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The Best Torx Bit Set in 2022 You Need to Know Of

The Best Torx Bit Set in 2022 You Need to Know Of
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Philips, slotted, or Torx are some of the most common types of screw heads you’ll encounter while performing nearly all routine tasks. So, having the best Torx bit set will enable you to deal with a broad spectrum of screw heads effortlessly.

Torx screws have a distinguishable star-shaped pattern that only matches the bits that are designed to fit the particular size of the screw. They are also designed to resist camming out which prevents damaging a driver as well as the screw head.

This feature makes Torx screw an ideal fit for woodworking projects, the production of sensitive electronics or automotive components. In this guide to the best Torx bit sets, we’ll take you through some of the best sets for different types of power tools.

The 8 Best Torx Sets in 2022

Best Overall: Tacklife 14-piece Star Socket Set Check price
Best External Socket Set: Neiko 10083A Check price
Best for Hand Use: Workpro Torx Bit Socket Set Check  price
Best Security Bit Set: OEM Tools 25959 Check price
Most Versatile: GEARWRENCH 80742 Check price
Premium Choice: Carbyne Master Torx Bit Set Check price
Best for Remote Screws: Hakkin Torx Set Check price
Great Value: ANFAHR Torx Bit Socket Set Check price

Tacklife 14-piece Star Socket Set – The Best Overall Torx Set

Tacklife 14-piece Star Socket Set

Designed for use with power tools or ratcheting wrenches, the Tacklife 14-piece Star Socket Set enables you to drive or remove Torx screws with ease. Each bit in the set is made of heat-treated Chrome Vanadium steel that is resistant to oxidation or corrosion.

Besides being exceptionally durable, the bits from this star socket set are also produced with CNC machines to ensure that their size is compatible with standard sizes of Torx screw heads. This set contains 14 pieces that are available in sizes that vary from T8 to T60.

Consequently, you’ll be able to use the bits from this Tecklife’s set to fasten or remove small Torx screws from electronic devices or drive relatively large Torx screws into wood or similar materials. The set comes in a sturdy and easily portable case that contains size markings for each bit.


  • Machined for precision
  • Compatible with standard Torx screw head sizes
  • Made from corrosion and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Affordable


  • Short warranty period
  • Doesn’t fit security Torx screw heads

Neiko 10083A – The Best External Socket Set

Neiko 10083A

The combination of versatility and quality makes the Niko 10083A external socket set a good option for anyone who deals with different types of Torx screws on a daily basis. The bits in this set are made of S2 alloy steel that is designed to withstand daily heavy-duty usage.

These chrome vanadium steel sockets have a mirror chrome finish that prevents corrosion and enables you to use them in all types of weather conditions. The set features 17 Torx star, 17 tamper-proof, 12 Torx plus, and 14 external bit sockets in a broad range of sizes.

Consequently, you can use this set to fasten different types of Torx screwdrivers, including the external Torx screws that are commonly featured on vehicles and electronic devices.

If you opt for the Neiko 10083A Torx bit set you will get a carrying case that offers storage space for each of the 60 pieces the set contains.


  • Compatible with different types of Torx screw heads
  • The set contains 60 pieces
  • Equipped with the secure hold feature
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant


  • Some models can get damaged at high torque
  • The storage case is made of plastic

Workpro Torx Bit Socket Set – The Best Torx Set for Hand Use

Workpro Torx Bit Socket Set

Repairing a car, home appliances or lawnmower will become much easier if you get the Workpro Torx Bit Socket Set. Although bits from this set can’t be used with power tools, they are compatible with hand-operated Torx wrenches.

The bits are made of S2 Chrome Vanadium steel that has heat-treated for added strength and durability. These bits were also chrome plated and they won’t corrode over time even if you frequently use them in humid weather conditions.

Applying excessive force while using these bit sockets may damage them, so you have to be mindful of the amount of stress you’re applying while driving a Torx screw. Even so, most bits from this set operate efficiently at high torques as they remove stubborn screws easily or secure fasteners.

The set includes just 13 differently sized bits, and you won’t be able to use it to handle screws smaller than T8 or larger than T60.


  • All bits meet ANSI safety specifications
  • Suitable for ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch drives
  • Wide range of applications
  • Made from drop-forged and heat-treated steel


  • The set contains just 13 bits
  • The case doesn’t have size markings

OEM Tools 25959 – The Best Torx Security Bit Set

OEM Tools 25959

Opening a computer hard drive or dealing with any device that features security Torx screws is impossible without a set like the OEM Tools 25959. This set contains only security Torx bits, as well as a ¼-inch hex adapter that enables you to work with hex screw heads.

The torq, spanner, tri-wing, star, metric hex, and SAE hex security bits are included in the set so that you can fasten or remove different types of security screws.

However, there are only a handful of sizes available for each type of security bit which may limit the range of screws you can handle with this set. These security bits are made from chrome vanadium steel and they won’t wear out after just a few fastening sessions.

In addition, bits are color-coded, so that you can organize them easily, while the plastic storage case grants you quick access to the bit you want to use.


  • Allows users to handle different types of security screws
  • Resists daily wear and tear well
  • Color-coded identification system
  • A wide range of applications


  • Not compatible with all types of Torx screws
  • Short warranty period

GEARWRENCH 80742 – The Most Versatile Torx Bit Set


Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional the GEARWRENCH 80742 will provide you with the versatility you need to complete different types of projects. This Torx bit set features 84 pieces that are neatly organized in the blow mold case.

Besides the regular Torx bits, the set also includes temper proof, E-Torx, and long Torx bits that are available in sizes that vary from T8 to T60. It is also worth noting that the sizes of E-Torx bits range from E4 to E24.

If you opt for the GEARWRENCH 80742 set you will also gain access to an excellent selection of hex bits compatible with most standard hex screw sizes.

Each model features the black oxide coating that improves the already impressive anti-corrosion features of the alloy steel that was used to produce these bits. That’s why performing demanding fastening jobs at high torques is unlikely to damage bits from this set.


  • The set has 84 bits
  • Compatible with most Torx and hex screw heads
  • Meets ASME standards
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The plastic case is easily damaged
  • Identifying bits can be time-consuming

Carbyne Master Torx Bit Socket Set

Carbyne Master Torx Bit Socket Set

It is difficult to think of a fastening task you can’t perform with one of the bits from the Carbyne Master Torx bit socket set. Like all the best Torx bits on the market, the bits from this set are made from chrome vanadium steel, but they feature a zinc phosphate finish that makes them corrosion resistant.

Also, the materials used to manufacture these bit sockets are exceptionally durable which enables you to utilize them at high torques without any risk of damaging them.

The set contains Torx, Torx tamper, Torx plus, and Torx E-sockets so that you can fasten or unfasten all types of Torx screws. The sizes of these bit sockets vary from T4 to T70, while the inside of the set’s case features the size chart that enables you to identify a bit quickly.

In addition to a wide selection of steel bit sockets, you’ll also get a socket reducer and a socket adapter that extend the set’s range of applications even further.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • The set contains 62 pieces
  • Suitable for heavy-duty fastening tasks
  • The case contains the size chart for quick bit socket identification


  • This set is bulky and heavy
  • Aimed primarily at professional users

Hakkin Magnetic Star Torx Bit Set

Hakkin Magnetic Star Torx Bit Set

Reaching a recessed fastener isn’t always easy, but the Hakkin Magnetic Star Torx Bit Set can help you remove unapproachable Torx screws. The set contains eleven pieces in the size range from T4 to T40, so you won’t be able to use them with large fasteners.

All bits are made from the S2 alloy steel and they are sturdy enough to withstand the high torque produced by a power tool. Moreover, the bits from the Hakkin Magnetic Star Set are compatible with security Torx screws.

Hence, the bits from this set can be used to repair sensitive electronics or home appliances, but you should search for other options if you need bits that allow you to unfasten or drive screws on cars or trucks.

Also, the set’s casing is made of transparent plastic and it doesn’t feature clear markings that would enable the user to identify a bit quickly.


  • Helps users reach recessed screws
  • Compatible with security Torx screws
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Covers a limited size range
  • Not designed for heavy-duty applications

ANFAHR Torx Bit Socket Set

ANFAHR Torx Bit Socket Set

Repairing auto parts requires you to have a broad range of bit sockets, so opting for the ANFAHR Torx Bit Socket Set will provide you with the tools you need to handle different types of fasteners. This set contains 34 male and female Torx star sockets and bits.

There are ten internal Torx bits available in the set and their size ranges from T8 to T45, while the sizes of 11 socket drivers vary from TX10 to TX60. Besides, the set features 12 external Torx socket wrenches that are available in sizes that span from E4 to E20.

Each piece is made of chrome vanadium steel that can withstand a lot of wear and tear before sustaining damage. This set comes with a one-year warranty that covers all defects of the material, so in case one of the pieces from the set gets damaged during this period you’ll be able to replace it for free.


  • Features a bit holder for internal square drive and hex drive bits
  • Enables users to fasten or remove a broad range of Torx screws
  • Sturdy and suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • The durable and nicely designed case


  • 1-year warranty
  • Reaching a Torx screw with pieces from this set can be difficult

Factors worth considering while choosing a Torx bit set

Torx screws come in different shapes and sizes, which is the reason why you need a bit socket that matches the type and size of the screws you want to drive.

You need to learn as much as you can about the screws you’ll be working with before you start searching for a Torx bit set since you must use the information to select the set that meets the requirements of your project.

Torx Set

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors you’ll have to consider while searching for a Torx bit set.

Torx set type

Although most Torx bit sets include pieces that are compatible with more than just one type of Torx screw, you should check if the set contains bits that can be used to drive Torx Plus, security Torx screws, or any other type of Torx screw.

Also, it is important to check the sizes of the bits in the set, especially if you want to work with screws larger than T40 since some sets don’t include pieces that are compatible with Torx screws with T60 or T70 sizes.

Moreover, you’ll need to make sure that a particular set is compatible with an impact socket, impact driver, or any other power tool you plan to use to drive Torx screws.


The pieces in most Torx bit sets are made from S2 chrome vanadium steel that can’t be damaged easily. You shouldn’t opt for a set that isn’t made from this steel alloy, because the poor quality of bits can limit the range of fastening tasks you can perform.

The bits should also have an anti-corrosion coating that prolongs their life expectancy and enables you to drive fasteners in all types of weather conditions.

The number of bits in the set

Driving a Torx screw with a power tool is only possible if you have a bit that matches the size of its head. Opting for a set that contains a lot of different bits and sockets will make you better prepared to deal with different types of Torx bits.

Most sets include at least several bits that match different sizes of Torx screw heads, as well as different types of hex bits. Even so, you should check if the set you’re interested in features bits that are compatible with the Torx screws you’ll be working with.

Range of applications

Torx screws can be found in home appliances, trucks, or electronic devices so the Torx bit set should contain pieces that are suitable for the context in which you want to use them.

Some bits don’t perform well at high torques, while others are designed specifically for high torque operation, and you should choose the option that best fits your demands.


Torx bit sets are not expensive, since the priciest option won’t cost you more than $150. That’s why you should search for a set that is covered by a lifetime warranty and features a large number of bits.

However, if you are just starting a new deck project, you don’t necessarily need a versatile and expensive Torx bit set, as a model that contains 10 to 30 pieces may be enough to complete such a project.

Frequently asked questions about Torx bit sets

Question: Do Torx bit sets include security Torx bits?

Answer: Not necessarily, some sets can feature bits that enable you to drive security Torx screws but you must check if the model you’re interested in comes with these bits.

Question: How long do Torx bit sets last?

Answer: Most Torx bit sets are made of steel alloy that is difficult to damage even when a bit is rotating at a high speed, and they won’t wear out over the course of a few years.

Question: Are Torx bit sets expensive?

Answer: You won’t have to spend more than $50 on a Torx bit set that features up to 20 or 30 pieces, while models that include around 80 pieces can cost around $100.

Question: How to know which bit sizes a Torx bit set offers?

Answer: All manufacturers include some sort of a size chart into the set so that you can check quickly which types and sizes of Torx bits particular sets contain.

The Verdict: Which Torx bit set has the most to offer?

Chances are that you’re going to encounter a Torx screw if you are starting a new kitchen renovation project, assembling furniture, or trying to repair a laptop. One thing you’ll notice is that the size of Torx screws used on each of these projects is different.

A Torx bit set will enable you to adjust to the demands of different DIY projects quickly by providing you with a large number of bits that fit all standard sizes of Torx screws.

We recommend opting for the Tacklife 14-piece Star Socket Set if you need a set that is designed primarily for regular Torx screws.

However, DIYers who deal with different types of Torx screws on a daily basis should consider getting the GEARWRENCH 80742 because it contains 84 pieces that are suitable for use in a variety of contexts.

Which of the best Torx bit sets featured in this article are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments or check out our guide to finding the best quality screwdrivers.

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