team at home.

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Leaffilter vs other types of gutter protection systems

While there are other alternative gutter guard systems in the market, some of these are less effective compared to the LeafFilter system. Let’s quickly give an overview of these various options and alternatives to LeafFilter gutter guard system.

Let’s briefly look at a few of these options:

  • Brush inserts are a form of gutter protection system that is aimed to eliminate debris. Nonetheless, because of the wire brush material, debris sometimes gets trapped and results in damaged gutters. Besides, they need regular maintenance to function optimally.
  • DIY screens are equally utilized as a gutter shield system. However, they come with a lot of flaws compared to the leafFiter system. While doing your primary installation of the system, you’ll need to install the shield below the shingles. Alternatively, you can bolt and nail them down and this may result in shingle damage. Some of the products don’t even come with any manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Hood gutters can be installed similar to the e DIY screen one. This means that they can cause damage to the shingles when they are being set up initially. As a result of the single-piece structure, they aren’t suitable for every type of gutter system and require a full replacement. They come in a design that integrates aperture at the lip of the gutter system. This makes them less efficient for debris elimination.
  • Foam inserts are great at eliminating debris, but over time, exposure to moisture provides a building ground for mold buildups and can result in the growth of unwanted plants.
  • Micromesh products need problematic installing methods and don’t offer a no-clog guarantee.

LeafFilter is presently the most performing gutter guard available in the market. The installation process involves three simple steps and is done by the company’s trained technicians. The product comes in a durable and sturdy build and buyers can get a lifetime transferable warranty.


Where is LeafFilter manufactured?

The micro-mesh gutter protection is produced in Plainwell, Michigan. The Made in America initiative is part of the effort president Trump administration’s is making to recognize American workers and companies

Does leaf filter clog?

LeafFilter comes with a no-clog guarantee which is assuring. However, although the gutter won’t clog, the flat shape of the LeafFilter makes debris and leaves to accumulate above the gutter scree

Does LeafFilter Work?

Yes, it’s a great solution especially for individuals who are experiencing issues of clogged gutters and have to constantly eliminate debris that pills up in their gutter system.
They work well at preventing waste and dirt from entering the gutter ensuring your gutter remains constantly open.

Can I install the LeafFilter?

While you can do the installation yourself, it’ll be a bit challenging. LeafFilter sends the company’s technician to do the installation. So, you don’t have to hire a third party to do the installation for you.

How does LeafFilter Work?

It works through surface tension. While water is flowing down the roof and passes over the protector, it is pulled by surface tension into gutters through a micromesh screen. It helps to protect the home from foundation damage.

Why gutter guards are bad?

Many Gutter guards available in the market are inefficient. The best brands can occasionally result in blockage even if they’re free from debris. However, the LeafFilter is an improved brand that outperforms all gutter guard in the market.

Our Final Verdict and Conclusion

LeafFiler comes in a quality that is higher than other related brands including reverse curve systems, Leaf Guard, Gutter Topper, and more. These gutter guard types leave an opening where debris can follow to penetrate your gutter and clog it eventually.

While LeafFilteer is costly, it does come with great performance and the quick analysis technique reveals that it is all you need currently to say goodbye to the tedious task involved in constant gutter cleaning.

It performs better than other brands and works well with different types of gutters, including old and freshly installed gutters. It ensures your drains last longer by eliminating the issues of clogging.

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