Best Ryobi Impact Driver: Which is Right For Your Needs?

best ryobi impact drivers

Ryobi is hardly a newcomer to the power tool market, as the company’s first product was released in the 1940s. Finding the best Ryobi impact driver may be more challenging than it seems because the brand manufactures a large number of models with similar performance capabilities.

Although they have a number of similarities with drills, impact drivers are designed specifically for the task of fastening and removing screws. You can check out our impact driver vs drill comparison for more information about the differences between these power tools.

So, in this article, we are going to take you through some of the best Ryobi impact drivers and help you decide which of the brand’s models is the right choice for you.


Top 8 Best Ryobi Impact Drivers in 2021

Best Overall Ryobi R18IDBL Check price
Most Powerful Ryobi P238 Check price
Best Combo Set Ryobi P884 Check price
Best for Woodworking Ryobi One+ P236 Check price
Best Impact Wrench Ryobi P263 Check price
Most Affordable Ryobi R18ID3-0 Check price
Best Value Ryobi P1832 Check price
  Ryobi P261 Check price

Ryobi R18IDBL – The best overall Ryobi impact driver

In addition to being one of the brand’s flagship models, the Ryobi R18IDBL impact driver is also one of the most powerful battery-powered impact drivers on the market. The tool features a brushless motor that boosts battery efficiency and supplies an impressive power output.

The motor can provide up to 270Nm of torque and 3,900 IPM, while the maximum speed at which this tool can operate is 3,000RPM without load.

The Ryobi R18IDBL delivers enough power to complete most decking projects with ease, as it features the DeckDrive mode that is designed to prevent the tools from damaging the lumber.

Moreover, this impact driver has Low, Medium, and High-speed settings that enable you to adjust the power output based on the fastening task you want to perform. The tool features an electric brake that prevents the cam-out and safeguards the bits and the fastener you’re using.

Best Overall
Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V One+ Impact Driver | Amazon

The Ryobi impact driver is no different, it packs a lot of power with its 270nm of torque available when required. It has a lot of premium features at a fantastic price.

Buy at
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  • The impact driver weighs just 2.4lbs
  • High power output
  • Compatible with all Ryobi’s ONE+ 18V batteries
  • Feature 3 LED work lights


  • Produces 98.5dBA of noise
  • All accessories must be purchased separately

Ryobi P238 – The most powerful compact Ryobi impact driver

The collet on the Ryobi P238 impact driver is compatible with all ¼-inch hex bits which enables you to adjust quickly to different screw head sizes. The tool’s brushless motor can produce up to 2000 in/lbs of torque and it can deliver 4,350 impacts per minute.

The maximum speed at which the impact driver can rotate a bit is limited to 3,100RPM, while the variable speed feature enables you to switch between 3 speed presets.

The Ryobi P238 is compatible with the brand’s 18V batteries, but only with particular models such as the P100 or the P108 that have to be purchased separately. The rubber pistol-shaped grip enables you to keep control of the impact driver even when working under challenging conditions.

The tool also features three LED lights that illuminate the work area and ensure that you have a clear view of the fasteners you’re driving.

Most Powerful
Ryobi P238 18V One+ Brushless Impact Driver | Amazon

On the rear of this tool, Ryobi has included a 3-speed switch for variable speed operations. In the highest speed setting, this impact driver can reach up to 3,100 RPM.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 03:24 pm GMT


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High power output
  • The quick speed adjustment process
  • Equipped with a belt clip


  • Compatible with a limited number of Ryobi’s 18V batteries
  • Doesn’t handle vibration well

Ryobi P884 – The best Ryobi combo set

Chances are that you’re going to need more than just one power tool to complete a DIY bedroom improvement project or any other home renovation project. A combo set like the Ryobi P884 can be an affordable solution as it contains six tools that enable you to cut wood, drill holes or drive screws.

This combo set features a drill, reciprocating and circular saw, impact driver, and the job plus base. If you opt for the Ryobi P884 you’ll also get a work light and a carrying bag you can use to store the tools from this combo set.

18V batteries power all tools in this set, but just two batteries are included in the set, and you’ll have to purchase more batteries if you want to use several tools from the set simultaneously.

Although the impact driver that comes with this set doesn’t have high power output capacities you can still use it for relatively challenging applications.

Best Combo Set
Ryobi P884 One+ Lithium-Ion Kit | Amazon

This Ryobi toolset consists of a diverse selection of power tools and comes at a competitive price. Particularly, the kit includes a drill driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, flashlight, impact driver, and multi-tool. Not to forget the two compact Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger, and a durable carrying case to power-tool storage.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 01:28 pm GMT


  • A versatile set for DIY projects
  • All tools in the set are lightweight
  • Features an LED light for work in low-light conditions
  • Tools from this set are made from durable materials


  • Just two 18V batteries are available
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Ryobi One+ P236 – The best Ryobi impact driver for woodworking

Woodworkers who encounter different types of screws on a daily basis can benefit from purchasing an impact driver like the Ryobi One+ P236 that is designed for convenience.

Switching between different bits on this impact driver is an effortless process that requires you to just pull back the collar to eject a bit and the tool will automatically lock the new bit as soon as you plug it in. This impact driver also features a magnetic tray that lets you keep all bits you want to use near you.

The brushless motor delivers up to 1600 in/lbs of torque and it can develop the maximum speed of 3100 RMP. Although this may not be enough for more demanding driving tasks, this impact driver is suitable for most home-based woodworking workshops.

The rubber handle prevents the tool from slipping out from your hand, and it enables you to maintain control of the tool regardless of the working conditions.

Ryobi One+ P236 Impact Driver | Amazon

Look no further than the Ryobi P236 Impact Driver for your fastener driving needs. At 3,200 revolutions per minute and 1,600 inch pounds of torque, it has more than enough power for most driving functions around the house. It also comes loaded with useful features that will make your driving time easier.

Buy at
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  • Effortless bit changing process
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Good power output capacity
  • Suitable for all types of work environments


  • This impact driver is loud
  • Limited speed adjustment options

Ryobi P263 – The best Ryobi impact wrench

The ability to generate 150 ft/lbs of torque and deliver 3,400 blows per minute makes the Ryobi P263 one of the best impact wrenches on the market. Although they have features similar to impact drivers, impact wrenches are generally heavier and more powerful.

Read our impact driver vs impact wrench comparison for more information about the differences between these power tools. The Ryobi P263 has a 3/8-inch square anvil fitted with a hog ring that enables you to switch between sockets effortlessly.

This tool has three preset speed settings that are optimized for precision or maximum power output which enables you to adjust to a broad range of fastening or tightening jobs quickly. The Ryobi P263 features an LED light that improves the visibility of the work area.

Despite being bulky and relatively heavy, this impact wrench lacks the power offered by some of its competitors.

Best Impact Wrench
Ryobi P263 One+ Impact Wrench | Amazon

For an impact that is priced under $100, I think it’s powerful and built well. While you won’t be removing semi-truck lug nuts, it’s a perfect option for the homeowner who needs a wrench but doesn’t need the power of removing semi-truck tires.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 11:54 pm GMT


  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Changing sockets is easy
  • Built from sturdy materials
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not the most powerful impact wrench on the market
  • The battery and the charger are sold separately

Ryobi R18ID3-0

With three speed settings and an electric brake, the Ryobi R18ID3-0 enables you to drive different types of fasteners with the same level of efficiency. The tool is equipped with a brushed motor that has the capacity to generate up to 220Nm of torque and 3,400 BPM.

This Ryobi’s impact driver can rotate a bit at the maximum speed of 3,200 rpm, but you can opt to use it at 2500 rpm or 1800 rpm depending on the task you want to perform. The tool’s base features a magnetic pad that allows you to store multiple bits while using the impact driver.

Also, the Ryobi R18ID3-0 features an LED light that enables you to illuminate the work surface to get a better view of the fasteners you’re driving. The tool doesn’t have a belt clip which makes it more difficult to keep it close to you while you’re performing other tasks in your workshop or at the worksite.

Most Affordable
Ryobi R18ID3-0 Drill | Amazon

The R18IDBL-0 is Ryobi’s top-of-the-range impact driver. This Ryobi cordless impact driver has a huge 270Nm of torque, 3,900 IPM, and 3,000 RPM, with all that power, this impact driver will tackle most fastening and unfastening jobs with ease.

Buy at
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  • Capable of handling demanding fastening jobs
  • Features a variable speed trigger
  • Requires a minimum amount of storage space
  • Affordable price


  • Feature a brushed motor
  • Drains the battery quickly

Ryobi P1832

In case you think that an impact driver can’t meet all your needs, you should consider getting a combo kit like the Ryobi P1832 that contains a drill and an impact driver. This kit features Ryobi’s P277 drill driver that comes with a 24 setting clutch and a keyless chuck that lets you change bits quickly.

The drill has a dual-speed gearbox so that you can adjust the speed at which the bit is rotating depending on the material you’re working with. The Ryobi P235 impact driver that comes with this kit has a ¼-inch collect size which enables you to use it to fasten or remove a broad range of screws.

Its power output is also impressive as it can produce up to 1500 in/lbs of torque and develop the maximum speed of 3,100 RPM. However, there is only two speed presets so you won’t be able to adjust the bit’s rotation speed perfectly to the fastener you’re working with.

Great Value for Money
Ryobi P1832 Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit | Amazon

With this particular kit, you’ll sure be getting more than your money’s worth as just the One+ cross-platform Li-Ion batteries and the dual chemistry charger are really valuable features.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 06:03 pm GMT


  • Suitable for drilling and driving purposes
  • Both tools have ergonomic rubber handles
  • Changing bits is easy
  • The battery charger is included in the kit


  • The models from this kit produce a lot of noise
  • Some parts may break down easily

Ryobi P261

The high-performance capacities of the Ryobi P261 impact wrench make it an attractive option for DIYers and professionals in need of a tool that can perform difficult fastening jobs with ease.

The brushless motor provides you with 3,200 impacts per minute and 300 ft/lbs of torque which is more than enough to fasten a screw tightly or remove a stubborn screw. Also, you can operate this impact wrench at three different speeds, and the maximum speed it can develop is 3200RPM.

The tool has a three-beam LED light that enables you to have a clear overview of the surface you’re working on, while the rubber grip prevents the impact wrench from slipping from your hands. The Ryobi P261 is compatible with ½-inch bits that enable you to handle a broad range of fasteners.

The Ryobi’s ONE+ 18V battery is not among the accessories that ship with this tool and you must find the model that is compatible with this impact wrench.

Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit | Amazon

Overall, the Ryobi P261 Impact Wrench is cordless, making it highly convenient and lightweight, but not as powerful as other tools. This cordless wrench is a great option for small to medium-sized jobs that require flexibility and ease of movement.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 12:19 pm GMT


  • High-performance capabilities
  • The rubber grip makes managing the tool easier
  • Variable speed
  • LED light illuminates the work surface


  • Plastic casing
  • High price tag

Things to consider when choosing a Ryobi impact driver

Despite the fact that there are only marginal differences between Ryobi impact drivers, each model comes with a slightly different set of features. That’s why you need to study the impact driver’s features closely in order to get a full picture of its performance capabilities.

Besides, the collect size isn’t the same on all Ryobi impact driver models, and you need to get this information so that you can know which bits you can use. We’ve shortlisted some of the most important features you’ll have to consider while picking a Ryobi impact driver, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Motor type

An impact driver can use a brushed or brushless motor, and the performance capabilities of this power tool depend on the type of motor it uses.

If you are considering a cordless battery-powered impact driver you should choose the model that utilizes a brushless motor as it will consume less power and prolong the battery life. You’ll also have to spend less time maintaining the motor since you won’t have to replace the brushes.

Brushed motors are usually featured on inexpensive models that have excellent power output capabilities, as they can provide a lot of torque and high rotation speeds. However, if used on cordless impact drivers these motors tend to drain the battery quickly.

Power output

The maximum rotation speed, the maximum number of impacts per minute, and torque output are the three most important features of an impact driver. The tool’s power output is ultimately determined by its motor so you should search for models that utilize powerful motors.

An impact driver capable of delivering more than 3,000 impacts per minute and rotating the bit at speeds higher than 3000RPM is powerful enough to handle most driving and fastening tasks.

Speed adjustments

Having the ability to operate an impact driver at a preset speed will enable you to adjust better to the demands of the task you’d like to perform. Moreover, using this tool at a speed that is larger than the speed necessary to tighten a fastener can cause damage both to the tool and the fastener.

Most Ryobi impact drivers allow you to adjust the operating speed, and you should opt for a model that offers at least three or four-speed adjustment settings as well as an adjustable speed trigger.

Bit compatibility

An impact driver can have a 3/8-inch, ¼-inch, and ½-inch collet size, which means that it is only going to be compatible with bits that have corresponding sizes.

Checking the collector size of the Ryobi impact driver you’d like to buy will provide you with the information you need to determine which bits you can use with that particular model.


Even though the price is an indication of the impact driver’s performance capabilities, you don’t necessarily have to opt for Ryobi’s most expensive model, especially if you’re only planning on using it for DIY projects.

The brand manufactures several cost-effective models that provide you with enough power to complete most home-based projects.

Frequently asked questions about Ryobi impact drivers

Question: How durable are Ryobi impact drivers?

Answer: The manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty for all of their impact driver models, so you should expect that with regular maintenance your tool can last for at least a few years

Question: Should I get a Ryobi driver-drill and a Ryobi impact driver?

Answer: Opting for Ryobi’s combo kit will broaden the range of tasks you will be able to do, as you’ll have a wider spectrum of drill and driving bits at your disposal. However, you should keep in mind that the models included in Ryobi’s combo kits don’t always have excellent performance capabilities.

Question: Do Ryobi impact drivers handle vibration well?

Answer: Nearly all Ryobi’s impact drivers have rubber handles that dampen vibrations effectively and enable you to hold the tool firmly even when you’re performing demanding tasks.

Question: When should I use a Ryobi impact driver?

Answer: In case you need to fasten a large number of screws quickly or you’re working with long fasteners Ryobi’s impact drivers can help you to complete these jobs quickly. Also, you can use an impact driver to perform basic drilling tasks.

The Verdict: Which of the Ryobi’s impact driver models has the best performance capabilities?

The context in which you’ll be using a Ryobi impact driver will determine which model is right for you since you don’t need a high-end impact driver to complete basic fastening jobs.

Slight differences between Ryobi impact driver models can make it difficult to choose the tool that matches your expectations. We recommend choosing the Ryobi R18IDBL impact driver if you want to make sure that the tool you get can handle heavy-duty applications.

The Ryobi One+ P236 should be your go-to option if you are mostly working with wood and similar soft materials while opting for the Ryobi P884 combo set will give you access to multiple power tools you may need while working on a home renovation project.

We hope that this article has helped you discover the best Ryobi impact driver that fits your needs and your budget. Which model are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best Milwaukee impact driver or look at how the Ryobi brand compares to Makita.

Best Overall
Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V One+ Impact Driver | Amazon

The Ryobi impact driver is no different, it packs a lot of power with its 270nm of torque available when required. It has a lot of premium features at a fantastic price.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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