Best Makita Drill: Which Model is Right for Your Needs?


Makita has been manufacturing power tools for more than a century and it is one of the most recognizable brand names in the industry. Our guide to choosing the best Makita drill will focus on the company’s products that can be used to create holes, drive screws or drill through concrete.

All of the Makita drill models have a broad range of applications and they are suitable for homeowners who are working on a bathroom improvement, roofing project, or any other type of home improvement project.

However, each Makita drill comes with a specific set of features, which can complicate the process of selecting the tool that best fits your needs. So, in this best Makita drill guide, we are going to take you through different types of Makita drills and suggest the best models from each category.

Top 5 Best Makita Drills in 2021

Best Cordless DriverDrill Makita FD06R1 Check price
Best Impact Driver Makita XDT16Z Check price
Best Rotary Hammer Drill Makita DHR202Z Check price
Best Combo Kit Makita XT269M Check price
Best Corded Drill Makita HR2470F Check price

The Unique Characteristics of Makita Drills

Makita drills have a number of features that are not available on drills manufactured by the brand’s competitors. These features allow for an easier operation of the drill, safeguard the tool from damage and protect its user from accidents.

Understanding what each of these unique characteristics brings will provide you with a clearer picture of the tool’s abilities and help you decide which Makita’s drill is the right choice for you. So, let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features of Makita drills.

Makita Drill

Star protection computer controls

It is relatively easy to overload or overheat a cordless drill, as it is impossible to estimate how much power you’re using at any given moment. Makita equips its drill models with Star protection computer control in order to prevent you from exceeding the tool’s maximum power output.

This communication technology enables the tool and battery to monitor the current work conditions and exchange data.

If at any point the data reveals an over-discharge, overheating, or overload the tool will shut down automatically and you won’t be able to switch it back on until the exchange of information indicates that it is safe to use the drill.

Active 3 Controls

Makita drills have batteries that are fitted with a chip that allows the charger and the battery to communicate which in turn shortens the charging period. The communication between the charger and the battery enables them to keep track of the voltage, temperature, and current.

In this manner, these two components prolong the battery life and eliminate the need to charge the battery frequently.

Anti-Vibration technology

High vibration levels can make it nearly impossible to maintain control over the drill and make performing even routine driving or drilling tasks complicated. Makita’s AVT or Anti-Vibration technology is a system that dampens the vibration the tool produces while it is operational.

As a result, Makita’s drills are easy to handle and they won’t fatigue your hand by vibrating uncontrollably. Besides, this technology improves the tool’s efficiency by enabling the motor to distribute power effectively.

Automatic speed adjustment

It is difficult to recognize the point at which a drill is starting to take more load than it can handle. Makita’s drill automates this process by reducing the output torque and altering the speed at which the drilling bit rotates.

This feature allows a Makita drill to manage the workload while preserving the battery so that you can continue using it until the job is completed or even longer.

Quick-Shift Mode

Makita drills recognize the task you want to perform and adjust the rotation of the drilling bit to that particular task. Consequently, the tool operates at a slower speed when you’re driving screws, while the rotation speed increases when you’re performing a drilling task.

Makita drill

Categories of Makita Drills

Although Makita drills are commonly used to drill holes in a material and drive fasteners for which the holes were created, there are a number of differences between different types of these power tools.

You can also choose between corded and cordless drills depending on how much power you’d like your drill to have.

Makita offers a broad spectrum of drills that have different performance capabilities, so you should opt for a model that comes with a set of features optimized for the tasks you want to perform.

Combo Kits

Makita’s combo kits usually include a driver/drill and an impact driver that can be utilized for both lightweight driving applications and more challenging drilling tasks. The kit also includes interchangeable batteries and a charger.

Hammer Drills

These devices are designed for a dual purpose as you can use them to cut concrete and masonry, or you can utilize them as a regular driver. Hammer drills have a switch that lets you change the mode so that you can adjust to different tasks within seconds.

Check out our guide to hammer drills to find out more about these tools.

Regular Driver Drills

This is by far the most common type of Makita drill. They can be either used to create holes in materials like wood, metal, and plastic or to drive different types of screws and fasteners. Most driver drills are powered by batteries although Makita also manufactures several corded models.

Go through our Impact Driver vs Drill comparison if you need more information to determine which tool is a better choice for you.

Impact Drivers

An impact driver is a tool that is used to drive large screws into materials with different hardness levels. However, they are not powerful enough to enable you to drive a screw into a concrete or brick surface.
In addition, getting a hex drill bit enables you to use an impact driver as a drill.

Also, you should go through our Makita vs DeWalt comparison if you want to find out which brand makes better drills.

The advantages of Makita drills

Lightweight and powerful – Makita drills rarely weigh more than 10lbs and they have powerful motors capable of supplying you with a substantial amount of torque and power. The power output capabilities vary from model to model so you shouldn’t expect the same level of performance from all Makita drills.

Equipped with powerful technologies – These tools feature a number of advanced technologies that enable them to monitor the load they are taking and adjust the power output based on the acquired data.

Makita drills feature technologies that dampen vibrations and allow the user to keep control over them at all times.

Compatible with a wide range of drill bits – Finding drill bits for your Makita drill won’t be a difficult task, since the company produces sets that can contain up to 70 bits. Makita drills are also compatible with bits produced by other manufactures.

The disadvantages of Makita drills

High cost – A Makita drill is more expensive than most drills on the market, so if you’re on a budget you may want to consider some of the less expensive options like the CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 or the Black & Decker BDCDD12C.

The most important features to consider while choosing a Makita drill

Besides the purpose for which you’ll be using your Makita drill, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration while deciding which drill you should get.

We shortlisted some of the most important features that affect the performance of Makita’s drills.

The power source

The vast majority of Makita drills are powered by a battery, but the brand also offers corded models that rely on the utility grid for power. Corded drills are more powerful and they enable you to bore larger holes than a cordless drill.

However, portability is one of the greatest advantages of cordless drills as you don’t need access to a power socket to start using them.

Motor type

Makita manufactures drills that are equipped with brushed and brushless motors, so if you are searching for a drill that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then you should opt for a model that has a brushless motor.

On the other hand, drills with brushed motors are not expensive which makes them a perfect choice for homeowners in need of a powerful budget-friendly drill.

Available technologies

Makita equips all of their drills with several technologies that reduce vibrations, provide protection against the dust or adjust the bit’s rotation speed automatically.

Each of these technologies contributes to the drill’s overall performance and you should go through the list of features the particular Makita drill offers to get a clearer picture of its performance capabilities.

Battery life

How long you can use a cordless Makita drill, depends on its battery. Checking if the Makita drill you’re interested in uses LTX® Lithium-Ion batteries or if it features the Active 3 Controls technology will enable you to estimate its average runtime between two charging sessions.


The budget can be a limiting factor when shopping for Makita drills, as some models can cost hundreds of dollars. However, buying a Makita drill is a great long-term investment since you’ll be able to use it for years, and you’ll get a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Makita FD06R1 – The Best Makita Cordless DriverDrill

Makita FD06R1

The compact and lightweight design of the Makita FD06R1 cordless driver drill. This model is powered by a brushless motor that can deliver up to 250 in/lbs of torque and a 12Vmax CTX® Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery.

The rotation speed of the drill bit can either be in the 0 to 450 RPM range or the 0 to 1700 RPM so that you can adjust to the drilling or driving task you’re performing. The Makita FD06R1 is compatible with ¼-inch shank bits that must be purchased separately from the tool.

This drill can drive screws or bore holes in 13/16-inch wood or 3/8-inch steel which enables you to create relatively small holes in both hard and soft materials. The tool has an ergonomic handle and it weighs just 2.1lbs.


  • The adjustable rotation speed of drill bits
  • The lightweight and compact design makes it suitable for tight spaces
  • Equipped with an LED work light
  • Features a powerful brushless motor


  • Some components are made from flimsy materials
  • Incompatible with 12V max pod chargers or batteries

Makita XDT16Z – The Best Makita Impact Driver

Makita XDT16Z

Driving large screws and fasteners with the Makita XDT16Z impact driver requires a minimum amount of effort since the tool’s brushless motor provides the power you need to handle challenging driving tasks.

The motor can develop the maximum speed of 3600 RPM and 1600 in/lbs of torque and it runs on 18V Lithium-Ion batteries that feature Star protection computer controls.

The tool can operate at four different speeds and you just need to press the Speed Selector button to switch between different speeds.

Makita’s XDT16Z impact driver has an Assist Mode that enables you to use the driver at lower speeds in order to avoid dealing with cross-threading issues, while it also has two tightening modes and a reverse rotation auto-stop mode.

Read our guide to the best Makita impact drivers to learn more about the models similar to the Makita XDT16Z.


  • The tool can be used at four different speeds
  • Runs on a powerful 18V Lithium-Ion battery
  • The tool stops the rotation automatically when a screw is loosened
  • Comfortable ergonomically shaped handle


  • The tool weighs more than 3lbs
  • All accessories must be purchased separately

Makita DHR202Z – The Best Makita Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita DHR202Z

The combination of powerful hammering and drilling features makes the Makita DHR202Z rotary hammer drill suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The tool is powered by an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery, and it can operate in Hammer, Drill, and Hammer Drill modes.

While in the Hammer mode the Makita DHR202Z can provide between 0 and 4000 blows per minute and its chisel can be placed in more than 40 positions to get the best angle. You can also synchronize rotations per minute and blows per minute to increase the tool’s maximum speed.

This rotary hammer drill features a torque-limiting clutch that protects the tool against damage if it hits the material it cannot penetrate. Go through our guide to the best rotary hammer drills to learn more about the alternatives to the Makita DHR202Z.


  • The tool’s battery doesn’t have to be recharged often
  • Features three modes of operation
  • Delivers up to 4000 blows per minute
  • The shock-absorbent handle protects the battery from damage


  • Drill bits and chisels must be purchased separately
  • Heavy and bulky

Makita XT269M – The Best Makita combo kit

Makita XT269M

The Makita XT269M combo kit will extend the scope of drilling, driving, or fastening actions you’ll be able to perform. The kit includes an impact driver and a ½-inch hammer driver drill that is powerful enough to create holes in concrete, bricks, and other hard materials.

Both tools feature a BL brushless motor although the power outputs of these motors are different. The impact driver’s motor can generate 1500 in/lbs of torque and it can operate at the maximum speed of 3400 RPM.

The hammer driver drill has a motor that can deliver just 530in/lbs of torque and its maximum speed is 2000RPM. In addition, these tools utilize the same 18V LTX Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah battery that can run for 40 minutes between two charging sessions.


  • The kit includes an impact driver and a hammer driver drill
  • Allows users to work with high gauge materials
  • The batteries have an industry-leading runtime
  • Changing bits is easy


  • These tools weigh more than 4lbs
  • Not a budget-friendly option

Makita HR2470F – The Best Corded Makita Drill

Makita HR2470F

If you are looking for a powerful tool that can drill through almost anything, then you should take a closer look at the Makita HR2470D rotary hammer corded drill. You can use this tool in three different modes depending on the task you want to perform.

In the Hammer model, this drill can deliver up to 4500 BPM, while in the drill mode its maximum speed is limited to 1100RPM. This Makita’s model utilizes a brushed motor that has durable brushes that don’t have to be replaced often.

In case the bit gets stuck, the torque limiting clutch will disengage the gear automatically and stop the tool to prevent damage.


  • A sliding chuck makes it easy to change a bit
  • Great for continuous use
  • The LED work light improves visibility at the worksite
  • Bits can be set to 40 different positions


  • Limited portability
  • High vibration levels

Frequently asked questions about Makita drills

Question: How long can I use a cordless Makita drill continuously?

Answer: Although the exact amount of time you can use a cordless Makita drill depends on the load the tool is handling, most models feature batteries that can deliver up to 40 minutes of continuous operation.

Question: Can I use bits produced by other manufacturers with a Makita drill?

Answer: Yes, you can. Makita drills are compatible with a broad spectrum of drills, so as long as a bit fits the tool’s chuck you’ll be able to install it.

Question: Can I boreholes in steel with a Makita drill?

Answer: Yes, most Makita drills are powerful enough to drill through steel, but you shouldn’t expect to make large holes with these tools.

Question: Do I need different bits for fastening and drilling tasks?

Answer: You can’t use the same bit to loosen or fasten a screw and create a hole in a material. Makita drills are not sold with bits as they must be purchased separately.

Our Verdict: Which Makita Drill Should I Choose?

Makita offers a huge number of tools that can be used to drill through different materials, so which one you’ll choose depends on the tasks you want to perform.

Homeowners searching for a tool that will enable them to drill through wood and softer materials or drive screws should consider getting the Makita FD06R1 cordless driver drill,

If you need a tool you can use for more challenging driving and fastening applications then you should pick the Makita XDT16Z impact driver, while the Makita DHR202Z rotary hammer drill is the best option for people who work with concrete and similar materials.

Which of the best Makita drills are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know or continue reading our guide to the best DeWalt drills.


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