How to Find the Best COREtec Flooring

best coretec flooring

There is no doubt that some of the best hardwood flooring options on the market look gorgeous, but wood flooring is also associated with stains, buckling, and a wide array of other issues. Learning how to find the best COREtec flooring options will help you avoid dealing with these problems.

The only problem is that USFloors, the company that manufactures COREtec flooring offers an immense amount of different models. Although the differences between the models are usually minor, they are still significant enough to affect their performance.

So, in this guide to finding the best COREtec flooring, we’re going to help you understand better what this type of flooring is and supply you with information you can use to find the COREtec option that is perfectly suited for the space in which you want to install it.

The 5 Best COREtec Flooring Options – Overview

Best Overall: COREtec Pro Galaxy Centaurus Oak Check price
Best for Commercial Venue: COREtec Pro Enhanced HD Kent Oak Check price
Best for Residential Use: COREtec Plus Design Fascination Oak Check price
Most Stylish: COREtec Plus Tile Antique Marble Check price
Best for High Traffic: COREtec Stone Volto Check price

What is COREtec flooring?

COREtec flooring is a brand of luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring that imitates the look and feel of hardwood flooring.

The first COREtec collection was launched a little over a decade ago, and in the meantime, the company released hundreds of models that are aimed at both residential and commercial use. The one thing all of the COREtec flooring options have in common is that you can install them over virtually any surface.

All models are made from a combination of polyvinyl chloride resins, bamboo dust, fungicides, stabilizers, and other elements that contribute to the sturdiness of final products that are shaped as either planks or tiles.

The manufacturer utilizes eco-friendly materials to minimize the emission of volatile chemicals better known as VOCs, which is the reason all COREtec products come with Low-VOC certifications.

Consequently, all COREtec flooring options have a minimal impact on your health, while at the same time they are highly resistant to scratches, chips, and all other damages that can be caused by an impact to their surface.

When to use COREtec flooring?

A wooden floor can be difficult to maintain as removing stains or fixing chips takes a lot of time and effort. The company manufactures COREtec models that are suitable for both residential and commercial use so that you can pick the option that best suits your needs.

COREtec flooring options that have a softcore are a better fit for a bedroom and other low-traffic spaces in your home, while models with an underlayment pad and hardcore are suitable for use in high-traffic commercial venues.

You should also pay attention to the thickness of the wear layer since COREtec flooring options can have 12mil or 20mil wear layers depending on the collection and the model.

All COREtec flooring solutions are waterproof which makes them an attractive option if you need flooring you can install it in an area that is frequently exposed to water. You can go through our flooring project guide for more information on how to choose flooring for your projects.

The features of COREtec flooring

Despite slight differences, COREtec flooring models are constructed in the same way and all of their most important features are the same.

Hence, it is important to pay close attention to the features of a particular COREtec flooring model in order to find out its impact on traffic tolerance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important features of COREtec flooring solutions.


All of the brand’s flooring products are capable of handling strong impacts, and it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to damage them by dropping a glass or any other item on them.

The reason for such high durability is a relatively thick wear layer that is located at the top of each COREtec plank or tile. Only products from ONE and Pro Galaxy collections have 12mils wear layers while all other COREtec flooring options come with a 20mil wear layer.

Consequently, making a scratch or a chip on a COREtec plank is much more difficult than on regular hardwood flooring options.

Excellent sound insulation

Each of the brand’s flooring models contains a cork underlayment that prevents the sound from spreading when you walk on them.

When paired with the sound insulation in your home or your office, COREtec planks and tiles provide superior sound insulation that ensures you won’t disturb your neighbors while moving furniture or performing similar activities.

Water-resistant core

Unlike so many LVT and LVP options on the market, you can install any of the COREtec flooring options in bathrooms and all other spaces where they frequently get in contact with water.

The core is made of materials that don’t absorb water which ensures that fluids can’t penetrate the lower levels of the flooring and affect the glue that wasused to install the planks or tiles.

Also, the manufacturer offers a ten-year waterproof warranty for all of their products and you’ll be able to replace for free the COREtec flooring if it warps during the warranty period.

Wide surface compatibility

The installation process of COREtec flooring can be completed by an experienced DIYer since the company provides detailed installation instructions on their website.

You can install all COREtec flooring options over existing planks or tiles since they already have an integrated cork underlayment. However, you should first check if an additional underlayment is required in the room where you want to install the COREtec flooring.

Low maintenance requirements

Cleaning COREtec flooring is easy and requires a minimum amount of effort, which makes these planks and tiles an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring solutions.

Vacuuming or mopping COREtec flooring should remove the majority of dirt while for persistent stains you can use floor-cleaning detergents. The manufacturer recommends using the Encore Cleaner, but it is safe to use any other floor cleaner.

The COREtec flooring collections

There are hundreds of COREtec flooring options, and they are divided into two major collections. Besides the two collections, the company also offers COREtec Wood and COREtec Stone models that are designed to simulate the properties of these materials.

COREtec Original

As its name indicates, this is the first flooring series ever released by the USFloors Company. You can find the following lines within the COREtec Original collection:

COREtec Pro

The Pro series is designed primarily for commercial venues and it contains these lines:

Each of the COREtec lines contains a broad range of models so that you pick the one that fits the room you’re renovating.

The COREtec flooring installation process

All COREtec flooring solutions can be installed as soon as they arrive since they don’t have an acclimation period. However, you should install these LVPs at temperatures around 70F.

You can choose between flotation and direct glue installation methods, depending on the surface, and in some cases, you can install the COREtec flooring over a radiant heating system. It is advisable to hire professional help if you’re unfamiliar with these flooring installation methods.

The advantages of COREtec flooring

Made from durable materials

All COREtec flooring models are made of materials capable of withstanding heavy-duty usage, and even the solutions created primarily for residential applications are difficult to damage.

A relatively thick wear layer protects the COREtec flooring from scratches, but you should keep in mind that moving heavy furniture could cause damage to these products.

The core is resistant to water

The water-resistant core of COREtec flooring options enables you to install them in a bathroom or any other room where they may get in touch with water.

A broad selection of models

Even though there are just two collections of COREtec flooring, you can choose from hundreds of models that are available in different plank or tile dimensions.

The disadvantages of COREtec flooring

Prone to decolorization

COREtec flooring will start to lose its color gradually if it is frequently exposed to the sun, which makes it a suitable solution for spaces that don’t have a lot of natural light during the day.

The most important factors to consider while choosing COREtec flooring

Besides the budget and your personal preferences, several factors can help you decide which COREtec flooring option you should choose.

Also, the purpose for which the room is used should play a role in your decision to choose one COREtec flooring option over another. Generally, the flooring solutions from the Original collection are a better fit for residential use, while the COREtec Pro models are better suited for commercial venues.

Here are some of the factors you’ll have to take into consideration while deciding which COREtec flooring option you should choose.

The size of the area of the floor you want to cover

All COREtec flooring options are sold by square feet, and you need to know the exact dimensions of the room in which these planks or tiles are going to be installed. This information will help you determine how much COREtec flooring you should purchase.

Plank size

Plank and tile sizes of COREtec flooring depend on the model and you need to check the dimensions of the model you’re interested in before purchasing it. Models that have greater thickness are more resistant to impact and their sound-dampening properties are better than those on thin models.

Durability and maintenance

COREtec flooring can have a 12mil or 20mil wear layer, and you should opt for a model that has a 12mil wear layer if you want to install it in a low-traffic area. Models with a 20mil wear layer can withstand heavy traffic and they’re commonly used in commercial venues.

Keeping COREtec flooring clean is easy, but you should go through the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before you start moping or vacuum cleaning.

Costs and warranty period

You can spend anywhere between $4 and $10 for a square foot of COREtec flooring which makes these PVL and PVT flooring options moderately priced.

Also, the manufacturer offers a lifetime residential warranty for some of its products, as well as a ten-year commercial warranty.

COREtec Pro Galaxy Centaurus Oak – The best overall COREtec flooring option

If you are looking for a flooring option that is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, then the COREtec Pro Galaxy Centaurus Oak may be the right choice for you. This model has the same features as all other flooring options from the COREtec Pro Galaxy line.

So, if you opt for the Centaurus Oak, you’ll get waterproof, sturdy, and affordable vinyl flooring at an affordable price. However, you need to check if the product’s specifications match the requirements of the project you’re working on.


  • Features a solid polymer core
  • Equipped with the cork underlayment
  • Elegant design
  • Simple installation process


  • Comes with a 30-year residential warranty
  • Thin wear layer

COREtec Pro Enhanced HD Kent Oak – The best COREtec flooring option for a commercial venue

As one of the most beautiful models from the COREtec Pro Enhanced HD series, the Kent Oak can make any room more stylish. The extra-long planks enable you to cover vast spaces, while their rigid construction makes them a great fit for all high-traffic areas.

Also, this model is waterproof and it features a cork underlayment that absorbs the sound efficiently and makes the material warmer. Edge profiles on these COREtec planks are created using the Enhanced Pain Bevels and Embossed in Register technologies.


  • A single Kent Oak plank is 72.83-inches long and 9-inches wide
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Great for all types of indoor spaces


  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • Kent Oak planks are just 5.2mm thick

COREtec Plus Design Fascination Oak – The best COREtec flooring option for residential use

A micro bevel and a waterproof foamed core are among the features that make the COREtec Plus Design Fascination Oak a great choice for all rooms in your home. These COREtec planks are available at two different lengths so that you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

You can install the Fascination Oak LVP over all types of surfaces without having to add an underlayment, since all planks ship with an attached cork underlayment. The GREENGUARD Gold certification guarantees that the level of VOC emissions is low.


  • Realistic wooden texture
  • Beautiful color
  • Zero health risks
  • Easy installation over different types of surfaces


  • High price tag
  • Sun exposure may wear out the color

COREtec Plus Tile Antique Marble – The most stylish COREtec flooring option

Homeowners that would like to give their living spaces a more classical look should consider getting the COREtec Plus Tile Antique Marble flooring option. These tiles have a waterproof polymer core and they won’t warp or swell if they get wet.

The model comes with an attached cork, which enables you to install the tiles over the existing flooring. Upkeep of the Antique Marble tiles is remarkably easy as you can use a vacuum cleaner and a mop to remove the dirt.


  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Limited lifetime residential warranty
  • Water can’t damage these tiles


  • The actual dimensions of tiles are only available upon request
  • Tiles are not scratch-proof

COREtec Stone Volto – The best high traffic COREtec flooring option

The manufacturer utilizes the embossed thermo-resin to give the COREtec Stone Volto the look and feel of a natural stone. Its grayish color can give any room a stylish look, although these tiles are best suited for high-traffic commercial venues.

The mineral core makes the tiles sturdy, while a protective wear layer ensures that you can’t scratch the Stone Volto easily. Furthermore, the cork underlayment provides exceptional sound isolation and makes the floor warmer.

Each tile features a grout line that simplifies the installation process and enhances the realism of these tiles.


  • Great fit for commercial settings
  • Cork underlayment provides heat and sound isolation
  • Realistic stone look
  • Robust and scratch-resistant design


  • Not suited for wet areas
  • One of the most expensive COREtec flooring options

Frequently asked questions about COREtec flooring

Question: Are COREtec flooring options harmful to health?

Answer: All COREtec models have low VOC emissions and they don’t pose a health risk for homeowners. Besides, nearly all COREtec flooring options have a GreenGuard certificate that guarantees the COREtec tiles and planks don’t pollute the air.

Question: How long does the COREtec flooring last?

Answer: Even though the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime residential warranty for some of its products, you shouldn’t expect the COREtec flooring to last for more than 15 to 20 years.

Question: Can I install the COREtec flooring by myself?

Answer: COREtec flooring is easy to install because you can float it over almost any surface. Nonetheless, you should hire professional help if you haven’t installed LVT or LVP before.

Question: How often do I have to clean the COREtec flooring?

Answer: You should clean the COREtec flooring as often as you would clean hardwood or any other type of flooring. You can use a mop or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the COREtec flooring

Our Verdict: Does the COREtec flooring live up to the hype?

The role of flooring is both functional and decorative, so the flooring option you choose should be stylish and durable enough to withstand high volumes of traffic.

Each of the COREtec flooring solutions is remarkably durable and elegant and they can be an attractive option for both residential and commercial applications.

We recommend choosing the COREtec Pro Galaxy Centaurus Oak because it offers impressive features at a reasonable price. Also, the COREtec Plus Design Fascination Oak can be a great choice for homeowners searching for LVP that recreates the look and feel of hardwood flooring.

We hope that our guide has helped you discover the best COREtec flooring for your home renovation project. Which COREtec flooring model are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to finding the best tile flooring options, best stair flooring options, or see how Bamboo vs Laminate flooring compare.


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