Ultimate Shower Renovation Guide: What You Need to Consider

Shower Renovation Guide

The shower is the part of your bathroom that gets used most frequently. A lot of people do not always go through the rigor of having a proper bath as they feel a shower could suffice in most cases. This makes the shower a centerpiece of your bathroom renovation exercise.

Shower types range from those that are shaded by a screen to ensure they could have a private shower to having one with the resemblance of a telephone. Hence, there is an abundance of selections of shower type you can select from when you are planning for shower renovation. These selections could be one possessing a low and high-pressure jet, waterfall or massage shower, or just a simple showerhead.

Based on the shower screen option, what would you prefer? Completely framed, semi-framed, frameless, or just bare? You could find all these with the help of the bathroom shops you can find in your environment or can simply contact an interior décor specialist, although they must be perfect for your intended design.

Such a perfect shower could promote your home from looking so vain to glimmering fabulously. The decision to advance your bath by installing a completely transformed shower is entire to your comfort and in the event of a sale, would be eye-catching to every potential buyer.

Surprisingly, just a modification of your bath could make up your profit on the house by more than 20%. A poorly decorated shower would explain to the buyers the sloppiness in maintenance and can dissuade them from making such purchases.

For this reason, we have gathered several guidelines that would assist you in making the right choice when improving the quality of your bath and shower, especially. It will also give you an idea of how to go about it yourself or if you desire the means on how you could employ the right expert to handle it for you. However, it is all dependent on your taste, financial plan, and the flair you wish to employ in the installment.

Getting started


The first thing you should do before coming up with any ideas of the classes of showerheads, color flair, designs, and tiles types is first to decide the aim of this revamp. This has to be done very meticulously to arrive at the right decision at the end and not make an error.

How Broad is Your Modification?

The next step to take after deciding your goal is to come up with a financial plan. Without the funds, you won’t be able to modify, and this should be done even before the commencement of the complicated parts of this renovation. However, there are some questions you could consider asking yourself to arrive at the quality of work you wish to achieve.

  • Is it vital to advance on the resale worth of your apartment?
  • Do you wish to expand the shower or simply change the present installations to give it a fresh appearance?
  • Are you contented with carrying out a portion of the labor manually; otherwise will you employ an expert?
  • Do you wish to fit in shelves which can house several bath equipment and materials or a seat?
  • Do you imagine a glass compartment? What flair would do you prefer the most?

Having pondered on these questions, take a look in your bathroom and imagine what kind of appearance you want there and shower models that would suit your plan.

5 Things to contemplate On When Modifying Your Shower

When making modifications for anything whatsoever, you have to make a lot of plans and decisions even before inviting the expert into your house. These plans are explained as factors of renovation, and you have to consider them judiciously to have the perfect plan you have envisioned actualized.

Below in this article, you will find a number of these factors you should consider for shower modification and how to go about them.

1. Financial plan

Your financial plan is commonly seen as the bedrock of any remodeling project you intend to carry out. This financial plan involves a lot of things ranging from the purchases of new equipment made to the cost of employing labor.

Even if you are doing the project yourself, you will still have to make provision for feeding after a strenuous job and the tools you will use in carrying it out. However, KOHLER® LuxStone provides you with a quote in the course of your in-home consultation, which is at no cost and comprises just a price for the whole lot.

This fee signifies that all labor to be carried out in the replacement of your old shower, including the excavation of the previous one, is covered.

2. Persons Who Make Use Of The Bath

Another factor to consider is the total of people who make use of the bath every day. This will give you information on how to partition the storage spaces or the kinds of compartments to be installed there. Of course, you would understand that the children and adult bath differ.

A bathtub would be perfect when considering children and fewer glass compartments. For people who can’t raise their legs high enough or can’t stand long enough or at all, then the idea of a seat installed in a walk-in shower will be perfect. Waterproofing the seat is also a good idea to aid lasting.

3. Design

Just as renovations are not carried out frequently in the bathrooms like the various rooms in the house with their additions from time to time, you should ensure your choice is one that would stand for many years. Here should also be a lot of thinking here so that you don’t have to hate on your bath after a while. Is your style classy, bold, or fashionable?

4. Dimension

The dimension of the bath is also a very important necessity when making your choices. A decision for a master suite will be surely different from the idea for the children or guest bath.

Also, space should be one that would let you walk in comfortably without having to squeeze through. Would it grant access to walk into the shower or the blend of a shower and bathtub? Are the doors of pivot or sliding mechanism? Are there designs that would make one see a little bathroom larger or a grander one as small?

5. Wants Against Needs

Gather everyone in the house which is involved in this plan and get a list of their selections. After this list has been compiled, you should note the ones which are relevant at the moment and would be able to be completed with the availability of the fund. Begin with them first so that the other ones can be finally completed, and if, in the event of lack of funds, they could then be left out.

Expert Tips For Your Next Shower Renovation Project


When deciding on how to go about the successful completion of your shower modification, you should endeavor to go through our expert tips provided here. However, you could still have your designer on the ground to direct you in the process of the modification. In the below guide, you will be enlightened on how to begin the process from the very scratch till the end. Ensure these tips are put into good use to achieve a good result in the end.

Arrange Your Priorities In Hierarchy Of Importance

Just like it is with any renovation, the expenses escalate rapidly, and the financial plan of a $1,000 which you had earlier made could climb up to $5,000 in expenses when care has not been properly taken. To have good control of your expenditure, you should ensure you have clearly outlined your necessities and drawn out the non-essentials.

Is the style and class of your shower tiles paramount in your bath modification, or are you interested in adapting the massaging showerhead design? What do you feel is necessary? This decision is necessary for controlling your budget, too, so set your priorities, work with them, and do not tamer with it along the line.

An example is when you have already made a decision for a solid, classy, and inexpensive shower head, and you find another classier one at a friend’s. You should not attempt to switch to that as the prices could be quite different, and it may not last the duration you wish for it. You will, in the end, find out it was a vain decision.

Choose a shower type you prefer

After deciding on the designs you want the bathroom to encompass, you should now decide on a particular type of shower concerning the material used and the colors. One of the designs which have been renowned in owners of apartment houses and residences is the “Farmhouse.” You could easily employ the designs of this style in your shower and bathroom generally with just some touches.

An example is the combination of a wooding floor just like a luxury vinyl plank flooring, which is prominently employed when flooring bathrooms and a rustic metal fixture, which are typical components for the farmhouse design. When selecting the tiling pattern for the bathroom, you can employ a black or white hexagonal-shaped or subway pattern. Concrete or wooden looking tiles can also be adapted in the design. Exclusive insignias or rustic illumination could assist in giving it that complete farmhouse look.

In recent times, the showers come in different renowned designs, types and having various technicalities. An instance is the seamless shower design, where the doors of the shower spread effortlessly up to the roof and reveal its contents. It has no rods or curtain, which was implemented in previous designs. This new design is a grand step in the modification of showers.

Also, the bathroom is not like the bedroom, where some people would like to give many colors. It is better to use just a neutral color if you are trying to modify your shower in the modern flair and give it a good appearance.

An amusing twist on the recent flair is “industrial.” To employ the industrialized flair of bathroom technology, then focus on only metals and a bare/incomplete appearance to anchor the visual. You could likewise include a little touch of extremity to your shower.

The luxurious look of a shower is one of the designs which a lot of people use when trying to invent their private spa or hot tub. This is done by implementing materials made out of porcelain or marble as it instantly creates a feeling of luxury to anyone who sees it.

However, nature lovers are not left out in the bathroom or shower designs as they could opt-in for nature-looking materials. Examples are natural rocks or stones which let you have that feeling you are basking in the coolness of nature whenever you walk into your bathroom.

Do Not Overlook The Illumination

full bathroom

You will think of several constituents when carrying out modifications for your bath. One of them is the design and colors for the wall and floor tiles. This is particularly as the color speaks a lot when talking about beauty. Also, the shower curtain and head is an important figure too, as it gives you that look of elegance. The entrance or door into the bathroom is a particular consideration when modifying a bath as a wood material with lower quality will shatter under the action of water.

However, nobody thinks of the design of the light or feel it is necessary to get a stunning one. Nevertheless, the lighting pattern of the bathroom can be particularly essential for bathroom safety, artistic renovation, and giving it a beautiful and appealing look too.

Although they are not mostly admired in comparison to other appliances in the bathroom or house generally, they still add to the flair and appearance of the home. They could be found in our local stores and supermarkets in good qualities and different designs and brands.

Therefore, ensure you provide appropriate illumination in the bathroom, together with task and ambient illumination beyond a vanity that could stand as both a gorgeous pendant and still an ornate light when mounted.

The financial plan for the illumination should also be drawn up so that you don’t see it as non-important and inexpensive and end up spending more than earlier budgeted. The best fixtures to also use when considering bathroom designs are waterproof ones.

Illumination is vital for bathrooms, so believe when you hear this from the experts. For instance, there could come a time at night when you wish to have a shower after long working hours, and you wish not to wake anyone with all the bright lights. Therefore, a pre-installed miniature lighting could play a good role while the beautiful chandelier in the center of the bathroom could suffice at an opposite time.

You do not need to install heavy decorations designs in the bathroom, making it look smaller than it should really be but instead employ neutral colors that would give it a feeling of cleanliness and size. The reason it is called the white house is for its cleanliness.

When partitioning the shower, use screens or glasses that would still give passage to the light waves into the water closet area. However, it should give room for privacy to whoever is in the bath.

If you have your bathroom having the roof directly above it or has the external walls as its own, then you can also consider the idea of natural lighting. You could decide to create a skylight in the roof or a fresh window, which would let in fresh air during the hot summers or more lighting.

Finally, you should consider the idea of a dimmer control which can be employed during some periods when making your shower renovations. An instance is when you wish to have a tranquil bath in the bathtub, and the lights are too bright for your eyes at the moment.

It would serve as the best illumination to suit the moment. All these are impeccable designs that you could employ when modifying your shower.

Give it a Luxurious Look

Remodeling your shower also means there would be some feeling of luxury, which it would bear as the aim of this modification is to enhance it and not reduce its beauty. An example is a showerhead and plug, which could be in the form of a luxurious waterfall. Also, you could decide to make the hardware and equipment in the bathroom, similar in look to the sinks in the home.

In some cases, the difference between an ordinary bathroom and an exquisite one in the shower plug, which could make you feel like you are in your own privatized spa. However, you have your designer there to also guide you in deciding on various brands and designs of the hardware you could use in the bathroom modification.

Give It Some Finishing Embellishments

finishing touches in bathroom

Color, as earlier explained, is one of the key features you should note when deciding on your bathroom design. You should not be scared of adding colors, but instead, stick to bright colors to avoid the dark colors make it look smaller than its original size. Also, dark colors make the bathroom and shower quite dark and gloomy, therefore giving it a feeling of ugliness instead.

You should try to ensure your tiles, walls, and some hardware is similar in colors as this could go a long way in enhancing the beauty of the bathroom. Most people leave their bathroom floors in white colors as well as their walls too, but you don’t need to employ white.

However, if you are a fan of dark colors as I am, you could also still use white tiles for the flooring and walls and include patterns of your preferred dark color. In this way, you have successfully maintained a good decoration and still satisfied the preference of your favorite color.

Set up good Air Circulation For Your Bathroom

You could do with a miniaturized fan for your bathroom to prevent keeping in the stale smell, which would be in your way of a tranquil bath. One of the rooms in your house which requires proper ventilation in the house.

It is the place where one passes waste from the stomach, so if it is poorly ventilated, there could be a lot of damage to other rooms of the house. What happens in the bathroom should better remain in the toilet and not spread to other rooms of the house.

To renovate your bathroom to the standard where you will not need one in years to come is the need for a proper ventilation system. It will keep the bathroom free of mildew or mold, which can cause great smell in the bathroom or begin attacking the equipment and fittings.

An automatically regulated fan that acts on a timer could also be set in the bathroom. Another option is the hanging fan either on the roof or wall so that as you switch on the lights, it also comes on. In the event of a steam shower, the shower could be covered from roof to top. If not, you should keep a space between the roof and the shower doors to ensure adequate aeration.

The vents used for bathrooms should necessarily not be into the attic but also the open space. It is required for a shower to have a 50 Cubic Feet per Minute exhaust fan.

A window in the shower

shower window

This is a wonderful addition if well handled. You could also consider adding a window with a frosted-glass pane, which would be best for privacy, and if possible, it should also open out on the inside to let in the fresh air. This installation should also possess proper stone columns to prevent water passage and keep it impermeable.

The projection should also be sloping so that water runs downwards to an appropriate drainage system and does not hang there.

As earlier explained, the best illumination used in life is the natural light, so this is also applicable when making your renovations. It enhances the size and brightness of the room as it glows in nature’s beauty. During the night time, when having your tranquil bath in the tub, it would seem as though you are directly in the path of the stars. This is a peaceful sensation for many people who have skylights installed in their baths.

Steam Showers trend in recent times

In recent times and modern bathroom modifications, steam showers are the reigning trends. For people who wish to install such showers in their bathrooms, it would be preferable if they made use of lesser cement joints. This is because with the bathroom having several cemented joints, there would be a high rate of appearing molds.

Also, it would be a wonderful decision if a shower casement can be fitted in the bathroom just overhead the steam shower exit. This would help cart away the excessive moisture in the case of steam bathing as the surrounding is totally glass sealed. Therefore, the shower will also get dried easily after one has taken a bath.

To do this, you could also consult your expert to help you know the most suitable way to fitting your steam shower with a casement. Also, the position of the ventilation is another advice you would require to know after your bath has been surveyed.

It is advisable for the bathroom, which has been fitted with steam showers to be installed with a large ventilation fan and not just having one but also positioning it somewhere close to the casement.

Another fitting that would be advantageous for steam bath owners is a window that can recline back or front to allow steam exit to the open air.

All Showers Require a Heated Ground

bathroom heating floor

It is necessary for all showers in houses to be fitted with a heated floor regardless of the kind of shower design you and your expert had decided to implement, ranging from that with features like a waterfall to the one with a resemblance of a spa.

Therefore, when making the financial plan regarding the modification of your shower, you should also add the shower’s heated floor to that plan. It could be an awful feeling when you just got a magnificently hot bath and stepping out, your toes drop unto a chilly tiled ground.

Deciding to install this feature in your bath would require you to make plans and arrangements with your expert or designer. You would be grateful to them when you come out to have a bath in the winter mornings.

A floor heating system can also be placed under the tile on the shower’s floor. This is a luxury that you’ll appreciate in the cold mornings. The layout of the floor heating system is something that you’ll need to discuss with your designer and the professionals. Therefore, you will also be interested in going through our shower varieties before you decide the type which would suit you better.

Popular types of Showers

There are varieties of shower models you can choose from when deciding on making shower renovations. Therefore, it would be necessary to know those which can be available to you and some tips to consider when making that decision. First, it would be necessary you know the amount of the budgeted fund for this modification process.

Also, the kind of features and fittings you wish to install in the new shower should be considered and the original and final size of the bath. You should know if you wish to make some enlargements of the bath by pulling down a wall or just extending it.

Aside from the bath, you should consider if there is any other plumbing job you wish to do that would be related to the bath like likening the sink and showerheads. Finally, the kind of shelves or compartments you wish to fit in the bath should also be considered and if it will be likened to any furniture in the house.

Remember that your financial plan, the bath renovation, material purchases, and the duration of the work is all dependent on their various cost and availability. Nevertheless, some various shower models are listed below:

1. Walk-In Shower

walk in bathroom

This kind of shower model, as the name implies, refers to the easy access it offers to the users, especially the elderly. It is also suitable for people who have disabilities in movement and also pet owners. The shower type comprises of showers devoid of a sill and a graded floor to aid water draining out of the bath.

However, the fees attached to fitting this shower type to your bath are dependent on your area of residence. Like people who reside in expensive environments like Silicon Valley located in the State of California would be obliged to spend more on fixing such a shower model than some other towns.

Averagely, one spends about $800 to $10,000 to install a walk-in shower in his bath. You might be possibly wondering the range of the price, and for this reason, you should understand that the customization speaks a lot. Like a pre-fabricated walk-in shower is charged at about $800 to $2,500 based on its size and the used materials’ quality.

For the remaining price ranges, customized showers are usually charged within them based on the kind of features you wish for them to encompass, ranging from the structural modifications, illumination varieties, shower fittings, compartments materials and classes, plumbing fittings and even the kind of tiles used. All these are part of the features that either reduce or increase the price of a shower renovation.

As for other younger individuals, it is not necessary to install a walk-in shower as they could easily walk over a ledge without being scared of falling, but for the elderly, it would be most preferable to have one.

Also, it is easier to maintain and tidy walk-in showers because there is space for the dirt to easily be moved out of the bath instead of struggling to wipe out dirt from the edge of a ledge. The drainage mostly used in walk-in showers are usually fitted in the center of the bath instead of the pattern where the drainage is fitted at a corner or the edge. Therefore the water exits by the major drain.

Kinds of walk-in showers

Doorless shower

The doorless shower system is one of the most renowned kinds over time as it offers one the ability to maintain the shower easily. You are not required in this bath to clean any glass as frequent as you do in some other shower kinds. It also lets one walk into and out of the shower easily without worrying about opening a door or closing one.

An Enclosed Walk-in shower

For people who prefer having their baths privately, this is a good idea as it provides an enclosure for its users. These kinds of showers normally have several glass partitions, walls, or doors depending on your choice.


Based on the rating of showers, the walk-in showers are normally at a higher range of price. You could install one between $5,000 and $10,000.


The walk-in showers give easy access to their users as they could easily walk in or out without having to swing or slide a door open. As explained, it is perfect for elderly people and people with movement disabilities. It is also great for people who have an extra bathroom attached to the main one as you could easily navigate between them.


Despite the ease of access, it is usually expensive to a length to install a walk-in shower as there is a need for linear drainage to be installed for them. However, the price is still worth the use and the freedom it offers.

2. Makeup shower Cubicle


A makeup shower cubicle normally provides the users with a lot of effectiveness. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t bear a boring look. It is also okay to include some additional features and touches to make it look more appealing. You could install a foldable chair to give it a wider look and also quite exclusive.

Cost Of Makeup Shower Cubicle and Fitting

Averagely, one spends about $400 to $600 to purchase the walls and basins of a makeup shower and, eventually, a price of $1,200 to $2,000 to install the shower.


It is relatively easy to purchase a makeup shower, which is usually constructed from laminate, plastic, or cast fiberglass. A makeup shower cubicle is the most suitable for people with a minimized budget


A makeup shower, despite the price, is quite old-fashioned. It was in old times the trending shower was the three-walled fiberglass shower using a glass door.

3. Shower to Tub (or vice versa)

shower tub

If your shower is just a cubicle type, it would also be great to at least fit in a tub. It is relevant when, in some weather, you will require long soaks. The idea of annihilating your tub just to remodel your shower is not a great idea as some time in the future when you might wish to auction out the house; the buyers would be on the hunt for a tub. Several buyers prefer houses with tubs for those who have little kids and wish for them to have the concept of a pool.

However, if you still prefer an ordinary shower cubicle, then your financial plan might not have to disburse much. It is the features as an expert fitting, glass compartments, and tiled showers, which escalate the costs from about $200 to $5,000.

Switching your shower to a tub or vice versa is also a frequent shower modification ongoing. For someone who wishes to discard the tub, then there would have to be some breakage and removal before you can install the shower. Therefore, your water supply would have to be cut off temporarily for the period you are doing the renovation as there could be some pipe leakages and new installations.

The walls and floors will also have breakages for the new pipes to be laid. However, the cost attached to such renovation is dependent on the materials to be used, the size of the new shower or tub, and any other modification you wish to include.

Common Shower Options

  • Shelving – Customized compartments for razors, shampoo, soap, loofas, etc.
  • Showerheads – Environmentally friendly or high-flow
  • Shower tiling – Ceramic tiles as opposed to hand-crafted tiles
  • Complete frame showers – Various jets to spray water at diverse stages
  • Shower door – Frosted, clear or rain glass, etc.

Bathtub Categories

  • Whirlpool / Spa Tubs – Whirlpool tubs comprise several jets intending to provide a spa-like feeling. This is definitive for relaxation.
  • Walk-in Tub – Walk-in tubs possess a door for a stress-free entree. This is a prevalent decision with elderly people.
  • Standard Tub – This is a simple bathtub having no special features.
  • Soaking Bathtub – This tub is not as shallow as the average bathtubs. It is deeper and provides you with ample room to immerse yourself and unwind for a lengthy duration. The aim is for one to unwind for hours and not a hurried bath.

Bathtub materials

  • Fiberglass – This is the cheapest material used in bathtub fitting. It is mostly used for the average bathtub.
  • Cast-Iron – This kind of material is usually weighty, tough, and a good heat retainer. The cast-iron tubs are perfect for taking a long immersion, although they might be quite heavy for the ground to hold, so there should be special structural work done in any bath which has them.
  • Acrylic – Such kinds of bathtubs are perfect for children as they are scratch-resistant. They can also be easily cleaned and are good options for an immediate soak.
  • Steel – The steel bathtubs are as strong as the cast-iron type but not as expensive. Their materials also last for a test of time.
  • Refined Marble – Marbles are renowned for beauty and exquisite looks, although they are not good for children baths as they easily get scratched. Due to the weight of such bathtubs, it is necessary the structure of the flooring has to be checked so that it can hold it.

4. Small Shower

small bathroom

In a situation where you don’t have a lot of space for the new shower, you could as a well install a small one. Such shower size could encompass a glass compartment which could make your bath look clean and quite spacious.

Although it is a small shower, it shouldn’t be plain. You could as well add a pretty window or skylight, which would make it brighter and seem larger than its actual size.

5. Detached Tub and Shower

To have a feeling of luxury in your bathroom, you could as well fit in a detached tub. A pleasant claw-foot bathtub will complement that antique charm to space likewise several jet massagers and some additional plush features you believe will suit you.

These could also be helpful to you on days you return from work after the hustle and bustle.

You could as well lengthen the bathroom, modernize the fittings, tiles, and taps. Nevertheless, the total budget will have an upsurge.

6. Doorless Showers

doorless shower

It also a great decision to opt for a doorless shower, especially in a smaller bathroom. Such a bathroom normally has a feeling of freedom and openness as there is no hanging curtain or glass compartment fitted.

7. Steam Showers

The idea of including a steam shower in the bath is trending in modern times as homeowners are constantly obtaining one. In previous times, the steam shower was just in a small cubicle, but recently, it has gone up to large showers where you can find fitted seats and some other features to give the bath a luxurious look.

8. A Sill-Less and Unified shower

still and less shower

Seamless showers have been prevalent for ages, but they haven’t constantly remained as common as they are now in recent times. Likewise, are people on the search for showers that have no sill fitted in them. This pattern is easily accessible by people who have issues with movement despite the sleekness. Therefore, it would also be of an advantage to them to integrate such a shower type as they are not required to go over a sill.

9. Shower/Tub Combination

The ancient pattern of bathroom building is still practical and cheap when wanting to install a tub and shower combination in one little bath. A house should preferably possess at least a bathtub, which is vital when auctioning out the house.

The idea of having a large Jacuzzi tub is currently seen as old-fashioned. However, one would still find such kinds of bathtubs out there in the environment. A lot of people look at the cost of maintaining such a bath and providing the water to employ the use of the tub regularly. But if you wish to still have such in your house, it would also be advisable to include a different water heater in your budget for it. Nevertheless, the kind of bathtubs you will find in master baths are smaller and deeper.

You should also keep in mind if you wanted to make contact with the person in the shower while a bath is going on. It is not a perfect idea to lean over glass doors when giving kids baths. Therefore you should consider the kind of doors which you believe will best suit the financial plan you have drawn up and the budget. Such doors could range from the sliding or swinging doors, shower curtain, or just one having no doors at all.


Averagely, one has to spend between $400 and $600 to purchase the walls of the bath and a tub. Also, the cost of installing them would be about $1,000 or even more, based on technical hitches like having to run a fresh drainage system or fitting a unit on a higher floor.”


Every home must possess the combination of a tub and shower, and I vehemently endorse all houses to acquire and install one if they haven’t. What do you think is my reason? My reason is due to its capability of being the rock for all wet features and is best for kids, adults, and those your pet you wish to give occasional baths.


Unluckily, as it’s a concession, you won’t acquire relatively as ample space in a bathtub or shower combination as you would when the bath is just a stand-alone.

10. Feature Shower

It is less likely to find tubs in master bathrooms, and in cases where they have been installed, they are usually deeper and do not have large footprints. Nowadays, homeowners make use of their floor spaces to increase the size of their showers.

Overlook the idea of the old showers, which seem like a vinyl can; in recent times, the idea of a shower also encompasses seats and larger sizes. The fun of a spacious parlor has now been moved to the shower too. There are also the evolvements of showers, too, as you can not only soak in the tub, but the shower also gives you such an opportunity.

11. Spa Shower/Tub Room

spa shower

Take that feature shower and expand it, then place a tiled, sculptural tub in the middle. What you get is a contemporary space that incorporates the best of both bathing features.

“The whole space is tiled, and there might even be a fireplace in the wall or a television,” suggests Brian Johnson, principal, Collaborative Design Architects in Billings, Mt. “Rather than being confined in the tub, you can stand up and turn on a shower head to rinse off. This design is becoming more and more popular.”

Setting up of Custom Features & Fixtures

It was previously believed that when it had to do with obtaining fixtures for shower and bathrooms, one had to select from just a few options like metal materials possessing just plain designs. But currently, the shower designs have evolved to a state where you have numerous options for your bathroom and shower designs. You could pick a showerhead that is funkily shaped or probably use gold-colored fittings for your sinks and faucet handles.

However, you should bear in mind that you might have to make similarities in your bath, thereby giving the faucet handles, sink, and shower knobs similar looks. It is not a bad idea if you give the window frames and towel bars a similar look too.

Average price: Varies

Several trending showers in recent times are fitted with customized elements ranging from integrated sound systems to the integrated seats and benches. Based on fittings, it is unique to integrate several shower plugs and a rain shower. Such fixtures cost about $400 during the installation, but if several customizations need to be done, then it could gradually climb towards the range of $1,000.

Immediately you have envisioned your plan, then contact a remodeling expert and ensure your plan tallies with your financial plan. If you are already in possession of the required amount of money to fund this project, then you could as well begin immediately by drawing out the plan and selecting the fittings. If you are not in ample funds, then your expert could also guide you on how to go about the installation without causing you a lot of trouble.

Vanity faucet

You can preserve about 45 percent of water by deciding to use a resourceful faucet. This is because the earlier average fixtures, as Schrage researched, spend approximately 14,000 gallons of water every year when used by a family of four.


Schrage states that shower plugs which are highly efficient and possess water-preserving aerators could preserve beyond 7 gallons of water for every shower. And more, you’ll prevent water wastage when heating your shower using a “purge and pause” function that breaks water as soon as it gets to an automated temperature instead of letting it drain out.

Shower sills

Just similar to the window sill, the essential feature, in this case, is the idea of its proper slope into the shower. Attempt to select a material, specifically a solid one, like quartz or stone. If you have your shower pavement tiled, then water could lie in the cement streaks and sooner or later leak through to the framing.

Shower floors

It is usually challenging to slant bigger tiles accurately, and except they’re coarse, they’ll be slicker as the plaster streaks are further spaced out. Meanwhile, there is more grip in smaller tiles than them whether they are coarse or not, and they are stereotypically the standard for shower floorings — yet the alternatives are almost immeasurable.

Shower bases

The period of installing those uninteresting light brown make up shower floors have now passed. Gradually, the kind of showers I’ve used or seen is clean-based, both formed from porcelain or acrylic materials, and having a modern appearance. Hence, you do not have to overlook further alternatives for your shower flooring.

Shower renovation and Tile

Several homeowners choose to modernize their bathrooms after ten years or more. Changing your shower tile offers the room an instantaneously new feel and look. Several common tile styles comprise having all-white tiles and giving one the wall a different color or a variety of colorful tiles. The trending materials are natural stone, glass materials, or ceramic. Below, there are several tile varieties, and the average price one can get them.

  • Average price: $25 per square foot
  • Polished stone: $10 to $12 for every square foot
  • Travertine: $2.79 for every square foot
  • Limestone: $5 for every square foot
  • Porcelain tile: $2 to $7 for every square foot
  • Granite: $3.49 to $6.99 for every square foot
  • Slate tile: $3.78 for every square foot
  • Ceramic tile: $0.49 to $12 for every square foot
  • Marble tile: $6+ for every square foot

Further materials, for instance, thinset, adhesive, backer board, plaster, waterproofing casings, and hem escalates the price of this project. Nearly all homeowners spend about $25 or more for every square foot to make such renovations.

5 Guidelines for selecting your shower modification tiles


It is not a stress-free job to pick the tiles you would use in modifying your shower. Tiles play an enormously significant part in determining the appearance and quality of your bathroom. It is essential that you select the right tiles if you want a successful bathroom and shower renovation you will love many years to come. This applies to both the wall or floor tiles.

The process could also be overwhelming, as you’ll be required to contemplate on the atmosphere you wish to generate in your bathroom, the preferred color pattern, the dimension of your tiles and the pattern they will follow as they are being arranged. You may be exploring various tile designs as you were the one who made the shower modification decision. Maybe, there is a pattern that has interested you, and you wish to settle on, take care, and select carefully.

Nonetheless, you should not carry out hurried conclusions when it has to do with your shower modification. There are a lot of factors you have to consider to acquire the most superior and suitable tile for yourself. Mostly, it is the bathroom’s design, which decides the kind of tile employed in bathroom modification.

For example, would you prefer contrasting tiles to bring about a spacious feeling in a small bathroom, or would you prefer textured surface tiles to generate an interesting and unique feature?

You will find numerous in various materials of clay, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass, therefore, study the appearances and benefits of every choice before you make a decision. However, we have below some guidelines which would assist you in your shower selection.

1. Make use of small-sized tiles on the arcs

The appearance of smaller tiles is better than how bigger ones will look. You could make use of such tiles when you wish to achieve a certain angle in the shower region, shower benches, and also any other curved area in the bathroom and house generally.

2. Choose the accurate mosaic tile

You ought to judiciously choose the mosaic tile, which will be used in the shower region. Contemplate a tile that will provide at least 95 percent touching base from the tile to the wall. Don’t depend on a glue-on-the-tile sheet for contact.

3. Mount suitable tile for the shower bench

The most comfortable tile slab to use when mounting your shower bench is one having a bullnose or radius edge. It gives it a more appealing look that one won’t resist to sit on. When a tile has a coarse edge, it would be rough on the legs, but the bullnose or radius edge will be wonderful on your legs’ back.

4. Choose a less slippery floor tile

It would be more advisable to choose a less slippery tile when making your choice for shower tiles. The most suitable will be porcelain or stone tiles as they are less slippery than glassy ceramic tiles. You should also note that mounting non-vitreous tiles is not the best option in the shower area. Simply vitreous or impervious tiles should be mounted in the shower region since they are somewhat more water-resistant.

5. Choose a decent tile for your walls

You should contemplate including an additional tile on the wall in the shower region. Although any kind of tile you mount on the wall will still be okay, the most prevalent tile used is ceramic and porcelain tiles.

You can choose to use larger or smaller tiles for the shower region. It is safer to use smaller tiles as it easy to install one, and there is no trace of moisture left behind them.

Additionally, you should contemplate natural stone tiles because they are stain-resistant, therefore making them easier to maintain and tidy. It is not necessary to have tiles that are slip-resistant for your walls, unlike the wall as one could fall off the floor and not the wall.

However, if you cannot still make that shower tiles decision, you could still contact us to get more information and advice. Our advice is quite budget-friendly and flexible.

The advantages of most standard shower surface materials on the market

bathroom tiles 1


Tile offers an extremely customizable alternative that provides the homeowner with various varieties for colors and patterns. Even though the end product appears lovely, the setting up procedure is prolonged, comprising several phases beginning with the setting of the tile to plastering and sealing. The plaster and tile generate a permeable surface, permitting mold and soap froth to accumulate, and involve constant care.


Fiberglass’s core fascination is the inexpensiveness; on the other hand, in return, you could anticipate restricted personalization alternatives and concentrated resilience. The main discomfort fact is fiberglass’s predisposition to get dirty, costing you in look easily.


Granite is a tough alternative that offers an eternal appearance. Nevertheless, it is challenging to mount granite as every section is distinctive, making it tough to cut identical slabs. Granite is as well very permeable in its ordinary form and could be tough to maintain, except you have sealed it accurately.


It is stress-free when maintaining and cleaning. In response, the design alternatives are restricted. It’s regularly seen as the “great cover-up” since it is archetypally used to protect out-of-date tile or paint jobs. Having this at heart, you should know it won’t increase the value of your home.


LuxStone is a dense, impermeable product. Thus, it is easier to clean and maintain when compared with granite or tile products. It’s as well a resilient, stain-resistant surface, not like fiberglass.

You can obtain them in different patterns and colors and get them quickly mounted in less than two days. This material will give your floor a very attractive appearance.

All Glass Don’t Look As Terrifying As They Appear

all glass

Don’t keep on hanging on to your potentially moldy shower blinds. Rather fling it away and grasp the liberty of owning a complete glass shower compartment. The installation of a glass door for your shower might seem like an upscale on the budget, but nevertheless, you will be saved the stress of regular curtain wash and even new purchase when it has been over-washed. Glass screened baths also let the warmth of the atmosphere stream into your bath as you are taking one.

It aswell lets the striking design you choose to be displayed more decently for your guests’ view. With the combination of such striking glass shower, your preferable choice of tiles as advised above, and the other additions you have fitted in the bathroom, you have a perfect artwork that is to be shared with the public.

This would seem like a grand initiative; till the moments it climbs climax, then you would be astonished and out in the open. Think about the addition of a semi wall on your shower compartment. Thus, you feel somewhat more compacted than while in a total glass shower.

Your expert could merely attempt to extend further the various parts of your bathroom. You could attempt keeping the toilet are and bench some distance further than the shower area, thereby providing your desired privacy. Think about the mounting of rain or frosted glass. This would also be perfect for blocking out the view from the outside, although you will still receive ample light from within.

You Could Opt For Basic Chic or Just A Comprehensive Spa

spa shower tiles

There are various additions that you could add to enhance the beauty and class of your shower. These additions range from regular designs to extravagant ones. But first, let’s begin with the regular additions that one would see in common bathrooms.

The shower nook

This fantastic improvement had sanctified us from the time when it was set up. Finally, you will have room to store your bathing accessories and bottles instead of littering them on the floor and the edge of your tub. Finally, you will discontinue the idea of a shower caddy, which makes your little bath space look overcrowded.

The reason for this is the idea of a nook in the wall, which would be suitable for storing all your toilet accessories and any other bathing equipment. You could also use a similar but quite dissimilar tile when fitting one as it gives the bath more flair.

If you have decided to set up your bathroom as a one-stop spa, then they’re a lot of luxurious fittings you can include in your bathroom ranging from sound systems to electronic and smart gadgets. Thus, you could do a lot from the comfort of your spa.

Bodysprays are also a good idea to add to your spa as it is fitted in the wall and sprays the water by an electronic mechanism, and this gives you a wonderful and enjoying bath.

When selecting your showerheads, there are various ranges to pick from, like the rain shower model. It adopts the pattern of light rainfall in your bath and gives you that feeling. It is much superior to the regular shower head you find in most baths as its water pressure is considerably minimized.

Shower Compartment

shower compartment

Shower compartments come in various kinds and have a great impact on the entire aesthetics of the room.

Averagely, one spends about $600 to $1,200 when purchasing a shower compartment and about $50 for every hour when funding the labor attached to it. Therefore, to reduce the expenses when installing the shower compartment, think about the use of an enclosed glass shower screen, shower, and tray.

You could obtain a cubicle-style shower screen that is friendly to your budget for about $500 from a bathroom expert or Bunnings. When handling the financing of the labor and material purchase, you might as well spend about $200.

If you don’t buy this idea, then you could still opt for a partially framed shower screen which is obtained at about $400 to $900. This is based on the dimension of the screen. However, the labor and setting up of the shower will be charged at approximately $200.

How To Select Your Most Preferred Showerhead

Installing the most suitable showerhead could be all your bathroom needs to make a difference. Therefore when selecting your most preferred showerhead, there are two features you need to mull over, which are based on style and performance.

To produce a combined shower design, it’s vital to select a matching showerhead fashion. The shower provided by LuxStone offers you with variety of faucet designs despite your preference of either the traditional or modern faucet.

Additionally, you should consider the idea of the performance of your shower head. Therefore, you should know the functionalities you want in your shower. You would find varieties of shower faucets that can provide targeted massage, intensified, full-coverage rinsing, and gentle sprays. All these are varieties of sprays based on the chosen faucets thereby, you could choose from our varieties.

Below are some of our shower head types that you could pick from to get the best experience you desire.

Simple shower head

Maintain the standard of an uncomplicated, modest design. Coralais faucets offer a modifiable showerhead and a user-friendly knob for a suitable function. Providing a complete, constant spray, it sustains the most favorable water temperature and pressures all through the period of your shower to have a wonderfully relaxing bath.

Just like every other faucet, Coralais oppose the buildup of mineral as a result of hard water, thereby maintaining it is no problem. You will find them in either the Brushed or Polished Chrome.

Traditional shower head

Induce the feeling of old times by implementing the Devonshire faucet design. This stylish showerhead presents quaint appeal in a handy fashion that matches various bathrooms.

This showerhead provides a great, pleasure-seeking spray that gives out bigger, more complete water drops having been outfitted with Katalyst air-induction expertise. You have the choice to make from the Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Brushed Nickel finishes to give your shower a better look.

Modern Showerhead

Alteo provides your shower area with poised, sparkling lines and smooth arcs. Its modern designs appear symphonic with bathroom flairs of all varieties. You can choose from a variety of Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Brushed options. Katalyst air induction would also set your bath going with a perfect spray coverage of more deluxe and larger water droplets.

Contemporary Handshower

You have full control of your shower orientation by employing the Awaken Handshower Kit. With its ergonomic design, you can easily get to any part of your body through the Handshower. The thumb tabs allow you to switch between three customizable spray functionalities effortlessly.

These are the targeted, intense drenching or wide coverage, thereby providing you with an experience similar to a spa feeling. You can also get attractive varnishes in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Brushed options.

Versatile shower column

For better flexibility, change your single-outlet showerhead into a customized double-outlet shower head to give you a wonderful showering experience. The HydroRail-S shower column kit allows you to do so. You can obtain the shower column kit in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Brushed options.

Customizing your shower feeling

You also have the possibility of customizing your shower head to your taste. There are a lot of designs you can choose from.

Shower Curtain vs. Glass Shower Door: Which Is Most Suitable for You?

Shower Curtain vs Glass Shower Door

Your bathroom is comprised of various specific types and design selections. This makes it one of the utmost cherished and deluxe places in your house. As you commence a bathroom makeover or finance a shower renovation, you’ll have several choices to make. This includes whether or not you want to mount a fabric shower curtain or glass shower door.

There’s no rebuffing; the decision to mount a glass shower door would upsurge the blunt budgets of your shower renovation, and nonetheless, it might be able to increase the value of your home, improve the charisma, and design of the bathroom, and involve lesser time for upkeep.

Further than the budget, there are still several areas to think through when selecting a glass shower curtain or shower door. Here are several deliberations you ought to feature into your conclusion. They are:

Improved Design

You have put in ample time to get your perfect shower to this level. Therefore, you should put it on display. A glass door provides such access to viewing your shower from the exterior even when you are not using it.

glass door shower

Design Hack:

When you can have a view of your bathroom from the exterior, you would have a feeling that the bath is large. As the glass allows access to more light and illumination, you have the feeling of bright shower experience.

Also, it is important to note that the angles and shapes of your bathroom can as well be customized as your shower door too. It is a possible feature when talking about customizing your showers.

Auxiliary Charm

Several people select a curtain due to its capability of providing texture, pattern, and color into their space. Nevertheless, you have options here as well. You could complement charm with a custom-made glass shower door.

The glass material instantaneously generates a minimalist, refined, and contemporary appearance with a substantial sensation than textile. You have choices of clear finishes or frosted glasses to pick from when you’re picking glass as long as it gives you that desired design.

Glass shower door accessories also affect appearance. Adorn the fitment door with an assortment of accessories alternatives, including anodized brushed bronze, matte nickel, or bright polished silver.

Enhanced Daily Function

Make your bathroom always look dry and neat by the use of a glass shower door. The complete compartment offered by a sealed glass door will keep water from going out of the bath and spilling on the grounds, not like a shower curtain. You will find glass shower doors in varieties of pivot or sliding kinds. No matter the type you choose, they will both keep out water spills on the ground.

Forget the Curtain Idea

If you’re prepared to employ additional funds to finish off your bathroom, you’ll discover that the paybacks of a glass door are a match to the price. Apart from improving the design and charm of your bathroom, a glass shower door is an enduring resolution for improving the value of your home, function, and lessening upkeep.

Cost to Remodel a Shower

The average price for installing a shower is $3,165, whereas shower remodels usually cost from about $250 to $4,000 or more. That price can climb sharply if you feature in widespread plumbing renovations and luxury structures. The prices of renovation are categorized in three ways: they are the basic, mid-range, and high-end.

Basic Shower Remodels ($450 to $2,000)

  • Acrylic shower kits are charged at about $150 to $250.
  • Basic ceramic tile is charged as low as $1.30 for every square foot.
  • Simple glass doors are charged at $100 to $300
  • Single showerheads are charged at around $40

Mid-Range Shower Remodels ($3,000 to $4,800)

  • Tub/Shower Floor is charged for $500 to $2,000
  • Showerheads are charged for prices below $200
  • Mosaic Tiles are charged at $31.25 to $48.75 for every finished square foot

High End Shower Remodels ($6,000 to $10,000+)

  • Steam showers are charged at an average price of $2,500 to $6,200 with labor exclusive.
  • Frameless shower doors, which give an open, sleek look for around $5,000 installed
  • Upscale tile, glass, marble, and natural stone can be procured for prices above $25 per-square-foot installed
  • Tub replacement is a combination of a tub and shower bathroom and with a jetted tub for a soothing, spa-like experience cost up to $10,000

Motivation & Concepts for your shower renovation

Modern showers are all about the treat. From gigantic spaces with seats to courteously prearranged cubicles with fashionable accents, you can use this motivation to build the shower of your imaginings. A number of the motivations could be:


shower concepts ambience

In earlier years, function and utility were of the greatest worry in bathroom design. In recent times, there has been a revolutionary renaissance utilizing several decor features to generate a preferred sensation as well as imparting the room with functionality.

They range from the above coastal-inspired bathrooms to those with private spa-like retreats. Hence, you can allow your shower remodel to offer a way out of your daily life cycle.

Mediterranean Flair

Mediterranean Flair Shower

Image Credit: Signature Woodworks, LLC

These range from complete leitmotifs to lesser accent walls. Such Mediterranean-motivated structures provide modern bathrooms with a trace of Old World chic. Select from Mediterranean arches, colorful mosaics, arabesque patterns, intricate tiles, or Spanish tile for a renewed focal point with universal entreaty.

Colorful Showers

The concept of this bathroom is not as those used in the 70s. Contemporary homeowners employ renewed varieties to disintegrate their neutrals and supplement slight visual attention to the bathroom.

The photo example above with a mere wade of green and blue is a prodigious model of how to graft color into a bathroom devoid of giving it an overwhelming appearance.

Light and Bright

Light and Bright Shower

All-white bathrooms are gradually standard picks for their crusty, eye-pleasing appearance. Homeowners who desire to realize a similarly crusty appearance even though they still want to employ a slight color can imitate the outcome by coupling white accents and cabinets with very bright neutrals.

Natural Components

Modern showers all involve the use of unanticipated materials. Natural materials with the inclusion of particularly treated wood and rock, complement cordiality, and astonishingly stylish touch.

Industrial Fittings

Industrial Fittings Shower

Image Credit: TEAC Structural Engineering

The bolts and nuts of via industrial-fashionable design in a shower could be thought-provoking. Place industrial hints like the pipe shower you see in the above image with warm tenors and little natural features to avoid giving your bathroom an excessively cold appearance.

All You Need to Know About Walk-in Showers

Several homeowners are at the moment now requesting to switch their bathtubs into a spacious and luxurious walk-in shower. Additionally, it is very suitable for elderly people, kids, and those who have movement problems.

Due to the number of bathroom sill accidents that are occurring every year, it is very risky for one to walk into a bathroom without proper caution, even if there is a mat laid on the ground. Also, families with little kids and possess bathtubs could lose their child to drowning when he sneaks out of a room and into the bathroom.

Certainly, several persons wish to encompass all these in one bath just like I desire, and they choose to set up the combination of the shower and bathtub in one bathroom. This helps also to conserve space if you don’t have quite a large bathroom. If not, it is still cool to have them separately.

Walk-in Showers

The idea of still keeping the tub might not be safety-wise as earlier advised, but it still gives you the ability for long soaks. This is directed to small families where there are no kids, or they are already grown.

However, you must consider your old age when making shower renovations, so if you have a sill in your bath, you could consider changing it now or when there is the availability of funds.

The Procedure For Transforming Your Tub into a Walk-In Shower

Whether it is a customized or prefabricated walk-in shower, the number of homeowners changing theirs is rapid. A walk-in shower makes your bathroom have a feeling of spaciousness and lets it be easily maintained. You will see here the method by which you can transform your old bathtub into a walk-in shower either by external employment or expertise counseling.

1. Demolish the shower walls first and then the tub

Several people do question why it is necessary to pull down the wall first instead of just excavating the bathtub. The reason for this is because of the large size of the bathtub, which is installed before any additional tiling. For this reason, you have to pull the wall down, separating the beauty of the walls from the tub as they are dependent mostly on the tub.

2. Reconfiguration of your plumbing

It is necessary to change the configuration of your previous plumbing as there would be new faucets added, therefore sending the pipes in various directions. Therefore, the previous water drainage for your tub will also be reconfigured to let water leave you bath effortlessly.

3. Adjustment of your fresh shower regulator

Having removed the tub, there would be a need to change the position of your shower regulator as it won’t be low as how it was with the tub. It will have to be placed in a position you could easily get to it without stress.

Aside from that, the showerhead will also be fitted in a suitable position as related to the average height best for the users.

4. Mount new wall blocking

Having made the wall to be bare devoid of any tiling, it would be the perfect time to add some wall blocking, which is usually dimensioned at 2 x 12 and has a height of 36”. The aim of having this wall blocking is to provide the user with the ability to add shower grabs if they wish for one later in life.

5. Set up your shower walls and pan

The next step after having the wall blocking set up is to ensure you have installed other fittings you will require in the bath like the wall tiling and pans. We have provided ample designs for these, so you shouldn’t have much stress making a choice. Whatever choice you make, it is also dependent on your preference and the budget set up for that project.

6. Pick your accessories

There are countless ways you can customize your walk-in shower to your preference. However, the aim is to offer a beautiful, dependable, and secure walk-in shower structure that will satisfy your distinctive requirements, as it as well allows you to happily and confidently have a bath.

Various standard accessories for a walk-in shower

Shower curtain: We constantly incorporate a shower rod and curtain for the idea of safety in the bathroom. Glass shower doors could make entry and exit into the bathroom more complicated.

Nonetheless, several of our consumers still fancy a door in their shower, and that is not a problem. If your idea of floor installation is a wet room style, occasionally just fix a portion of glass on one part of the shower and install no door.

Shampoo/Soap Compartment: There are many kinds and styles of compartments we offer for your soap and other bathing materials. There are also various positions they can be fitted in your bathroom, depending on your decision and choice.

Shower bench: Installing a shower bench have different styles ranging from the free-standing, built-in, or just the one hanging on the shower wall.

Private shower rod: We propose numerous diverse varieties of shower rod. However, every one of them is adjustable. They are also hung on a descending bar that possesses a knob for choosing and activating either the private shower rod or showerhead.

Now that you have an appealing, high-quality idea of our renovating procedure let’s evaluate the different kinds of shower supplies and their various prices.

Some Of Our Walk-In Shower Fitting And Their Prices

1. Acrylic Walk-In Shower Price

We set up an Onyx low-profile shower pan for our acrylic shower structures. We make use of either a single one-inch lip or together with a slope (for rolling over) and an acrylic wall structure.

You cannot compare it to the insubstantial wall structure you spot at the large box lumber shops.

Our local producer who constructs these walls from ¼” acrylic gives them finished edges. They are white, plain and very nice. The acrylic walk-in shower is the most uncomplicated and cost-effective.

Price: Around $6,000 and $7,000 with labor/materials inclusive.

2. Onyx Walk-In Shower Price

Our Onyx structure is exceptional in numerous ways. You can select from several diverse textures and colors. It also possesses a very little doorstep (which we can put into influence and utilize for numerous diverse uses).

In conclusion, the warranty it provides lasts for a lifetime. For instance, if you bore an opening in the onyx, then you are covered by the warranty. You won’t be able to find such Onyx Collection in any other part of the industry.

 Price: Around $7,000 and $8,500 with labor/materials inclusive.

3. Walk-In Shower with Custom-Tiled Walls Price

This is a very trendy alternative for clients searching for custom tile employment.

We could set up an inconspicuous shower pan and tag along with all our regular procedures, nevertheless as an alternative to fitting in outsized wall panels; we mount porcelain or ceramic tile. The diversity between the porcelain and ceramic is mostly aesthetics.

Employing the custom tile walls, we set up a solid backer panel at the back of the tile. Furthermore, a bullnose trim is necessary on the length of the edge (the place where the drywall and tile convene), and we frequently run the tile up to ceiling level.

Price: Between $8,500 and $10,000 with labor/materials inclusive.

DIY or Employ An Expert?

Starting a shower renovation as a DIY task could be delicate. If the end job resembles that of an amateur, then you won’t enjoy the pleasure you had expected or get a refund of your money and time invested into that task.

Therefore if you are considering either performing the task yourself or by the help of an expert, then you should heed the advice of professionals who say making some additions to your budget after the original calculation has been made.

This could help you take care of errors and unfortunate incidents like a leaking pipe or wrong positioning. Below are some tips which could help you in completing the task if you wish to do it yourself (DIY).

Tips For DIY

An extra pair of hands is required- If you decide to perform the task yourself, of course, there will be a lot of change you will reserve. Also, it is not advisable as your hard work could result in a disaster.

You could as well handle the basics renovations like the placing of the shower or tiles, but when it comes to professional fitting, it would be preferable to hire an expert if you are not one yourself.

Research and contrast- Also, you should completely know what you need in the shower modification and go through some market surveys. Get suitable materials and check out more than one company before making purchases. You might find some in a different place which would not be in another.

Being factual to your favored fashion- If you prefer a modern appearance, then you shouldn’t go for epoch fittings or conventional designs, which would end up giving you a lacking result.

Pick your color palette cautiously- Having a shower renovation means that you want your bathroom to have the new face for some years as it wouldn’t be frequent. Therefore you should ensure you get a particular color you know won’t bore you in years to come.

Do not try to imitate the reigning trends as it will be old-fashioned one day. White, gray, neutral colors, and warm wood tones are some fashionable alternatives that would stand for ages.

Begin with important features- Whether you wish for a steam generator or multiple showerheads or sprays, you should ensure that all these are water-efficient and would not topple your income and budget. This should be something that won’t upsurge your utility bill greatly.


What is the best type of tile for the shower or the bathroom floor?

The type of tile you settle on depends on what you want and the effects you are seeking to create. There are many types of tile materials you can choose from. Deciding on the most suitable tile material to use for your shower or bathroom floor depends on factors like the amount of light entering into your bathroom and the amount of foot traffic the bathroom gets.

How much light will I need for my shower?

Lightening is a significant factor to consider for your bathroom renovation. If you have experience how frustrating it can get to live in a home with a poorly lit bathroom; you will easily know that good lightening a significant factor to consider in any shower or bathroom renovation. 

However, you need to use waterproof materials in your shower for safety. It is not sufficient to install only one ceiling fixture. Consider installing alternative lightening that makes things easy when you need to shave, apply makeup, and shower. You will need vanity lighting, for instance, and the second source of light for the shower area.

Do I require extra ventilation in my bathroom?

Poor bathroom ventilation makes your bathroom environment liable for the growth of mildew and mold. You ought to install a bathroom fan in your bathroom. Let your contractor know you want sufficient ventilation in your bathroom to safeguard you and your household from the dangers of molds and mildews. 

Why is it pricey to replace a shower tile?

Replacing your shower tiles is one of the most costly parts of your bathroom renovation. The high cost is because you don’t only need to install a new tile, and you equally need to secure the bathroom before you start. 

Before you begin with the tile installation, you need to, first of all, treat the surrounding area to ensure a watertight environment using a water seal. You equally need to check that you have a proper drainage system.

You need to take extra precaution to do the proper installation to avoid the cost and hassles that would come with improper installation later one. Besides, Bathroom renovation, which includes the shower area, makes your living environment feel better and healthier. It equally improves the home resale value. 

How long does it take to install a Magic Bath shower or bath system?

The amount of time it takes for the installation of your magic bath or shower system to be entirely installed depends on a few factors which include things like the shower type or tub and your project size. However, it can commonly be installed in a single day. 

How do I clean my freshly installed acrylic tub or shower?

As a rule of thumb, the technician who installs the shower will tell you the suitable and best cleaning materials and solutions to use. However, you can properly clean acrylic with soap and water. It hardly ever requires harsh chemicals or cleaning materials.

What is the best way to install my bath or shower wall surround to ensure it is properly fitted above my old tile?

You can securely install a shower wall surround over your old tile. The first step is to repair any broken part of the tiles to give you a well-grounded foundation. Once you have done that, you can start to install your wall surrounds just above your current shower or tub walls. This helps to minimize the time for the installation and save you from the potential hassles that could occur from an untidy tear out.

What Are the Advantages of a Walk-in Shower?

Walk-in showers give you easy access to make use of the shower without having to step over a sill. It is also easy to clean and maintain a walk-in shower.

What Are the Walk-in Shower Drawbacks?

Well, walk-in showers, as earlier stated, are typical for elderly people or those with mobility issues. So, it is not best for children. It is easier to bath little kids in tubs instead of under the shower. Also, there is a privacy issue if you wish to have private baths. It gives less or no privacy for the users.

How Much Freedom Do I Have with Design?

The choice of designing your walk-in shower is dependent on the space available and your choice, although there are some buts. Selecting a color for your walk-in shower is necessary as multi-colored baths will look less attractive. You could install similar tiles for the wall and floor, glass blocks, or panels on both sides or just one side. Fittings and compartments could also be installed as you require.

However, there are some guidelines you should follow which have set up by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It states that there should be a provision of 30 inches of space between bathroom fixtures to enable one to move freely around. Therefore, you should put this into consideration when setting up your walk-in shower.

What is the cost of a Walk-in Shower?

There are varieties of prices that one can procure a walk-in shower at based on their types too.

The cheapest selection for a makeup walk-in shower kit is about $800 to $2,500. This pricing depends on its quality and size and requirements.

A custom-made walk-in shower will surely cost more as it is mostly handled by experts and possess varieties of additions and accessories depending on your picks. You would get one from about $6,500 to $15,000 or even at a further price. walk-in shower cost

What Can I Expect During Installation?

Well, with the decision of modifying your shower, you should expect a lot of things

•First, the disposal of the old tub and wallboard.
•New wall framing, if necessary, to house the shower outline.
•Some mechanical jobs will also be carried out regarding the installation of new pipes for the drainage, faucets, and showerheads. An electrician might also be required if there is a need to change your lighting system.
•Fitting wallboard that can resist moisture action (regularly solid fiberboard) placed above the wall studs.
•Installation of a shower pan. If you are setting up a makeup shower pan, then it would just be placed in its position, but a customized one will require some hand forming by the use of concrete and plaster. The drain, too, will undergo similar renovation so that proper sloping can be achieved.
•I am setting up of tile on customized shower walls and floors.
•Fitting of features like the faucet knobs, spigot spray heads, the drain cover, and showerhead.
•Finally, any other delicate additions like the glass wall panels and other breakable will be fitted to prevent breakage along with the other tasks. why use walk in shower

Why a Walk-In Shower?

Walk-in showers are safer when compared to the outdated shower/tub combination. No ledge requires you walking over in a walk-in shower. Therefore, you wouldn’t be scared of hitting your leg and tripping. The ease of cleaning and maintaining it also gives it an edge over other kinds of showers.



Do you want a simple shower where you just run in and have a quick bath and dash out, or you would also like to move your bedroom and sitting room into a combined shower?

When you give your shower that feeling, you are in no hurry to leave it and have a comfortable bath. A soothing soak with tranquil music and perfect illumination could keep you easing off for hours. Therefore, make that decision and get yourself a perfect bath just as your perfect sitting room and bedroom.


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