Wen 4210 vs 4212 – Which Drill Press is Best?

Wen 4210 vs 4212 – Which Drill Press is Best?

For those of you who perform plenty of repetitive workshop projects, drill presses are always useful and they should be part of your tool kit. With both WEN 4210 and WEN 4212 you will achieve consistent and accurate results every time you drill holes in either metal or wood.

Still, despite the fact that both these power tools are good-quality products, it can be hard to choose between them. For that reason, I have created this comparative review in which you will discover many essential details such as features, pros, cons, prices, and more.

Main Differences between WEN 4210 vs WEN 4212

The Main Differences between WEN 4210 vs WEN 4212 are:

  • WEN 4210 is less powerful than the second model, whereas WEN 4212 comes with boosted motor power;
  • WEN 4210 has a lower capacity although it does a good job for many categories of projects, whereas WEN 4212 features increased capacity
  • WEN 4210 model you have to move the belts that are located inside the tool’s head on the pulleys to change the speed, whereas WEN 4212 model all you have to do to change the speed is to rotate the lever
  • WEN 4210 is a more affordable drill press, whereas WEN 4212 has a higher price tag;
  • WEN 4210 has a drill depth of 2.5 inches, whereas WEN 4212 has a drill depth of 3 inches

WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Main Features and Specifications

WEN 4210 Features

Motor Power

This WEN drill press model has a pretty powerful motor of 3.2 Amps. In other words, it can handle numerous projects that you may want to work on. It goes through wood without a problem but it can also tackle metal pieces that have a thickness of about 2-3 inches.

With this tool, you can even drill smooth holes in thin steel pieces. However, thicker pieces might represent an issue.


There are 5 available speed levels that you can opt from, ranging between 600 RPM and 3,100 RPM. You must adjust the press at a lower speed setting if you want to drill through thicker or tougher materials such as metal.

If you work with wood or another material that’s quite soft, then a higher speed will boost the tool’s efficiency.


This WEN drill press model has a bigger construction compared to many other similar products on the market. Simply put, you will be able to use WEN 4210 for projects that require drilling through larger workpieces.

Also, the space on the table is generous which enables you to drill accurate holes of a maximum depth of 2.5 inches.


The press’s workbench can be adjusted due to its tilt function. You can place it at a 45-degree angle to either your right or your left.

This feature helps you drill holes that are created at perfect angles. To adjust the depth, you need to activate the gauge and then lock it into place.

LED Light

This drill press comes with a LED light that does a great job of illuminating the workbench.

There’s also a laser guide that shows the user the exact location in which the head of the drill will fall. This boosts precision and accuracy.

Wen 4210T Drill Press with Laser | Amazon

Wen’s 10-inch 5-Speed Drill Press powers through metal, wood, plastics and more. Change from five speeds to target the exact RPM right for your project.

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WEN 4210 Specifications

  • A motor of 3.2 Amp;
  • A maximum speed of 3,100 RPMs;
  • The bench is illuminated by a LED light;
  • The tool weighs 54.4 lbs.;
  • There’s a laser guide that’s highly useful;
  • You can tilt the bench at a 45-degree angle;
  • The maximum drill depth is 2.5 inches.

WEN 4212 Features

Motor Power

The motor power of this WEN drill press model of 4.5 Amp is truly impressive. This powerful tool can handle almost all jobs that you through its way. It will transform your work into a light and easy one regardless of the materials you’re drilling through.

It is a breeze to penetrate thicker materials such as metal but make sure to choose the proper drill bits that suit the job at hand. Otherwise, the tool might break or become damaged.


WEN 4212 functions at a large speed spectrum that ranges between 530 RPM and 3,200 RPM.

When you go through thicker maters like hardwoods or heavy-duty steel, you should opt for a lower speed level. Higher speeds are suitable for drilling through pine and other softwoods.

Workbench and Construction

The press’s workbench is large which means it can easily manage very big workpieces. WEN 4212 can accommodate a maximum thickness of 5 inches.

This feature combined with the tool’s impressive swing makes this WEN drill press an amazing product for many professional-grade projects.

You can adjust the workbench at a 45-degree angle for greater versatility when it comes to drilling angled holes.

Just like the 4210 model, this one also features a laser guide for improved accuracy and a work table that’s manufactured of cast iron which ensures a longer lifecycle.

Wen 4212 Variable Speed Drill Press | Home Depot

The Wen 10-inch Variable Speed Drill Press easily powers through metal, wood, plastics, and more. Drill up to a 1/2-inch hole into heavy-duty cast iron with ease.

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WEN 4212 Specifications

  • A very powerful 4.5 Amp motor;
  • A maximum speed of 3,200 RPMs;
  • Users can tilt the table at a 45-degree angle to both their right and left;
  • It weighs 62.4 lbs.;
  • You can drill up to 3 inches in any materials.

WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Pros and Cons

WEN 4210 Advantages

  • It comes with plenty of helpful features;
  • You can choose from 5 different speed levels which is a great advantage;
  • It is more affordable compared to WEN 4212;
  • Users can drill angled holes because the bench can be tilted up to 45 degrees;
  • There’s a useful LED light that does an excellent job of illuminating your workbench.

WEN 4210 Disadvantages

  • You must manually adjust the belt’s tension in order to change the speed;
  • It’s not easy to use this power tool to drill holes through thick steel because the motor isn’t strong enough.

WEN 4212 Advantages

  • It comes with a robust motor;
  • This power tool has a main body that’s built to last a long time;
  • It features a generous range of available speed levels;
  • The spindle is long which comes in handy when you must drill through large pieces of wood or metal.

WEN 4212 Disadvantages

  • In order to adjust or modify the speed, you must change the tension on the tool’s belt manually;
  • It is more expensive than the previous model.

WEN 4210 vs 4212 – How Much Do These Drill Presses Cost?

As you would expect, the model that was released first, the 4210, is more affordable than the other. WEN 4210 costs around $164-$166, whereas WEN 4212 has a price tag of approximately $260-$268.

This price difference is normal considering that the second model has some improvements. After all, it is an upgraded version of the 4210 drill press.

Both of these products are low to medium-priced because there are many other similar tools out there that are much more expensive and offer more or less the same features.

*The prices stated above are the ones marketed at the moment when this comparative review was written so, in time, both the manufacturer and the distributor reserve their right to change them.

WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Main Alternatives

Here are some viable alternatives to the two WEN drill press models I reviewed today. I grouped them into two categories: for woodworking and projects that involve drilling through metal pieces.

a. Some of the Best Drill Presses for Drilling in Wood

If most of your projects involve drilling holes through wood pieces, then the following drill presses are all good options that you should consider.

1. WEN 4208 Drill Press

This WEN drill press has an adjustable speed that ranges from 740 RPM to 3,140 RPM.

It is a special power tool because it checks so many boxes when it comes to power and quality. Its key chuck provides you with a highly precise drilling experience.


  • It’s a very affordable drill press that was specially made for less experienced users;
  • The body is made of cast iron and the other parts are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic;
  • You can adjust the speed because there are 5 different speed levels available which is a truly impressive feature;
  • It comes with a laser targeting system. Together with the 2-inch chuck, it makes WEN 4205 a highly versatile tool.


  • You must recalibrate the press’s laser alignment manually.

My Personal Favorite
Wen 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press | Amazon

Its powerful induction motor features ball bearing construction for an extended life, providing smooth and balanced performance even at high speeds.

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02/14/2023 09:14 am GMT

2. SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press

If you want a drill press that’s excellent at drilling through wood but it’s also small and easy to use, then SKIL 3320-01 represents an amazing choice.

It is a very precise power tool with many other amazing characteristics.


  • Its 10-inch swing allows users to include this tool in any of their woodworking projects;
  • The laser has a very precise aim and highly accurate drilling capacity;
  • You can tilt the bench to a 45-degree angle which provides increased comfort and ease of use;
  • If you’re usually dealing with low light exposure in your projects, then this tool is perfect for you;
  • It is very affordable considering its 5-speed characteristic.


  • The laser uses AA batteries and these types of batteries tend to die quite quickly buy you can easily find replacements.

Skil 3320-01 Drill Press | HardwareWorld

For the weekend woodworker who wants greater precision than a handheld drill offers, the 3320 Skil 10-inch Drill Press with Laser is a solid choice. 

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b. Some of the Best Drill Presses for Drilling in Metal

When it comes to drilling through thicker or harder materials such as steel and metal, you will need a more powerful drill press. Besides motor power, other factors like speed and weight are important, too.

1. NOVA 58000 Voyager

The NOVA 58000 weighs 307 lbs. and comes with a 2-year warranty on all its components.

NOVA 58000 Voyager3

There’s nothing more powerful on the market than this metal drill press right here. It has a 2-HP motor and a speed range of 50-5,500 RPMs.


  • It is very easy to adjust and use;
  • It comes with a long warranty that’s more than decent;
  • The motor is extremely powerful;
  • It operates smoothly and accurately;
  • The speed range is very large.


  • There’s no light to illuminate your workbench;
  • It can be a tad tricky to lock the position of the table.

Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press | Amazon

Instant power when you need it. With its 1.75HP (110-120v)/2HP (220-240v) motor, exceptional structural strength and smart design, the Nova Voyager has the power and the capacity to handle a wide variety of projects with ease.

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2. JET 354170 Drill Press

The JET drill press has a 1.5-HP motor and a speed that ranges between 150 RPMs and 4,200 RPMs.

JET 354170 Drill Press

It weighs only 288 lbs. and it comes with a 2-year warranty. One of its extra features that are worth mentioning is the built-in lamp.


  • It has a powerful motor;
  • The speed range is wide;
  • It comes with a spacious table;
  • There are plenty of speed options;
  • It has a useful built-in work lamp.


  • It can be quite complicated to put together;
  • The depth gauge might be a bit difficult to use.

Jet 354170 Floor Drill Press | Zoro

A great choice for professionals as well as for home woodworkers, the Jet 354170 JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill press spins bits up to 3/4 of an inch with 12 speeds from 150 to 4,200 rpm. It's equipped with a built-in work lamp, adjustable tension spindle return spring, and hinged metal belt and pully cover.

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WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many HP Should a Good Drill Press Have?

Based on what kind of projects you are working on, you should carefully choose a suitable drill press with the appropriate number of HP (horsepower). Power tools with 1/2 – 3/4 HP are usually enough for most DIY projects, especially when we’re talking about round column drill presses.

What Is the Swing of a Drill Press?

Swing is the concept that’s used in the industry to describe a drill press’s size. It is twice the throat distance which is the distance that begins in the spindle’s center and ends at either the post or column’s edge, the one that’s located the closest to the center.

Why Should You Buy a Drill Press?

Both woodworkers and those who drill through metal pieces should purchase a drill press because of this tool’s high level of accuracy. With it, users can adjust several important aspects such as the angle, the width, and the depth of each hole. Simply put, with a drill press, you will be able to create lots and lots of identical holes.

WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Bottom Line

When choosing between WEN 4210 and 4212, you must consider some relevant aspects like your needs, your daily or regular projects, the types of materials you normally work with, budget, and several other things.

Both models presented today are powerful drill presses and they can be easily and safely used at almost any job that comes your way. Still, WEN 4212 has a higher power which means it is better for heavy-duty tasks. The motor of this model (the latest one) helps you drill smooth holes through dense materials.

Regardless of your choice, I am sure you will be satisfied with any of these WEN power tools.


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