The Best Drill Press Table Guide for Your Needs

Best Drill Press Table Guide

Drill presses are popular tools used by woodwork and metalwork professionals to provide accurate results when carrying out drilling tasks. You need a drill press table to improve the versatility and accuracy of your drilling work.

A drill press table is a stand that a wood or metal worker uses to align the wood material with the drill machine while he works. They equally hold or keep the drilling machine and the wood material firmly in position while you work to ensure accuracy.

The best drill press table should be wide enough to offer sufficient workspace to the woodworker. It must also come with a fence and a clamp for holding the wood material in place while working. This makes the task easier for the woodworker. You need to put your level of work into consideration when shopping for the best drill press table. Besides, your work level, you need to choose a suitable drill press machine.

While most drill press has table extensions, most of these extensions are small-sized and provide insufficient workspace for the woodwork professional. These small drill press tables compromise your work and limit your freedom while at the same time yielding unreliable drilling results.

This is why you need a suitable-sized table for your drilling tasks. But with the numerous brands, sizes, and designs of drill press table available in the market, how do you know what the best drill press table for your needs is. Also, how do you know the right sizes or features you need in a drill press table to meet your unique work needs.

If these are your thoughts, don’t worry. We are here to help. In this article, we’ll explain all the factors you need to consider when shopping for the best drill press table. We have equally made some recommendations based on these factors. Don’t go away, as we discuss them one by one. We’ll discuss them in a minute!

Best Drill Press Table Guide: How to Choose The Best Drill Press Table for Your Needs

If the table extension that comes with your drill press machine is small to accommodate your work, you need to buy an independent drill press table. The following factors will help you choose correctly:

1. Table Size

The main reason you need to buy an independent drill press table is the size. So, check to ensure that the table length and width will provide you with sufficient workspace. The best drill press table should have at least a length of 20 inches, and its width must be more than 10 inches. Therefore, with regards to the size factor, a drill press table with 24 by 12-inch dimension is a good one. However, you can go for a larger sized table if you need to work on something more significant.

Best Drill Press Table Guide

2. Fence

The fence is an essential feature required in your drill press table. It contributes to the precision of results you obtain with the drill press table. It offers a semi-circular clearance to the drill bit. Ensure that the width of the drill press table you purchase is straight and shallow. This will boost your visibility when working with the drilling machine.

Fence contributes to your work quality. So, ensure you get a table with a fence except you are looking to get mediocre results. It is essential. You can get a drill press table with a simple or more complicated fence. It could be wooden material or metal. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is positioned perpendicular to your workpiece and that you can easily adjust it.

3. Edge

Another factor that determines the best drill press table is the edges of the table. Look for tables with sturdy structures. The best drill press table should be built with tough materials like hardwood. This helps the table to retain its shape for a long time. A drill press table with a tough edge also prevents the drill press machine pressure from warping the table.

4. T-tracks and T-slots

T-tracks and T-slots are slots that lie perpendicular to the worktable. They commonly pass across the table from one side and culminates on the opposite side. T-tracks and T-slots make it easier for woodworkers to fasten table accessories like the clamp and the fence.

While T-tracks yield better results than T-slots, the table tracks don’t have to be precisely T-tracks. With just two parallel slots that let you attach the fence and a few clamps, you’re good to go. You can equally use T-slots.  T-tracks helps to increase accuracy. So, only buy a drill press table with these features to ensure accuracy.

Drill Press Hold Down Clamps

5. Hold-Down Clamps

Hold down clamps let you hold down your workpiece on a drill press table. Best drill press tables come with hold-down clamps which glide to and fro on T-tracks to enable you to adjust as required. They give you a quicker and easier way to work compared G-clamps in certain situations.

6. Throat plate

The throat plate is a tiny detachable section of the drill press table which is commonly placed underneath the chuck. It protects the table from damage and allows you to easily change that section of the table when things go wrong.

7. Excellent Finishing

A drill press table made of a wooden structure should always come in a laminate finishing. This gives you a smooth working platform and at the same time, protects the wood from damage caused by changes in humidity. This doesn’t consign tables made with metal materials. If you purchase a wooden drill press table, ensure that both the top and bottom are laminated.

8. Quality

The drill press table must be made from durable materials, including metals and woods. This helps you to get the most value out of the unit. You don’t want a table you replace now and then. So, choose wisely.

9. Versatility

Best drill press table should be versatile to allow you to use it in many ways. To ensure versatility go for tables with large surface area and laser-etched marks.

Best Drill Press Tables: Our Top Five Picks

With these features in mind, let’s discuss a few really good drill press tables that are worth your consideration.

1. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

This Drill Press Table From MLCS comes with excellent quality at affordable pricing. The sleek look and excellent performance make the pricing unbeatable. The best drill press table makes it easy for you to perform drilling tasks and that’s precisely what you get from this MLCS 9765 table does. You’ll love the extensive workspace and the increased level of precision you will enjoy with this table.

With a dimension of 12 x 24-inch, it provides sufficient workspace for a lot of woodwork projects. The medium-density fibreboard used for the table surface makes it resilient and offer sufficient vibration absorbent quality.

Besides, the worksurface comes with a melamine shield to prevent moisture spoilage. It also makes the tabletop smoother and tougher. The two T-tracks provides you with an alternative to mount the accessories which include the two hold-down clamps and the fence.

The throat plate can handle any size of the drill bit. It is equally sufficiently wide to accommodate many sanding drums. You can easily mount on the table surface without any professional help. Equally, it makes mounting of most drill presses possible without any alterations.


  • Made with sturdy and durable materials.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to set up without requiring professional help
  • You have a flexible work environment, thanks to the two T-tracks feature.
  • The integrated fence improves versatility and precision
  • You get a 3-year warranty with this table.
  • Gives you an extensive work surface with its dimensions of 24 by 12 inches
  • It comes with a throat plate you can easily replace.


  • You may need to adjust setting a couple of times to improved work accuracy.

2. MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table

The MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table is your best choice if you are looking for a lightweight and yet high-quality drilling machine. The surface of the table is made with melamine, which helps to keep the weight minimal.

You love the excellent grip you’ll get with the tables two T-Tracks which helps you to hold the material you’re working on firmly. Also, the adjustable fence makes it easy for you to adjust the gripping strength of the table to ensure more accurate and forceful drilling. The table works with nearly all the available drill presses.

However, if it doesn’t work you out of the box, you can drill a hole on the table at a convenient location and clamp your machine. It equally works well as a router table where mounting the stop blocks on the T-Tracks will provide extra benefits.

Overall, this drill press table provides excellent quality at a matchless price. The two T-shaped tracks also improve hold-downs and make things easier. This way, they help to ensure your stocks and jigs are well secured while ensuring work accuracy.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • A great option if you require a table with extra space
  • Adjustable fence for maximum holding strength
  • It comes with two aluminum clamps
  • Perfect table size makes drilling easy and comfortable
  • High precision with various measurements
  • The removable insert is compatible with majorities of sanding drums.
  • MLCS 2326 holds the drilling materials in position and prevent slipping.


  • It is compatible with many drill presses but incompatible with some.

3. Woodstock D4033 Woodworking Drill Press Table

Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

The Woodstock D4033 is high quality and budget-friendly drill press table. It is roughly 24 inches long and 12 inches wide and comes with many useful features. It weighs only 11.6 lbs, and its wide dimension is sure to provide you a sufficient work surface. The table is made of average weight fiberboard, which comes in a clean coating to boost longevity and durability.

The package includes a fence, made from MDF, and a block stop, which gets attached to the fence. More attachments include a throat plate and two universal table clamps. Above all, the unit is easy to install. Two clamps beneath the table are compatible with a range of tables.


  • The fence 3-inches height increases accuracy
  • God table size with a dimension of 23.7 by 11.9 inches
  • The fence comes with a stop block
  • The quality of work improves with integrated T-slots and a throat plate
  • The table comes with a one-year warranty


  • The pack does not come with clampdowns

4. Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table

This micro compound table from Proxxon is an excellent drill press table for milling, drilling, facing, and grinding tasks. The aluminum treated surface improves precision.

With a three longitudinal T-slots, offers you double-axis setting with the use of two handwheels. This makes accurate adjustments possible. Besides, it comes with an easy-to-adjust ruler, which makes it easy to position the cross-slide. It works well with other drill presses or drill stands.

Proxxon 27100 also features a protected spindle which prevents the unit from gathering dirt. The handwheels zero adjustable dials provide great accuracy and precision.

The best part of this table is its small size and the ability to pair its accessories with other drilling machines and tables. On top of that, it offers excellent value at a minimal cost of 78 dollars on Amazon. The table is best for drilling tasks that require great precision.


  • The table surface is treated with a combination of aluminum and metal to boost sturdiness.
  • The adjustable ruler makes it possible to position the cross slider more accurately possible
  • It is an ultralight drill press table and lighter than most options out there.
  • The clamping accessories attach to the table without hassles
  • You can easily read and adjust the ruler on the “T-Track, and this improves performance.
  • The spindle is shielded to prevent dirt
  • It is easy to set up
  • It offers a better precision compared to other tables from Proxxon.


  • Although it is well-made, the quality is unsuitable for industrial works.
  • The table is small and less rigid

5. Woodpeckers Precision WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers Precision Drill Press Table

The Woodpeckers Precision WoodWorking Table WPDPPACK1 is great for woodwork professionals who need to drill holes in wooden planks. It offers the user ample workspace you can hardly get anywhere with its dimensions of 16 x 23 x 1.

Thanks to MDF Formica MicroDot Laminate, the table comes in a textured surface with excellent grip. This prevents slipping of materials while working. The textured surface also improves work accuracy and precision. Besides, the table features a “Dimple-like structure for gathering sore dust and ensuring a clean work surface.

A board-like insert protects your table from damage if you mistakenly drill too much into the table. If you’re crafty enough, you can insert a half-inch thick metal sheet in place of the original insert for better protection.

The two “T-Tracks” fastened into the drill press table with two measuring scales improves accuracy and precision. The design minimizes your potential of pulling them by accidents if the table shakes or when you are doing drilling that requires a high level of precision.

Also, you can adjust the fence from every angle without requiring any tool. The edges are equally shielded. They are made from high-density materials to withstand drilling pressure.


  • The micro-laminate table surface provides a solid grip to the workpiece
  • Features a center scale and an engraved fence
  • It is most compatible with 12-inch-sized drill presses and higher ones.
  • The table features a scale with high contrast to make it easier and clearer to spot the fence position
  • The unit features multiple accessories which include the 36-inch fence, two flip stops, one filler and two clamps for holding down the workpiece.
  • Excellent grip and clean workspace thanks to the amazing texture of the table


  • The fence quality ought to be better
  •  The table design makes it unsuitable for a 12-inch drill press


What are the uses of a drill press or drilling machine?

The primary use of drill press is to drill or to broaden a cylindrical hole in a workpiece. Apart from the main drilling function, a drill press can also be used to ream, countersink, counterbore, or do a tapping work on a piece of material.

Can a drill work as a router?

A drill bores holes into materials. It is structured for downward pressure. A router, on the other hand, is used for shaping edges and cutting groves. It can produce great sideways pressure.

How does a drill press or drilling machine work?

To work with a drill press, hold the tool down on the surface of an object you want to drill and rotate the machine at variable speeds while feeding it into the workpiece.

How do you determine the size of a drill press?

Drill press size is just a measurement of the distance from the center of the spindle to the edge of the column multiplied by two. So, if you measure 5 inches, the size of your drill press would be 10 inches.

What is the throat depth on a drill press?

Drill press structure focuses on the highest diameter of a workpiece in inches. If you get the maximum diameter of a workpiece and divide the value into two, the result you get is the throat depth. The throat depth represents the distance from the bits to the primary column located at the rear side of the machine.


All the drill press tables we have recommended here are great options and outstanding tables. You’ll love the reliability and support they provide. We have sifted through the extensive arrays of available drill press tables and brands in the market and come up with the best. And that’s what we have shown here. Our top 5 list includes both precision tables and standard drill press table.

No matter your level of work and need, you’ll find a suitable option for your needs. However, your final choice will depend on your work situations and budget constraints. Let’s know how you get on. If you need any further help, we’re happy to help.

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