The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget!

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

The Farmhouse look is all the rage right now. Why shouldn’t it be? It is classic, clean, and chic all rolled into one. It offers fashion and functionality with a little nostalgia to boot.

What our grandmothers had out of necessity, we have for luxury’s sake. Don’t get discouraged by the idea that this look will come with a luxury sized price tag; after all, this best farmhouse kitchen style is supposed to be reminiscent of the days of frugality.

If you are looking to recreate the Farmhouse style in your home, but need to do so on a budget, then read a little further. Below is a great selection of ways to implement this look, beginning with the kitchen, the most essential room in any home.

Design Tips

There are a lot of things you can do on a budget. Because farmhouse decor is rustic, it’s meant to look old. That means you’re in luck because worn-out items don’t cost as much as brand new items do. Unless it’s a collector’s item, but we’re not talking about that today.

Today we get to look at fun old things that you can incorporate into your design to make your kitchen look like a vintage farmhouse kitchen without spending a fortune. Here are some great farmhouse kitchen designs for every part of your kitchen.


One of the best options for styling a Farmhouse kitchen is by using open shelving. These shelves lack cabinet doors, and sometimes, even the sides, which gives the room a spacious feel. This also provides easy accessibility to kitchenware.

The most amazing function of open shelving is that it allows regular kitchen utensils and appliances to double as decorations. With open shelving, you will be saving money on the cost of kitchen cabinet doors and wall décor. This is definitely budget-friendly styling.

Another beautiful thing about shelving is that the wood used can be repurposed from something else. If you have an eye for structure and a creative mind, you can take scrap wood from other structures and form the pieces into shelving tailored to fit your kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

If open shelving isn’t a style option for you, then consider upscaling your current kitchen cabinets.

One option is to create shaker style cabinets by adding MDF trimming to your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Using a saw, some putty, a little sandpaper, and paint, you can refurbish your entire kitchen for a fraction of the price of a new set of cabinets.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple coat of paint. The first step is to choose the color. Remember that neutral is the best option, so gray or white will be perfect.

A tip here is that you can wait until a store has a sale. Many home improvement stores will have annual sales on paint, so take advantage of it.

After you have the paint, be sure to clean and sand your cabinets thoroughly so no fingerprints or smudge marks show. The next step is to paint the cabinets. Finally, rehang the doors and attach the door handles.

If you’d rather not go to all that trouble, one sure way to open up your cabinets is to replace the solid doors with some doors that have glass inserts. It makes your kitchen look bigger and helps you embrace the clutter on the other side.

There’s nothing wrong with a kitchen that looks lived in. As a matter of fact, your guests will appreciate knowing they’re not the only people who live in a less-than-perfect house.

If you are new to DIY projects or feel that remodeling kitchen cabinets are a little more than you can handle, head over to the internet. Internet craft sites will offer basic guidelines for remodeling or the inspiration for repurposing an item while online videos can walk you through the stages of construction.

And if you are in need of some face to face advice, stop by a local home remodeling store where plenty of professional handymen and women work and are willing to use their experience to help customers. With access to so much free or inexpensive help, there is no reason to stress over any home remodeling project.


Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes are so fun and easy to change. Well, maybe not easy, depending on what you already have up there. But it’s a smaller project to tackle than the cabinets, and can give your kitchen a whole new look without redoing everything.

Beadboard is a classic option with a lot of charm. Use it as a backsplash or an accent to the siding on your kitchen island. Paint it whatever color you like or slap an imperfect coat on it to make it look distressed. Beadboard lends itself really well to the farmhouse look and it looks better when it’s not flawless.

If beadboard isn’t your style, think about something else that’s truly unique, like copper. Metal has an industrial look, and when you’re aiming for farmhouse rustic design, the right metal accent can help you incorporate the look of farm machinery.

Brick is a very warm and welcoming option. Painted sloppily with a bit of brick still showing through can add a nice, cozy touch to your farmhouse kitchen decor. Stone and tile can also be good options if you choose a warm neutral color with a design that’s not busy.

farmhouse kitchen sink

Don’t take everything but the kitchen sink, because your kitchen sink truly is everything. Upgrading just your sink will also change the entire look of your kitchen. Farmhouse kitchen sinks give you an opportunity to really add flair to your design.

An apron sink is a classic farmhouse design. They make a statement that can’t be overlooked. Their practical past is still relevant today with large basins for plenty of handwashing (before the invention of the dishwasher, of course) and their front overhang covers sharp countertop edges.

They give you a classic country vibe that you definitely want to incorporate in your farmhouse kitchen. Choose white ceramic for a clean utilitarian look or take a chance on a copper apron sink to bring back the industrial look again.


best kitchen countertops

Countertops that can handle the heat and sharp knives are the best solution for a farmhouse kitchen that gets a lot of use. You won’t have to worry about setting down a pan right out of the oven, and you can use your countertop surface as a cutting board by itself.

Granite and concrete are pricey, but there are still plenty of solutions. Try a solid wood chopping block look that will look even better with age. Don’t worry about damaging it because heat spots, knife marks, and other dents will make it look awesome.

Soapstone is known for its farmhouse appeal. You can choose any color you like, but white is clean and utilitarian, and if you are adding charm in other places, you can keep your countertop neutral and beautiful at the same time with this solution.

Your kitchen flooring needs to be beautiful, functional, and durable. It’s a high traffic area with a lot of heat and moisture. Carpet is out right away, but you do have plenty of other options that may be a tad unconventional.

We typically think of tile as a bathroom flooring solution, but I promise you that if you go with a medium-sized tile in a neutral color, or perhaps even something with a hint of dark brown in it, you will not regret your choice.

Pergo Floor Brand

A square stone tile in the right color will bring out your wood accents, sink color, or backsplash design. For a really fun project, piece together tiles of different sizes so your flooring isn’t all the same. This mismatched look is a cool idea for more depth and character.

If you’re in a quirky mood, pick a patterned floor that incorporates geometric shapes like triangles. Create the look with staggered solid black and white tiles or choose individual tiles with original designs to patch something together on your own.

If you choose wood, you can choose light or dark, but wide planks are a fantastic stylish solution. Make sure it’s not too glossy so the finish doesn’t look new. We’re going for rustic here. The knottier, the better. Repurposed wood planks are acceptable because we don’t want it to look modern. Dings, dents, and imperfections add character and charm.

Now that we’ve looked at some the specifics of decorating your kitchen, let’s look at how you can actually accomplish it without spending a fortune. Here are some quick tips for where to shop and what to look for so that you can save money and still get the look you want.

Buyer’s Bargains

budget friendly organic farmhouse kitchen

A Farmhouse styled kitchen should not break the bank, it should, in fact, be achievable on a small budget.

The reason for the frugality of this style is that many of the items used to create the look can be found in low-cost shops. It might seem trendy to shop only at boutiques where everything is sure to be cute, but these are the places where exorbitant prices reign.

When you do go shopping, think of wallet-friendly places such as thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. These are the places where treasures abound while prices remain low.

One thing to keep in mind while shopping is that you don’t have to buy everything all at once. The beauty of the Farmhouse design is that it is simplistic and organic. The pieces displayed should be purchased with purpose, not because it was the best deal or was there and you needed something to fill a space. So, take your time and shop with purpose.

Remember the Basics

A very important part of the Farmhouse design is that it is simple. It focuses on the basics, optimizing their look and building upon the comfort they bring.

First and foremost, remember that color is essential to the Farmhouse design. The basics of this style is that gray and white are the prominent colors.

So, most kitchen cabinets are painted entirely white; most walls are a light silvery gray or white, and any touches of color are brought in by small selective accessories. What matters most is that the room has clean lines with a fresh and tidy feel.

Another important basic of the Farmhouse design is the flooring. The perfect floor will accentuate the colors and the accessories of the walls and the furniture set atop it.

To achieve this, natural wood is the best option. The color and the size of planks will depend on your budget and the colors you have chosen for the walls, but ultimately, a natural wood floor will bring your design together.


The texture is very important in the Farmhouse style and this applies to the kitchen as well. Natural fiber rugs and linen curtains are great ways to implement some of the rougher textures. Rough textures can be toned down by the addition of soft colors displayed through glassware and signage.

Another opportunity to bring texture into the kitchen is by using corrugated metal on the ceiling or metal signs on the walls.

To get these items in a budget-friendly manner, shop around. You may be able to find a rug in a resale shop that can be washed and used in your home. Curtains are things that will go on sale pretty frequently or they can be handmade. For metal pieces, check resale shops and garage sales where people are trying to get rid of things they no longer need, but for a decent price.

Modern Wooden Kitchen

Collectables, Not Clutter or Kitsch

A problem that can arise when choosing the Farmhouse style is that decorative pieces may fall out of the definition of a chic eclectic look and into a cluttered or kitsch classification. Yes, the pieces chosen should be a personal choice and a statement of personality, but too many of these will mar the clean, modern look that this style exudes.

To avoid a kitsch kitchen, only select one or two items that are considered reproduction nostalgia or craft show style. Items such as pink flamingos or a set of ceramic kittens can be used, but only sparingly.

If you must have something that is out of the box, get just one and refrain from any more. After you have that one special item, begin to look for decorations that will pair well and bring a clean and modern feel to the room.

An important key to adding these finishing touches is to focus on the colors and textures that you want to run throughout the room. While you don’t need a rainbow of colors in the Farmhouse style kitchen, the truth is, matchy-matchy is a big no here. Find things that go together rather than match exactly in color or pattern.

The Farmhouse style is a balanced mixture of old and new items, soft and coarse textures, and metallic and wooden fixtures. It is the pulling together of antique kitchenware, barn wood signs, corrugated metal, and modern lighting and appliances. There is some thought that goes into designing this style because it is a balance of two looks, but it really is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Once you have the large components together in your kitchen, that is, the cabinets, the walls, and the floors, you can now begin the really fun part of decorating – accessorizing.

These little touches of color and texture will bring out personality and character that a bare room cannot. Also, this is an opportunity to let creativity reign without breaking your budget.

Finding Those Finishing Touches

When finding accessories for the Farmhouse style kitchen, think Thrift Store. You don’t have to find new items to accessorize in this style; in fact, it is best if you use old and refurbished items.

Wooden spoons and utensils are a fabulous example of just one thing that will both save money and make a cute decoration.

These wooden items can be hung on the wall as is, or for a splash of the dramatic, can have their handles dipped in paint first. Either way, they can function as a useful kitchen tool and decoration.

Farmhouse Kitchen Wooden Accessories

Aprons also scream antique farmhouse. When your grandma was in the kitchen cooking, she always wore an apron. Maybe it was the same tattered mess she always wore, or perhaps she had one for every day of the week. Either way, finish off an accent wall with some hooks to hang aprons.

Pie plates are a classic farmhouse kitchen accent, too. What says antique farmhouse better than a fresh-baked pie straight from the oven? Hang them on the wall or stack them on the counter for an accent piece that keeps true to your style.

Where to Shop

So where do you shop when you’re on a budget but you still want quality? There are plenty of places! A thrift store is a great option for textiles, but when you’re looking for hardware and other materials, your best bet is a store that specializes in overstock household items.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

If you can find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, this is a great place to start. They’ll have discounted items that people or stores donated because they didn’t need them anymore. They’re likely to brand new, but can’t be sold as-is due to imperfections or the fact that what was left over after a big project can’t be returned to the store.

Shopping here can get you what you need at a discount and make you feel better about helping out those in need because your purchase goes to a great cause.


If you’re a Prime member, you can always find good deals, delivered fast. If you can wait, look at what the next Amazon Prime Day deals will be and shop at that time for some major discounts.

Ikea Home Furnishings


IKEA may be associated with modern looks and clean lines, but they do a really great job of offering affordable solutions, even in the kitchen. Check them out for your cabinets, countertops, or flooring. They have some really great things that you can incorporate into a farmhouse look.

Your Local Hardware Store

Look for great closeout deals near you. Don’t dismiss the local hardware store, or even a big home improvement store chain. They have sales, too. Ask an employee for the inside scoop on when they might be having the next sale or see if you can find out when they throw out old scraps. You just never know what you might find.

FAQs About Farmhouse Kitchens

What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

A farmhouse style kitchen is all about brightness, using natural materials and creating a cooking space that will be able to accommodate a lot of people.

How do I make my kitchen look farmhouse?

You don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen with all new elements. It’s enough to add up one of the newest vinyl models with farmhouse design, paint the cabinets white, and add wooden details and change the modern chandeliers into more rustic, if that’s your prefered style.

How can I find vintage chandelier for a farmhouse kitchen?

There are lots of places you can start looking or vintage chandeliers. You can check any second-hand shops that sell such items near you, and you can always sit back home and find something you would like on Etsy or Amazon.

Are farmhouse sinks hard to install?

Farmhouse sinks are not that hard to install, but you will indeed need to measure the cabinets and the space between them well, otherwise you will have to make cuts on the cabinets directly.

Summing Up

Remember that when you head into the project of creating a farmhouse look, you do not need to buy everything right away. Wait until an item has gone on sale: there is no need to buy paint at full price if you are on a budget.

Also, be persistent in searching for what you need. If you notice that a neighbor has some spare planks of wood, ask if they are for sale. If you know someone who lives in the country, ask if they have old barn wood that you can have. What is wonderful about just asking someone, is that even if they don’t sell you an item, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who will sell you what you need. Word of mouth is a great way to shop.

Take it slow and do one part of your kitchen at a time. If you are on a budget but still want quality, or you would rather invest in a nice sink and the piece the rest together later, go for it. You can do the entire kitchen on a budget a little bit at a time and still splurge on the one thing you like the most.

Decorating in the Farmhouse style should be a fun project and one that can be budget-friendly. Ultimately, the design should reflect your personality while still maintaining the balance of a crisp clean and modern look that blends feelings of nostalgia and a hint of the rural life from a century ago.

Recommended Kitchen Lights

These kitchen lights feature unique shapes, stunning finishes, and eye-catching designs. Pair these over a kitchen island, or let them shine solo in a hallway or above a small table.



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