Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Home Improvement Deals

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Home Improvement Deals

If you dread the masses of people shopping in the store, stay at home in your jammies and curl up on the couch for some Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals. Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals are easy to come by and easy to take advantage of.

If you have big home improvement plans next year, make sure you check out these pages for the best Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals so you can save tons on the essentials you need for all of your big projects.

Hopping from website to website can be exhausting, and trying to compare top deals from different stores will make your head spin. We’ve compiled everything for you so you can visit one site to find everything you need.

Most stores will offer Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals for those who don’t want to shop in the store, so you can stay at home, avoid the crowds, and still stock up on everything you need for cheap.

Rely on Updweller to keep you updated on the best deals, newest releases, and all of the things you need for the small and the large projects.

Top Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals

We’ve scoured the internet for the best Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals so you can relax and take advantage of great savings. If you love home improvement tasks as much as we do, you’ll definitely want to keep updated on this list of all the best deals.

We’ve already done all the work for you, so keep scrolling to check out the best Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals of the year.

Top Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals on Power Tools

Power tools are everywhere and for good reason. You’ll use them all the time. They come in handy for all kinds of projects, and they’re always on sale. If you’re looking for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals on power tools, you won’t be disappointed.

Every home improvement aficionado needs a power drill in their collection. They’re necessary for changing out fixtures and remodeling rooms. For every project, you tackle, make sure you prepare by saving big on a power drill and all the accessories you need.

Power your home maintenance with other power tools like weed eaters. Get ready for spring, because it’ll be here before you know it.

For all of your other home improvement tasks, look out for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals on power tools like sanders, paint sprayers, nail guns, and anything else you can use over and over again.

Top Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals on Woodworking Tools


If you’re crafty in the garage, you’ll want to keep an eye out for all of the woodworking tools you need to bring your dreams to life. You need tools like circular saws, miter saws, multi-tools, sanders, routers, and lathes.

You can find great deals on things like these for Cyber Monday, too, so keep checking our site for updates on the top deals and best savings.

Top Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals on Materials

safety gear

Most stores will be offering great deals on materials, too. If you’re doing big or small jobs, make sure you check out Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals that will help you stock up on the materials you need to remodel.

Whether you’re looking to change out fixtures, redo the floor, paint the house, or remodel a room, you’ll want the savings you can get on materials in bulk.

You’ll find all the materials you need for cheap, and you’ll save thousands with Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals. You’ll also want to look for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals on labor and installation with purchases of bulk materials.

Top Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals on Safety Gear

No matter what kind of projects you’re tackling, you want to make sure you’re safe. Safety equipment is key when doing home improvement, so stock up now while the deals are hot.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals on safety gear will get you the eye, ear, hand, and foot protection you need. Use these deals to find affordable options on-ear plus or over the ear sets, glasses or goggles, gloves, and boots.

Make sure you have the appropriate gear for every project and the right sizes for every worker in the family.


What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Black Friday. It’s a day when retailers offer online deals for shoppers who prefer to do their shopping online. It’s a great way to avoid the lines and crowds and still get savings on the things you need.
Sometimes the deals are just as good as Black Friday and sometimes they’re even better, but either way, it may be worth it to stay at home in your jammies.

Is Amazon doing Cyber Monday?

Many people wonder if their favorite online retailers are participating in Cyber Monday. While some don’t, the big question is, will Amazon? You’ll be pleased to know that Amazon does participate in Cyber Monday.
In fact, they typically offer deals beginning on Black Friday and carry them through the weekend, all the way into Cyber Monday. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all of the great deals you want at your leisure.
They offer deals on more than just home improvement, too. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything you need from holiday gifts to essentials for the entire year.

What stores are having Cyber Monday deals?

Many of your favorite stores are participating in Cyber Monday. Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, and Nordstrom are just a few. If you’re looking specifically for home improvement stores, check Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menard’s.

Why is it called Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was created by retailers to encourage their customers to shop online. Given the popularity of Black Friday and the love of online shopping, they thought they could make a lot of money by combining the two.

What is the discount for Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday deals are often the same or better than Black Friday. While it will vary by product and retailer, you’ll experience savings from 20-50% or more.

Is there gonna be a black Friday 2020?

Yes, Black Friday this year is on November 27th.

When did Black Friday become Black Friday?

If you thought Black Friday is a trend that started a few decades ago, you’re wrong! This shopping day is related to the gold crisis that happened during 1869. Since Black Friday is after Thanksgiving day people were encouraged to go shopping for discounted prices on anything that stores had already stocked on, which benefited the economy.

Are prices really lower on Black Friday?

While some sellers indeed provide lower prices on lots of merchandise on this day, not all of them provide real deals and instead ‘pump’ the prices…
Keep checking back to this list as we update the latest top REAL deals!

Final Thoughts

Don’t stress over the crowds. Stay at home and enjoy the deals instead. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. Bookmark this page for updated deals and additional tips so you don’t miss out on huge savings for all of your projects.


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