Best Fence Paint Options: All You Need to Know!

Best Fence Paint Options: All You Need to Know!

One of the most crucial features of your home is your fence.  It secures you and gives you a great deal of privacy. And when you care for your fence properly, it improves the curb appeal and gives your house a good look.

As soon as you install your fence, plan on proper maintenance of the finish to ensure longevity. Insects normally infest the walls of your home and very slowly, it will begin to decompose, but you can prevent this damage by giving it plenty of care.

Your garden will not have a perfect look despite all the beautiful plants there and the neat outline as long as your fence is discolored and shabby. However, with painting, your fence can look good again and give you that look you desire. There are many types of paint currently on the market.

They equally come in multiple colors, so you can either go for a single color or a blend of colors. Blending colors make your fence appear more enticing and bigger.

Aside from the beauty paint induces, it also strengthens the fence to oppose the forces of weather conditions like snow, heavy Ultraviolet rays of the sun, and rain which causes cracks, and decomposition. Additionally, it will keep mold from growing on it and hence prevent rot.

Not all fence paints can help you achieve resilience since they come in various qualities. If you get one with low quality, then it can wear off easily and fade. Fence paints with good quality will be resilient and last long.

No matter how much hard work you put into your garden it will never look its best if there are tattered, discolored fences surrounding it. Luckily, painting your fence is a simple task that can quickly transform your garden.

There are many fence paints that will do a great job of transforming your garden boundaries and you can choose from natural wood shades or go for a pop of color to really brighten up the garden. You can make a feature of fences with bold contrasting colors or blend them into the background to make your garden look bigger.

Always bear in mind that the finish color of your fence depends on the available color. Therefore,  don’t underestimate the importance of buying a test pot before you buy a big can.

The finish of your fence also depends on your preparations and your choice of paint. Be sure to constantly clean off dirt, mud, and mold before you paint. If you have a mold-infested fence, you can start by fumigating with antifungal wash. This kills mold and algae.

Reviving Your Fence Paint and Stain

If you observe that your fence needs repainting, you should immediately try to buy good paint and repaint it. But first, there are some things you want to know before you begin.

How frequent to Paint Your Fence:

The regularity of painting your fence will depend on various factors. For instance, if you stay in an area that sees a high supply of moisture, then you would paint more often as long as you use good paint.

However, with good paint quality, the regularity could be a 2 years interval. In dry regions, you would not paint often as a painting session could remain on your walls for more than 4 years before it needs a repaint.

Using a Paint/Stain:

The decision to either paint your fence or stain it is one currently causing a debate but despite your choice, they both do the same work of protecting it against insects and weather elements. However, they are unique in their way:

  • Painting is less expensive, although you need to repaint regularly. Also, painting is not direct as you would have to prepare the paint first before applying it on your fence.
  • Staining costs more to achieve as a gallon of stain won’t do what a gallon of paint will do. This means that you will need more gallons to finish the job. Additionally, stains seep into the wood in a way paint can’t and after years, it fades and not peel like paints. A widely known stain is Thompson’s WaterSeal. 

Preparations Before you start

Before you begin painting your fence, you should make some certain preparations like:

  • Arrange for assistance— your work will be more economical and quicker if someone like a neighbor or friend assist you.
  • Make inquiries on your preferred stain or paint—make sure you get a good quality paint that will last long and one that matches your desired color.
  • When making your budget, ensure you list everything you need for the job.
  • Repair places that need a repair and get the area ready for staining/painting
  • Ensure the weather is favorable so that the rain doesn’t disrupt your work, the wind doesn’t blow the paint to areas you don’t want that specific paint to touch, and the sun isn’t too hot to cause blisters.
  • While making your plans, including drying time too so that you don’t have peaceful work time and the rain disturbs the work when it’s trying to dry.
  • Trim the grasses and bush around there so that moisture doesn’t affect the wall surface.
  • Ensure you use a face mask and gloves so that the toxicity of the chemicals do not affect you.

Fence Stain Colors: How to Choose The Best

The color of your fence will determine how beautiful it will look and if it will correlate with your surrounding and your garden. Hence, you should choose the right color. These are some tips you should know;

How Does Fence Stain Get its Color?

Pigments are used in creating fence stain colors and they are simply colorants, which the manufacturers grind and add to different compounds so that you can use to color various products like paints, plastics, food, inks, etc. They obtain them from either natural substances like iron oxide or artificially.

Pigments are not dyes since they still keep their insoluble properties and do not dissolve in liquid, unlike dyes. Despite their insolubility, some are of higher quality than others and that is why they last longer when you use them on your fence.

What’s the Difference Between Stain & Paint?

While paints cover the surface of woods, stains simply seep into the wood and still cover the surface. This means that stains bond themselves completely with the wood hence lasting longer than paints. Secondly, when stain wears away, you can easily coat it again but paint doesn’t wear off but peels and will need a laborious job to re-apply.

What Makes a Better Fence Stain?

Fence stains have some characteristics which put it above fence paints. These are special features and they include:

  • Pigments are of high quality
  • Superior sealing properties
  • Insects, rot, and mildew resistant
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Harmless to pets and humans
  • Easy application

How to Select the Best Fence Stain Color

Now you know the difference between stain and paint and how a stain functions. When you have decided you want a stain for your job, you should as well decide on the kind and color you need.

But how do you know this? You should consider the following factors before choosing the fence color that will suit you.

What Colors Are Available?

The first thing you should do when picking a color for your fence is the availability. Is the color in enough quantity in my region? If I want to use a stain in the future, can I find this color easily? When you have established the availability of the color, then you should look at the next feature.

Match the Color of Other Yard Features

When staining your fence, the color should contrast to each other so that your house doesn’t resemble a masquerade. There are some points you could consider like the similarity to the color of the patio stone, pergola, garden shed, etc. If it matches some or all of them, then you can pick that color.

Consider the Type of Fence

If you want to stain a privacy fence, then the color should be a common one. Some common colors include dark brown, rich redwood, warm cedar, etc. However, you would use a dark color to stain a fence for your ranch. Dark brown or black colors would be better for such an area.

Consider Your Neighborhood

The choices made in your neighborhood too could influence the color you choose for your fence. Some neighborhoods normally paint their fences in similar shade; this means that you would join them to use the same color shade too.

Compliment Your Home or Property

Is the stain for a fence around your home? Then the stain color you choose should be on that compliments your house color. If it is your commercial property you want to stain, then you could use a dark color.

Don’t Let Your Fence Compete

There could be prominent features in your home like a swimming pool or landscape you want to project to catch the eyes of visitors. If your fence is more beautiful and eye-catching than they are, then you are certain that the visitors wouldn’t notice them in any vein, hence, your fence shouldn’t compete with such features.

Best Fence Stain: Our Top 5 Selections for a beautiful fence

If you choose a superior fence stain, then you are sure of a long-lasting lifetime. While enriching the fence wood and deepening the color, the stain as well protects it from harsh weather conditions. However, knowing the best one could be difficult but we have drawn up a list of the best 5 fence stains in the market to help you make the right choice.

1. Ronseal Quick Drying Wood Stain

The Ronseal fence stain is the best in the market as it features in all capability you can imagine. It is of high quality and that is why it repels water, does not crack or peel, and guards the wood against heavy sun rays.

Ronseal provides its customers with various colors of Satin Dark Oak, Satin Walnut, and several others. With good quality, it is no surprise that is also expensive to purchase.


  • Best for: All-rounder
  • Application: Brush
  • Colors: 11
  • Drying time: 30 mins

Why you should  Buy?

It turns impervious in only 30 minutes, dries extremely fast, and can be applied on doors and windows or exterior wood.

2. Sikkens Cetol Hls Plus Translucent Wood Stain

If you are looking at preventing algae and mold from appearing on your fence, then the Sikkens is the most suitable for that. Their colors are normally translucent and it doesn’t crack or peels. However, it surpasses every stain in the market in costliness and hence can’t be the first position in this list.


  • Best for: Protection
  • Application: Brush
  • Colors: 8
  • Drying time: 24 hours


It’s extremely lucid to reveal the wood’s normal properties. It equally resists Ultraviolet rays, cracking, and peeling, plus it keeps algae and molds away.


  • Long drying time

3. Cuprinol Spray Fence Treatment

You can use the Cuprinol sprayer to use the Cuprinol Spray Fence Treatment is on your fence and this mechanism hastens the speed of use. It doesn’t harm plants, huma


With this stain, your fence gets a new look, resists weather conditions, and keeps it healthy and resilient.


  • Best for: Ease of use
  • Application: Spray or brush
  • Colors: 8
  • Drying time: Up to 6 hours


  • Has a quick application
  • Variety of colors
  • One coat is enough for superior appearance

4. Ronseal Shed & Fence Preserver

Ronseal provides its customers once more with a high-quality stain that keeps insects, rot, fungi, and decay away from the fence. It has impermeable protection technology and despite a long time it takes to dry, it will serve you for several years. You can as well choose from different colors including natural colors.

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  • Best for: Preserving
  • Application: Brush or dipping
  • Colors: 5
  • Drying time: 24-48 hours


  • Protects against decay, fungi, insects, and rot


  • Needs 2 coats at least
  • Has lengthy drying time

5. Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback Treatment

This Cuprinol stain comes with a five-year guaranty explaining that you can stain your fence and not have to repeat the process till about five years. Additionally, it is relatively affordable as 5 liters of the stain cost only £12.

It protects your fence from weather harshness, dries quickly after application, and does not smell much. You can as well use it on your fencer if you keep pets and kids as it doesn’t harm them.


  • Best for: Durability
  • Application: Brush
  • Colors: 8
  • Drying time: 2-4 hours

Reasons To Buy

  • Dries in an hour
  • Has low smell
  • Safe for use around plants
  • The Best Fence Paint: Our Top PICKS

Best Fence Paints

We have been able to outline the best five stains you can find in the market and use them for your fences. However, if you would rather a fence paint for the job, then there are five fence paints you should check out. These paints are those that customers have used and voted as the best. They include;

1. Bartoline Creosote Substitute Dark Brown Fence Paint Review

You can find this brand of fence paint mostly in rich dark brown colors as it gives your fence a new look. It does not require much stress to apply too though you will need gloves to apply it due to its runny feature. It is also animal, human, and planet-friendly


  • Best Creosote Substitute
  • Fences look brand new
  • Year-round protection

2. Ronseal One Coat Dark Oak Fence Paint

If your fence was made out of timber which was roughly sawn, then you should not miss out on this paint. There are several colors you can use too like Dark Oak, Harvest Gold, etc. You can apply it with a brush or sprayer in a very easy job.


  • Tub covers 6 fence panels
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Suitable for all rough sawn timber

3. Cuprinol Less Mess Rustic Brown Fence Paint

Just like its predecessor in this list, the Cuprinol fence paint handles rough sawn timbers so even after using it for your fence, you can as well use it to paint timber structures like wood stores, sheds, etc. You can use a sprayer or brush to apply it as well as it doesn’t provide difficulty when working.

The paint also covers a wide space as you can use only 6 liters of the paint to coat about 10 fence panels. This is a good thing since you wouldn’t spend much on your job. The manufacturer provides users with numerous colors like Autumn Gold, Rich Oak, Rustic Brown, Woodland Green, Autumn Red, etc.


  • the greatest value for money
  • Wonderful finish with just one coat
  • Uncomplicated application and rapid drying

4. Johnstone’s Garden Colours Fence Paint

When looking at colors variety, then you should not bypass Johnstone’s garden colors fence paints. The paints are suitable for protecting your fence for about four years while furnishing you with numerous colors.

The colors are mostly bright colors like pink, blue, orange, etc, and it is best if you use them for your fences, garden furniture, sheds, etc.


  • Finest for color choices
  • 4 years of protection
  • Rapid drying (2 hours)

5. Sadolin Shed & Fence Paint

The Sadolin fence paint has an easy application process and is very nice to use since it does not drip due to its thickness. Hence, you can use it sufficiently to cover your fence to get a beautiful finish. Also, you can use just 5 liters of the paint to cover a large workspace so it is good for the price.


  • 5 years of protection
  • Variety of natural colors
  • Tremendous value for money

Fence Paint Colors Options To Refresh Your Exterior Curb Appeal

When people visit you or simply pass by your house, they notice the appeal of the house projects so if you use a wrong color, then it would be a bad appeal and if you use good colors, then your house will have a good appeal and you would receive good compliments.

At times, your house could be the center of attraction in your neighborhood, i.e. people will notice it first when they enter your neighborhood for the first time.


Question: Does painting a fence make it last longer?

Answer: When you stain or paint a wooden fence, then you are improving its durability and lifespan. This works in a way that the stain seeps into the wood and prevents insects from living inside it. It eliminates those already there and prevents new ones from coming to live in the interior of the wood. Additionally, the stain will protect the exterior from weather conditions as rainfall doesn’t stay on it but slides off immediately. Painting as well does this function too though it does not seep into the wood.

Question: Can I paint my side of the fence?

Answer: Well, it depends most times on who erected the fence, Whoever did that is the owner of the fence, However, in most cases, the fence owner gives the neighbor on the other side the opportunity to do whatever he or she pleases with his/her side. This means that you would need to request permission from your neighbor if you aren’t the owner of the fence.

Question: What color fence paint makes the garden look bigger?

Answer: Pale colors make fences seem larger and that is why most people who live in the city where there isn’t much space use such colors. There are also fence areas that don’t see much light, you should sue a bright color for such area so that it looks brighter.

Question: How can I make my fence look nicer?

Answer: Aside from painting or staining your wall, you can improve the appearance of your fence by adding decorative hardware to it. Most people use them on gates but if you use them on the fence, it is still acceptable. Secondly, you can mount post caps on your fence. These post caps are good for decorating such places and increase the beauty of your fence. Additionally, you can visit a garden store to find other accessories you can mount on your fence for a better and nicer look.

Question: Is stain or paint better for the fence?

Answer: Painting gives fence protection from weather conditions while beautifying after application over it. Stain on the other hand gives the fence a good look and “superior” protection. The stain seeps into the wood, kills insects, and prevents them from appearing again. This means that for paint, the insects can appear or even remain instead after you apply the paint over it. Additionally, after a while, paint begins to peel or crack meanwhile, the stain simply wears off. Hence, the stain would function better on a fence than paint. While the paint is ideal for walls of houses, the stain is ideal for fences especially wooden ones.


The fence in your house should look good like other parts of the house so when maintaining, include it in your list. Most people prefer using paints for their fences as it gives off a nice color, shields it from weather conditions, and prevents the growth of mold. However, you should note that some paints will suit your fence if you live in a rural area and if your area is the heart of the tow, then it won’t look better there. Just as bright paint colors appear beautiful in urban areas, so do deep red and brown colors appear beautiful in a rural area. If you live in an open country, then you could use oil-based paint instead of a latex-based one since it matches the weather there.

In a suburban area, you might not find the weather at its extreme as there are numerous houses standing side by side and shielding each other from the harshness of the weather. Hence, you can use latex-based in such areas without having to worry about the weather extremity. The material of the fence too is something you should look at before choosing your paint. There are materials that some paints work on while they do not on some. For instance, you should not use latex paint for metal fences since it doesn’t go well for metal. Instead, use oil-based paint as it normally adheres properly to metal.

Before you paint a fresh metal fence, it is advisable to prime it so that it can absorb the paint content properly. You can as well mix the paint with a sealant to help improve the resilience so that it can endure bad weather conditions. If your fence is wooden, then you should ensure you use quality paint on it. These paints come in various colors than that of metal and will give the fence a brilliant look. However, with a brilliant look should their brilliance in resilience.

If your fence is made out of vinyl, then you don’t need to paint it as vinyl is known to be naturally resilient and long-lasting.

Lastly, you should take premium safety measures when painting as you would not want your paint to end up harming your kids, pets, or even plants. There are paints with a high level of toxicity and could be harmful to people and animals. However, you can tackle this by using a product with no toxicity to coat the paint. This would reduce its harmfulness and make your fence still look beautiful.

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