Milwauke Die Grinder Review – Is This Power Tool Worth the Money?

Milwauke Die Grinder Review

Our Milwaukee Die Grinder review is going to provide all the information you need about this powerful tool, and whether it’s worth the money.

Die Grinders are needed for a variety of different tasks when undertaking home improvement projects. They are ideal for sanding, polishing, grinding, and even cutting materials such as metal, wood, and even some plastics.

In this review, we’ll show you the main features of the Milwaukee Die Grinder, how it performs, its pros and cons and we’ll also explore alternatives that may be worth considering.

First of all, let’s dive into the key specifications of the Milwaukee Die Grinder.

Key specifications of Milwaukee Die Grinder

You can find the key specifications of the Milwaukee 2784-22 M18 Die Grinder below.

RPM 20,000
Length 18-inches
Weight 4.7 lbs
Cordless Yes
Battery Life 25 minutes of continuous use
Warranty 5 years
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Core features of Milwaukee Die Grinder

milwaukee 2784 kit

Die Grinders are among the most versatile power tools that you can own. Their main core feature is to smooth out surfaces but they can also be highly effective at getting rid of rust and polishing.

These are the main features of the Milwaukee Die Grinder.


The Milwaukee Die Grinder has a pretty quick speed with an RPM of 20,000.

This gives it a really good level of power so you can smooth out surfaces in a short period of time. We’ll have a look at its battery capacity later on however the quick RPM speed does impact somewhat on how long you can use it for.

That being said, we really like that it has a 20,000 RPM especially as it is also a cordless model. It would have been nice to have a variable speed on this tool.

That would allow it to be used with different attachments and it would extend its functionality. However, with a 20,000 RPM it is absolutely fine for most home DIY tasks.


It isn’t just the speed that is a positive feature of this Die Grinder, the Milwaukee 2784-22 M18 has good movement as well.

It has an overall smooth operation and you also won’t find a lot of vibration with this power tool either. This allows you to use it effectively and move it easily around different surfaces without losing control. It is also very light as well as it weighs just 4.7 lbs.

Its compact size combined with low vibrations allows you to easily shift it about different surfaces and into areas that other tools might not reach.


The Milwaukee Die Grinder is battery operated. It uses Lithium-ion batteries which may come with the grinder but you will need to purchase batteries down the line as well.

Because it is cordless and battery operated, you’ll only get around 25 minutes of continuous use. It isn’t a massive problem if you are simply polishing or fixing up small surfaces but it can become an issue if you need to use it for longer.

Being cordless means you can use it anywhere too and you don’t need to be situated beside a power socket.

We’d like to have seen a better battery life with this die grinder. I suppose something needs to be sacrificed for a higher RPM but its battery life is pretty short.

Milwaukee 2784-22 Milwauke Die Grinde Kit

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Ease of use

Power tools can be a bit daunting for many people. They can seem pretty complicated and even potentially dangerous if you aren’t sure how to use them.

The Milwaukee Die Grinder is pretty straightforward to operate and get the hang of. There isn’t much of a learning curve with this die grinder. It is a powerful tool and may seem a bit daunting at first but it really doesn’t take very long to get used to it.

As far as power tools go, this die grinder won’t cause you a lot of problems when it comes to learning how to use it properly.


Another really good feature of the Milwaukee Die Grinder is that it doesn’t produce much noise at all.

Power tools have a tendency to generate a high level of noise which can annoy the rest of your household – and your neighbors too! This die grinder is actually pretty quiet for the job it performs.

It isn’t completely silent but it isn’t going to wake anyone up or generate excess noise either. A really great feature that further adds to how well this tool performs.


The last core feature of the Milwaukee Die Grinder to tell you about is the warranty.

You will get a 5-year warranty with this die grinder which is pretty good. The warranty covers both material and workmanship so it gives decent coverage.

Considering many power tools these days you hardly get much warranty at all, the warranty with the Milwaukee Die Grinder is great.

How does the Milwaukee Die Grinder perform?


milwaukee M18


Overall the Milwaukee Die Grinder performs very well indeed. We really like the speed it gets (20,000 RPM) and when it comes to using it on different materials it performs admirably on them all.

One thing that does impact its performance is the battery life – you’ll get about 25 minutes to continuous use out of this die grinder. It is easy to use because it is cordless and reaches a really good speed but the battery life does inhibit it.

We’d also like to see variable speed options as well. Even though for the purposes we used this die grinder for we couldn’t really find any fault, not having variable speed does limit it a bit. You won’t be able to get certain attachments for this die grinder.

That all being said, if you want a high-performing die grinder then it is hard to argue that this one doesn’t do a quality job. For most people, the performance that the Milwaukee Die Grinder gives you is fine for home DIY projects.

Pros of Milwaukee Die Grinder.

The Milwaukee Die Grinder has some great features – these are the best bits.

  • 20,000 RPM – Speed isn’t everything however the Milwaukee Die Grinder does reach 20,000 RPM which is great for a number of reasons. It makes polishing, smoothing, and other tasks a lot easier and quicker. While the speed can come at the expense of some other features, it is a really good pro for this die grinder.
  • Low noise – A big advantage with this die grinder is it doesn’t produce much noise at all. Undertaking DIY tasks at home can be pretty disruptive at times. With this die grinder, you won’t be annoying your neighbors or family. It isn’t completely silent but it isn’t that noticeable when it is in use either.
  • Easy to use – The Milwaukee Die Grinder is straightforward to operate. Even for those of you that don’t have a lot of experience in using power tools and die grinders specifically, you won’t find this tool difficult to operate. It is easy to get the hang of and you will be smoothing surfaces and polishing materials in no time.
  • Lightweight with good movement – This die grinder weighs under 5 lbs. It is simple to move around and it isn’t big either so you can get it into tight areas. This expands the scope of what you can use this powerful tool for. It isn’t going to feel heavy when using it for a period of time and you can easily transport it to wherever you need to as well.
  • 5-year warranty – The last pro with the Milwaukee Die Grinder is the fact that it comes with a very reasonable 5-year warranty. This is really good for a power tool and means you can be safe in the knowledge that you are covered for a long period of time.

Cons of Milwaukee Die Grinder

Even though we do really like the Milwaukee Die Grinder, there are a couple of downsides to this particular model.

  • The battery doesn’t last long – You will get 25 minutes of continuous use out of the Milwaukee Die Grinder. This does kind of limit the length of time you can use this die grinder for. While it is fine for small jobs that won’t take much time, it is something to think about. We like the cordless operating and high RPM of this die grinder but the battery life does let it down a bit.
  • No variable speed – The fact that this die grinder has a 20,000 RPM is a really good plus point however it doesn’t come with a variable speed option. This means there are certain attachments and extras that you won’t be able to use with the Milwaukee Die Grinder. Like the short battery life, this does limit what you can use this tool for. With a variable speed option, you could add on other attachments and make this tool more diverse. A downside for sure but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Are there any alternatives?

DEWALT 20V MAX Die Grinder


DEWALT 20V MAX Die Grinder


DEWALT are well known for the die grinders and the DEWALT 20V MAX Die Grinder is a very good alternative to the Milwaukee for several reasons.

It is also a cordless die grinder but it comes with good battery life. Like most die grinders you will need to purchase the batteries separately but you will get a good few hour’s uses out of it. The big plus with this die grinder from DEWALT is that it is a variable speed tool.

This is great for decreasing or increasing the RPM as you need for getting those hard to remove bits or to touch up small parts on different materials. It can reach 25,000 RPM.

The die grinder has an LED light as well which is a nice addition while there is little to no vibration either.

Overall the DEWALT 20V MAX Die Grinder packs a big punch for the price and is a great alternative if you want something different to Milwaukee.

Makita GD0601 1/4″ Die Grinder

We decided this was the best die grinder previously and the Makita GD0601 1/4″ Die Grinder is certainly worth your consideration.

It has both AC and DC power sources and can reach up to 25,000 RPM much like the DEWALT model. This die grinder from Makita also is kept cool with the front and rear air vents so it won’t overheat or get hot in your hand.


Makita GD0601


You’ll also find that it is compatible with a wide range of different attachments which greatly extends its overall functionality.

The fact that it only weighs 3.7 lbs is a bonus as well. Even if you are using this die grinder for a long time, you’ll hardly notice the weight at all.

This is a very powerful and diverse die grinder. It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money either so you do get a quality tool for a very reasonable price.


Question: Does the Milwaukee Die Grinder have different speeds?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, this die grinder is only one speed with 20,000 RPM. This is pretty powerful and will be enough to complete most DIY tasks at home. That being said, we would have liked to have seen a variable speed option to increase its functionality.

Question: Is the Milwaukee Die Grinder safe to use?

Answer: Yes. As long as you follow all the safety instructions when using this die grinder you shouldn’t encounter any problems. You may need certain safety gear as well so that you can operate this die grinder properly.

Question: Can you plug in the Milwaukee Die Grinder?

Answer: No. This is a completely cordless die grinder that you use batteries to operate. It will limit the amount of time you can use this tool for however it means no cords and you can effectively use it anywhere you like.

Question: Do I need to purchase batteries separately?

Answer: The Milwaukee Die Grinder should come with batteries so you can operate it right away. Down the line you will need to purchase your own batteries to keep this die grinder in operation.

Question: Does the Milwaukee Die Grinder have a warranty?

Answer: Yes. You get a 5-year warranty with this die grinder.

Question: Should I use the Milwaukee Die Grinder if I have never used a die grinder before?

Answer: There is no reason that you can’t. This tool doesn’t have much of a learning curve to use and it is pretty safe as long as you follow the instructions. You shouldn’t have any problems using this tool. Even though it might take a while to get the hang of, there isn’t too much to know about before putting it to use.

Final thoughts – the Milwaukee Die Grinder offers good value even with a couple of drawbacks

If you are in the market for a new die grinder – or you are buying one for the first time – it is hard to dislike what the Milwaukee Die Grinder offers.

The 20,000 RPM is really good and will get most jobs done with relative ease. This die grinder is also very lightweight so using it over long periods of time is easy. Its small size means you can get into tight spaces and it has very little vibration too. In fact, the low noise levels with this power tool is another big bonus as you won’t be waking up half the neighborhood when using it.

We also really like the 5-year warranty and it performs as we would expect it would do – very well indeed.

Milwaukee 2784-22 Milwauke Die Grinde Kit

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A couple of things do pull this die grinder back from being truly great.

It doesn’t have a variable speed option. It only has a simple on and off switch. This limits its functionality somewhat as you won’t be able to add in certain attachments but it is fine for doing most jobs at home. Another downside is the 25 minutes of battery life. Again, this is probably suitable for most jobs but we would have liked it to last a bit longer.

That all being said, we think the Milwaukee Die Grinder offers good value for money.

You get a high functioning cordless die grinder that you can use anywhere, a number of great features, and the downsides don’t really outweigh what this powerful tool can do.


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