Best Welding Cart Ideas and Inspiration

Best Welding Cart Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re searching for the best welding cart ideas and inspiration you’ve landed in the right place.

We have some fantastic tips for you if you are thinking of building your own welding cart.

We’re going to look at why you might consider doing this in the first place, some things to think about before you get stuck in and we’ll also show you some great welding cart ideas.

You can find out answers to some frequently asked questions as well.

Let’s get started and look at why you might consider building your own welding cart.

Why Build Your Own Welding Cart?

Welding can seem a bit intimidating even for people who are well used to DIY.

Being able to weld can open up a wide range of possibilities for improving your home. However, you need a safe place to weld and for this, you need a welding cart.

Building your own welding cart can be a great little project that you can do at home. Most designs shouldn’t take too much effort to make.

In fact, one of the big reasons for building your own welding cart is that you can make a design that is unique to you. Instead of going out and buying a cart, you can make one so that it is just right for what you need.

how to make a welding cart

Another reason is that you can actually do this pretty cheaply depending on what materials and tools you already have. Welding carts aren’t massively expensive to buy but if you do need something custom to suit your needs, this can bring the price up. You might even find it difficult to buy a prebuilt cart for your specifications.

So, not only is building your own welding cart ideal for getting exactly the functionality you want but it can save you money as well.

Things to consider when building a welding cart

Before we get into showing you some great welding carts ideas, there are some things you need to take into consideration.

Materials Needed

If you are building your own cart, you’ll need to have the right materials and tools available.

For anyone that is already built up some decent power tools and has some history in DIY, you’ll most likely have everything you need lying around. That being said, welding carts aren’t massively complicated and many of the ideas we’ll show you below can actually be made from recyclable materials.

This can be wood, steel or something else. As you’ll find out later, welding carts can be crafted from a lot of things you might already have at home.


Depending on your skill level, crafting your own welding cart can take some time to complete.

It isn’t the most difficult job in the world as each design should come with a guide and help on how to make it. However, it is advisable to put aside more time than you think you will need to get the job done.

This will allow you to ensure that your welding cart is made properly, safely and won’t fall apart after a few uses.

What features do you need?

If you need additional features beyond the basics for a welding cart this needs to be taken into consideration as well.

Things such as additional storage and locking options, how portable you need the cart to be and even things such as hangers and shelves.

Adding in more features to a basic welding cart can not only make it a more time consuming process but also increase the materials you need to use. So, before you start off and choose a design to build, ensure that you think about everything you might need first.

Having the appropriate safety gear

One last thing to consider before you start building a welding cart is ensuring that you have the correct safety gear on.

This can include things such as gloves, eye protection and a face mask. You’ll know by looking through our welding cart inspiration ideas what safety gear you will need but ensure that you wear it.

This reduces the chances of any injuries and will help to keep you safe throughout the building process.

8 Best Welding Cart Ideas and Inspiration

#1 Simple Welding Cart


This simple welding cart design is ideal if you want a basic welding cart and you don’t have a ton of experience with this type of DIY.

It is perfect as a first-time project as it isn’t overly complicated but will give you what you need to hold your welder. This cart is made from metal and you can easily reuse old metal you have lying around. In fact, this design was actually created from metal bed frames. Even if you don’t have any at home you can also find some scrap.

It features a storage shelf underneath and four wheels for easy maneuverability.

All in all, this is a really good welding cart to get you started. It isn’t particularly complicated but does give you storage for your welder and accessories. In around 20 steps you will have a functionally welding cart without having to spend a ton of time making it.

#2 Absolut Welding Cart

absolut welding cart

This is a welding cart idea that we really love.

It uses a steel display crate for Absolut Vodka. Now, you don’t necessarily need to have this crate as it can be substituted for something else.

This welding cart has mainly been designed for light duty so if you need something a bit heavier and sturdier it might be an idea to look elsewhere. That being said, it does have a decent level of durability and isn’t going to fall apart.

We love the ingenuity of this welding cart and it really does give off some great inspiration.

The design accommodates for adjustable height with the cart which is a great feature. You don’t need any particular specialized tools either which is a bonus.

If you want to create something a bit different for your welding cart then this is a great choice that isn’t too difficult to make.

#3 Welding cart with a ton of features

the best wielding cart

This welding cart design is dubbed the ‘The Best Welding Cart in the World’ and it does come with a wide range of features.

We should point out that this design does include some electric work. We’d recommend getting someone that is experienced with this to help you out if you aren’t too sure of undertaking this part yourself.

This welding cart has a bottle rack as well as sockets. The design has hooks for storage and plenty of space to work in. The cart can look a bit complicated at first glance however once you break each stage down it isn’t too difficult to put together.

The electrical part does add an extra layer of complication but this is a great welding cart. OK, it perhaps might not necessarily be the ‘best in the world’. However, it has great features, a functional design, and is pretty cheap to assemble as well.

#4 Cheap Simple Welding Cart

Cheap Simple Welding Cart

If money is pretty tight when it comes to building a welding cart, you will find this Cheap Simple Welding Cart ideal.

It is pretty no-frills and straightforward. For anyone that has been looking at welding cart inspiration and then realized that some designs do need a lot of materials or additional tools, this idea is perfect.

It only costs a few dollars to make and is a simple but functional cart for your welder. There are only a few basic steps in creating this welding cart but the end result is really good. In fact, if you want to save your money for some other DIY projects you have in the pipeline this is a solid choice.

As a cost-effective option, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one out there.

#5 High Portable Welding Cart

my custom welding cart

If you need something that is very easy to transport around, this portable welding cart design is great.

It is small and portable enough to even take with you on public transport. Another great feature of this welding cart is that it is pretty cost-effective.

It can be made from recyclable materials such as metal from old bed frames and air conditioning units. The cart is almost fully enclosed with storage options and is fairly lightweight too.

If you need a small and portable welding cart for easy transportation (and storage), it is hard to go wrong with this custom model. It can be loaded onto a truck, van, or even public transport and taken wherever you need it with a minimum of fuss.

#6 Welding Cart Made From Scrap

welding cart made from scrap

You might have a load of scrap metal and different materials kicking around your garage. If you do, then this welding cart made from scrap is a great way to put it all to good use.

To make this welding cart, you just need to be a bit inventive and look at what you have. If you have the type of things this guy had when building it, the process should be straightforward. You might need to think a bit outside the box but the end result is worth it.

In fact, it is pretty environmentally friendly as the idea is to recycle different parts you already have lying around rather than going out and buying new materials. This will also help to keep the overall cost down and makes this welding cart very budget friendly.

Overall, a pretty functional welding cart that isn’t massively complicated and can be made from bits and pieces that you have lying around at home.

#7 Wooden Welding Cart

welding cart 3 steps

While most of our welding cart ideas and inspiration have been made from metal, there is the option of making one from wood.

This Wooden Welding Cart is exactly that. This can actually make it easier to make if you aren’t experienced in using metal. Wood is a great beginner material due to how flexible it can be in joining together and cutting.

The cart is basic in design but offers what you need to store and move a welder. As it is made from wood, you can even paint it different colors to create a unique design as well. This can help to put a really distinctive aesthetic on your welding cart and make it stand out from the crowd.

The Wooden Welding Cart is a great way for beginners and those not massively DIY experienced to build one themselves. It utilises easy to use materials without a complicated building process.

#8 Gas Grill Welding Cart

welding machine

Our final welding cart idea is taking a completely unrelated item – much like the Absolut welding cart – and using it for this purpose. We really do like it when you see DIY projects like this.

If you have an old gas grill stand at home just lying around, it makes for a perfect welding cart.

The great thing about the Gas Grill Welding Cart is that a lot of the work is already done for you! They usually already have pivoted wheels so they are perfect for this job. There is still some work involved of course, but many of the basics are already taken care of.

By redoing the lower shelf and adding an upper shelf from steel, you will have a fully functional welding cart. You can also add in various accessories and a numer of different features too. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on crafted one from scratch.


Question: Can I make a welding cart from any material?

Answer: In theory, yes. However, it is better to use strong and durable materials. Welding is quite an intensive thing and the chances of your cart becoming damaged can be high. So, it is recommended to use long lasting materials for your cart.

Question: Do I need any special tools to build a welding cart?

Answer: Not particularly. Most welding cart designs will only require you to have fairly common power tools and other equipment that you probably have already. Some may be a bit more complicated but most designs don’t require anything special.

Question: Is it inexpensive to build a welding cart?

Answer: It can be. While they aren’t necessarily expensive to buy, making one out of scrap metal and other materials you have lying around can bring the costs down. It also means you will be recycling materials which is better for the environment.

Question: What safety equipment do I need?

Answer: You will need several pieces of safety gear to build a welding cart. What you need can depend on what tools and materials you are working with. At a minimum you’ll normally require gloves, a face mask, and protective eyewear.

Question: Is it safe to build my own welding cart?

Answer: Yes. Even though welding itself can appear pretty daunting to many people, building a DIY welding cart is as safe as buying one. As long as you follow the instructions you shouldn’t have any problems.


Building your own welding cart is a pretty straightforward DIY project that most people can complete by themselves.

You will more than likely already have the correct tools to do the job. In fact, with some of these welding cart ideas, you might even have the materials lying around too.

Building a welding cart can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. With our great welding cart ideas and inspiration, there are designs for everyone. From cost effective carts right through to those that are a bit more complex with lots of features.

If you do take one of these welding cart projects or if you design on yourself, leave us a comment and let us know.


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