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How to Find the Best Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets

How to Find the Best Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets

Typically, ceiling fans are considered a crucial source of cool air, especially during hot summer. However, without having the best ceiling fan mounting brackets, this isn’t possible. The fan and the mounting brackets coordinate to give you an epic experience. This brings as to the reason why it is essential to acquire the best ceiling fan mounting bracket.

On most occasions, when you purchase a new ceiling fan, it comes with a matching bracket. You don’t need to go back to the market to look for another mounting bracket in such circumstances. Besides, you might reach a point where you have to replace the mounting bracket for the efficiency of your ceiling fan in any room.

To get a perfect mounting bracket that will work well for your fan, you need to note the model of the fan and every part number. Optionally, you can opt for a universal mounting bracket, although you will need to confirm the matching models to confirm if the bracket can perfectly fit inside the electrical box. Let’s roll down and learn ways of finding the best ceiling fan mounting bracket and the major factors to consider before making a buying decision!

What is a Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket?

This is a component that attaches the fan to the electrical box on the ceiling. Note that this equipment is always included in the items that accompany a new ceiling fan after purchase—working in collaboration with the electrical box and junction, the two form the support mechanism of a ceiling fan.

It enhances the flexibility and safety of the fan. They also offer protection from highly flammable parts of the fixture from the sparks produced by the wiring connection of the fan. Sometimes, you might purchase a ceiling fan, and you realize that it does not have mounting brackets.

This means you need to acquire the brackets from a dealership store, Even though purchasing mounting brackets sounds simple, you will experience difficulties once you are in the market. Note that finding a mounting bracket that is compatible with a particular ceiling fan model is not easy. All you need is to research the UPC and EAN numbers of the ceiling fan.

Locating a Perfect Place to Install a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can be installed anywhere at home as long as the place can secure safe access to a source of electricity. However, sometimes you might need to route electricity cables across the drywall, thus resulting in a series of inconveniences. Also, remember that replacing/retrofitting a ceiling fan is entirely different from installing a new ceiling fan.

Let’s dig deep and find out the difference between the above two terms!

Replacing/Retrofitting a Fan

This refers to dismounting the existing components of a fan already installed by removing the parts gradually. Remember that the electrical box is always attached to the ceiling joist that offers additional supportive power.

When you realize that the electrical beam is attached to a couple of ceiling joists, you need to go ahead and install the support bars.

Installing a New Ceiling Fan

This process entails fixing equipment, bracketing the fan to the ceiling joist, and installing supportive support bars between ceiling joists. Upon determining the fan’s position, you need to develop a way of connecting it to the electrical system.

Note that the easiest way of routing electricity wiring to the fan is by having access to the attic. If you cannot easily access your ceiling attic, all you have to do is route the wires from the power outlet near the ceiling fan.

Essential Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best

Ceiling Mounting Bracket

Currently, ceiling fans are not that popular when compared to the past few years. However, they are the best alternatives to mini-split systems. A ceiling fan reduces the cost of energy consumption by 40% when compared to air conditioners. Also, they do not rely on refrigerants to cool your home. The mounting bracket is the essential part of the ceiling fan.

Note that you cannot install a ceiling fan without the mounting bracket. You need to be very keen whenever you want to acquire the bracket. To acquire the best mounting bracket for your ceiling fan, consider the factors outlined below.

The Size of the Junction Box

The junction box plays a crucial role when installing a ceiling fan. This is because connecting the home’s electricity wires directly to the fan is extremely dangerous. The fan mounting brackets and the electrical box should have matching sizes for the bracket to fit perfectly inside the box. Note that universal brackets are compatible with numerous junction boxes available in the market.

Even if you go to the market intending to purchase a universal mounting bracket, you need to verify the dimension of both components and ensure that they are compatible. It is vital to acquire a ceiling junction box that is rated 35Ibs.

Quality of the Materials

Everyone is also on the lookout for a mounting bracket that is durable. However, the durability of the mounting bracket depends on the quality of the materials. The components of a ceiling fan are mainly made from plastics or metals. These two types of materials do not have similar weight management capabilities.

The metal materials can sustain heavy loads, and they are also durable. The mounting brackets made from plastic materials can handle material loads of up to 50Ibs. This directly implies the electrical boxes whereby metal can sustain heavy loads compared to plastic.

The Model of the Ceiling Fan

Most of the mounting brackets available in the market are meant explicitly for various ceiling fan models. To get the best mounting bracket, you need to have the model and part numbers of the fan. Even if you choose the universal option, you will have to peruse through several ceiling fans before getting a better option.

Cost and Warranty

High-quality mounting brackets do not wear out easily, thus serving you for years to come. Most brackets have a warranty period of one year. The cost of the mounting bracket determines its quality and durability. Also, when you invite a professional to help you install the mounting bracket, the price will be relatively high.

Method of Installation

The steps followed when mounting a ceiling fan are always the same. You only need to connect the wires from both sides, firmly attach the bracket to the junction box and place the hanger baller into the mounting bracket. Note that this process only gets complex when you are forced to remove the electrical box and eliminate some parts of the drywall to create more space. Also, it is vital to peruse through the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin the installation process.

The Best 5 Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets

Ceiling fan mounting brackets are considered the best options due to their increased stability and flexibility nature. They tend not to put too much stress on the electrical box as well as the wiring system.

Mounting brackets are also affordable and easily found. You don’t need to exhaust your finances to acquire a ceiling fan mounting bracket. Let’s roll down and evaluate the best mounting brackets available in the market!

We compiled this list based on mounting brackets that have excellent customer reviews and last long. With the below options, you will be confident that you will get value for your money.

Kathy Ireland Ceiling Fan Mount

Do you intend to install a fan on a sloped ceiling? Do not hesitate! Kathy Ireland ceiling fan mount has all your needs covered.

Kathy Ireland Ceiling Fan Mount

This bracket model is mainly meant to fit ceilings that are 45 degrees. Its bracket can be easily fit in the electrical box without straining.

Besides, it is compatible with most ceiling fan models available in the market. It comes with a die-cast aluminum hanger ball that makes it easier to mount the fan on the bracket. This makes the installation process easy and fun. Check the latest price here!


  • It can sustain heavy loads.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It has advanced safety features.
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Excellent for sloped and cathedral ceilings.


  • It is relatively expensive.


Westinghouse Lighting 77059 Mounting Bracket

This is a top-notch ceiling fan mounting bracket that serves well on cathedral canopy brackets. The mounting bracket comes with all the necessary equipment required to install the ceiling fan.

Westinghouse Lighting 77059 Mounting Bracket

This bracket model can be used both on sloped and flat ceiling models. It has the capability of carrying more than 50Ibs.

The design and appearance of the Westinghouse bracket allow you to install a remote control receiver in the canopy.

The bracket features both the mounting plate and the required screws to install it. Check the latest price here!


  • Allows the installation of a remote control receiver.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Exceptional weight management features.
  • Works for both flat and sloped ceilings.
  • Affordable.


  • Its materials are made from plastic.
  • Does not fit in all junction boxes.

Harbor Breeze 40378 Mounting Bracket

If you have a Harbor ceiling fan, you should channel your focus to Harbor Breeze 40378. It is a fast-class mounting bracket that perfectly fits Harbor ceiling fans.

Harbor Breeze 40378 Mounting Bracket

Note that this bracket model is more advanced when compared to the one accompanied by the ceiling fan.

It is designed to enhance safety on your ceiling fan. Check the latest price here!


  • Simple installation.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ceiling fans.
  • There is a reliable replacement for the original parts.
  • It is affordable.


  • It cannot sustain heavy loads.
  • Its components are made from plastic.

Duronic Projector Bracket PB01XB

This ceiling fan mounting bracket is classified under universal brackets. This means it is flexible enough to fit any projector. It is made from strong materials that make it capable of sustaining heavy loads of weight.

Duronic Projector Bracket PB01XB

The compartments are designed to prevent overheating.

The materials of the Duronic mounting bracket are made from highly reliable aluminum. It is simple to install because it comes with all the guidelines and the necessary equipment. Check the latest price here!


  • It is durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • It accommodates heavy loads.
  • It does not overheat.


  • It is expensive.

Monte Carlo MC95BK Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket comes with a mounting plate that allows you to attach all the necessary parts. It works perfectly when used on Monte Carlo ceiling fan models.

Also, this model works well on both flat and sloped ceiling models since it has advanced flexibility features. Check the latest price here!


  • It comes with all the equipment for ceiling fan installation.
  • It has an elegant finish that enhances your home’s beauty.
  • It has a one-year warranty period.
  • It is made from metal.


  • It cannot withstand heavy loads.


Question: What do you do if the ceiling fan mounting bracket does not fit the fan model?

Answer: This is a common thing that happens to most homeowners. Some people tend to dry and adjust the bracket to fit in the required positions. However, the best thing to do is return the bracket to the dealer without modifying anything and replace it with another one that suits your requirements.

Question: Can I replace the ceiling fan mounting bracket myself?

Answer: If you believe you are comfortable making the electricity connection, you can replace the bracket yourself. It is advisable to hire a professional who has an advanced understanding of the matter to avoid possible inconveniences.

Question: Are ceiling fan mounting brackets the same?

Answer: The ceiling fan mounting brackets are made with different part numbers and models for compatibility purposes. In addition, there are universal mounting brackets available in the market that mostly fits different brands of ceiling fans.

Question: How much weight can a ceiling box withstand?

Answer: All ceiling boxes have been designed to withstand an approximate weight of about fifty pounds. However, other models are capable of supporting twice the standard weight of a typical ceiling box.

Final Verdict: Which are The Best Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

The ceiling fan mounting bracket is a simple component, although it can make installing a ceiling fan tedious. This is because most mounting brackets available do not fit the junction boxes. To eliminate such complications, we strongly recommend Monte Carlo MC96BK since it is highly compatible and also it comes with all the installation equipment making the installation process simple.

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